tagLoving WivesFucked Senseless In My Own Kitchen

Fucked Senseless In My Own Kitchen


"I can see that you want me to fuck you!" All I could do was gasp an unconvincing rebuff as his broad and handsome face closed to mine, sharp blue eyes twinkling with lust and confidence looked into mine. I backed up until I felt the kitchen units to my bottom, I was trapped. I closed my eyes and prepared my lips but he did not kiss me, his hands just rested on my breasts. Slowly he pressed his palms against my breasts through the thin pullover and my nipples grow hard in the cups of my bra.

For a moment he just held me like that, then he slowly rotated his prams, I trembled with excitement. In a easy but swift movement, my pullover was up under my armpits and his hands were on my naked belly then under my bra. I gasped with the sensation on his large ruff hands pressed against my stiff naked nipple. I let out a deep grown and rolled my pelvis forward when he enclosed my cherry sized caged stiffness between thumb and forefinger.

I opened my eyes to look into his still blueness, the beads of exited perspiration trickled from my every poor. His cool and dry fingers teased my hapless hard nipples until every tiny bud of them was erect. I felt that I had been dropped again from a great height, as in one flowing movement, he stopped the wonderful torture and slipping over my nakedness, pulled my jumper and bra away from my acing, stiff breasts. I lent back as his lips found my taught little buttons and lashed them with his tongue.

What sensations his fingers had achieved where nothing compared to the new passions radiating from my hard... very hard nipples. How could one so young know so much about... give so much pleasure? I wanted him, I wanted his naked, manly flesh on mine. I ripped at his shirt until it lay on the floor with buttons scattered about it.

I fell into him, our lips meeting in a gasping rasping kiss as his hands found my bottom. My breasts felt so soft when crushed against his hard muscular chest. In a rapid gathering movement behind me, my skirt was tucked into my waist, exposing my bottom, now naked but for the thin panties. His hands entered the back of my panties as if he has done this to me a million times before. Instinctively I pressed into them.

Cupping and squeezing my bum cheeks, he made me grinned my pussy into his groin. I felt a glow of pride, feeling his stiffness there and knowing I had done it. His fingers tickled the sensitive inner crack between the buttocks then moving his hand lower, found my most sensitive of holes and teased it.

"Please stop teasing me." I wanted to draw my thighs together to somehow relieve the itchy, clammy feeling in my cunt. But his mouth went to my nipples again and I had to spread my legs to brace myself against the unit.

I felt the cool air to my belly as my skirt was tucked into the front. Now both pussy and bum was his to take. His hand pressed to my stomach then slipped down and into the tight elastic of my panties. I arched backwards and spread wider as he ran his fingertips, through the pubic down, onto my moist, yearning pussy lips.

Slowly rubbing, the lips yielding to his fingers. One found my emerging clit, another slipped into my vagina. At the same time his mouth teased and devoured my nipples and a finger worked its way into my little virgin hole. Just a few minutes of his young expert hands and mouth sent my body into blissful convolutions...exploding into waves of almost painful release.

He did not stop until I sank down on to him, panting with the effort of so many waves of pleasure. Our mouths met, tongues darting and lashing like fighting snakes. With my hands I felt every rippling muscle in his back as I pressed myself hard into him. My naked legs rubbed against the ruff jeans, my pussy pressing against the trapped joy giver.

"Oh! fuck me...I want your cock...fuck me now...take my cunt...please!" My whorish words shocked me, never in my forty-two years had I begged for sex and never had I been so graphic. Nor had I ever ripped at a man's trousers like I was, junking them open and pushing them to the floor. He was naked in my arms, his big hard cock pressing into my belly like burning truncheon.

In one swift and firm action he had me face down over the kitchen table, one foot on the floor and with the other, knelt on the chair. I cried out in joy as my panties were pulled to one side and his manhood pressed into my cock hungry cunt. I was so wet that despite his size I took his whole length in the first penetration.

With each thrust the massive rod his balls bumped gently against me. He pressed his hand into the small of my back so that I arched my bum more towards him meeting every powerful shafting. I felt my quim start to tremor, soon my body was shaking in a gorgeous orgasm. The intensity of my come seemed to multiply into an all embracing body-quack as he pushed his thumb into my anus and finger fuck it in time with his cock.

I was sobbing for breath and shouting out obscenities when his body went very taut against me. I felt his cock swell then pulse as he paid me the final complement and filled my depths with his hot come. I just slumped onto the cold table, panting like a sprinter as my head made its way back into my body.

He had not shrunk much when he pulled out. Slowly I pulled myself from the table and onto a chair. I looked at the massive glistening rod standing between his legs. Had I really had all that in me? I stood, pulled my clothes over me and walked to the lounge; I needed a drink. He followed me and as I sipped my brandy, he pored a very large whisky and downed it in one.

"Get your clothes off." His voice was that of 'He who should be obeyed' and were all the more powerful for being the first uttered since he started my seduction.

Item by item found the floor until I stood naked in my own lounge, my heart pounding, my blood racing as a man half my age beckoned me to him. I went to him, my mouth dry, feeling as if I were a whore.

His mouth found the most sensitive parts of my belly, my husband had never kissed any other part of me than my face so the newness of his tongue drove me wild. I opened my thighs as his finger slipped over my clit making it swell to a new hardness. I reached for his cock, it was wet with my juices. This was another first because Tony had never let me touch him there.

As I slowly wanked, it grow hard against my palm. It felt so big in my hot hand. He looked into my eyes and smiled lustily as his hands gripped my big bottom and pulled me to him. I spread my thighs to sit astride his lap, holding his to my cunt entrance then sinking, impaling myself on his wonderful joy-bringer.

The beautiful hard cock pressed deep into me, filling again. His mouth found each nipple in turn and brought it to an exited hardness. Almost involuntarily, I rode up and down his love-rod, growing every time I sat down. I, for the first time ever, was fucking a man and I loved it.

The noises of our lovemaking filled the room. I do not know which was the more deliciously disgusting; his lips and tongue lapping at my nipples; the slurping of my cunt as it filled and empted of his cock; or my grows and moans mixed with obscenities I did not think I could say.

Suddenly he rolled us over, his full weight pressing me into the sofa. He plunged in and out of me, hard and fast. My body rapped into his pushing up to meet his harder and harder thrusts.

My climax swept through me like a bush fire, causing my body to go rigid and my mouth to gulp great chunks of air. It was as if I'd entered another dimension where the only sensation was sexual pleasure.

I was lost in a haze of exquisite sensations that swept through my body from head to toe. It was timeless and I wanted it to go on forever. Suddenly, as this wonderful sensation started to die away, I felt him leaving me and I cried out in anguish. He lifted me like a rag doll until I knelt between his leg, my face just an inch or two from the great glistening pleasure post.

He took my hand and guided it to the wet flesh. I wanked him slowly, hoping that he would enter me once more, fill me with his pleasure. But what came next I was not prepared for. He held my head between his masterful hands and guided me to the big hot cock. I pulled back but he pushed my face into contact with his throbbing manhood.

"Suck..." I kept my lips tightly closed, I had liked our love-making so far but I was not going to do anything as perverted and disgusting as that! He rubbed the tip of his glistening rod against my lips, leaving a trail of our love juices smeared on my lips. The taste and the smell made me heady. Holding my head with one hand, he wiped the soft shin of its shaft over my cheeks then against my throat and neck. The silky sensation started me feeling hot for him again. This was brought to an almost unbearable intensity when he ran the velvet underside over each of my sensitive nipples.

Again he pressed the monster to my lips, rubbing it back and forth. I had to let him have what he wanted or he would not give me any more. Slowly I let it pass first my lips then my teeth, until the tip entered my mouth. Each time he pulled me to his groin, he forced more of the invader past my lips. It tasted salty but not unpleasant. The sensation of its smoothness slipping on my wet lips, it pulsating on my tongue and the hardness of it gave me a lustful thrill. His cock begin to swell back to it's full size.

I begin to suck willing, now loving it. We both rock and sway to the beat of my gobbling motions. lust was taking me over, I was is wanton common whore, willing to do anything.

I found myself nibbling at the tip of his excess skin. My tongue finding its way into the little hole and explore the inner rim around this glorious joy- bringer. I ran my tongue around and around it also wanking the shaft. Moans escape from his very sole as I plunged mouth down to take as much as possible. To get to the parts that I could not slip between my lips, I licked its entire length and sucking his balls.

He spread his legs wider and lifted up from the sofa as I took his length into my mouth again. He grabbed hold of my head and pressed his swollen cock deep into my mouth and held me there as he spurt his come. So much came from him that I could not swallow it all and some trickles from my lips and ran down my chin.

My seducer had used my body to give himself pleasure and I had loved it all. It will not be the last time for me.

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