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Fuck Toy


TV Night

You've left the door open, as instructed, so I let myself in. You're sitting in the corner, on your knees, naked. You don't acknowledge me when I enter, because you know your place.

I take a seat in the armchair, loosen my tie, turn on the TV, and flip channels until I find something I like. When the first commercial comes on, I call you over:


At the command, you leave your spot in the corner, come kneel before me, and free my cock from my pants. Without ever meeting my eye, you simply do what you're made for: You take me into your mouth, and work my cock until I cum. You swallow every bit, use your tongue to clean me off, and then your hair to dry me. You then put me back into my pants, zip me up, and resume your position in the corner.

Throughout the evening I occasionally call you over and have you blow me again, while I watch TV over your bobbing head. Over time the tips of your hair start to get lightly frosted with flakes of dry cum, from when you've cleaned me off, that you somehow missed when swallowing.

Finally, when the movie I've been watching is over, I turn off the TV and get up to leave. As I'm about to head out the door, you come over to see me out. Still nude, your perky breasts starting to goosepimple from the cold air coming through the door, your eyes remain downcast as you whisper, "thank you."

I reach up to slap you on the face, twice, forward and back-hand: SMACK-SMACK

Once was for leaving your place without permission; the other for addressing me directly.

The Hotel

We stand in line at the front desk, waiting to check in. You're behind me, in your place. I'm eventually handed two key-cards for the room, one of which I give to you.

"Go," I say, and you nod your head silently before heading up to the room. I go to the bar, to enjoy a leisurely drink.

I let twenty or so minutes go by, and then head up to the room myself. I get inside, and see that you've found your appropriate place: You're on the bed, naked of course, face-down and ass-up. Your top half is buried under the covers, so that your head is hidden. Just your bottom half is showing, pussy-out, ready and waiting.

I leave you there for a while. I unsling my computer bag onto the desk, and go to the window to enjoy the view. They've given us a room on a nice high floor, so I can see much of the city from here.

After a while I walk over to the bed, unzip my pants, take out my cock, and plunge into your heat. I take less than a minute to cum; this isn't making love, it's not even fucking; I'm just releasing some sperm.

Having taken care of that basic need, I sit down at the room's desk, take out my laptop, and catch up on some email. There's a cute girl on Tumblr I've been messaging, and she happens to be online, so I spend some time flirting with her. When I'm done, I get up, go to the bed, and release some more cum into your waiting cunt.

When I'm done I order up some room service, and pop on the TV to check out the news while I wait for the food. It arrives fairly quick, and I let the delivery guy into the room.

"Where would you like it s- uh... where would you like it, sir?" he asks, momentarily nonplussed by the site of your back half sticking out of the sheets. There is now a bit of cum leaking out of your cunt, from my deposits.

"On the table next to the laptop is fine," I respond, taking the bill from him to sign. As I hand it back, I tell him, "If you don't need to hurry back, feel free to fuck it."

This really throws him off. I'm sure he's seen all manner of strange things in this hotel, but my offer is stranger than usual. However, the shapely ass and tight pussy poking out of those sheets are beckoning, and it's clear his cock wants to answer the call. He hesitates a moment longer, and decides he can't resist the temptation.

He walks over to the bed, unzipping as he goes. He leans over to ask, "are you sure you're okay with this, miss?" but I interrupt him.

"Fuck it or go, it's your choice, but other than that, leave it alone," I say.

Still he hesitates, but by this point his cock is practically throbbing with anticipation, and it's obvious what he's going to do. He grabs you by the hips and thrusts his cock into that warm, inviting cunt. Still holding on to your hips, he starts thrusting in and out, in earnest. As opposed to my stress relief, he's actively fucking your pussy. But even he, in his youth, doesn't last too long, and before long he's grunting as he cums into you.

"Thanks," he mumbles to me, barely getting himself re-zipped before he's rushed out the door, suddenly embarrassed by what he's done.

"Just a kid," I think to myself, as I take out my own cock, dumping some more cum on top of his. When I'm done I give your ass a smack, and then head back to the desk to nibble at my fries while I watch the news. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, I'm surprised by another knock at the door. I'm not expecting anyone, but I answer it anyway to see what's going on.

There's a young woman in the doorway. A girl, really - early 20s, probably, maybe 23 or so - holding a bag, and shyly averting her gaze from me.

"Can I help you?" I ask.

"I work in the kitchen," she says, "and... um... well I was talking to the room service guy and he said... well, I heard..." Finally, she raises her eyes to meet mine. "I heard you've got a toy in here, and I was wondering if I could come in and play with it?"

"By all means!" I reply, smiling kindly at her. "Come on in - let's see what you've got in that bag!"

I close the door behind her, and as I turn back I see that she's set the bag on the bed next to you, and is removing her clothes while she addresses me. "I was just finishing my shift in the kitchen," she says, unbuttoning her shirt, "and the room service guy came in to tell me what you've got up here. We fuck sometimes," she adds parenthetically, "but it's just physical. I don't like him like that. Anyway, I'd just bought this," (indicating the bag with her head, as she unzips her skirt), "and hadn't had the chance to try it out. I figure now's my chance!"

By this time she's removed her clothes, letting her skirt and panties pool on the ground around her ankles, but leaving on her high heels. Her body is, frankly, breathtaking. And then she reaches into her bag and pulls out some kind of hard rubber thing, with some straps attached to it. Its purpose becomes immediately obvious as she steps into it, and tightens the strap-on dildo into place.

"I haven't had a chance to try this on my girlfriend," she says, reaching into your cunt with a couple of fingers, looking for cum or any other kind of moisture she can rub onto the end of the rubber cock. "We mostly just scissor and go down on each other, but I wanted to try something new."

She's gotten the rubber cock about as wet as she's going to - which, unfortunately for you, is not much - so she positions it at the entrance of your pussy, and starts working the head in. Her own head is leaned back and her eyes are closed, as she does this. "The other end is inside me right now," she sighs, as she works more and more of the rubber cock into you. "So I'll be fucking myself at the same time I'm fucking your toy."

The eroticism of this situation is getting to be too much to take, so I come up behind her, letting my hands roam up to cup her breasts and explore her taut tummy, as she starts to fuck you. She lets her head fall back onto my shoulder, losing herself in the moment.

"I think my girlfriend will like it," she whispers after a while, her breathing starting to get ragged. "I think she'll... she'll... oh god..." And as I hold her against myself, and gently rub my lips up the side of her neck, she has a quiet, peaceful orgasm. "I think I will, too," she whispers, when she gets her breath back, her hand absently roaming over your ass cheek.

When she's got her breath back she pulls the rubber dong out of you, and turns around so she can face me properly. We kiss, and do our best to continue kissing as I remove my clothes and she she steps out of her strap-on. We fall back onto the bed, beside the lump in the sheets, and proceed to make slow, leisurely love, allowing ourselves to be carried away by the moment. She cums again, her pussy gripping my cock, and when I'm ready I pull out, go back to your backside, and let my cum rain down on your ass. I don't cum inside you, this time, because I don't want to mix her juices with yours.

We make small talk as she gets dressed, and as she goes into the bathroom to clean the old, used cum off her strap-on. When she comes back out, we exchange numbers, and she heads home - presumably to her girlfriend.

I spend the rest of the night in the room, occasionally depositing some more cum into you. I have no idea what's going through your mind. Do you fall asleep under there? Are you pleased with the trickle of cum running down the inside of your thigh?

Does it matter?

The next morning, when I wake up, I give you a slap on the ass as I go by on my way to the shower. I use the coffee machine in the room to make coffee; it's not the greatest, but I don't feel like going downstairs just yet. The hotel has thoughtfully left a newspaper outside the door, which I spread out over your back, so that I can read the headlines and drink my coffee while I slide my dick into your cunt, for one last deposit.

I then gather up my things, and am about to leave, when I take a last look around the room, and have a thought. I write a quick note on the hotel stationary, and then stick the pen through it, like a spear. I then insert the pen into your asshole, so the sign is pointing out of your ass like a flag. I step back to admire my handywork:

"To the cleaning staff: Free Cunt. Use as you wish."

Author's Note

I don't usually stop to explain my stories, but this one isn't my usual kind of story. I mean... it is and it isn't. I've written similar things before, but this one is a bit more dehumanizing than is usually my style, and that's on purpose, because the first part was written for a particular girl I'd met, for whom the scenario would have been very erotic. Which is what inspired it in the first place: after a long conversation about how much she liked being treated like an object, the idea started to form. The second part grew organically out of the first, following the process that all my stories follow, meaning that I simply asked myself: what would happen if things went one step further? (And one step more? And ...)

This won't be to everyone's taste - I'm not sure it's even to my taste, on a normal day - which is fine. That's what a site like this is all about, right?

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by Anonymous

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by ShadowRosie06/15/19


You say you write about a sex toy. This is the most boring story about a sex toy I've ever seen. You can paint the page beige and be more interesting. Why did you write this? There is nothing to want tomore...

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by Itsalljustforfun03/19/19

Really isn't my thing but, you're an exceptional writer so it still gets the 5 stars it deserves.

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by Anonymous02/26/19


I totally love this story! I would love it if that would happen to me!

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