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Fuel's Rocked Souls


They looked at each other, seeing the mounting passion one another holds. As she starts to walk away, he grabs her and pulls her back to him.

They kiss in one flash of a second, knowing what it is leading to. Knowing this is wrong and they shouldn't be doing it. Each one tasting the inside of the others mouths, felling every contour. He thinks of how warm the soft silkiness is of the inside of her mouth and suddenly his erection begins to grow even bigger, throbbing with the thought of being inside her velvety folds, throbbing, and pumping. She then lets out a long soft moan feeling his erection against her leg, as she wraps her legs around him. Wanting him in her as much as he wants to be in her.

She touches his ear with the tip of her tongue, tracing the edge all the way from the bottom of the lobe to the top, then dipping slightly to the inside.

Knowing he doesn't have much time, but not caring he pushes her to the bed. He slowly removes every piece of clothing kissing each body part as he does, and then he sees those velvety folds and can't resist kissing them. He buries his head into them longing for their sweet embrace. She moans loudly as he slips his tongue deep into the warm moist folds, not missing a single inch. She carefully reaches down for his long pulsing shaft. And begins to gently pump it with her hand. He shifts his body so that it is now next to her face, her silky mouth.

Unable to concentrate, he stops trying forgetting that they have little time. All he can think about is what her hands and mouth are doing to him at the same time. She continues to kiss his warm skin, slowly circling the hole on the tip of his hard throbbing cock. She swirls her tongue around him, licking and sucking, and flicks her tongue against the tip. She continues with Soft, feathery, teasing, little licks causing him to shudder and groan loudly.

She begins to pull back, all the way to the tip, making small circles again and then slides her lips down again she massages his balls, rubbing and squeezing lightly.

Enjoying the feel of her lips and mouth on his manhood. She then pulls back again, to the very tip, and looks at him.

He looks at her and realizes just how much he wants to be inside her. As he sits there looking into her eyes, he kisses her passionately, tasting himself on her lips, feeling the softness of her mouth with his. As she

Moans softly, pulling him tightly into her embrace. He carefully, but swiftly pushes into her silky folds. Letting them swallow his man hood up…

He kisses her again, taking his time to taste every inch of her mouth before pulling back slightly to kiss her cheeks, her nose, her eyelids.

He traces his tongue along the line of her jaw, kissing and caressing her face with his mouth. His hands play across her back, massaging, lightly squeezing her, his hands drifting down to cup both her cheeks, pulling her even closer, pushing himself even deeper into her. She moans softly and he knows she is coming close to her first orgasm. Enjoying it, knowing that she has many more to come. As she keeps pushing herself against him, moaning softly he finally takes the hard sensitive nipples in his fingers and squeezes them making her groan loudly, melting into him. He then leans his head down and begins to lick them, to suck on them, he saviors every taste every touch, loving the smell of her, the taste of her, knowing he might never have this chance again. Suddenly she begins to groan, he knows he has made her climax, and begins to pump harder giving her the pleasure she so wants. She begins to shake and moan louder and he Tries to keep his control, but she bends her head down and starts to suck on his nipple, swirling her tongue around it like she did his throbbing erection , and then as he starts to breath faster, starts to moan she gives him a little nibble, and he looses all of his composure pushing deeper into her as hard as he can, letting out a growl, filling her with his essence. Lying there in her, feeling her folds throbbing, he knows she is not done. He slowly pulls out of her rolling over to catch his breath.

When his breathing returns to normal, she starts to caress him with her lips once again. Almost instantly, he begins to swell he pulls her up softly saying Turn around," steps directly behind her, places his hands on her shoulders, and begins a torturously slow exploration of her body with his hands and mouth.

He kisses her shoulders, the back of her neck, then lets his fingertips glide down her back. . His hands move upward to cup both her breasts, bringing a moan from her. She pushes her bottom tightly against his rock hard erection.

Trying to keep his control, he moves her to the table backing away from her a bit and tells her to bend over and put her hands on the table. She quickly obliges. This is of no help to his composure, seeing her bent over, nothing covering her cheeks. Kneeling behind her, he places his hands on her hips and lets them roam over her bottom, pausing at her thighs, and continuing down the entire length of her legs. She wiggles with anticipation as he is kissing and licking the exposed flesh. He moves his mouth slowly down her legs, licking his way down, kissing the sensitive places behind her knees.

She feels as if she would faint when he spreads her legs and places his tongue on her inner thigh. He brushes his fingers over her, touching her with his tongue, causing her to shiver. Pushing her thighs further apart, he finally touches the tip of his tongue to her already swollen lips, tasting the wetness that was dripping from her.

Her cries of pleasure mix with his feelings of ecstasy, as he enters her with his tongue, licking up the moisture, inhaling her natural perfume. Her knees are getting weaker as he licks and sucks her lips, moving up the crease between her cheeks, lightly nipping with his teeth, causing her to quiver and beg him to take her.

He was determined to take his time, to bring her to the brink again and again, then give her the most intense release possible. He licks his way back to the entrance between her hot lips and slips his tongue in once again as far as he could. Another loud cry escapes her and she pushes back against him. He holds her firm and moves his mouth further towards her love button, using the tip of his tongue to lick all around without actually touching it.

Panting, gasping for breath, she begs him to give her the release she wants so badly, but he continues his slow, methodical consumption of her, getting more aroused by the minute. He finally touches her delicate bud with his tongue and sucks it between his lips, tugging lightly on it. He feels her orgasm rising to the surface, so he pulls away, stepping back from her. Finally, unable to contain his need of her any longer, he places the tip of his straining member at the hot, wet entrance between her legs, rubbing it back and forth along her lips, covering himself with her juices. With a single, swift thrust, he is inside her. she cries out writhing against him.

He begins moving within her, trying to go slowly, but finding it impossible to hold back. He slides himself in and out of her, both of them lost in each other, consumed by the passion. Moving faster now, feeling her orgasm rising once again, as well as his own, pulling her to the edge of the table so that he was standing between her legs, He pushes deeper inside of her.

Her whimpers turn into cries of intense, almost painful pleasure as an exquisite orgasm overtakes her. Her contracting feminine muscles grip him tightly again and again, sending him over the edge with her. He fills her once again with his manly juices.

Clinging to each other, gasping for breath, savoring the feel of each other, they remain joined for some time. Slowly they became aware of their surroundings, he slowly releases her pulling her to him and holds her tenderly.

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