tagInterracial LoveFuck, This Girl...

Fuck, This Girl...


"Oh Fuck!!!" Ellie screamed as I banged into her from behind. The caramel skin of her ass slapped against my thighs as I thrust harder and harder into her. Yes, I was fucking this girl as hard as I possibly could... in the middle of my classroom.

When we were done, Ellie dressed quickly in her school uniform then turned those hazel green eyes on me. "Well that was fun," she told me with a smirk.

"Yeah, it was a blast." I winked at her and she giggled. She took a step closer to me tugging on the folds of my blazer and pulling me down to kiss her soft pink lips. I fell into it same as always absolutely hypnotized by her. The smell of apples and sex wafted through my nose only arousing me all over again. Fuck, this girl. Ellie Winston was a student at Winston Prep, and the daughter of the Dean. And me— I happened to be her history teacher. Before you start thinking how wrong this is and how I'm going to hell, you need to know the back story. This whole thing started about a month ago on the first day of school. I was calling role as usual when it happened.

"Elisa? Elisa Winston?" I called to my class of seniors impatiently awaiting a response. I had called her name at least five times before finally someone spoke up.

"There she goes, Mr. Hillman." The voice brought my attention to the sexy caramel skinned beauty walking through my classroom door. When my eyes took in her long legs, luscious brown hair, and bountiful breasts it took everything in me not to drop my mouth and drool like a fucking idiot. She walked with the grace of a gazelle her eyes fierce like a lion. A lion just begging to be tamed...

"Sorry I'm late," she said lazily stopping in front my desk and bending in front of me giving me a clear view down her shirt. I tried like hell not to stare at the milk chocolate globes nestled into that tight private school uniform. "I had some personal stuff going on."

Her cocky tone made my dick stand at attention in my khaki pants. "Well, Ms. Winston I hope you don't think that means you can just waltz in my class whenever you want." I snapped at her. I don't even know what triggered my rude response, but I could tell my tone had caught her off guard.

"I had a good reason," she glared at me.

"Well because it's the first day I'll let it slide, but don't think because you're family founded this school that you deserve special treatment."

"I never said—"

"Please take your seat Ms. Winston." I cut her off. She huffed angrily her eyes throwing daggers my way. I felt my dick twitch again in my pants seeing how much sexier she looked when she was pissed. She took her seat next to the girl that had announced her arrival and continued to glare at me, a look of pure malice throughout the rest of class. I chose to skip the notes on the board for today due to the raging boner in my pants and instead dictated them to the class. I knew I was moving too fast, but it was all part of the test to see which students would actually attempt to keep up and which ones would zone out and watch the clock. Ellie Winston was a clock watcher.

When the bell rang the entire class nearly sprinted out the door. Well, everyone except Ellie Winston. She stormed up to my desk and slapped her hands down on it once again giving me front row seats to the sexiest show on Earth—The Ellie Winston Boob Fest. "What's your problem?" She asked, her nostrils flaring slightly as the anger rolled off her body. I looked into those hazel eyes noticing flecks of green in them making my dick throb painfully. I couldn't help but think of what those eyes would look like after fucking her senseless. What those beautifully plump pink lips would feel like wrapped around my— "Hello!"

"Huh? Oh, Ms. Winston. I'm sorry, what was the question?" I asked trying to focus.

"What's your problem, embarrassing me like that in front of the class? I know I was late but I didn't deserve that shit." Foul mouth... this girl just kept getting more and more badass by the second.

"Foul language toward a teacher. You just want to get sent to your father's office, don't you?"

"Oh for God's sake! Are you serious? I'm sure it's not the first time you've heard a curse word!" Yeah, scream at me baby... A small smile curled my lips.

"Perhaps you're right. But that doesn't make it okay for you to speak to me that way."

"Well you started this by being a complete—"

"Look, Ms. Winston if you don't have anything about the lesson today to discuss with me then I'll have to ask you to leave. I have another class and I'm sure you don't want to make tardiness a habit in all your other classes too." She let out a long angry sigh and I could almost see the steam explode from her ears before she stormed out of my classroom. I couldn't help but stare at her ass as she did. Just as perfect as the rest of her.

The next few weeks went on pretty much the same way. Me being a complete ass to Ellie every chance I got, and her hating me for it. I didn't write notes on the board during first period. Hell I didn't get up from my desk during Ellie's class period afraid I'd end up smacking someone in the face with the boner that just looking at Ellie seemed to make in my pants. By the fourth week of school, Ellie had finally had enough and she came to see me after school. It was Friday and so every teacher had fled the building by what was now four o'clock in the afternoon. I had stayed behind prepping my classroom for Monday morning when she walked in.

"Mr. Hillman?" She whispered as she walked towards me while I erased the board. I glanced over my shoulder and something inside me jumped when I saw her.

"Ms. Winston. To what do I owe the honor?"

"I-I just... I wanted to ask..." she struggled for the words.

"Sometime while I'm young, Ms. Winston, I don't have all day." I told her, bored.

"I was wondering why you hate me so much!" Without looking at her I could hear the hurt in her voice. Hate her? I spun around quickly and I dropped the eraser when I saw those beautiful hazel-green eyes filled with tears.

"Ms. Winston—"

"And you never call me Ellie! You call everyone by their first name, except me! What did I do? I was only late one time! I pay attention in class, I try to answer all of your questions!" Now that I thought about it, I did realize that she had been the first person to volunteer to answer my questions in class every day since the first day. I immediately felt horrible.

"Ellie, I- I didn't mean to make you feel like I hated you." Hadn't I? I had completely taken out my inappropriate feelings on this innocent girl. I had taken every chance I could find to make her upset just to satisfy my own sick fantasy.

"Then why are you so mean to me?!"

"I-I, Ellie, I'm sorry." One of the tears spilled over and rolled down her cheek. I stepped forward wiping it away with my thumb. "I'm sorry." I whispered again. She looked up at me and her breathing skipped a little. Looking down I realized that her breasts were pressed against my chest. I could feel her nipples hardening through the cotton uniform shirt she was wearing. The next part may have been wrong beyond the realm of imagination, but I didn't care. I leaned down and pressed a kiss to those plump lips. I let my hands cup her face letting my tongue push into her mouth.

Her taste exploded on my tongue as we kissed sending an electric current through my body and ending straight at my dick. She moaned in my mouth and I just about lost it at the sound. All of the sexual frustration this girl had been causing me for the past month came flowing out as I pushed her down onto my desk and stepped between her legs. She let her hands tangle into my wavy blonde hair pulling me closer as my hands slid from her knees under the material of her skirt up her thighs. I could feel my dick growing impossibly harder as she squeezed her thighs around my waist. Damn this girl was gonna make me come just from making out. "Fuck, Ellie." I murmured against her mouth.

She moved from my mouth kissing along my jawline and down my neck. Her lips felt so much better than I had imagined against my skin. I let my hand push further up that short plaid skirt to her center. I moaned when I felt the thong, barely a barrier for the growing wetness pouring from her. I rubbed my index finger up and down her slit and she moaned against my neck when my finger made contact with her pussy. "God I've been thinking about this every second for the past month. Do you realize how hard you make it to teach when you wear these little skirts and those fucking boots?" I pushed a finger into her and she whimpered against my neck.

"Is, is, that— mmm, fuck," she gasped as I started pumping my finger inside of her. She started to move her hips in time with my finger and I watched as those beautiful breasts heaved up and down in her shirt. I couldn't take it anymore. I had to see those wonderful globes dancing in front of me. I kissed her hungrily as my other hand started undoing the buttons of her shirt. I moaned as her breasts spilled out from the bra as I yanked it down revealing those Hershey kiss nipples. "Dammit, Ellie you are so fucking perfect." I told her before pulling one of those kisses into my mouth and sucking on it as if I were a newborn baby. Ellie moaned louder this time tugging roughly on my hair. The act only turned me on further making me slip another finger inside of her and move my fingers faster while rubbing her clit with my thumb. I could feel her pussy walls tightening around my fingers as she drew closer to orgasm.

"Mmm, fuck, Mr. Hillman, shit!" Ellie yelped as she climaxed all over my hand. I kept pumping my fingers—slower now— as she rode the waves of her orgasm kissing her perfect breasts. She pulled my face up to kiss me hard and passionately. I pulled my fingers from her throbbing pussy and broke our kiss so that I could suck her juices from my fingers.

"Mmm, tastes like candy," I said with a smirk. The look she gave me didn't help the boner in my pants. Her soft lips curled into a sexy smile while her eyes looked at me like I was her prey and she was hunting in the jungle.

"You like me," she said huskily her body still shaking from her orgasm.

"This is so wrong, but damn if you aren't one of the sexiest girls I've ever seen."

"One of?"

"Ellie, no one can know we did this. I could go to jail for this." It was then I realized how much power I was giving this girl over me.

"Please. You think I want my dad knowing I let my history teacher finger me on his desk? He'd fucking kill me." A devilish grin crept up on her face. "But why go down for just a finger fuck..." she let her hand caress the bulge in my pants. "When you're so ready for me..."

"Shit Ellie, that's too much." I hadn't even intended on fingering her. I damn sure couldn't fuck her. I started to back away from my desk, much to the dismay of my dick.

"It wasn't too much when you kissed me." She stepped down from the desk, her tits still hanging in front of me. "When you put your hands up my skirt." She started rubbing my burning erection bringing me close to the top. "When you made me cum all over your hand," fuck, this girl was just rubbing me outside of my pants and I was so close to busting right there. "You got to taste me, let me taste you."

"Ellie, I, unghh" I moaned when she unzipped my pants and quickly pulling out my dick.

"I've never been with a white guy before. And I've never been with a guy this big before." She licked the tip of my cock sending fire through my entire body. She then took my shaft into her mouth bringing her lips all the way down to the base. I was floored watching this girl take all of my 8 inches in her mouth not gagging once. She looked up at me, her hazel green eyes hungry before pulling back on my dick and then taking me back into her. She moved back and forth on me like that making me feel better than any girl had ever done before. Without even thinking I put my hands on the back of her head and thrust into her mouth picking up the pace. She moaned as I fucked her mouth bringing me closer to my own climax. She brought her hand up to stroke my balls through my pants, and that did it. I thrust deep into her mouth one last time before exploding in her throat. "Ahhhh, fuuuuuuucccckkk!" I grunted as she swallowed everything I gave her.

I pulled my softening dick from her mouth and zipped it back into place. She fixed her shirt and I could see her nipples were still erect in her bra. I tried not to think about them to prevent getting hard all over again. "White chocolate," she whispered running her hands up into my hair and pulling me close so that my ear was next to her luscious lips. "I'll see you tomorrow morning, teach." She took my earlobe between her teeth and sucked on it for a second before letting it go and walking out the door. Fuck, this girl...

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