tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFucked Mercilessly in a Bathroom

Fucked Mercilessly in a Bathroom


It's a dark, hazy night in the lower east side of Manhattan. You pull your jacket tighter as you watch the orange glow of the streetlights glimmer in the misty rain.

You take a pull from your cigarette and stand in line outside a music venue you've never been to before, waiting to get inside to see a punk band that your coworker, Andrew, wouldn't stop raving about until you gave up and bought a ticket.

Andrew is a nice enough guy, but you said yes mostly because of his piercing hazel eyes and deliciously messy black hair. You remember the first time he introduced himself to you and how his firm handshake made your dick twitch a little in your pants.

He was charming in an edgy sort of way, and you couldn't stop staring when he reached past you to grab a mug from the cabinet one afternoon, exposing the little trail of dark hair running down into his boxer briefs.

You licked your lips and edged closer to the front door in the crowd, trying to calm yourself down because he could show up any minute now. You didn't want him to find out you were gay; it's not that you didn't think he'd be okay with it, but you didn't want him to feel less comfortable around you because you enjoyed his company, and his cute crooked smile.

You approach the bouncer, showed him your ticket and walked into the run down venue, scanning the crowd for Andrew. No sign of him yet, so you decide to get a drink at the bar and listen to the opening act.

A few strong drinks later you start to get into the music and enjoy the buzz of the alcohol. You text Andrew but get no response, so you shrug it off and head to the bathroom, hoping to beat the lines that are sure to form after the first band in the lineup is done. When you sit up to leave your bar stool you notice that you're more intoxicated than you thought, stumbling a little bit around the masses of concert goers to the men's room.

It's a surprisingly large bathroom with several stalls and urinals, and there's graffiti and old posters covering the walls and stall doors. You walk forward toward the last stall and suddenly feel someone push you forward through the door and close it behind you both.

You stumble and land on the floor, gripping the toilet seat, and look up in shock to see Andrew smiling down at you.

"Hey man," he says, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Enjoying the show so far?"

"Andrew... what the fuck man?" You sputter, drunk and confused.

"Oh please, I've seen the way you look at me, don't pretend you don't want this," he growls, flashing a toothy grin and reaching around to grab your crotch.

You squirm and try to get up off your knees but he reaches around you and starts unbuckling your jeans.

"Whoa, stop, please, what the hell are you doing?" You plead, trying in vain to pry his hands from your pants.

Andrew scoffs at you and roughly rips your jeans and underwear down to your knees, pushing your abdomen onto the toilet seat.

"Don't worry, baby, I'll make sure you have a good time," he laughs, stroking your limp cock with his hand.

You try to fight back, but he's stronger than you expected and has you completely pinned down with his knees on your calves and his other hand holding down your head by the back of the neck.

He continues jacking you off and you try to focus on getting yourself out of this situation but feel yourself hardening with his touch.

"See?" He says, amused. "I knew you were fucking hot for me."

Suddenly, he pulls a thick zip tie from his pocket and binds your wrists together behind your back. You shriek, tears forming in your eyes, but your cries are drowned out by the loud pulse of the music outside.

He jerks you around, positioning your face by his crotch and unbuttons his jeans. You try to crane your head away as he pulls his cock out, hard as a rock and dripping with pre-cum.

Andrew pushes your face onto his dick and begins prying your teeth open with his fingers. You clamp down, biting a gash into his thumb, and he slaps you hard across the face.

"Don't even fucking think about it. I'll rip you to shreds." He growls, and you finally obey, opening your mouth for him as your face tingles and burns from the blow.

Andrew wastes no time and thrusts deep into your throat, making you gag. He has a huge dick, almost too wide to fit into your mouth and over seven inches long.

You gag and sputter as he grabs you by the hair and fucks your face, his balls slapping into your chin with every thrust. A mix of tears and pre-cum drizzle down your neck as you feel his cock hit the back of your throat over and over.

He grunts and works his hips into your face, speeding up and slowing down at his mercy.

You are scared and ashamed, but your naked dick is still hard and tingling, and you can't help but feel the urge to come.

He thrusts even faster into your mouth and you feel his dick swell as hot cum shoots down your throat. You sigh in relief as he finally pulls out of you, but are alarmed again when he twists your hair and spins you around again, face down and ass up on the toilet seat.

He reaches for your dick again, his hand covered in lube from a stash in his jacket pocket, and slowly but firmly strokes you until your cock swells in his hand.

You moan and rock your hips into his hand unintentionally, fighting yourself internally. You don't want to enjoy this, but your body can't help but react to his touch.

You jerk forward as you feel one of his fingers circle your asshole with lube and push inside you, slowly working in and stretching you out. His right hand is jacking you off, and his left is pumping into you, adding another finger every few strokes.

"Oh fuck," you whimper, your body electrifying.

Andrew leans in and pushes his uncovered dick into your ass, and it burns until the head pops in. He keeps stroking your cock as he pushes himself deeper into you until he can't go any further.

Your muscles spasm, and he starts fucking you slowly at first, then quickening up the pace until he's slamming you into the toilet seat with every thrust. You yelp and feel your dick swell, then are overtaken with a powerful orgasm, your cum shooting all over the floor. Andrew fucks you harder and slams himself all the way inside you as he cums again, shooting his load deep into your body. You writhe in ecstasy, your wrists raw from scraping against the zip tie, and collapse onto the dirty toilet.

You breathe deeply, trying to calm yourself down, as you feel Andrew get up and dress himself, give your ass a hard spank, then exit the stall without a word, leaving the door wide open.

You're too weak to move so you lay there, fading in and out of consciousness, feeling the floor vibrate from the concert still going on outside.

. . .

It could have been minutes or hours later, you're not too sure, but time skips by and you are awakened by the sensation of hands roughly feeling up your body, followed by the sound of pants being unzipped from behind you.

You pick your head up from the toilet seat and struggle to get off the floor with your pants and underwear at your knees and your hands still bound at the wrist with a zip tie behind you, but someone forcefully pushes you back down, slamming your chin on the toilet in the process.

"Please," you whimper, "At least untie me."

You turn around just enough to see a stranger standing above you, massaging his erection. He's taller than Andrew, with a close shaved beard and tattoos peaking out of a cutoff T-shirt.

The stranger just winks at you and leans forward, pressing the head of his cock on your lubed up asshole. You wince as he enters you, then give up and lie forward on the toilet.

The man holds you down with one hand on your back as he fucks you, grunting with each thrust. You feel his dick pounding against your prostrate and start to get hard again, submitting to the overpowering waves of pleasure despite the pain in your knees, face, and wrists.

You feel totally helpless, and a part of you is turned on by this utter lack of control. You're completely exposed in a public place, being fucked relentlessly by two men who can do whatever they want to you.

The stranger starts pounding you faster, and your dick is so hard it feels like it might explode any minute. You moan with each thrust, straightening your back and leaning into his hips, greedy for every inch of his cock.

Pressure builds up inside you and the stranger cums hard and deep into your ass, slamming every drop as far as he can reach. You let out a loud gasp and moan, your cock twitching, and you feel a tinge if shame as he pulls out because a part of you was hoping for more.

You're rock hard and dripping with pre-cum with your naked ass in the air when you hear voices coming from outside the stall door. A small crowd of four or five men has formed, all watching you writhe around helplessly. One of them approaches you and drops his pants, eyeing you and stroking his cock. He wastes no time and mounts you, sliding inside your asshole with no resistance.

You don't even put up a fight this time, instead moaning loudly and pushing your body against him, desperate to come.

This guy's dick is bigger than the first two and you relish the feeling of it stretching you out and burrowing deep inside your body. He grinds against you, fucking you harder than you've ever been fucked before. You scream in ecstasy and come again, creating a puddle of semen underneath you on the floor.

This guy comes inside you and pulls out, his cock dripping with the seed of three different men. You collapse and pass out as yet another man mounts you, letting yourself become a human fucktoy to anyone who'd like a good hole to cum in.

Hours later you wake up to the sensation of your limp body rocking against the toilet, a stranger's dick pressing inside your stretched out asshole. You don't know how many people have fucked you tonight, and you feel ashamed but overwhelmingly ecstatic. You've never been this horny in your life, and you wish you could let every man in the city cum inside you.

Hours later, you're filthy, your legs and ass covered in the semen of countless men, and your clothing is tattered and grimy. The music outside has finally stopped and you're alone in the bathroom. You stagger up off the floor, wrists still bound together, and lean against the walls of the bathroom stall.

You don't even recognize the man you see in the mirror, but you smile and close your eyes, feeling deeply satisfied in a way you never knew you could.

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Thanks for a great window on my wish, thank you

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by Anonymous12/10/18

oh my, that was me

so hot that night

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