tagGay MaleFucked with an Attitude

Fucked with an Attitude

bylittle sebastian©

The ultimate sex experience of my life occurred back when I was twenty-one. I had just graduated from college and had started my first real job. I spent most of my first couple of paychecks on clothes to replenish my stock of tattered rags. On the weekend, my friends and I would go to the bars to dance.

One rainy Saturday night in October, the club we ended up at was definitely not full to capacity. It was unusual for that time of year, but it was well past midnight before there was any crowd at all. It was dead everywhere else we went that night so we were stuck there. That's how we felt about at the time. We suffered through the usual DJ's favorites and a few requests, but mostly just stood around looking cool and sophisticated.

I actually saw Derek's dick before I saw Derek. It was beautiful. I had gone to the washroom to drain the last couple of beers and was standing at the urinals minding my own business when a tall guy stepped up beside me and stood about six inches back from the urinal. I could not help but to notice the thick stream of piss that flew by from the corner of my eye. I sneaked a peak and could not believe the sight. It was long and thick with a large pink head. It had to be six inches long and an inch-and-a-half in diameter. It looked to be exactly the same size of an average sized fully erect cock. But this dick wasn't hard. I watched him hold it in his right hand and shake it around slightly while he pissed, as though he were drawing something or aiming at the holes.

When I realized that I had finished pissing and was developing a serious erection standing there staring at his dick, I tried to nonchalantly zip myself up and sneak a another peak as I stepped away from the urinal. As I did so, he was shaking the last few drops and I looked up at his face. He was starring at me with a proud grin. He continued to shake his big dick around while I watched helplessly. When he finally decided to put it away he stepped back and acknowledged my fervent starring with an arrogant smirk. Then he shrugged and walked out of the washroom.

I wanted him very badly. I followed him out the door but lost him in the milling crowd. It didn't take long for me to find him again. His long dark hair and black clothes acted like camouflage in the darker reaches of the club, but I found him near the back, standing, posing, god-like against a column.

Well, Derek knew what he had and he certainly knew how to use it. He was definitely a goodlooking guy with a squarish jaw and a slight cleft in his chin. He stood six foot, maybe six-one, about six inches taller than myself. He wasn't overly large or muscular, but you could tell by the way his clothes fit him he had a good body, a swimmer's build.

He was talking to a couple of other people that I did not recognize, but he saw me watching him. I gathered my hormones in and decided that I should not be so obvious about my desire for his flesh. I returned to the bar for another beer and rejoined my friends.

The sight of that beautiful dick seemed to have burned an impression onto my mind and I could think of little else while my friends talked animatedly amongst themselves. That's the quality of good friends. They know when you are having a moment and don't bug you about it.

About an hour later, as the crowd was beginning to thin out a little, I literally ran into him again. In my excitement I mumbled an apology and stood there blushing profusely. He seemed to find something funny about the whole thing, but instead of walking away he introduced himself and offered his hand to shake. Needless to say his grip was firm.

He spoke in short crisp sentences, pausing carefully before each word. He seemed to be very intelligent and thoughtful. He also had a strange sense of humor, rather sarcastic as it were. He would talk for a while and then he would stop and return my stare. He had way of looking straight at me so intently that I could actually feel it. It was very sexy and it made me rather excited. I looked to his crotch to see if the beast stirred.

Derek asked me if I wanted to go out and smoke a joint. I immediately invited him to my place to smoke the joint there, but Derek wanted to smoke one right now so I followed him outside and down some dark alleyway across the street. There, standing in a small dark and filthy alcove, Derek pulled out a joint and proceeded to get me royally stoned. He pressed against me to give me a `super' and our lips touched. We passed it back and forth a few times before Derek dropped the roach and smeared it into the grunge with his boot. He then turned towards the wall, unzipped his fly and pulled out his big beautiful dick and started to piss. Two feet away from him I just stood and watched.

He was teasing me, but I didn't care. When the stream of piss subsided he didn't put it away but turned towards me to shake the last few drops. With an evil and sexy grin he asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. Staring at it, half-hard in his hand, but a mere foot away from my hands was too much for me to refuse.

I crouched down and reached for his cock, but he pulled it away. I looked up at him and he told me to get on my knees if I wanted to suck his cock. I protested that I was wearing good clothes and that the ground was wet with his piss. He just gave me that same sexy evil smirk and started to put his dick away. I pleaded, but he insisted that if I wanted to suck his cock I had to get on my knees right there.

I gave in and knelt on the wet pavement. Pleased, he turned back to face me and unzipped his fly. I sucked on him greedily. I wanted very badly to impress him with my cocksucking skills, but his dick got really thick as it got hard and that made it very hard to swallow it all the way down. Fully hard it was only about eight inches long, but it was so thick that my fingers barely touched when I wrapped my fist around the thick shaft. It was awesome.

After about ten minutes of sucking away on his dick like a kid with a lollypop, Derek stepped back and pulled his dick away from my grasp. I thought he was getting close to shooting a load. Instead, he slipped his dick back into his jeans and zipped up his fly and started walking back up the alley. Perplexed, I got up off my knees and with a quick look at those telltale stains I ran after him.

I caught up to him and asked him what was wrong. Derek just gave me that same cryptic and sexy grin and told me that we were going to go to my apartment so he could fuck me. I had stains in the knees of my good wool pants but I blushed anyway. He told me that I was cute when I blushed and he bent down to kiss me.

We flagged a cab and rode silently the short distance to my apartment building.

Derek paid the fare and followed me into the lobby. In the elevator he pressed me up against the wall and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He drove me wild. I fumbled with my keys trying to unlock the door with Derek's hands feeling my butt through my jeans.

Once inside my apartment, Derek didn't waste any time at all. I had taken my jacket off and hung it up when Derek told me to keep going and take it all off right there. I looked at his face, his sexy arrogant grin. I debated whether or not I should do it. He knew I would. He started to rub his crotch. I could see his erection. Mesmerized, I did what he wanted. I stripped down to my underwear and socks and followed him into the living room where he had parked himself. I wasn't going to strip totally naked in the front hallway of my own apartment while Derek wasn't even paying attention.

I offered him a beer from the fridge which he accepted. He pulled me down to sit on the couch beside him when I handed him the beer. Within a couple of minutes we were tangled up together in a wild passionate kiss. I franticly tried to undress Derek, to get at his body. He let me get his pants undone and I immediately went straight for his dick. While I sucked away on his big thick dick, Derek's hand worked its way down my back and inside the waistband of my underwear.

Fully aroused, Derek stood up, his dick pointing straight at my face. He was still fully clothed. He motioned for the bedroom. Once inside my room he closed the door and began to take off his clothes. He had an amazing body. Smooth, bronze tan, washboard stomach, nice legs, a good lean-muscular physique. And a huge thick prick. His pubic hair was jet black and I felt vulnerable standing there still in my underwear and socks.

Naked, he stood over me and straddled me. We fell onto the bed. We rolled around like that until Derek got up on his knees and removed my socks and underwear, flinging each in any direction he pleased. Fully naked, Derek laid on top of me and kissed me passionately. He licked my ears which drove me crazy. Then he worked his tongue slowly down to my dick which he avoided by continuing down my legs. Then he turned back to face me and asked me if I liked to get my ass licked.

Needless to say I blushed. I am very fair and blush far too easily. This made Derek give me that evil sexy arrogant smirk of his. I rolled over and buried my face in my pillow.

He made me spread my legs wider several times before I felt his tongue hit that magic spot. But when it did, I just about lost it. Derek was an animal. It felt like he was trying to stick his tongue all the way up my ass as he pushed me farther up the bed with the force of his efforts. I could only moan with pleasure and abandon my body to his assault. The stubble of his beard against the crack of my ass drove me insane.

When he finally relented, it was only to ask for some lube. I meekly pointed to my bedside table. He found what he wanted and positioned himself behind me. There he took his sweet time greasing up my ass with his fingers. He kept asking me if I liked the feel of it. Once he had me greased up and panting like a mad whore from his finger fucking he told me to get up and sit on his dick. I did what I was told and switched places with him. He sat in the middle of my bed and I straddled him on my knees. He offered me some encouragement as I sat down on his dick.

It took quite a bit of effort and a few stop and starts, but I eventually managed to slide right down onto Derek's monster thick dick. It was a slow and painful process, but I wanted it, and Derek wanted it. His dick was the thickest thing that I have ever had up my ass.

It was incredible. Once fully inside me Derek began to kiss me wildly, probing my mouth with his tongue, my ears, my neck. I tried to ride his dick but it was difficult for me to move much in the position I was in.

Eventually Derek ordered me off of his dick and onto my back. He then positioned himself between my legs and ordered me to lift my legs and asked me yet again if I was sure I wanted to get fucked. He seemed to really get turned on by making me say how much I liked it all.

There I was, stark naked in my own bed holding my knees back against my chest and begging to get my bum fucked by some hot looking dude with an attitude and a huge dick.

Needless to say, Derek proceeded to literally fuck the shit out of me. Lying on top of me with his elbows pinning my knees back and his hands locked around mine behind my neck, he was able to really get a good rhythm going. It was utterly incredible. All my years of practice had paid off. I swear I had three orgasms by the time Derek finally climaxed his relentless pounding of my poor little bum.

We laid there like that, covered in sweat, him on top of me, his big thick dick softening slowly inside my ass.

He loved to kiss and he did it well. When he finally pulled his dick out of my ass and got up to use the washroom, I felt thoroughly fucked.

It was incredible. Serious satisfaction and total physical exhaustion. I felt used, abused, drained and exhilarated.

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