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Fuck You Like an Animal


Rook walked back into camp, scenting each tent as he went, all were still sleeping. The small hunting party was not to know that he and Chimera were together, but after his invigorating run he really needed to be inside her. They were sleeping, they wouldn't know if he slipped her out of camp and had his way then brought her back.

He regretted that he couldn't tell her what he was, but humans never understood. Movies had made his kind monsters. Lycans were not monsters, yes they were aggressive and wild, but not monsters. That tittle was reserved for the night dwelling vampires, the werewolves and other such things that humans believe to be the devils minions.

He was Lycan, which yes was basically a form of were-creature. But one that had total control of his changing and desire to hunt and kill. He had done this, he had turned into his wolfen form and ran as far as he could, then killed a stag, cleaned it and left it hanging close to drain the blood while his hunting partners slept. But now his testosterone was screaming for more.

He slipped into Chimera's tent, where she slept deeply after the days trek to this camp site. So beautiful was his red haired vixen. The dried blood color almost looked black in the darkness, but he knew better. During the day her hair looked brown, not red, unless she was in the sunlight, then you could see the blood color, such a nice color, he liked blood. Her body was perfectly tone, an athletic figure, as she was indeed such, with her horse riding, skating, swimming, hiking, she was a perfect figure. Her love of the outdoors was what had drawn him to her, the scent of green clung to her like a lover.

She made his chest rumble just thinking about her full breasts pressed against his body, her smell, ripe with hormones, was perfectly suited to his taste. Rook slipped his hands under the sleeping bag she was curled in, lifting her and it into his arms he let her settle there, lest he wake her, this was supposed to be a surprise. One of her favorite pre-sex games was to be chased, now he was going to see if she liked being ravished from slumber.

He slipped easily from the tent, watching the others for signs of awakenings. Nothing disturbed him as he slunk from camp, his prize wrapped in the bedding they would use. He walked to the spot he had already chosen, near the river, the fall of which would cloud any sound she may over zealously howl out.

Carefully he laid her on the mossy place under the large three trunk tree he had chosen, she murmured, rolled and purred as his hand swept over her head. Rook slipped off his clothing, watching her sleep, then carefully unzipped her bag. She was nude, as he expected.

He laid down, spreading her long legs carefully, then slipped his tongue between her still full lips. Chimera's eyes popped open, and she gasped as his long tongue spread her interior and caressed the small g-spot just within her suckling flexing walls.

He growled with a grin, her hips rose and undulated under him, greedy for the feel of his heavy cock inside her. Not this way was all he thought, he had a deep desire to breed, as was in his nature, but humans couldn't hold his seed. That didn't mean he couldn't try.

With a swift motion that made her yelp in surprise he rolled her to her belly. His hands caught her hips and he pulled her ass into the air. Her hands reached out in front her, gripping the moss in her fists as he shoved his hard cock deep into her, she screamed, and came.

Rook placed a large hand on her back between her shoulders as she tried to buck upwards. He pinned her breast to the ground, so that her body would thrust her ass farther upwards. Now straddling her as if he was crouching he pushed his entirety into her shuddering and quaking hole.

Strong steady strokes moved her body back and forth, her howls of pleasure told him she was indeed enjoying his midnight surprise. As he felt his cum sprayed balls tighten, he growled, nearly letting loose the howl that her tight pussy summoned into his breast, as he shot his load into her. The expansion of his cock inside her made her cum again, as her pussy squirt her cum over the tight bag that thumped off her clit he filled her full. Then laid on top of her panting, spent now from his rather full evening.

Chimera sighed, her body still quivering under and around his softening cock. "Oh gods you fuck like an animal."

Rook grinned and purred his affection into her ear.

It was a good night to be what he was.

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