tagErotic HorrorFuel for the Fire Ch. 06

Fuel for the Fire Ch. 06


I came to my sense on the black stone floor, my face was sore from where my cheek bones had been pushed into the ground. As my senses started to come back to me I became aware of something pooling between and around my legs. As I tried to roll over to see what it was my nerve endings woke up. A bone deep throbbing pain spread through my body as I turned myself over. Most of it focused around my thighs. When I managed to turn over and look down I got my answer why.

My legs were a bloody mess. Wounds, deep enough to show bone, ran down my thighs in long bloody streaks. From the pain it could tell the same was true of my buttocks. Blood was running freely from the wounds, pooling on the floor and mixing with the other liquid leaking from my body. The demon must have been very pent up, my stomach was distended as if pregnant. Even the action of breathing was enough to force more of the corrupted seed out of me.

I lay back, staring up into the void above me, taking stock of everything. The wounds in my legs should have killed me long before I woke up, blood loss should have killed me. In fact, I didn't even feel lightheaded. So the same force that had kept me alive here before must be in effect. Even as I lay there I felt the pain starting to fade away, replaced by the etching of a healing wound. Taking a deep breath I forced myself up into a sitting position, the movement forcing an almost comical gout of semen to spray from my pussy and on to the floor. Where it mixed into the ever growing pool of fluids. With another breath I bent over even further, ready to deal with the damage to my pussy.

I had expected to see a gaping ruin but my pussy seemed to be no worse the wear. Aside from the constant outpouring of thick demon seed it look as good as new. The skin around it was covered in a mix of blood and semen. I pulled my labia back and slipped an exploratory finger inside. It was swamped by cum but inside seemed much the same. I had expected a stretched out mess but I was as tight as I had ever been. More so in fact as I tried to slide two fingers inside and failed.

Satisfied, I lay back again. It seemed to me that I had been here for far too long this time, usually I would have been dumped back into my body long before now. Given maybe a moment to after the demon was done before being shoved back into the waking world. This time however that wasn't the case.

An insidious thought crept into my mind as I waited. "What if they never send you back?" The twisted little voice went "What if this is it? Finally stuck in this place, your soul condemned as the plaything of a demon from now until the end of time?"

That couldn't possibly happen, could it? Why would it want me now? Hadn't the old lady said they liked to toy with the damned first?

"It is a daemon," The voice hissed in my head. "What do you think 'toying with' means to it? Look at what it did to your legs? Maybe next time you won't be unconscious for that?"

I had to get out of there. I pushed myself up onto my arms, checking my legs over again.. The massive gashes that had ran up and down my thighs had close themselves up. Even as I watched my flesh was knitting itself back together. Some of the shallower wounds had already disappeared completely taking the pain with them.

"Where do you think you are?" The voice crooned in my head. "Did you really think they would let you get away with only being used once?"

I stood up gingerly, my legs felt like jelly and the damp sensation of the semen draining out of me didn't really help. I tried my best to take in my surroundings, what little of it there was, I was still in the same strange void as before. Aside from the portal everything else seemed to have disappeared completely.

The portal itself seemed to have moved into the middle of the floor. That or the edges of the space had moved to put it in the middle. Trying to sidle up and peek in was impossible, the thing always seemed to face me no matter where I moved. It didn't feel like it was moving to follow me though, more that every side of it was the front. The thought of that made my head hurt to think about and I felt the bile starting to rise in my throat. The interior of the thing seemed, at first glance, to be the same as when the demon had come through. But when I gave it a harder look, fighting a headache along with the urge to vomit. I saw that the other side of it was somehow more empty. There wasn't the same subtle hint of movement, of things just beyond the light. Now it simply looked empty.

That had been where the Demon has come from and as far as I could see it was the only way out of here. So I knew I had to go through, as I stood trying to will myself into stepping through the portal the little voice spoke up again. .

"That is where the demon came from and it's also most likely where it went." It seemed to be enjoying itself as it went on "and do you really want a round two with that thing? Do you really doubt its ability to tear you in half?"

The thought of running into that thing again turned my stomach and made me shake like a leaf. I knew that if I stayed here it or something worse would show up. As bad as the last session had been I had at least been unconscious for it. Next time I might not be so lucky. My mind made up I stepped towards the portal and, with a hand outstretched. Stepped through.

The surface of the portal felt like wet silk, yielding easily as I pressed it. Wrapping around my limbs and face, tightening, constricting. I began to try to go back, panic starting to squeeze my heart. The harder I struggled the more it seemed to pull me in. Now I was completely inside, nothing but the strange choking material of the portal surrounding me.

My breath was coming in short gasps now and those where getting harder by the minute. I scrambled forward. Trying to find a way out as my lungs started to burn. Every breath was getting harder and I was sure i could feel the strange fabric of the portal trying to push its way up my nostrils and into my mouth.

My fingers waved weakly in front of me in the blackness, feeling nothing other than the wet silk of the portal. Suddenly there seemed to be a peak in the resistance and I was suddenly tearing through the fabric. I pushed forward with the last of my strength and felt the fabric slide away from me like wet latex.

I stumbled forward a few steps, sucking in huge wracking breaths of air as I ran my hands all over my body to make sure none of the portal remained on me. As I did this I noticed that the portal seemed to have cleaned me. The blood and semen that had stained my lower half was gone. In fact I was so clean that it was hard to believe any of it had ever actually been there in the first place.

I was drawn out of my reverie at this fact by the sound of chains clinking ahead of me. I seemed to be stood at the end of a corridor that stretched up infinitely, made of the same strange black stone as the place I had came from. At the end of the corridor there seemed to be some movement. Coming from the same direction as the sound of chains.

The walls either side of me offered no other pathways and there was no way I was going to go back into the portal anytime soon. So I crept up to the mouth of the corridor.

As I approached it I started to hear other sounds, the sounds of feet and hooves on stone along with a strange clicking noise. I pressed myself up against the wall as much as i could and looked out of the corridor i was in.

It seemed that what I had been thinking of as a corridor was in fact a side street that opened out onto a wide thoroughfare. The street was filled with people in chains and other, much worse, beings. In the center of the road there was what looked to me like a balloon made out of flesh. Stretched across the front of it was something that i recognized with a lurch of my stomach was a human face. A group of humans where dragging it down the street by a series of chains looped around its middle.

The humans were all naked save the manacles around the ankles and necks.. Three of them were men,it was impossible to even guess at their ages. They all had the same emaciated form and a hollow look in there eyes. The only woman was much the same, her ribs jutting out from under her skin. Muscle and fat wasted away until they resembled nothing more than skelintons. I turned away from them in disgust and fear, was that to be my fate? With mounting horror I took in the other beings on the street.

There seemed to be no constant feature among them, other than the groups of humans in chains the had around them. Even in that there was no constant, some of the people on the street look young, strong and healthy. Their bodies not only free of wear but seemingly sculpted to perfection. Each man was a perfect example of the sex, broad shoulders and muscular chest with a thick and long cock between his legs. Every woman was much the same, though there breasts varied they were all perfectly formed. There hips curving pleasingly with just the right amount of fat in just the right places. Compared to the shambling, downcast skeletal forms found elsewhere on the street they seemed almost comically out of place.

One of the beings wobbled along on impossibly thin limbs. A man in chains was dragged behind it. Another seemed to be nothing but millions of spheres in the shape of a man. Another yet looked like a monk fish thrown onto land. Its back was mottled with a hundred small holes out of which darted strange snake like things with rounded heads.

"Well, what is this?" A voice sighed behind me, making me nearly jump out of my skin. I had been so caught up with the strange beings in the street that I had let my guard down.

I spun around to see something that looked mostly human. It seemed to be female, although it's completely flat chest was throwing me off. A small loin cloth covered its crotch but other wise it was as nude as me. Its eyes, like sapphires, burned into me as it seemed to be measuring me up.

"So," It purred, a smile flashing across it's plump lips. "Where did you come from, hmmm?" Before I could even begin to respond the creature took a small smooth step forward and planted it lips on mine.

I barely had time to register what was happening before its hand was on the back of my head. Pushing me further into the kiss. Hot and silky smooth it's tongue forced it's way into my mouth. Every part of my mouth seemed to spark with sensation. I felt the heat rising in my body as I wondered what that tongue would feel like running through the folds of my sex. Flicking over my nipples or...

Suddenly its tongue slid out of my mouth and it withdrew a small step. It's hand stayed on the back of my head, holding me still. Allowing it to run it's eyes over my body like a lion sizing up a gazelle.

"You are an interesting one." It purred "Not another poor plaything just yet."

I was going to try and fight back, break free and run when a movement down the street drew my eye. The huge black outline of the demon was coming stomping down the street towards us. It didn't seem like it had seen us just yet.

The demons turned its head, following my gaze. Suddenly I felt the hand on the back of my head tighten its grip and I was being pulled into the wall. Which, to my horror was turning to that same strange material as the portal.

The wet silk of the portal engulfed us, but this time there was none of the blind clawing. The hand stayed on the back of my head, strong and reassuring. We were suddenly jerked forward through the void. My body felt impossibly heavy as gravity pushed into me. Forcing the air from my lungs, making them scream out in protest.

As quickly as it had begun the acceleration ceased. I felt my stomach lurch from the sudden deceleration and stumbled a few steps forward. The motion carried me out of the confines of the portal and into a dark space beyond. I doubled over, fighting the urge to vomit. After a few deep breathes I felt in enough control to look around me.

This place reminded me of the realm the other demon had had me in. There seemed to be no edge to it, other than where the black stone floor faded out into complete darkness. Aside from the portal we had come through the place was completely empty. It was just me and the strange demon thing here.

The creature had wandered away from me, looking back at me with an expectant look. When it saw that it had my attention a smile split its face and it began to talk.

"I thought I should save you from that terrible brute, my dear." It said, flicking its wrist as it did. On cue a huge window faded in to being behind it. "Come and see," It said, beckoning me over to stand beside it before the huge window.

I crossed the space to the window slowly, expecting the other demon to appear at any second. I was sure this was all some cruel joke at my expense. Even if it wasn't, I was still sure I didn't want to see whatever was on the other side of that window.

On the other side of the glass was a room, it was made of what looked like a light grey version of the black stone that made up everything here. The stone seemed to give off a lummense of some kind that revealed the contents of the room.

A man sat hunched in the far right corner of the room. . He seemed to be naked, figure was gaunt but didn't seemed starved. His eyes were a startling opal blue and he seemed to be staring straight at us. His eyes filled with a strange mix of fear and something that could have been resignation.

He was not ugly, he had short brown hair and a defined chin that made him seem handsome in a sort of generic way. Even though his legs were pulled up against his chest I could see that he was getting on it years. Muscles starting to be replaced by fat.

"This one made a deal with me twenty years ago," The Demons voice made me start, it sounded like a businessman showing off his car collection. "Can you guess what he asked for?"

It looked round at me for an answer, I shrugged my shoulders and said the first thing that came into my head.


The demon gave a snort of laughter "Nothing like that" It took a step closer to the glass and its voice seemed to get deeper as it spoke. "This one wanted to be able to sleep around without any risk of ever being caught. He was pretty good, knew the right bindings so I couldn't twist it on him whilst he lived."

The demon raised its hands to the glass as it went on.


Suddenly there was the sound of a door opening, the man in the room jumped at the sound and pressed himself further into the corner. The demon's voice was now much deeper, every syllable sounding like it was being raked from a bed of hot coals. "Once he was out of his body he was all mine."

Two huge men in black suits suddenly marched into the room beyond the glass. They were carrying something between them which i was shocked to see was a naked woman with straw blond hair. Marching into the center of the room they dumped the woman onto the floor where she curled up into a ball.

The two huge men marched straight back out of the room through the unseen side door. I could hear the sound of the woman sobbing on the floor after they left. The man in the corner stayed where he was for a long moment before carefully standing up. His legs were shaking as he crossed the room to stand beside the woman. He looked over the woman with tears sliding from his eyes. Yet he never reached out to touch her. His hand always staying a few inches away from her as if she were an animal that might bite at any moment.

Looking at the woman I suddenly understood exactly what had happened to her. There were deep bruises on both her ankles. The pattern repeated on her wrists and throat.. But the most telling of all was fluid that was dripping down her thigh. A mix of blood and semen that turned my stomach to see.

"Was she his wife?" I asked through a thick throat as I tried to keep control, if this is what these beings did to those who stuck deal with them.... Then my future looked very bleak indeed.

The creature waved a dismissive hand, "of course not!" It laughed "We can't just pull in anyone, you barter for your soul and yours alone."

"So who is that on the floor?" I asked

"That is just a construct, it looks like his wife and sounds just like her but there is nothing there. That thing wasn't raped!" Again the laugh, "That thing didn't exist until it entered that room!"

It seemed to calm itself for a moment as it turned to look back in at the room. "This is his hell and his alone." It glanced around at me "The reason he isn't touching her is because they told him that if he did they would make him watch." It went silent, staring directly at the broken man with a strange expression on its face. "He didn't believe them the first time."

We stood and watched the grim tableau. The demon seeming lost in its own thoughts for sometime before it snapped to the here and now and turned to me.

"So, what do you think?"

She should want to get fucked!

The twisted little voice in my head went, I flinched at the strength of the thought. My head ringing, it was a few seconds before I noticed the look on the demon's face. I realised I must have said that out loud.

A cruel smile twisted its face, "I like the way you think." It fingers clicked and beyond the glass the woman suddenly unfolded herself from the fetal position. One of her arms stretch out towards the man, making him flinch back. .

Her other hand travel slowly down her body. Sliding between her legs as she rolled herself onto her back. Spreading her legs wide, she began to rub roughly over her clit. As I watched I saw the cuts, bruises and sores on her body knit themselves together and fade away to nothing. Within a few seconds she looked as good as new. Better in fact, the dead look in her eyes had been replaced by the fires of lust and her lips seemed plumber and reder. Her nipples were erect and short gasps of longing escaped from between her lips.

Even through the glass I could hear her speak as she started to plunge her fingers into herself, drawing out a froth of semen as she did.

"Oh, John," She moaned out on the floor. "I need something inside of me!"

The man, who I guess must have been John, stared at her with horror and confusion.

"I can't!" He stammered, "If I do they will come back and..."

Suddenly the woman snapped her head around and looked at John. She began to speak as she slowly pulled herself up off the ground.

"They will come back?" She whispered as she pulled herself upright and advanced on John, causing him to scurry back into the corner as far as he could.

She was looming over him now, her right hand stretched out to touch his forehead his eyes closed and tears rolling down his cheeks. "Wouldn't that be nice," she whispered as her finger pressed into his forehead.

Instantly the door that the beings had left the room through opened up again. The woman turned her head to watch them enter with a hunger grin on her face. John shouted out from the corner at the sight of them.

"No, I didn't touch her, please!"

The beings that came lurching into the room were similar in size and build to the ones that had dumped the woman not so long ago. Except these being where nude and had penis' that reminded me disturbingly of that of the demon.

The beings cocks were easily a foot long each and had the girth of a soda can. The mushroom heads were easily the size of my fist and they had strange flared rims, covered in nodules that made them even wider.

"I think we are going to want a better view of this." The Demon's voice made me jump as it spun its finger in the air. Rotating our point of view as it did. Bringing the window around to right behind the John cowering in the corner.

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