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Fucked By Force


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PUBLISHED BY: Red Garnet Media LLC on Literotica.com

Fucked By Force: Bound And Bred For The Billionaire Part 3 Copyright (c) 2012 by Bree Bellucci

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author's imagination and used fictitiously.

Adult Reading Material The material in this document contains explicit sexual content that is intended for mature audiences only and is inappropriate for readers under 18 years of age.

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Fucked By Force: Bound And Bred For The Billionaire Part 3

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Mandy hurried down through the thinly wooded park that led to the edge of the river. She was becoming increasingly nervous, it was ten of eight and already getting dark out. She knew she must be crazy to be walking out here alone at night, especially to meet with Brad. What would happen if Justin found out?

The entire afternoon at work she had been consumed with anxiety about meeting Brad. At first, she decided she would meet him and hear what he had to say. However as she watched he and Justin end their meeting, and caught Justin's cold, calculating eyes surveying Brad as he left the office, she had second thoughts about the rendezvous. She was starting to care deeply for Justin and she knew he felt the same way, but deep down she had a feeling that Justin was not a man to cross.

When Justin had returned to the alcove after his business meeting with Brad, he was back to his normal moody and demanding self, which was a relief to Mandy. But Mandy was wise, and she knew that Justin had sensed something the night she mated with his pack. She and Brad had made a palpable connection that night, anyone there could've sensed it. Now that she was Justin's Property, she knew that he was even more watchful.

The rest of the afternoon at work passed by without incident. Mandy had almost made up her mind not to meet with Brad. Somehow she would find a way to explain to him, perhaps at the next party or "Property gangbang fest", whatever the men probably called it, it didn't matter.

Mandy missed being able to talk to Chrissy, but she knew she was now part of a deep, dark world that Chrissy would never understand. What was even more frustrating was the fact that her coworkers were now treating her strangely. Mandy wished she could talk to Ally, Meghan or Jen, but they were skittish around her ever since she had become Justin's.

Mandy turned into the parking lot, she decided that she would meet Brad, if only to tell him that they could not plan secretive meetings and that Justin was the man, or should she say wolf, that she had chosen. It could not be any other way, no matter how attracted she was to Brad. She thought about Brad as she dressed that evening, and she realized that she had probably made up most of the mutual attraction in her head. Of course all of the men had been attracted to her, at least enough to fuck her. Brad was no different, and he had probably found himself attracted to other Properties before herself.

Everything was so confusing, why couldn't she just be a normal young girl who dated normal young guys? She continued walking through the park and caught a glimpse of the river up ahead. Mandy felt her heart quicken and her face flush as she imagined Brad waiting for her there. Tonight she had purposefully dressed plainly, clad in a pair of jean shorts and blue tank top with sneakers. Suddenly she desperately wished she had chosen her clothes more carefully.

Mandy rounded a bend and the river came into full view as large, graceful trees bowed down to meet the flowing water. In the growing darkness Mandy could just make out Brad's shape tucked behind a large tree. Brad turned his head and he stiffened as he saw Mandy approach. Once Mandy became closer, she saw a huge smile spread across his face. She felt happy to see him but at the same time she was terrified of the implications. What if Justin found out?

"You came," Brad breathed as Mandy reached him.

"Honestly, I wasn't sure if I would," she said, as she moved behind the tree with him. Brad looked handsome as ever, his light hair slightly windblown, and wearing a white polo and khakis. His body looked relaxed, but Mandy noticed the hesitation behind his eyes.

"I don't think this is a good idea!" she blurted out and she could tell that Brad felt the same way.

"I know! But I had to see you. I had to explain about our connection."

"But you did explain today in the office. You said that our connection was real and that my ties to Justin made it stronger and more noticeable."

Brad hesitated before he spoke, "Yes. You could still get out of your relationship with Justin," he said softly.

"I know that I can get out anytime I want," Mandy said a bit too defensively. "I'm just not sure that I want to get out."

Brad lowered his eyes, discouraged at her words.

"That doesn't mean that I'm not attracted to you. It's just that I chose Justin, and I don't think it's wise for us to be doing this. Not now. Not this soon after. It hasn't even been forty-eight hours!"

Brad nodded and he turned towards the river so Mandy couldn't see his face.

"You're right. Justin already has suspicions. I can tell."

Mandy sensed that Brad wanted to say more, so she waited.

"Justin had another Property before. It did not end well. She had an affair with another pack member, which I'm sure has made Justin paranoid."

"Well, how did it end?" Mandy asked, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

Brad shrugged, indifferently. "There were rumors."

"What kind of rumors?"

"Rumors that are not easily forgotten. You were right. This was not a good idea."

Hearing Brad agree with her made Mandy feel and even greater pull towards him. She didn't want him to agree and be sensible. She wanted Brad to want her, to not care about disobeying Justin.

"But - I don't think I can just walk away from my feelings," she said in a small voice, and Brad looked at her with pure longing and desire. Mandy gasped at his expression, and before she knew what was happening, Brad was pulling her into a tight embrace, his lips pressing down on hers as his hungry mouth pushed apart her lips while his tongue took possession.

Mandy kissed back, the fire flooding through her body. She tangled her fingers in Brad's hair and knotted tightly as she pressed her body against him. She knew that Justin would never accept this, and that made the kiss all the more thrilling. Mandy moaned into Justin's mouth and she felt his hands travel down her backside, squeezing tightly before they grazed up her shorts, gently rubbing her smooth firm ass.

Mandy was not sure how long she and Brad embraced, but she knew that she had not needed to come up for air. More than once she had envisioned pushing Brad into the grass and climbing astride him. It had been a smart choice to meet in a public place. As they broke apart, Mandy gently touched his face, feeling the raw redness on his skin from the furious and passionate kiss.

Brad was panting heavily, and Mandy noticed the large erection in his pants. Her passions wanted the best of her and she longed to unzip his fly and wrap her lips around Brad. But she had never been a cheater, and already she felt beyond guilty about the kiss. Screwing Brad in front of the other wolves had been one thing, but meeting him secretly in a park was quite another.

"Please Mandy," he said gruffly, "Can't we meet each other again? You feel the connection now. You could come to my house. It would be more private there."

"I don't trust myself, Brad. I'm sorry. I am attracted to you and care for you, but I can't let my desires get the best of me. I'm sorry!" she exclaimed. Feeling ashamed, she quickly ran back towards the path without looking back. She couldn't bear to see Brad's face and she hated herself for coming. It was wrong to act on her feelings for Brad, and she knew that now. Just because she was a whore for Justin, didn't mean she could go running around with other men.

It was almost pitch-black now and the darkness was becoming eerie. As Mandy rounded one of the last corners she thought she saw a flash in a nearby bush. She yelped and jumped back quickly, almost having a heart attack. She squinted into the darkness making out a dark shape - almost like a large dog. Mandy shook her head, hoping she was seeing things, she wasn't about to go investigating wild animals. A large dog or a wolf, and Mandy did not want to think about any wolves being in this park, especially if it was Justin. Mandy hurried to her car and jumped in, she would explain herself to Justin if it became necessary, but for now she wanted nothing more than to put this night behind her.


The following day, Mandy got into the office early so she would be better prepared for the girls and for Justin. She still had an uneasy feeling that Justin knew she had met Brad last night and she couldn't shake the thought from her mind. Feeling guilty certainly wasn't going to help her case, it would do better to act natural like nothing happened. Justin was a powerful and busy man; he must have had bigger business to attend to other than follow Mandy around in the evenings.

Relieved to see she had in fact arrived before the other women, Mandy sat herself at her desk and began going through Justin's schedule for the day. It was fairly light, and he would be out of the office for part of the day. Mandy couldn't help the small feeling of relief knowing that he would not be around to look at her guilty face. She also hoped that Meghan and Jen could act normally. Mandy became engrossed in her work and she hardly noticed as Jen and Meghan slipped in and quietly sat down to work. They mumbled their hellos, but seemed much more subdued, which was preferable today.

Not long into the morning, Ally popped down the hall before seating herself in front of Mandy.

"So, Justin has asked me to take you out this afternoon and help with your wardrobe." As Ally spoke, she had the decency to look at the floor as if this request to help Mandy shop was embarrassing. Surely, Ally did not mind one bit, but Mandy's face flushed at the idea of someone needing to help her pick out clothes.

"Well, okay," Mandy said slowly, "He would know best if I need to be in the office or not."

Smiling and satisfied, Ally went back down the hall to her desk.

"I can't believe it's a costume party!" Jen was whispering to Meghan.

"I know! I don't have any idea of what I'm going to wear!" Meghan whispered back.

"What about you, Mandy? Do you know what you're wearing yet?" Jen asked kindly.

"Actually, I sort of forgot about it. I guess I'll need to dig through my closet and look for something."

Jen let out a small giggle and Meghan looked like her eyes might pop out of her head.

"You're not going to buy something new?" Jen asked incredulously.

"Oh, well, I wasn't-" Mandy tried to backtrack. Once again, she felt completely out of the loop. Obviously, she had no clue of the dress code de rigueur. "I mean, yes, I guess I'll buy something then," she said stiffly, her mind already racing to what ridiculous purchase she may need to make. She made a mental note to consult Ally on this issue when they were out this afternoon.

No longer could Mandy dwell on her costume dilemma, as Justin came sweeping down the hall, his gaze cold and steely, but not so unusual.

"Meghan! Jen!" he snapped. Both girls jumped out of their chairs and followed Justin into his office, but not before shooting puzzled looks at Mandy. Shrugging she tried to appear unperturbed, but once Justin's door shut, she began to sweat nervously. Did Justin know? Why would he exclude her from a morning meeting? Mandy was unable to work as Justin, Meghan and Jen met behind closed doors. Mandy had a sickening thought about what could be happening.

Both Meghan and Jen had been clear in their desire for Justin. What if Justin was getting his revenge by fucking both Meghan and Jen at this very moment? Mandy forced herself not to think such horrible thoughts, and she nearly fainted with relief when Meghan and Jen exited the office; neither looking in the least bit like they had just been fucked.

"He wants to see you," Jen whispered as she smirked at Mandy. Obviously Jen thought that Justin wanted to see Mandy private for sexual reasons and Mandy tried to muster her dignity as she walked into her master's office. Justin was facing the windows but she saw his body tense as she walked in.

"You wanted to see me," she said quietly, her face flushing with shame. Justin wheeled around in his chair and surveyed Mandy shrewdly.

"You are going shopping today?" he asked. Mandy nodded, embarrassed. She was wearing black pants and a fuchsia blouse borrowed from Chrissy. She tried exceptionally hard today to look her best.

"Good," Justin murmured, rising. He strode towards Mandy and roughly pushed her face back, kissing her hard on the mouth.

"I am in a peculiar mood today," he breathed into her mouth as he kissed her and Mandy gasped from the roughness. She kissed back eagerly, wanting to please Justin while also wanting to rid any doubts from his mind.

"Why?" she panted, afraid of the answer. Justin grabbed her hair and yanked her head back before moving his lips to the base of her throat.

"Mmmm," he growled, ignoring the question. "You know that you belong to me now?" he asked as his other hand ran up Mandy's exposed forearm, giving her goose bumps.

"Yes," Mandy squeaked.

"And as my Property you will do as I command?"


"Good. Unless I give you permission, you are not to be alone with another pack member," he breathed, squeezing her tightly as he inhaled at our neck.

"O-okay," she stammered.

"And you will let me fuck you whenever I see fit!" With that, Justin spun Mandy around so that he was behind her and she was facing his desk.

"Hands on the desk," he growled, and Mandy obeyed, bending over so that her hands were pressing against the smooth, polished wood. With violent urgency, Justin reached around, undoing Mandy's pants and yanking them down. Trying to keep up with Justin, she quickly stepped out of her pants so that she was only standing in her heels, thong and blouse.

Justin pushed her blouse up over her breasts where it remained, and then yanked her bra down, freeing both of her breasts. Her breasts bounced from their restraints and Justin groaned as each of his hands cupped her soft, supple mounds. Mandy groaned in response to Justin's groping and kneading, his fingers deftly pulling at each of her hardened nipples, lengthening them. Justin pushed his body against Mandy's ass, and she could feel his erection through the thin material of his pants.

Mandy could tell that there would not be much foreplay. Justin was rough and urgent, different than past experiences with him. He twisted her nipples, and Mandy winced with the pain; it was as if Justin was punishing her. He aggressively pushed his hand between her legs, his fingers hungrily grasping at her inner folds. Mandy's body was already anticipating Justin, and she was slippery wet. Justin groaned appreciatively, and Mandy spread her legs further for her master.

"Yes," Justin groaned and he skillfully undid his belt before pulling his fly down. Seconds later, Mandy heard his pants hit the floor and she could feel him pulling down his boxers behind her. Mandy panted with her desire. Her body hummed to life around Justin, even when he was angry and possibly vengeful. Mandy ached for Justin to fill her and she spread her legs further still in desperate need of Justin's ready cock.

Justin took hold of her hair, snapping her head back, before pressing down on her back with his other hand. Forced to bend over, Mandy obeyed, and Justin ran his hand from her back down to her ass. He squeezed tightly in admiration, and then bent over Mandy's back and brought his hot mouth to her ear.

"This fuck is for my pleasure only," he said gruffly. Mandy could only nod, her desire and lust so great she was unable to speak.

Roughly, Justin yanked Mandy's thong to the side and then he pushed his entirety inside Mandy, making her cry out from his sudden invasion. Withdrawing, Justin reared up once more and slammed into Mandy again, who braced herself against his desk, moaning softly. This was a type of roughness she had never known. Again and again, Justin pounded into her, and she felt herself stretch for him repeatedly. Moaning softly, Mandy steadied herself against the desk. She was unsure whether she was moaning from the pain or from his complete possession of her. Justin, the alpha male, was really showing his Property who was in charge.

Reaching down to her ass, Justin squeezed tightly and Mandy yipped with pain. Surely, she would have marks tomorrow from where his fingers dug into her flesh. Justin was panting loudly in her ear, and she felt as he reached his hands up along her stomach and then to her breasts. With a desire to inflict pain, Justin squeezed her breasts firmly and Mandy was unable to hold her in cry.

"Does it hurt?" Justin asked.

"Yes," she gasped, but to her surprise she wanted more. For some perverse reason that she was unable to comprehend at the moment, she wanted more of Justin's sadistic screwing. Sensing that Mandy was enjoying herself, Justin groaned deeply and then thrust himself into Mandy with such force, that Mandy fell against the desk. Grabbing her, Justin pulled her back up before slipping inside her once more, easily entering her from behind as he glided through her arousal.

Justin steadied Mandy by gripping either side of her ass, and then grunted as he pounded into her as fast as his body would allow. With a final thrust and animalistic grunt, Justin emptied himself inside of her, and Mandy felt Justin still as his orgasm came to an end.

Afraid to move, Mandy stood still as she felt Justin begin to soften and then finally slip out of her. Mandy was sore from the rough sex and she was tense from not having her own release; Justin clearly planned it this way. Mandy picked up her palms to see sweaty marks left behind on the polished desk. She could feel Justin moving behind her, already zipping his fly and righting himself. Mandy gently pulled her thong back in place, before fixing her bra and shirt. She tugged her pants on, and knew she would need to go to the bathroom to fix herself up, not to mention to clean herself up. She could already feel Justin's fluids running out of her.

"That will be all," Justin said gruffly, moving behind his desk.

"Justin-" Mandy began timidly, "Is something wrong?"

"Everything is fine!" he snapped. He looked at her and his gaze softened. "I'm sorry, Mandy," he said, his voice somewhat mollified, "I'm having a bad day. Enjoy your shopping."

Mandy nodded, before hurrying out of his office. Meghan and Jen quickly looked busy and Mandy bee-lined for the restroom. Once inside, Mandy locked the door so no one could disturb her. She fixed her hair and straightened her blouse, before taking care of the mess of Justin's fluids. When she finally felt presentable, she left the bathroom, but swung by Ally's desk first.

"What time are we supposed to go today?" Mandy asked, referring to their shopping excursion.

Ally smiled widely at her. "How about noon? We are going to King's Lake, so I thought we could grab some lunch there, too."

Of course, Mandy thought to herself, Justin would have them shop at King's Lake. It was the most exclusive shopping mall for miles. It was filled with expensive, designer stores. Mandy nodded before heading back to her desk. Jen smiled at her, while Meghan busied herself with typing.

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