tagGroup SexFucked by the New Neighbors

Fucked by the New Neighbors


I'm a sexy but "respectable" married lady of 38 but my life changes radically when a hot and uninhibited young couple, in their mid twenties, moves into our neighborhood. He has a gorgeous slim young body and, I am soon to find out, a big beautiful cock, much bigger than my husband's. She too is slim, young, and hot, with almost awkwardly large breasts I can't help staring at.

When the new neighbors first visit our house the sexual energy is practically crackling in the air. Try as I might to stick to the neighborly small-talk, my panties and even my light linen skirt become damp from my sexual excitement. Sitting there on the couch I try to cross my legs and cover my crotch with my hands, but I can feel both the man and the woman looking pointedly between my legs. My husband can tell something's up. And it doesn't help that my nipples begin to harden and bulge obviously beneath my shirt, as big as cherries.

Could it be that both neighbors are feasting their eyes on me? Are they enjoying my arousal? I become terribly embarrassed.

But before I can react my two horny neighbors force me up off the couch and then down to my knees on the floor. Working together, they yank my poor titties up out of my low-cut blouse. They rip off my sheer black bra and start pinching and stretching my big, sensitive nipples. When I call to my husband for help I see that he is enjoying it all and has no intention of rescuing me. Could he have arranged it beforehand with them, or am I being ravaged at the spur-of-the moment, to his obvious enjoyment? I blush, protest, and stutter, but meanwhile my pussy is wetter and more slippery than ever.

They cup my tits in their hands. She starts sucking one big nipple while her husband takes care of the other. They suck me like that a long time while I stroke their hair, my eyes half shut, a lusty smile on my face.

Then, with my wet tits hanging out of my shirt front but otherwise still dressed, I am told to strip their lovely bodies totally nude. The experience is so hot that my inhibitions start melting away and I just want to worship them with my hands and mouth. Oh, those incredible, taut bodies -- I remember being that young and that beautiful! I lavish kisses all over their bodies.

They take turns with me while my watching husband strips naked and strokes his cock. First, the girl bends over and presses her hard nipples into my hungry mouth while the husband tears down my panties and finger fucks me with noisy wet sounds coming from my cunt.

Free of her bra, she has the largest tits I've ever seen, and she presses each breast hard against my face as I suck, nearly smothering me. Then she stands and presses her delicious pussy hard against my face and teaches me how to eat cunt. She gives me lots of firm, demanding instructions of exactly where to lick and suck her, and how fast.

I am enjoying my feast so well that I'm hardly conscious of the young man, who is stripping off the rest of my clothes. While I eat her to orgasm and she humps my face, he yanks off my panties and skirt. Off goes my shirt. My bra falls to the floor. He kneels on the floor behind me, grabs my hips tightly, and presses his cock head against my slippery cunt lips. When I try to sit back on it he pulls it away, teasing, laughing, and insists that I beg for it.

Soon I am talking like a slut: "Oh please give me that beautiful hard cock, I'm begging you, fuck me please, I need your hot cum inside me…" And then I push my face into her pussy again.

He's right behind me, teasing. I reach between my legs and begin lovingly touching his huge cock head, stroking it and trying to guide it into me. "It's so much bigger than my husband's cock, I want every inch of it, please!"

My sounds of begging are interrupted by the girl, who has turned around, spread her legs, and grabbing me firmly by the head, presses my face between her ass cheeks. Eager to please her I start tonguing her asshole and lapping feverishly. I am moving my head and body against her as I lick, and my big tits begin swaying heavily.

The man finally rewards me for my begging by slamming that gorgeous, lovely cock right into me.

I am so wet and slippery I know he must be in heaven. He fucks and fucks me and I meet each stroke with a full, writhing stroke of my own, pivoting my ass and gasping like my husband has never seen me. The force of his cock pushes me forward, into the doggie position, while his girlfriend turns to lie on her back, knees up and legs widely spread, to let me eat her pussy again.

His fucking speeds up, slapping his body noisily against my thighs and ass, my wet cunt making sloppy noises as his head pops in and out. I am soaked. He's soooo good! And each stroke pushes my face into that yummy wet cunt! My tits start jiggling and bouncing uncontrollably with the force and speed of his thrusting cock, and I reach up with one hand to hold my breasts. I lose my balance, falling on my face and chest between her legs, but his grasp of my hips is so strong he picks my knees of the ground and keeps stroking his cock into my wet pussy.

I cum with an intensity I have never known, moaning and "talking dirty" as he continues to ram me. My god, what must I look like to my husban? At last the man releases spasm after spasm of his hot cum, filling me, some of it dripping down my thighs.

Exhausted, I look up to see my husband, still rock hard, enjoying the show.

And I have a surprise for him. "Did you enjoy, that, Dear?" I demand. "Well, then, I'm sure you won't mind cleaning me up!"

Pushing him onto his back, I straddle his face and lower my cum-filled pussy onto him. There is so much cum inside me, some of it is already dripping out onto his face. I sit heavily on his chest, my knees on his arms, and he is practically helpless.

"Open your mouth. Wider. Wider still," I instruct him. "Now eat it all up, Dear. Lick my pussy good and clean up all that juicy cum!" I hear the neighbor couple laugh quietly, obviously a little surprised.

My husband surprises me with how eagerly he cleans my cunt with my mouth, and I slowly masturbate my clit to another orgasm as he licks me. From time to time I stroke his nearly bursting cock, just to keep him horny -- and willing to "do anything" for me!

When my husband is done pleasing me, I casually say to the man, "Your cock is simply gorgeous, and I want it again, please." His cock is still all shining and slippery with my cunt juice, but it is limp -- so I instruct my husband: "Now get his cock ready for me again -- with your mouth!"

My husband is completely willing to do my bidding, and he is soon lying between the man's open legs. He is a bit nervous and clumsy at first but soon he is holding that beautiful cock in his hand and lovingly licking the entire length of it. He opens his lips to suck the great, round head. He is slurping it loudly and hungrily, as if he wants to swallow his load. It is soon absolutely wet with my husband's saliva and is growing bigger and harder. I join my husband and we both simultaneously give the man head. The cock is more than big enough for both of us to play at once -- and what a turn-on!

Meanwhile, the woman starts lapping my pussy and kneading my ass cheeks with her hands. It is a delicious feeling to be touched like that by another woman. "Okay," I say breathlessly, taking my mouth from the neighbor's cock, "I want to fuck it now!"

But my husband is so horny for the other man's cock, he won't let it go, and it's clear from our new neighbor's moaning, twitching and thrusting that he intends to cum in our faces. The man grasps both of us by the hair, forcing us to keep blowing him.

So while we both stroke and lap and suck at that massive and beautiful cock, I watch as it begins spurting great white jets of cum -- first right into my husband's face, and then filling and overfilling his mouth as he hastily clamps his lips over the head. All I am able to do is lick up the "extra" that streams down both corners of my husband's mouth.

At last I look down to see that my husband has been so turned on by giving his first blow job that he has orgasmed, and now has his own cum all over himself! I scoop up a slippery handful of it, give one yummy lick, then force the rest of it into his open, panting mouth, saying, "Well Honey, it looks like you're a natural at that!

Exhausted, I exchange luscious french kisses with both the young man and his sexy wife. "And," I say, "it looks like we're both going to enjoy taking good care of our new neighbors..."

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