tagSci-Fi & FantasyFuck Fantasies Ch. 03

Fuck Fantasies Ch. 03


A/N: Again sorry for the cheesyness, and I will soon put out some chapters with new characters.

Fuck Fantasies- First Day of Forever

by Eterri's Wolf

Eterri woke up first, Fang had changed in his sleep and she had lowered herself so that now his arm was around her, his face in her hair and his hand on her stomach just below her boobs.

"Fang, Are you up?" He didn't answer, his heavy breathing continued. The sun was out, the waves were crashing on the shore and there was nothing to suggest the previous night had taken place except for the discarded robes and the panties and bra under Fang's head. She patted his hand and got no response. 'Man Fang can sleep.' She felt him now, he was dreaming and his penis was hard between her butt cheeks. She suddenly knew what to do to wake him up. She was in the mood to be playful and she knew he wouldn't mind.

She pulled her panties over his face so that he wouldn't be able to see her when he woke, then she moved his arm which seemed heavy and comfortable around her before she got up and moved so that she was straddling his face, moving a little so she could hold her asshole to his nose.

It didn't take long; a few moments after the scent of her ass reached his nose he started to stir...

He sniffed twice before she felt his face change under her, his new wolf ears sticking out from the leg holes of her panties and his whiskers tickling the insides of her cheeks as a cold wet nose pressed against her asshole.

She giggled and placed her hands down on his furry stomach. His stomach was hard now, the fur was thick and soft but there were different muscles and bones under as he took his wolf form. "Good Morning heavy sleeper." He growled and licked his lips, his tongue brushing and nearly reaching her asshole.

"Don't take off the panties Fang; I want you to feel this."

"Mmmm, you smell so good."

"I must admit, I don't mind the smell of your ass, but I still don't share your intense love for it."

"Mmmm, it's just something I appreciate, you taste so good and your smell is intoxicating, especially your booty." She lowered her body, her chest pressed against his stomach and her nipples were in bliss as the fur brushed them. She pressed her cheek to his bald pubic mound, looking at his erection up-side down, his balls were tense but not ready to release.

"Mmmmm, what do you want to do with me?"

"I'm not sure I'm in the right place to make requests, I just want this ass." He pressed his nose harder against her asshole and breathed her in deeply.

"Mmmm, you can lick it if you want baby." The reaction was instant, his wolf lips went out and his tongue circled the surface of her large round ass, covering each cheek in slobber before the long, thick tongue traveled up and down her crack, circling the hole then stroking it deeply.

She trembled under the tongue, she did take great pleasure in his attentions to her ass, his tongue was warm and wet, his breath seeming to dry the spit before coding her in more, his tongue pressed against her asshole with passion until she opened up, at which point it rolled up and entered her anal canal. "Mmmmm, that feels so good Fang, how do I taste?" His penis was dripping with prekum now and she licked the tip as he kept up his attentions. He growled impatiently causing vibrations to pleasure her further. "You have no idea Eterri, you taste amazing. There is nothing to compare you to, you are just perfect. Mmmmmm."

"Mmmmm, thank you Fang, you taste good too, I like the rest of you better than your ass though..." She took in the tip of his penis in her mouth. Fang started to broaden his goals, nuzzling her cheeks as his tongue moved further north, locating her vagina and lapping at the juices that had started to leak from it. Her moaning grew in volume and his lower lip moved further down until his nose was at her open asshole, blowing air into her as he kept a constant heavy breathing, the cold wet nose contrasting with his hot breath which coded her sex, his teeth grazing her clit while the fur tangled in her trimmed pubes. She started to pant around his penis, which was beginning to throb, causing her to take her newest form, her wolf form.

She had only taken this form once, only briefly and it was new to both of them. Her tail started to move, it was longer than his and her fur was silky and smoother than his, playing with his ears protruding from her panties. The fur on her ass was new to him, it gave him new sensations and he reached up now, placing his padded and clawed hands on the large globes.

Her face had changed her mouth now big enough to take him entirely in her mouth, balls and all, without hurting him. He started to pant now as her warm, wet mouth took in his entire penis, her throat contracting, her tongue massaging his balls as her nose nearly reached his asshole. "Mmmm, you're holding back baby, why don't you let me have a taste of your juices? Don't you like my ass?" She gasped as he gripped her harder, his claws digging in and confirming that he did in fact love her ass.

His legs were hanging limp at the moment, the pads of his feet resting just above the sand and his tail swishing from side to side.

She moved her hands now, they had been resting on his stomach but now she tweaked his nipples, pressing in gently with her claws before moving and grabbing his butt. He jumped at this, flipping them so that he was on top, his nose pressing nearly into her ass as he picked up his work, alternating between each of her holes. She gasped and pulled away from his penis, grazing over his butt with her claws before running one down his crack to his asshole... "You seemed to like it when I put my finger up in here last night." No words, only animal sounds of confirmation. "I told you I found my horn in your room; did I tell you I took it out?" He changed at this, pulling his face away in confusion.

"No no, don't worry, you can keep it, I just wanted to take it with me for a moment, can you let me up for a minute?" He obeyed, moving his leg over her as she got up. "Mmmm, don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong, I just want to help you appreciate it, it's too bad I left the other two in my room..." She went over to her robes, moving through them before changing back to her human form, frustrated with the difficulty her claws created. She found it; it was the different shades of purple and orange that her topaz birth stone could take. She hadn't tried to shape shift this horn, it was her third horn, her last one and she had not tried to use it for anything, Fang had taken it with him when he left and that was all that mattered...

"Okay Fang, get on your hands and knees." He obeyed but she had to move behind him because he hadn't moved the panties so that he could see her. She straddled him, pressing her face to the right side of his and letting her hair brush against his shoulders on either side. She nibbled his ear and whispered: "I love you Fang." He turned his face and she took the first chance, she kissed him on the lips before he could answer her. His teeth weren't perfect, the teeth to either side of his front two were slightly further up in his mouth and the two teeth under his left front tooth were curved to fit the curve of his upper tooth. His fangs were sharper and pointed, they were perfect and her tongue glided over them as she stroked his uvula and moved under his tongue, grazing his cheeks and feeling the slightly broken flesh where he had been chewing them. He could smell her and he kissed her with all the passion that he felt, he knew that she was the dominant but he did what he could to meet her mouth.

Her cheeks were smooth, her lips full and soft, her tongue was round and there was a crease down the middle, her teeth were rounded at the tips and she had more molars than tearing teeth, she was interesting and perfect.

Finally she pulled away and he answered. "I love you too Eterri, more than life." She suddenly remembered the time she had watched him burn to save her, remembered the smell of his burnt hair and flesh and the effort she had to use to bring him back after the fire elemental had threatened her.

She pressed the cool topaz in her forehead against his neck and bit down on the scar on the right side, causing him to gasp and tense up as though he would change. She let go and slid down his body slowly, her boobs moving against his shoulder blades, around his spine and then moving up and down against his ass, making him change briefly before taking his human form again. She took up the horn and focused her energy on willing it into the shape she needed...

She started to finger herself while kissing his butt, causing him to feel her increasing shallow breaths on him as she widened her pussy for the dildo she'd created... Now she started to lick his crack, letting her spit slide down into his asshole before allowing him the pleasure of feeling her tongue stroke it. He moaned and he was trying desperately not to change.

When she decided she'd gotten him wet enough she pushed her left middle finger up his butt. He changed then, he really enjoyed that feeling, and she moved it in and out three times before adding her index finger, pulling them apart until she could fit her ring finger in. "Mmmmm, how does that feel?" His tail was thrashing against her arm as she fingered his ass, her right hand controlling the movement of the double ended dildo in her vagina. she was gasping and trying hard to keep her dominant hand working on his ass until she fit her last finger in and then pulled it out, rising up and placing her arms over his shoulders and down on the ground in front of him. She pushed the second tip of the dildo to his ass before changing to her wolf form and slamming it into him. He instantly sprayed his seed all over the ground in front of him as she started slamming into him, the double dildo sliding and slamming into his p-spot. He pushed back, his asshole stretching and contracting around the horn that had become the toy she was using on him.

Her boobs were rubbing against his back, her nipples rolling as she fucked him, his tail moving around her waist and stroking her butt as her tail battled with him.

She moved her neck and bit the left side, then the right side of his neck, finally biting down and holding onto his right shoulder. They both howled as suddenly they climaxed together, her vaginal juices matting the fur on his butt and his shooting up and matting the fur on his chest.

Now, she reduced the horn to a single dildo and left it in Fang's ass before she pushed him over and started lapping at the sperm on his chest, nibbling on his nipples and causing him to tense up again. She saw it coming this time and she quickly leapt on him, kissing him as their wolf faces started to collide, the whiskers tangling and noses rubbing together as she lowered her vagina onto his penis.

He yelped and she bit his lip so that he couldn't protest as he shot his seed into her vagina. It felt so good, and she sprayed her fluids over his balls she flipped over and let him clean her out. "Don't worry about it Fang, I won't get pregnant until I want to, I'm immortal remember?" He might have had something to say, but at the moment he was cleaning her vagina of his seed with his tongue. Now, she moved back down and changed to her human form, gripping his penis between her ass cheeks. He took the hint, flipping over and pinning her hands under his paws, his penis pushing into her asshole.

"Mmf, I love you Eterri." Her ass was so tight, so warm and so pleasurable, his penis was in more bliss than ever and he was slamming rapidly in and out of her ass. She thought she couldn't feel any better, but now he lifted his paws and gripped her boobs, pinching her nipples in his claws as he used the globes on her chest as leverage to go faster in and out of her back entrance. "Ooooooh, uh uh uh uh mmmmmm Fuuuuuuck!" she screamed, sending Fang over the edge, he howled up at the Sun and let his seed rush into her asshole before changing and starting to clean it of his juices.

"Mmmm, let's go take a bath..." That is another story entirely...

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