Fucked Tonight Ch. 01


"Get ready for it you little cum slut, I'm going to cover your face in my cum." he said as he jerked himself off.

"Oh god please yes." was all I could muster in reply.

Hearing my muffled words, he sat back further, and continued to jerk himself off, his testicles now resting just barely on my forehead. With a loud bellow, he announced he was going to cum, and I opened my mouth widely in anticipation of his shooting semen. His first shot was small, and just barely reached over my upper lip, giving me just a taste of his salty cum, and plastering my right nostril. The remainder of his rather large load then quickly emptied itself onto my face in three tremendous bursts, that flowed rather than shot from his dick. As a result of their low velocity, his cum simply dumped from the head of his cock onto the bridge of my nose, where it quickly ran down to pool on my eyelids. I sealed them shut tightly, and began to rock my hips as I finally reached my long-awaited orgasm.

"Cum you dirty little slut." he said. "Get off on my cum plastering your eyes shut, you whore."

Aching my back in ecstasy, I barely even noticed his presence, let alone his words. My hips rolled around as I writhed beneath him, feeling his thick cum sitting heavily over my eyes. I moaned aloud and felt his cock slap off my forehead as he rid the tip of the remaining drops of cum. After several minutes of recovery, I finally sat up, and felt the copious cum on my eyes begin to run down my cheeks to nearly cover my whole face.

"Eat up that cum whore." he muttered from across the limo.

Like the good slut I am, I began to scoop the cum up onto my fingers, and lick it off, careful to keep turned towards where I knew a camera was hidden to make the resulting film that much better. Once I had removed most of the cum from my face, I started scooping in away from my eyes, and fluttering my eyelids in an attempt to open them. Despite the slight burning sensation, I was able to get my right eye clear enough to see my tycoon redressing himself. Reaching for the handy Kleenex nearby, I cleaned off my face in a mirrored surface, and examined my yet-again destroyed make-up. This will make one hell of a before and after, I thought to myself.

"You did a good job tonight little lady." my benefactor said. "You're going to do just fine for your date tonight."

"Pardon me?" I asked in genuine surprise. "I thought you were my date!"

"Ha ha ha, I suppose in a way I was," he began "but I didn't fly you down all this way to get my rocks off. I brought you down here to make my son into a man!"

"What on earth do you mean?" I asked.

"Well he is certainly not his father's son. He follows women around like a lost puppy, and I want him to learn how to be a man, and assert himself with a properly submissive woman. That's why I sent for you!"

"Oh wow!" I said "I didn't realize that was the reason!"

"Well truth be told, I expected you would end up being an unexciting little slave whore, which is why I took you for a test drive." he replied "But I have to tell you, I think my son is going to have his hands full tonight!"

"Tonight?" I asked alarmed. "But I'm a mess!"

"You ain't a mess sweetheart" he said, returning to his grand fatherly tone, "You just look like a dirty little whore with dried cum on her face."

I smiled wryly back at him, and asked if it was okay if I cleaned myself up a little so I could make a good impression before I got down to business.

"No problem my little cum slut, so long as you do the job good and proper and make my son into a man. Do a really good job, and I'll make it worth your while afterwards." he said invitingly.

Part 2 coming soon!

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