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Sunday, I had a few friends over for drinks and some football. Unfortunately, the football game was pretty lame, so we probably drank a little more than usual. My wife Amy was playing waitress, as usual, while chatting with her sister on the kitchen phone. No doubt she was having a glass or two of wine as well. That's the only way to make talking to her sister tolerable.

At half time, Amy came in to see how we were doing. She brought more chips and salsa, took drink orders, and exchanged lewd comments with the guys, especially Tony. She brought back all the drinks, plus a nice plate of cheese, salami, and crackers. Just as she was about to return to the kitchen, she asked if anyone needed anything else.

"I could really use a blowjob," Tony said. Typical for him, and Amy took it in stride.

"Jeez, Tony, I'd like to help you out, but if I do you I'll have to do everyone."

Tony wasn't about to be put off by that. "Would that be a problem?"

Amy looked right at me, and I thought, "Uh-oh, where is this going?"

"Tell the guys about that video you showed me," Amy said.

I knew which one she had in mind, but I wasn't too sure about describing it. That could lead somewhere I wasn't sure I wanted to go. Amy was insistent, though, and the guys all joined in.

"Come on, Jack, tell us about it. What's the big deal?"

"OK, well," I said, "the title was 'Fucklicking'. I wasn't sure what that meant, but I had to check it out. It was in German, so I still don't really know what they were saying, but it started out like a standard gangbang. One woman, pretty attractive, and five average looking guys around our age, forties and fifties, I guess. The guys were all kind of hitting on the woman, and she was digging the attention. One of the guys opened his pants and pulled out his dick. It was already hard, and the woman started playing with it and sucking it. The guys started to undress the woman, and before long they were all naked, and she was sucking them all."

I looked around the room and realized that we also had five guys and one woman, Amy. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to notice. Which got me thinking about what happened next in the video.

"Well then, one guy, the husband I guess, laid back across the bed and the woman got on top of him in a 69. They played with each other that way for a little while, then one of the other guys stepped up behind her and slipped his dick into her, while the husband kept tonguing her. The husband didn't seem to mind at all, although he did keep his tongue away from the other guy. So he's eating his wife's pussy, while the other guys took turns fucking her at the same time. So I guess that's what they mean by fucklicking."

"Wow," Tony exclaimed, "that sounds really hot! So Amy, that must have really turned you on."

Amy gave him a sly little grin. "I might try something like that with you guys, if Jack's willing."

Fuck! My wife was offering herself to my friends for a gangbang, if I was willing to eat her pussy the whole time. And the thing is, I was more than willing, but I felt like I had to offer at least a little resistance. Not that it mattered. The guys were determined, and my protests were weak enough that there was never really any doubt. My friends were all going to fuck my wife, and the whole time my mouth would be about an inch or two from the action. OK, what the fuck, bring it on!

I acted like I had to think about it for a minute or two, then said, "Vegas rules, right? What happens here stays here."

Of course everyone agreed! The guys all gathered around Amy, feeling her up, trying to get her out of her clothes. She hit the brakes on that. "I want to see you all naked first. Then I'll strip. I want to suck you all a little bit first. Then we'll see what happens next."

The guys didn't waste any time getting undressed, and Tony was the first to show a good hard erection. As his reward, he was the first to get some head from Amy, and the sight of that was enough to get the other guys hard. One by one she sucked their cocks, everyone except me. The biggest was Lou, who had around nine inches, give or take. The rest of us were all in the six or seven inch range, no teeny weenies but no competition for Lou.

Finally Amy looked me in the eye and told me to lie down. I knew what that meant. I laid across the bed on my back, with my head close to the edge. Amy got up over me, with her pussy in my face and my cock in her mouth. I was hard as a rock from watching her suck the other guys, and I soon discovered that she was just as turned on as I was, maybe more. I licked up between her pussy lips, slipped my tongue inside for a generous taste of her juices, then retreated to her clitoris and went to work.

Tony saw his opening. He stepped up, with his cock right above my face, and slid it into Amy in one smooth, easy thrust. I never saw another man's cock up close like that before, but it reminded me of the kind of closeups you see in porn. I know Tony is no bigger than me, but from where I was looking, his cock looked fat, and juicy, and long, and his balls looked huge. I saw them tighten up against his body, saw the thick vein on the underside of his cock start to throb, and I knew he was pumping an oversize load into my wife's hot little snatch.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, "you feel that Amy? Fuck, that was amazing!"

He kept thrusting for another minute or so, then pulled out. I could see some of his cum clinging to his cock, then a stream started to leak out of Amy's pussy, headed straight for my mouth. Holy shit, now what! This never happened in the video. I realized, a little late, that the guys all had condoms, and I'm not sure any of them actually came anyway.

Before I had time to think about it and react, the first bit reached my tongue. Frank was standing behind me, ready to take his turn, and he said, "That's it Jack, clean it all up. No sloppy seconds today."

Now, I've done that before, when it was just me and Amy, but this was a different story. I'd be eating Tony's cum, not my own, and in front of my friends.

Little Miss Helpful, chimed in. "Go ahead, honey, I love when you do that to me."

OK, fine! I ran my tongue up inside her and had a nice little snack. The combination of Tony's juices and Amy's was really pretty delicious, and sexy as hell.

I hadn't quite finished cleaning up when Frank decided he couldn't wait any longer. He stepped up into position and slid his cock across my tongue and into Amy's cunt. I quickly retreated to the safety of Amy's clit, but the feel of Frank's cock sliding across my tongue hung on and haunted me. I kept my focus strictly on Amy, trying not to think about Frank's cock inches away from my mouth, but it was a real effort. I guess I did all right, though, because Amy had her first orgasm of the day while Frank continued to fuck her and I continued to lick her. It was a good one, pretty powerful, and that was enough to put Frank over the edge.

"Fuck, you made me cum already," he complained, or pretended to. "Get ready Jack, time for another cleanup job."

He pulled out, and I went to work. I didn't even try to resist, just lapped up all the sex juices I could find. Then it was Lou's turn.

As I said, Lou's cock is big, about nine inches. What I didn't mention, because I didn't notice it then, is that it is also nice and fat. As I watched it disappear into Amy's vagina, I couldn't help wondering how it felt, what it would be like to be Amy, getting fucked by that big hard dick. I didn't have to wonder very long.

"God, Lou, that's great," she said, "but take it easy. I need to get stretched out first. Just give me a little time to adjust, then you can fuck me with that thing all night long!"

Lou chuckled. "Don't plan on it tonight. Wouldn't be fair to the other guys."

He fucked her nice and easy for a while, then picked up the pace when she let him know she was ready. At one point he pulled out, and when he went to start again he put his cock in my mouth by mistake. He got all apologetic, pulled back out, and found Amy's entrance again. And I was thinking, "First I get a quick taste of Frank's dick, then Lou sticks his in my mouth. I guess I should be freaking out, but I kind of wish he'd do it again."

Well, he didn't. He fucked Amy to another good strong orgasm, got himself right to the edge, then pulled back so that the tip of his cock was barely inside Amy's labia, and shot a big creamy load all over her pussy lips. It made a messy, sticky creampie for me to eat, and I didn't hesitate for a second. This time there was less of Amy's taste mixed in, so I felt like I was eating Lou's load, pure and unadulterated. That made the third load of cum I had tasted, and I have to admit I loved it.

Joey had been patient long enough. Now it was his turn, and he wanted to make the most of it. He had seen Lou stick his dick in my mouth, and noticed that I didn't make a fuss, so that's where he started. His cock was much smaller than Lou's, but it felt better, actually. He thrust in and out a few times, then switched to Amy's cunt for a while. Over the next several minutes he alternated between my mouth and Amy's pussy, brought Amy to another nice orgasm, then switched back to my mouth for what turned out to be the grand finale.

"Amy," he said, "any minute now I'm going to cum in Jack's mouth. I bet he'd love it if you could get him to cum in your mouth at the same time."

Wait a minute! That was more than I signed up for. I reached my hands back to push him away, but he took both of my hands in his, Amy started giving me some serious head, and it was like a switch was thrown. I felt a surge of sexual energy flow through me, Joey started to pump thick, salty cream into my mouth, and I erupted in Amy's mouth, all at the same time. Amy kept sucking me until she had gotten every last drop, and I did the same for Joey. I really had the illusion that I was sucking my own cock, and eating my own cum. And I absolutely loved it!

Amy got up off me, I stood up, and she gave me a big, wet kiss. There was still a little of my cum in her mouth, and I still had the taste of Joey in mine, so I'm not too sure whose cum I was tasting, but I wasn't complaining. Thanks to our little sex session, I now knew that I liked the taste of cum, whether or not it was mixed with Amy's taste.

"I could go again," Tony said, and when I looked over at him, sure enough, he was hard again.

"Sorry, Tony, I'm done for the night," Amy told him. "Maybe Jack would give you a blowjob if you asked nicely."

What! "Not to steal your line, hon," I said, "but if I do Tony I'd have to do everyone."

Lou checked in with his two cents worth. "Don't look at me, Jack, I'm saving this for the wife." And when I did look at him, wouldn't you know he was hard as a rock, ready for action.

The other guys were both at half mast, and agreed that they were done for the night. They were married, of course, but Tony was divorced and had no one waiting for him at home.

"Go on, Jack," Amy coaxed, "you look like you're ready." She put her hand on my cock, and it was only then that I noticed I was hard again.

I looked around at the other guys. "Vegas rules," I reminded them.

They all agreed, and I got down on my knees in front of Tony. I put my hand on his cock, gave it a couple of light strokes, then continued down and felt his balls. That was an amazing sensation. Until then I had never touched another man's cock, never felt another man's balls, never touched another man sexually at all. Well, unless you count taking Joey's cock in my mouth, but that wasn't entirely by choice.

I leaned forward and took Tony's cock in my mouth, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness in my gut. I sucked and licked around the head for a while, getting used to the idea, then began working my lips further down the shaft.

"That's it, Jack," Tony encouraged me, "just take your time. See how deep you can take it."

At first I was only getting about three or four inches down, then little by little I found I could take more. Tony put his hand on my head, ran his fingers through my hair, then held me steady as he pushed his cock down my throat. He didn't quite go all the way the first time, then he backed off to go again.

"Just try to relax and let me in," he said. I did as he said, and on the third try I was able to take his cock all the way. My lips were tickled by his pubic hair, my throat was full of cock. And I felt a ridiculous sense of accomplishment. Then the gag reflex kicked in, and I had to pull away from him for a minute.

"You're doing great, Jack. Keep up the good work," Tony told me.

By that time I'd been sucking him for a few minutes, and I was ready for him to cum. I continued to suck him, running my lips up and down the shaft of his cock and playing with his balls. This was taking longer than I expected, but I was determined.

"If you want to make him cum sooner, you could put a finger up his ass," Amy suggested. God, I almost forgot Amy was even there. I put a finger in my mouth to get it slick with saliva, then felt around until I found his asshole. I worked my finger in carefully, trying not to hurt him, but I shouldn't have worried. He was in heaven.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, "don't stop. You want me to cum in your mouth?"

I kept my lips around his cock and made a noise that I hoped sounded affirmative. I had my finger shoved all the way in his ass and was wiggling it around. He was holding my head and thrusting in and out of my mouth, and I knew he was getting close. Just when I thought he was ready to explode, he pulled out of my mouth and began stroking his cock like mad.

"Open wide," he said, "here it comes!"

I held my mouth open, he jerked himself another minute or so, then it started. I saw thick white cream shoot out the tip of his cock, felt it land on my tongue, then got the taste. Delicious! He put his cock between my lips and slid it in until it touched the back of my throat.

"Suck it, Jack, clean me up real good. Swallow it all down."

I kept sucking him until he pushed me away. When I looked around the room, all the guys had big smiles on their faces, but none as big as Amy's shit eating grin.

"Wow, Sweetie, that was great. I never really thought you'd go through with it."

"Well," I said, "it wasn't bad once I got started. So, Tony, how'd I do?"

"Great!" he answered. "Not the best I ever had, but definitely not the worst. Was this really your first time?"

"First and probably last," I told him.

"Come on, Jack," he said, "that would be a real waste of talent. And now that these guys have seen what you can do, they'll probably want to see what they've been missing. Maybe next time we get together you can provide the entertainment!"

After a few more rude, lewd comments, the guys all put their clothes on and said their goodbyes.

Amy gave me a big hug. "That was really hot, babe. You had a good time too, didn't you?"

"I did, I can't deny it. I don't know about any 'next time' though."

"Come on, Jack, I know you too well. You loved it all, the gangbang, the cum eating, the cocks in your mouth. The best was when you were sucking Tony and stuck a finger up his ass. I'm not sure who was more turned on, Tony or you. Or maybe me! I'd love to see you suck all the guys, one after another, and let them all cum in your mouth. God, hon, that would be so hot!"

"We'll see," I replied. I didn't want to commit, but the idea had plenty of appeal.

"Right," said Amy, "we'll see. Who's playing next week?"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/16/18

Stuff wet dreams are made of!

I want to be in this dream!

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by pokeyride01/01/18

Great !!!!

That was a great story that had me hard and leaking !!!! I would love to do something like that for real !!!!!

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by Jenna264112/27/17

Wonderful & Exciting

Wonderful story! I thought that action went a little quick, but I loved the story. No judgementing going on. Just pure enjoyment of the erotic act. Love such positive exploration of bi-sexuality. Thanksmore...

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by Anonymous10/18/17

tastes good

Amy is such a good wife! And I LOVE the story about Jack, the fucklicker.
But the second part - the gay shit - sucks.

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by bijohnthomas4uk09/03/17

luv the fuck lick

Oh imagine the taste

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