tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFucked Against My Will

Fucked Against My Will


This is a true story that happened a couple of years ago; I was 19 at the time. Every weekend my friend Jill and I would party it up and then end up passed out at her house early in the morning. This weekend was no exception and we got home early in the morning and passed out in her room.

I woke up at about 1:30 pm and wandered downstairs to get a drink of water because I was so dehydrated. As I was getting a drink a strange man entered the kitchen and startled me.

He said hi and that he was Jill's uncle and that he was visiting and apologized for scaring me. I didn't like him and thought he was creepy anyway and I wasn't really all that friendly, I took my water upstairs and lay back down. Jill was still passed out and it didn't look like she was going to wake up anytime soon.

I couldn't sleep anymore so I decided I'd head downstairs to the basement for a shower and get ready for the day. I grabbed a towel from the linen closet and my change of clothes and my makeup bag and went downstairs to the bathroom in the basement.

I ran into Jill's uncle again and didn't say anything to him. I just went into the bathroom and closed the door. I really didn't like him or the way he looked at me and the fact that he was big bald and hairy.....just gross.

I got undressed and turned the water on and climbed in, it felt great as I soaped myself up and washed my hair enjoying the hot water on my body. When I was done I grabbed my towel and began drying myself off as I stepped out of the shower. The cool air made my big nipples erect and the towel brushing against them as I dried off made me horny and my pussy began to tingle.

I hadn't been fucked in awhile or masturbated for a few days so I decided I would now but was a little nervous because Jill's uncle was obviously staying in the room down the hall and I didn't want that creep knowing what I was doing so I'd have to be quiet incase he was still down here.

I finished drying off and dropped my towel to the floor and let my hands roam my body. I cupped my breasts and rubbed my hard nipples pinching them slightly then holding my breasts up with my arm as I began to rub my clit. I moaned softly but kept it quiet as I played with myself; I put one foot up on the toilet seat and played with my breasts with one hand while I stroked my clit with the other.

I began a slow rocking motion against my hand as I stood in that position, my breasts swaying in time as I moved. I was trying to be quiet and was approaching orgasm moving faster and faster, in the heat of it all I felt a cool draft from behind but never thought anything of it at the time, lost in the moment, trying not to scream.

I had reached the point of no return when I heard his voice behind me tell me to cum as his hands grabbed and kneaded my ass, it was too late for me to stop it, and there was nothing I could do, I was embarrassed and shocked, and cumming at the same time. My body shook and my ass bucked as I cried out, my insides contracting again and again with him rubbing my ass the whole time.

As it all subsided I just stood there, still bent over, petrified, not knowing what to do, he didn't hesitate. In one motion he entered me, all the way, and he was huge, bigger than any guy I'd been with. I gasped and cried out as he pushed into me, filling me up and touching bottom.

He began fucking me slowly, long strokes in and out while I just stood there, one leg up, and my hands against the wall holding me up, letting him, gasping with each thrust. His hands moved from my hips to my breasts and began working my big nipples while he fucked me.

My body responded to this creep fucking me against my will, I was being raped and wasn't doing anything to stop it. I cried out as he fucked me and pinched my swollen nipples harder and rougher as he got more excited, his breathing getting faster and faster. I began to whimper and moan as I approached another orgasm, my body shaking.

He just kept fucking me slow and steady until I screamed and orgasmed on his big dick, shaking and shuddering as he held onto me. As my orgasm was subsiding he got faster and then groaned as he shot his load into me, filling me with his cum till it began to run out of me and down my leg.

When he was done he pulled out of me and pulled his pants up while I just crumpled down to the floor and leaned against the wall catching my breath and wondering what the fuck just happened.

I looked up at him and all he did was put his finger in front of his mouth and say "ssssshhhhhh" and then open the door and walk out of the bathroom leaving me there like nothing happened.

I showered again and left, Jill still wasn't awake. I never told anyone and never mentioned her uncle or what happened.

I have tried to analyze the whole thing and still to this day don't know why I let him do that, I don't have an answer, it just happened.

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Wish that happened to me

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