Fuck My Face...at the Mall

byJohn Hamilton©

"I don't think you realized that the second you walked in here, you became ours," said the owner. "Not just that pussy mouth, but every part of you."

I felt a hard slap on my bare ass that shook my whole body. I winced from the sudden shock. Then I felt the same hand caress it, running a finger between my cheeks, down my ass crack.

The owner hit his hard cock against my face. "If you want this, you have to let us have all of you. And you want it, don't you, faggot?" he said pressing his hard fucktool against the side of my face.

I felt another hard slap on my ass. The fear left me and all that was left was raw animal desire. I just wanted that dick in mouth. I just wanted them to treat me like a dirty fucking whore!

"God, yes! Give me that cock! My body is yours!" I exclaimed.

With that his cock thrust back into my mouth and continued fucking my face. I felt a finger makes its way into my ass, slowly at first. I made a noise, but this time in pleasure as the cock filled my throat. I had never done anal or had someone finger my ass before, but so far it felt good. The fingering got faster, loosening me up.

I was turned on and they could tell. There was another hard smack and caressing of my red ass. Then I felt the head of a dick rubbing my asshole. The owner pulled his cock out, and roughly pulled my head up by the hair again.

"You want it inside you don't you, bitch? You little slut, you want to feel the cocks of real men inside you, don't you?" he asked.

"Yes, make me yours! I want all your dicks. Make me your bitch!" I said as I rubbed my eager asshole against that fuck tool. I wanted it inside me. I wanted to be fucked.

Suddenly I could feel it push into me, penetrating me, stretching me, moving deeper and deeper inside me. I gritted my teeth in pain as it entered deep into my bent over virgin ass. I could feel the man behind me put his hand on my hips and start to thrust slowly into my ass. I groaned in pain, but also pleasure. I was bent over, tied up and at the mercy of a man fucking my ass. The thought turned me on as I felt him thrust inside me.

"Fuck me!" I said through gritted teeth trying to look behind me. "Make me your bitch!"

The owner thrust his cock back into my mouth as the man behind me fucked my ass. Helpless, used at both end, I felt like a porn movie slut and I loved it. I moaned in pleasure as cock worked both mouth and ass.

"Our little bitch likes it, boys," said the owner.

I heard the door to the counter open and opened my eyes to see a crotch beside my head. Thick-fingered black hands unzipped pants, and pulled out a massive snaking dark cock. He whipped my face with his thick fucktool and rubbing it on my cheek as the owner's cock was still fucking my throat.

The owner pulled out and they both hit may face with their dicks as the tattooed man fucked my ass. The black man rubbed his long dick on my face, across my lips, which I opened, ready to consume it. The owner shoved my head down on the black man's long cock.

"Come on, take it!" the owner yelled.

I went down as far I could go and he held me there, choking on dark man meat. I gagged and saliva flew out of my mouth dripped down the part of that monstrous fuck tool that wouldn't fit down my throat. He pulled my head back off of the black man. I gasped for air.

The owner let go and the black man took my head in his large hands and started to force my mouth down on the couple inches of fat black dick I couldn't fit down my throat.

"That all you got, white boy?" the black man asked as I gagged loudly.

"Flip him over!" I heard the owner yell.

I felt the tattooed man pull his cock out of my ass, as the black man removed his from my mouth. Then they grabbed me and flipped me over, chest up. My head dangled off the counter upside down and I saw the tatooed man join the black man on the other side of the counter. The owner grabbed my legs pulling them into the air and spreading them.

"Look at that," the owner said, lightly slapping my rock hard erection. "He really does love getting fucked."

With that, the owner shoved his cock into my ass and started thrusting madly. My legs rested on his shoulders as he stood there and fucked my ass with short, quick thrusts. I groaned as the tattooed man shoved his dick into my upside down mouth, filling my throat with a cock that just fucked my ass. He held my throat down firmly as he fucked my pussymouth.

"You like taking it from both ends like a whore? You like the feel of a real man fucking you don't you, faggot? You exist solely for our pleasure now, bitch," growled the owner as he fucked me hard. All I could so was moan a reply as the tattooed man's ball slapped my forehead as he deeply worked my mouth.

Then the owner moved aside and I heard another voice in front of my spread asshole. "You ready to be my bitch, white boy?

Then I felt my ass stretch even further as the black man's massive fucktool entered my ass. Inch after inch of seemingly endless hard flesh slid inside me. The tattooed man slide his cock out of my mouth, giving me a chance to yell in both pain and pleasure as the black man violated my ass with that obscene monster between his legs. He started fucking me, I could feel his fat shaft sliding back and forth inside me. I laid there as he used me for what seemed like forever.

Then I felt hands grab me from all directions and lift me up. I was placed flat on the floor, chest up, with my hands still tied behind me. I saw all three men above, stroking their hard cocks, which were pointing down at me.

"You want it? You want to be our cum whore? Beg for it," commanded the owner.

"I want your warm cum all over me. Make me your cumslut, mark me as yours. Cum on me, cum on me, please cum on me," I begged as I laid there.

With that they all groaned and, one after the other, I felt sprays of cum hitting me, shooting unto my face, neck and upper chest. Cum dripped off my neck and left cheek. I licked it hungrily off my lips and felt pools of it on my chest. Then I felt a hand around my dick.

"You have my permission to cum with your that tiny bitch penis of yours, faggot," The owner said as he roughly jerked me.

I came within seconds. I shot so far that I hit my chin and sprayed my own chest good. My cum mixed in with their's. I laid their like a filthy, nasty cum-drenched whore. The tattooed man and black man picked me up by either arm and cut my hands free as the cum on my chest ran down my body, dribbling down my legs. They dragged me to the door and unlocked it. They opened it, tossing me to out in the parking lot even though I was still naked and cum-covered! I fell to the ground.

"You get to go home like that bitch!" I heard the owner yell.

"But do take these," he said throwing my cell phone and keys to the ground. "We might want to fuck you again."

I picked them up and stood up. Cars passed by. I no longer cared. I wanted all the world to know what I really was. I wanted every man to know I belonged to them. I got in my car and drove off. I was naked, covered in cum that I didn't even bother wiping off. I wore it as a mark of pride all the way home. I did reach over to my phone and turn off the app though. I had had enough...for today.

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by liz33nd07/28/17

i need this app

wouldn't it be great if there really was a phone app like this! wow I can hardly wait.

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