tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFuck Me While They Watch

Fuck Me While They Watch


John and I had been dating about a month, and we fucked every chance we got. We fucked in the car, we fucked in bed, we fucked in other peoples beds, and we even fucked in the middle of the road once, right there on the double yellows. But the time we fucked at Justin's house party; that was the time that stands out most clearly in my mind.

It was hot, August I think. Justin was having a huge house party; there were probably 40 people there. John and I showed up in my car with a few other people. His blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin contrasted my dark hair, tan skin, and green eyes beautifully. He was muscular, the bad boy type, with a strong chest and broad shoulders, while I was curvy and soft, with large luscious breasts and ample hips. We were both young then, I was 20 and he was 19, but we were known to everyone for our inability to keep our hands off of each other. He knew how to bring passion out of me that sometimes surprised even me.

Everyone was drinking Mickeys and Kessler. People were playing quarters and darts, and there was even a strip poker game going on in one room. We danced to Sublime and The Offspring, we drank, and we smoked pot. We laughed and yelled. It was a great party, especially for our small, boring town where gatherings were generally relegated to the lake or some hidden corner in the mountains. Many of the guests had never even been to a house party, and the excitement in the air had the taste of youth and vulgarities.

As the night wound down, people began to pair up and find private places to fuck each other. John and I were so wrapped up in each other on the couch, we didn't realize what was happening until we were alone in the living room. We checked the bedrooms, but they were all full. The bathrooms were full. My friend, Amy, had even dragged her guy out to my car, where they weren't the only ones steaming up windows. When we realized our predicament, we each took another shot of Kessler and looked at each other with sly, knowing grins. He scooped me up in his arms and kissed me deeply, his mouth devouring me with a passion that comes from need more than lust.

He pulled my shirt over my head, only pausing the kiss for the briefest moment, and his hands clawed at my back as he opened my bra. He dove his face into my ample tits, sucking and squeezing and biting like a starving man finding his first meal. I pulled his shirt over his back, my nails leaving thick red lines over his flesh as I pulled him into me. His hands pulled and ripped at my jeans, fighting them open with primal speed as his lips and tongue pulled my nipple deeply into his mouth. My hands wandered over his back, his strong shoulders, his head as he pushed my pants to the ground, tongue lapping at my bare cunt while I stood above him.

I could hear him open his belt as he lapped at my hungry slit, pressing his tongue between my folds and teasing my growing clit. I felt him shift as he lowered his pants and boxers down below his ass, and I strained to see his hard cock jumping from the confines of the binding fabric. He finished removing my pants, motioning for me to step out of them, and he pulled me to the floor. I lowered myself willingly, eagerly as he positioned himself on top of me, the head of his bare, hard cock lingering at my quivering entrance.

I looked deeply into his eyes, passion flowing between us like electricity, and I whispered into his mouth, "Fuck me. Fuck my wet little slit like you own it."

My demand sent his lust filled body over the edge, and he rammed his cock deep inside of me. I felt his length invade me all the way to the base. His long shaft reached my cervix and a while light of painful pleasure flashed across my eyes. I squeezed my muscles, milking his cock with my hungry cunt as he pounded into me again and again, at a speed so favored by eager and impatient youth. He fucked me, as requested, like he owned me. He claimed ownership of my cunt as he pistoned in and out of me, driving me closer and closer to the release I was so desperate for.

I could feel the fire building inside of me as my muscles tightened in anticipation. The burning spread throughout my cunt, over my throbbing clit, and down my thighs. My breath turned frantic as my moans grew to a higher pitch, my orgasm seconds away when I faintly heard the sounds of giggling coming from the hallway. My climax was lost in a frustrating ache as I realized that half a dozen people were watching us, whispering and pointing. I struggled, desperate for him to realize that we had been interrupted.

He turned his head when he saw my reaction, still fucking me hard and fast. When his gaze returned to mine, a mischievous grin spread across his face. I was shocked and embarrassed as he looked down at me, thrusting without abandon, when he leaned down, his breath hot on my ear. "Give them a show, baby. Show these people how a real woman fucks her man."

I was breathless, confused, and torn between my inhibitions and the still growing desire building in the friction between our bodies. As he watched the torment cross my face he knew he had me. He knew I would not make him stop. The thrill of being watched renewed his vigor, and he fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked before. Very soon, the flood of feeling radiating from his abusive cock inside my throbbing cunt was too much, and I was lost in a wave of intense orgasm, my muscles spasming and gripping his thrusting shaft. I screamed out, my voice rich and insistent upon more. My nails clawed at his back and hips, gripping his ass as I bucked my hips to match his thrusts. I spread my thighs wider, drawing him in as I realized through the haze of bliss that the crowd had grown. I looked up and him, and saw his eyes filled with lust, looking into the distance above my head.

I turned myself to find the object of his interest, and found another group of people watching us through the sliding glass door. His eyes bored into the chest of a woman standing in the front of the group, and her eyes were locked on our bodies in a trance like state. I looked back up at him and took his face in my hands, forcing him to look at me. Seeing him watch another woman while he fucked me sent me over the edge, and he saw the animalistic look in my eyes. "Bend over, bitch," he growled at me.

He pulled himself out of my still quivering cunt as I swiftly moved myself to my hands and knees, ass high in the air for his taking. His hands gripped my hips as his cock found my opening, and the crowd roared with applause from two directions. There were whoops and cheers, laughter and words of encouragement. I kept myself raised up, my large tits flying back and forth beneath me with every pounding thrust. My eyes found the eyes of a former lover who was watching me, allowing him to remember what it was like inside of me. The woman John had been watching squirmed slightly and I could see her press her legs tightly together as her chest heaved with desire.

Quickly the overload of sensation, both physical and mental, was too much for him. I felt his cock grow and throb inside of me, and I squeezed my muscles harder, bearing down on his cock as it swelled. His pace became frantic and uneven as his climax grew nearer with every thrust. Finally he pulled his engorged rod from me and exploded all over my back, thick ribbons of seed covering my round ass. The crowd erupted in a roar of applause as he cock slapped my wet, sticky ass cheeks.

He slapped my ass with his hand, the sting forcing a gasp from my upturned face as my skin grew red. He pulled his spent cock from my dripping cunt and fell back on the couch beside us, leaning far back in exhaustion and pride. I curled up beside him, resting under his arm, against his hard and sweaty chest as a friend brought us a blanket. We sat there the rest of the night, partygoers bringing us booze and food, the mood changed between the group of us forever.

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