tagLoving WivesFuck My Wife, Please

Fuck My Wife, Please


My wife and I have always had a great sexual relationship. However, after 10 years together, I wanted to try something a little different. I asked her if she would be open to bring someone else into the bedroom. She was very reluctant at first, but finally agreed with a couple of conditions. In order to prevent any of our friends from finding out about our little adventure, it would have to take place out of town and would involve a complete stranger of her choosing. In addition, we wouldn't be having sex for at least 3 months prior to the event. She said that she wanted to be really horny and extra tight for her lover. I just think it was because she didn't think I would be able to make it 3 months without having sex with her. At any rate, I reluctantly agreed to her terms.

We picked a city that was about a 3 hour drive from our house. The hotel was really nice and located right in the heart of the party district. We checked in and unpack our things. She immediately started getting ready for the evening. I could tell that despite her initial reluctance, she was really starting to get excited about the planned evening. I guess the 3 mouths without sex probably didn't hurt either.

As she got out of the shower I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked. She saw me looking at her and asked me if I liked what I saw. I told her she was the sexiest woman alive and I wasn't sure if I could watch another man enjoy her beautiful body. My wife is 5' 10", 130 lbs of golden tanned beauty. She has blonde hair that extends about half way down her back. She has extremely long legs that are attached the firmest ass I've ever seen. Her breasts are not huge, but are plenty big enough and as she likes to point out are real. She spends a lot of time at the gym and it most definitely pays off. By now, my cock is about to bust out of my pants and we haven't even left the hotel room.

We arrive at the bar together, but go our separate ways. I make my way over to the bar, find a seat and order myself a drink. She starts walking through the crowd. It doesn't take long before a guy approaches and offers to buy her a drink. He's about her height and roughly 180 lbs. He has jet black hair with a moustache. Not a bad looking guy, but not really her type. Anyway, after a drink and a dance or two, she makes her way over to me. She was starting to get a little nervous. I told her not to worry. There was nothing she could ever do that would change the way that I felt about her and that I would be with her every step of the way. She smiled and whispered "I love you" and then turned to walk away. As she was walking away, another guy bumped into her. This guy was her dream. He was around 6' 5" with blonde hair, blue eyes and built like a tank. He apologized and then asked her if she would like to dance. She accepted. As he led her onto the dance floor she glanced back over her shoulder and gave me a little grin. It wasn't long after that she made her way to the bathroom and called me on my cell to let me know that she had made her choice and that I should go on up to the room and wait. I did as instructed.

Not long after I arrived at the room, I could hear them at the door. At this point I started getting a little concerned because I wasn't really sure what this guy is going to think when he opens the door and finds me standing there. The door opens and they enter the room. The look on his face let me know that he was really confused. My wife introduced me as her husband and the excused herself to restroom in order to put on something a little more comfortable and giving me time to explain the situation to him. I offered him a drink and filled him in out our little adventure. He didn't have a problem with any of it and was extremely happy that she had picked him for her night of fun.

About that time, my wife stepped out of the bathroom looking as sexy as I had ever seen her. I mean, she was hot! She was wearing this little red lace outfit with a garter belt, stockings and 4" hills. Her beautifully trimmed, thick blonde bush was fully exposed. Justin's mouth nearly hit the floor and so did mine. Justin looked over at me and with a puzzled look and asked me if I was really going to let him fuck her. Without hesitation, my wife said that I no longer have any say in the matter and that I was simply a fixture on the wall. As she made her way over to the bed she motioned for Justin to join her. I was starting to feel sick at my stomach thinking about what was about to take place, but at the same time extremely aroused.

As he approached and she unbuttoned his paints and let them fall to the floor. At that moment this huge cock appears from nowhere. Once again, my mouth nearly hits the floor. It must be 10 or 11 inches and it's wasn't even completely hard yet. The thing was big as a beer can in diameter, at least. I started to wonder if he was even going to be able to get that huge fucker in her. Her pussy has always been extremely tight, throw in the fact that nothing has been near that hot hole in over 3 months and I started getting concerned that he was actually going to hurt her.

Didn't seem to bother her because she grabbed it and started sucking on it with everything she had. She starts stroking it with both hands while sucking on the massive head. She tries to deep throat it a couple of times, but gags on it each time. She continues to lick up and down the huge shaft as it continues to get bigger and bigger. My cock is hard as a rock and is beginning to throb now. I begin to stoke it up and down trying to keep rhythm with the strokes my wife is giving him. I keep thinking to myself that I am the luckiest man in the world to me married to this beautiful woman who is willing to do anything for me. She continues to lick his shaft and playing with his balls for a few minutes until he can't stand it any longer and commands her to lie back on the bed.

He slowly leans down to her and gently kisses her lips and then her neck. He continues down that beautiful body only pausing to gently bit her extremely hard nipples. When he reaches he thick bush and teases her for just a moment by kissing and licking the inside of each thigh but then continues moving all the way down to her feat. Kissing and licking all the way. He kisses each toe individually and then starts the trip back up the long tan legs until he reaches her by now dripping wet pussy. It almost appears that she is melting as the juices flow from her love hole. He gently licks her clit and she lets out a moan. He continues to licking her hot clit up and down and side to side. After a minute or two he sticks he tongue inside he tight little hole and begins to fuck her with it. Every now and then he retreats the give her clit a little attention. After what seemed like only a minute, her moans start to quicken and get louder. As she starts to cum, he places both hands under her hips and pulls her pussy against his face and continues to lick faster and faster until she finishes her first orgasm of the night.

Her entire body was now completely limp and willing to do whatever he asks. He stands and removes the reset of his clothes and pulls her to the edge of the bed. He spreads her long beautiful legs wide open and exposes her sloppy wet hole. He slowly inserts the head of his gigantic cock inside her extremely tight pussy. He struggles for a minute, but it's so wet that once it starts it slides right in. She lets out another moan with each and every thrust. He continues to drive his man hood deeper and deeper inside of my wife's hot love hole. All I could think is how good it must feel to be able to fuck her hot wet pussy with a cock that size. Her pussy is so tight and that cock is so big. It must be tearing her tight little hole apart. As I watched him drive that big cock in and out of my wife, it was almost more than I could stand and I nearly emptied my load onto the floor. But I started to notice that he was holding back and not giving her everything he had. Granted, he was giving her much more that I had ever been able to give her, but he still probably had 3 or 4 more inches. By now, my cock was harder than it had ever been and had a steady stream of pre-cum running everywhere. As he continued to drive that huge cock in and out of her, he took one hand and started to massage her clit as he continued to thrust his cock inside of her. It must have been more than she could stand, because at that moment she started to cum for a second time. This one lasted a quite a bit longer and seemed to be much more intense.

Without a pause, Justin rolls her over and told her to get on all fours. He's still standing by the edge of the bed. When she gets into position, he inserts that massive cock inside her once again. However, this time he begins to thrust even harder than before. He continued to go deeper and deeper inside of her until his massive cock was complete hidden inside of her. I couldn't believe that she was able to take the entire thing. The thought of her with his entire cock inside her was more than I can take and I came like a volcano. I must have shot sperm 10 feet across the room. I have never had a better orgasm in my life. My legs buckled and I dropped to the floor. He is now fucking her deeper and harder than any man had ever done before. She was moaning and groaning louder than I had ever heard her. When I tried to look into her eyes it appeared that they were completely rolled back into her head. He was taking deep, long, hard strokes into my wife and she was loving every second of it. The harder and faster he would go the louder and fast her moans got until it turning into an all out scream. I could tell that she was starting to cum. However, this one is really different than the others. For the first time in her life she has multiple orgasms. I don't mean 2 or 3, I mean 7, 8 or maybe even 9 times in a row. I started to wonder if she was ever going to stop. It was about her third or fourth when he started to moan louder and louder. You could see his cock swelling bigger and bigger and hear her cum harder and harder each time until he finally exploded his massive load of cum inside of my beautiful wife. He must have thrust 8 or 9 separate shots of sperm deep inside of her tight accepting pussy. Once he had finished filling her love hole with his hot cum, he pulled the massive cock out of the spent, sloppy, stretched pussy and got into bed beside her. Her used body simply collapsed onto the bed and began to tremble all over.

After a few minutes, she was able to gather herself and roll over. She motioned for me to come to her. She pulled my head down to her face and gave me really big kiss and whispered into my ear thank you for talking me into doing this. But, there is one more thing that I want to do. I told her that after what I had just watched her do for me that there was nothing I wouldn't do for her. She said that was good because she really wanted to cum one more time and she wanted to do it on my face. She said that she had always had a fantasy of me eating another man's cum from her swollen stretched pussy. I had never even considered licking cum out of my wife before and I had just watched Justin inject what had to be a massive load of cum inside her. However, I wasn't going to let her down. After all, I was the one that started all this.

So, I kissed her lips one more time and started moving down her beautiful body until I reached her completely soaked sloppy wet stretched pussy hole where her tight little pussy used to be. You could see the massive void that had been left between her lips where his gigantic cock had once been. His cum was just barely visible deep inside her hot cunt. I gently kiss her clit and began to slowly lick it. She was extremely sensitive at this point and began to jerk and moan with each stroke of my tongue. I could taste his hot sperm as it slowly ran out of her sweet pussy. It didn't taste anything like I was expecting. In fact, it tasted really good. She contracted her muscles and a huge glob of cum squirted into my mouth and down my throat and nearly choked me. I swallowed and continued to lick and she continued to squirt his love juice into my mouth. After the first few squirts, I started to anticipate the next tasty treat.

This went on the next minute or so until I thought she had given all she had. She then instructed me to lie on my back next to her. I did and she took those long legs climbed on top of me holding her soaked pussy hole just over my mouth. I continued to lick her used pussy back and forth and side to side. She grabbed my rock hard cock and began to stroke it. We continued in the 69 position for a few minutes longer, when I she started to moan harder and started to cum again. Just as she peeked the muscle spasms from her orgasm caused her pussy muscles to tighten and the remaining cum inside of her shot out all over my face. A lot went into my mouth, but even more missed and started running down the side of my face and chin. This was more that I could take and I came harder than I did the first time. I couldn't believe there was still that much of his seed inside of her. I continued to lick it out of her, off of her and myself for the next few minutes. I continued to clean her until I was sure that I had gotten all of it.

About this time, Justin started to get up. She pulled him back unto the bed and said I not even close to being done with you. They must have had sex another 5 or 6 times that night and each and every time, I was called in to clean-up the mess. I still think I enjoyed it more than she did, although I have never seen her cum that hard before or since that weekend. Once we got home, she made me wait another six weeks before she would have sex with me. She made me eat her hot pussy and fuck her with a big dildo almost every night. I'm pretty sure she was fantasizing about the weekend with Justin. Honestly, I wouldn't care if she fucked him every day as long as I get to watch and eat her sweet pussy after he fills it with his hot cum. Whatever makes her happy, I will gladly do. God I love this woman.

We have been in contact with Justin since our weekend of fun and plan to make it an annual event. She wants to make it a long weekend this time and fuck him at least ten times a day. She also wants him to cum in a measuring cup so she can see how much she can drain out of him over the weekend and then watch me drink it all down. I can't wait...

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Awesome sex

My wife has always wanted to let a black stud from her I think after reading this I am gonna find a huge black cick fir her I sm not sure about eating the cum but who knows what I get hot enough I willmore...

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by Anonymous08/22/17

I loved this story. I would like to hear other cucky guys explain how it feels to them

I would love to have my wife let another man fuck her like this. It didn't take all that much persuasion to get hubby to lick her clean either. I think I might enjoy licking the cum from my wife too ,aftermore...

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by Anonymous06/15/17

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