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Fuck Just To Fuck?!


I am 29 years old and married to a beautiful woman named Michelle. She is 5'7 with a very nice body. She has blonde hair and a great smile and probably weighs 125 lbs. She works at a health spa and was a dancer on the college dance team performing at football games.

We have a great marriage and I love her a lot. Before we were married, I know that she did have quite a few sexual escapades, but she and I never really talk about them.

I never doubted her being devoted to me until a month ago when something strange happened.

Me, Michelle, and my friend Nick went out drinking. The three of us were all great friends having gone to college together and now that we lived in the same city, it wasn't unusual for us to go get some beers together.

Nick and I always drink a lot when we are together…I don't know why, we just always end up hammered.

Well, when the bars closed, I suggested we all head back to our house and continue drinking. We all cracked open a beer and the fun continued. Michelle suggested that we all jump in the hot tub. Nick didn't have any trunks so we told him to just wear his boxers.

Nick was a ladies man when we were in college and he still is. Michelle and I know of many of his conquests as he has fucked many of Michelle's friends. He had a rep of pleasing them all.

Nick and I headed outside to the tub and started to undress. I, like Nick was just going to wear my boxers. Michelle went upstairs to get into a swimsuit. Now Michelle just got a boob job about 6 months ago, and she had changed just as one would expect. She wore more revealing shirts, and seemed to flirt a little more when we were out in public.

Nick and I settled into the tub, when out came Michelle. Both, mine and Nick's mouth dropped wide open when we saw her. She was wearing a new bikini that had her tits busting out of it. When we saw the side of her suit, we realized it was a G string. Her ass looked fucking unbelievable.

Michelle slid into the tub and her nipples were about to rip through the pink fabric. She has the kind of nipples that stick out almost an inch. I could see Nick checking her tits out…he hadn't seen them up close since she had the surgery.

So we continued to drink and the heat from the tub seemed to keep getting hotter. Nick decided to sit up on the side of the tub. When I looked up at him, we could clearly see the outline of his semi hard dick through his boxers. Apparently, Michelle was having an affect on him! Michelle asked me to get some more beer so I hopped out and went inside. Once inside I realized how drunk I was and being out of the tub was a nice relief. I looked out trough the kitchen window and Michelle was now sitting on the edge of the tub directly across from Nick. She was leaning back with her legs partially opened and they were talking and laughing. I sat and watched them for a few minutes and it really seemed like Michelle was showing herself off to Nick.

Every once in a while, Nick would let his body float to the surface showing his bulge through his boxers. It almost seemed as if they were playing a game with each other.

I was curious where this would go so I went back outside with only 2 beers and told them that I had had enough and was going to go to bed. Michelle said she would be in in a minute.

I said goodnight and headed back to the kitchen. They kept talking and laughing when it seemed that Nick was asking Michelle something. She turned and looked towards the house and then reached up and pulled her bikini to the side letting her huge tits hang free. Nick just stared at them. After about a minute she covered them back up and seemed to be trying to get him to do something.

Suddenly, Nick's body floated to the top of the water again this time led by his huge cock. I always thought I had a decent sized dick, but when his monster broke the service of the water, it just kept climbing towards the sky. He had his dick through the slot of his boxers and it must have been 9 inches long. He started to wave it back and forth and Michelle just sat and stared. I also stared, wondering what was going to happen next.

He left it out there for about 2 minutes and then re-submerged. Soon after they decided to come in. As they were getting out of the tub I ran to bedroom, shucked my suit and jumped onto the bed and pretended to sleep.

Michelle came in and started to get out of her suit. She was now standing naked in the bedroom and she put on a thigh high bathrobe. "Chris, are you awake? Nick needs some dry boxers to sleep in. Chris? Chris?", she asked. I just layed there pretending to be out like a light. She pushed on me a little and I didn't move.

She moved over to my dresser and grabbed some boxers out of the top drawer. I am sure she was having Nick sleep on the couch since both of our spare bedrooms were filled with junk. She closed the door and left. Once I heard her walk the length of the hallway and head down the stairs I quietly got up and slowly opened the door.

We have an upstairs sitting area that overlooks the downstairs so that is where I was headed. As I got there, I could hear the conversation. "You can wear these boxers."

"Thanks," said Nick as he dropped his wet boxers right there. "Nick what are you doing? Chris is upstairs!" Michelle said.

"He's sleeping right? I have to air dry."

So here he was standing totally naked with a limp dick hanging about 7 inches. He walked around the room and ended up putting the wet boxers on the door handle that led to the Jacuzzi. Michelle just stood there and watched him.

He turned and looked at her and she was just shaking her head. "Nick, we played a silly game out there but now we are in my house. Put these on right now."

"Maybe I want to sleep nude Michelle…that is what I usually do."

"Nick come on."

"My dick is still a little wet, I need to dry it on something." He said as he reached out and grabbed her bathrobe. She just stood there as rolled his dick around in the robe. I could see it getting bigger and when he let go it was a full blown hard on.

"Now you have seen me...how about letting me see that pussy?"

"Look Nick, I don't need Chris to wake up and find you sitting here with a hard on and me standing next to you showing you my pussy. I will show you what I have and then we will both go to sleep, ok?"

She then undid her robe and stood there for 10 seconds and then closed up the robe. "Goodnight Nick."

"Michelle, look at my dick. Look how hard you made my dick. All I want to do is fuck that sweet pussy of yours. Chris is fast asleep and we will be soon as well if you just let me fuck you. Look, why don't you bend over that table, spread your legs, and let me stuff this in you. No one will ever know, and we will both be asleep in a few minutes. Now come on, why don't you turn around."

I couldn't believe the bullshit this guy was feeding her. She would at least need a little more romancing than that. As soon as those thoughts left my mind, Michelle dropped her robe, turned around and grabbed onto the table.

Nick stepped behind her and started to work his dick into her. Soon he was pounding it all the way in. She just sat there and took it. He fucked her for about 10 minutes and then he said, "I need to cum…turn around or this will end up on the floor."

Michelle turned around got on her knees and took his cock in her mouth as blew his load. He finally finished. She wiped her mouth and swallowed the last drop.

" I hope you can sleep now. Keep this quiet understand?" she said and turned to head up the stairs.

I raced to the bedroom and pretended to sleep again. Michelle headed to the bathroom and soon was in bed and drifting off to sleep. I however couldn't really sleep. It wasn't that my wife cheated on me…it was that she basically just fucked a guy to shut him up. I could understand if it was a passionate thing but she really just fucked him for the heck of it and it was no big deal. I just keep asking myself, "Who did I marry?"

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