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Fuel, Sun, Sand, Surf


Brett was a little nervous as he sat, waiting patiently. The waiting room was empty and there was a TV on in the corner. It blared a cartoon movie. He glanced at it now and then and found it pretty amusing. Something about a llama that was once a prince ... He had a magazine in his hand and was flipping through it, he held it down in his lap now and was staring at the TV. The llama and the main human character were careening off a cliff and tumbling towards the water below. He chuckled out loud as the human character felt he absolutely had to give the llama mouth to mouth in order to start him breathing again and the llama woke just as he was doing this and thought the human was going to kiss him. Now the llama was gargling ... Brett chuckled again. Just then he heard a voice call his name. Startled, his head snapped from the TV to the doorway. A pretty, petite blonde girl stood there, chart in gloved hands. She smiled as he looked at her.

"Brett?" She asked again. He shook his head a little and then stood up, dropping the magazine onto the seat below. "That movie had you in a trance there didn't it?" She asked. Embarrassed, he cleared his throat and began to follow her down the hallway.

"It, it was pretty funny, yeah." He said. The blonde turned the corner into a room and so did he. She indicated the chair and he sat in it. She sat down on a round, wheeled chair next to the desk beside him and pushed herself up to it. She opened the chart and made some notes then she turned to him.

"Okay, let's get started. My name is Terri." She said. He nodded at her and folded his hands in his lap.

"Nice to meet you." He said, looking at her. She smiled. She was quite pretty, with her long, blonde hair, pixie nose, high pink cheeks, and blue eyes.

"When was the last time you had a cleaning?" She asked indicating his teeth.

"Umm, probably not for a year and-a-half to two years, I've been traveling." He replied. Brett was the singer in a rock band that had been touring for nearly two years straight. Her eyebrows went up.

"That long?" She asked.

"Yeah, well, I wasn't happy about it ... I care about my teeth." He felt immediately idiotic having said that and blushed after the words escaped his mouth. She smiled.

"Good." She said and then continued, "how many times a day do you brush?"

"Two, sometimes three, it depends."

"Floss?" His mind flashed to a mental picture of this girl standing in front of him naked except for a pair of thong panties, the floss running up the crack of her ... "Floss?" She asked again. He looked at her quickly and smiled.

"Uhh, yeah." He said feeling a little heat floating upwards from his neck.

"Smoke?" He nodded.

"Bad!" She scolded, pointing the pen at him. He smiled, showing his teeth and nodded.

"I know, I know." She made some notes in the chart and then set down the pen.

"Well, let's see what we have ..." She said as she wheeled herself around to his head and then pushed a button with her foot. The chair he lay in began to tilt downwards and his head was in her lap, he looked up at her and blue eyes met blue eyes. They stared at each other for a moment. He was very good looking ... he had strong, chiseled features, a square jaw, his mouth was full and red, and those eyes ... He cleared his throat, breaking the silence. "Open, please." She said. He did as he was told. She surveyed his teeth, touching them here and there. She reached over for an explorer and began poking and prodding. After making some more notes in the chart and counting his teeth, the cleaning process began. Brett lay with his head in her lap, looking up at her now and then, his eyes moving slowly up her body from her waist to her breasts, which protruded nicely into his vision and then up her neck to her jaw and finally settling on her face. He could smell her perfume, a flowery, sensual scent that stimulated his senses. He closed his eyes and let his mind out to wander .....

Brett and Terri were walking the beach. It was a warm summer day, the sun blazed down from it's perch in the sky above, warming their skin and baking it to a golden brown. The waves reached forward from the lake and lapped the beach wetting the sand and pulling some of it back with it into the lake. Brett glanced over at his date who was wearing a pink bikini, had her hair up in a pony tail and sunglasses on. She sure was pretty and delectable in that bathing suit which left little to the imagination. They had been playing in the water and sun bathing on the sand. He was anxious to get something started with her but waiting for the right opportunity. He reached out now and took her hand in his. She looked over at him and smiled. They approached a sand dune and plopped themselves down under a tree that offered slight shade. Terri sat with her knees bent, forearms resting on her knees. She looked out over the water. It was a pretty sight. Brett lay back on the sand, his knees bent, propped up on his elbows. He looked over at Terri, she was a pretty sight. He reached over and snapped the side of her bathing suit bottom. She looked quickly at him.

"Why'd you do that?" She asked playfully. He smiled.

"Because I could." He replied. She reached over, pinched his nipple and then smiled smugly at him.

"I did that because I could." She said stretching her legs out in front of her on the warm sand. He pushed her down onto the sand and rolled partially on top of her. His hand moved to her breast and he pulled the tiny triangle of fabric away from it exposing it to the sun. Her mouth opened in surprise. "Hey!" She said going to cover it. He pushed her hand away and lightly rubbed her nipple with his fingers.

"I'm doing this because ..." She thought he was going to say because he could but he said, "because I want to." He said it softly and then leaned down to kiss her. His lips pressed against hers and her head dropped back into the sand. She rest her wrists lazily on his shoulders while he made love to her mouth with his. He pressed his mouth onto hers, let his tongue slide out and in and then rested and then went in for more. Her nipples tightened in response to his fingers' touch and she emitted a moaning sound from deep within her. He felt his breathing speeding up and he broke away to look at her. She had a sultry, smokey look in her eyes and she pleaded with him for more. He bent his head down to her nipple, conscious that others may see and not caring. He sucked it into his mouth and teasted it with his tongue. It hardened further under his tongue and he nipped at it playfully. Terri sighed and ran her fingers through his tousled, blonde hair. It was a bit longer when she'd first met him but he'd just had it cut short recently. She liked it this way. His hand squeezed her breast and he sucked more of it into his mouth hungrily. She felt a tingling sensation that began in her thighs and graduated upwards to her belly. It was as if they were connected by tiny little electrical wires, her breast and her groin ... He grunted and lapped at the softness of her breast. He backed away from it and covered it with the fabric of her suit and moved on to the next one. When he was finished he moved back up to her mouth. He kissed her again and pressed his body into hers. She could tell from the hard knob that protruded into her hip that he was totally turned on and ready to go. She reached down and stroked it through his suit. He groaned softly, his tongue playing with hers. She slid her hands inside his suit and felt the mass and hardness of him. How could it be so soft and hard at the same time? That was the beauty of it. She ran her hands over it and then wrapped her fingers around it. Lightly stroking it, she felt his body curl and press closer.

"Baby," He whispered. "Will you suck it for me?" She looked at him, surprised.

"Out here?" She glanced around. He nodded.

"Out here ... I want it really bad, to feel your mouth around me ..." She sighed. She wanted it too but not where people could see.

"Well, I do too but ..." He got up and pulled her up. She brushed the sand off the backs of her legs and butt. He pulled her by the hand around the dune to a patch of trees. He pushed her to her knees behind a tree and then stood in front of her. He guided his hard dick through the opening in the front of the suit and bumped it against her lips. Her eyes glancing around nervously, she slid her tongue out of her mouth and tasted it. The soft skin on the head of his dick felt erotic to her tongue and she lapped at it. She opened her mouth and took in the head. Her tongue worked it from the bottom while her lips applied pressure from the top. She sucked at it and let it slide out of her mouth then she sucked at it again. He moaned and placed his hand against the tree trunk for support. After a few minutes of teasing she took the whole of him into her mouth. She held him with her hand and worked it with her mouth. Then she slowly stroked his dick while she sucked at him. She felt his balls tighten. He was going to come soon if she didn't stop. He was panting and he groaned.

"Terri ..." He moaned. She took it out of her mouth and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. He grabbed his dick and applied pressure to the underside of it. "Lay down, over there, in the sand." She did as she was told. He knelt down and over the top of her. He slid her suit bottom off and lay it by her head. He leaned down on his elbows and kissed her. "Would you mind if I fuck you right here, right now on this beach?" He whispered, gazing into her eyes and hoping for the response he wanted. She smiled and spread her legs, pulling her knees up high. He settled himself between her thighs and entered her slowly, relishing the feel of her soft, wet pussy. "Oooohhhh" he sighed. He held himself inside her for a moment before he started to move in and out. Terri closed her eyes and felt that tingling sensation beginning in her thighs. It was the whole of it all ... her sexy man, his tanned, warm flesh pressing against her, the sun and the sand, the sound of the waves, the smell of the water ... He pumped himself in and out of her slowly and deliberately. He pulled himself out, grabbed his dick and rubbed it across her clit. He watched her reaction. She moaned.

"Oh my God, that's good." She breathed. He continued on until he saw her arch her back and press herself harder against him. "Ohh, ohh ..." She moaned again and he knew he had brought her to climax. He drove himself into her furthering her pleasure and causing more waves of orgasm to lap upon her shore. Moments later he felt his own waves and succumbed to them pumping his hot juice inside her velvety walls. He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily and pushing her into the sand. She held him tightly, wrapping her legs around him and hooking her feet at the ankles. They lay there a while before he pushed himself up. He sat up and handed her the bottom of her suit. He watched as she slid it back on, wiping the sand off her skin and pulling it up over her ass. Just watching her, sweaty, sandy, flushed with pleasure was enough to make him want her again. He pulled her back into his arms ....

Terri handed him a cup full of plaque-loosening mouthwash and instructed him to spit. He did as he was told. She raised the dental chair to it's upright position and then smiled at Brett.

"Not bad." She told him. "You do take care of your teeth!" He smiled back at her, his cheeks tinged pink from the fantasy he just had. He held his hands in his lap hiding the major erection he just caused himself. She stood up and turned away from him. It was his chance to stand and adjust. He did so quickly without drawing attention to himself. He hoped the baggy pants he was wearing hid his excitement. She turned to him and smiled. "Well, that's it." She held a bill out to him. "I'll see you in six months." He cleared his throat.

"Umm, how about dinner tomorrow night?" he asked.

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