tagNovels and NovellasFulfilled Ch. 02

Fulfilled Ch. 02


Read the first part in order to follow on this one and comments are welcome

The following morning he woke up with a slight headache and alone in bed. At first he didn't know where he was, and then everything about the last few days came flooding back. He had to get his bearings, so he put on a robe and stepped out on the patio. It was a beautiful day and for the fist time since he got there, he relaxed, he leaned on the railing and listened to the birds sing.

He tried to digest about his life up to that point and still couldn't comprehend how lucky he was. The back yard was beautiful; the pool looked inviting but decided to go take a dip later. For the moment he wanted to enjoy life before he woke up from what he still thought was a dream. Unbeknown to him, the girls had brought up breakfast and decided not to disturb his thoughts instead decided to 'listen in'.

He looks so much like his dad, thought Lori. This brought him back to reality because he hadn't heard the patio door open. 'Breakfast is ready master, we hope you slept well,' said Emily with he patented smile. They looked beautiful and the morning sun highlighted this even more.

'So what's the plan for today?' he asked.

'Well we have a surprise for you this morning then the rest is up to you,' replied Lori with a cheeky smile.

'I know there're a lot of questions that need answering, but ...,' at this point the door bell rang and Emily left to get it.

'Don't worry we have all the time for your questions,' Lori reassured him. Emily came back and with a smile on her face took his hand and led him down stairs. When they got to the front door, she asked him to close his eyes and cautiously led him down the front steps. He tried to figure out her thoughts, but for some reason he couldn't even pick up on her feelings. Then she stretched his arms out and placed them on something metallic.

'You may open your eyes now master,' Emily said. He couldn't believe it; in front of him was a brand new sleek black Jaguar XK, then someone pressed a button and the top came down. He still had yet to move because he couldn't believe this was his. The girls approached him and kissed him on either cheek.

'Now you can drive like a true master,' they both said in unison.

'Why a Jaguar?' he asked a bit confused after recovering from shock.

'Because it's the family crest, we thought you had noticed the mural on the bedroom ceiling.'

'I guess you will have to give me another tour,' he suggested with a laugh. 'I'm sorry, what's wrong with me, thank you this means a lot to me,' he hugged them both. 'What happened to my old car?'

'We had it fixed and will be donated to a local charity,' replied Emily. 'Why don't you take it for a spin?'

'I think I'll do just that.' With that he got in, checked out the interior which had everything including a navigation system, started is listed to the low hum of the engine and then took off still in his bath robe. He came back an hour later all hyped up then sat down to finish his breakfast. Afterwards he decided to go do some shopping for Lori because he wanted to spice up her wardrobe, not that she didn't have sexy clothes, but he wanted her to be a bit more risqué.

Fortunately for him he knew where to go and since he knew her size it wasn't hard for him to get clothes for her. He also decided to get some for Emily, not like she needed any but with women they never seem to have enough clothes or shoes. By the time he was done, he couldn't believe how much stuff he had bought. When he got home, the girls were in the back sun tanning in the nude, he stood there admiring their oiled up shiny bodies.

He didn't have to announce his presence because they already knew he was there as soon as he entered the front door. By now such behavior didn't surprise him anymore and he actually liked it because it meant no one could sneak up on you without being detected.

'Ok time to check out what I got you, and if you don't like anything you can always exchange it.' The first thing they did was clean out Lori's clothes from the closet and she modeled the new ones that would replace the old ones. She looked beautiful and enjoyed modeling for them, most of the new stuff was short skirts and an assortment of tight tops. Even her business suits were slightly risqué in that the blouses were almost see through and since she wouldn't be wearing any bra, the nipples would be almost visible although not scandalous.

After what seemed like hours of playing around they sat down for lunch. Now it was his turn to find out more about his new, or old, family.

'This morning you were able to block your thoughts from me, how'd you do that?'

'It's kind of hard to explain because its something you learn as time goes by, don't worry we'll teach you,' Lori answered.

'The other night you mentioned something about me breeding you and marriage, how does that work exactly?'

'I guess we should start from the top. When you are ready to get married we'll help you choose a wife because for obvious reasons she will have to share our secret and the fact that someone can read your mind doesn't go down well with most. So we have to be absolutely sure it remains among us.'

'I guess I never thought it would be a burden. So how did my mother take it?'

'Your mum surprisingly didn't have a problem with it and actually thought it was cool because she hated keeping secrets so for her that was one aspect she didn't have to worry about.'

'What about my dad, she couldn't read his mind wasn't it a bit one sided?'

'She was okay with it because she trusted him, although she sometimes wished she had the gift.'

'Ok, so what about this breeding thing?'

'You will have to select a suitor so that we can produce children to serve yours. I know that sounds weird but despite what you think we are okay with it. With Emily I went to a sperm bank and selected a donor from I think it was 200 profiles. Personally I like that because I don't have to sleep with anybody and it minimizes jealousy issues.'

'I'll have to think about that, because it just doesn't sound right. What if I decide to marry one of you or both?' Up to this point the exchange had been serious but when he suggested this, Lori was taken by surprise because even though she had anticipated each question, this one blindsided her. Then he felt it, it was a warm feeling like one gets when in the presence of a loved one.

'That hasn't happened in almost two centuries.'

'But its still an option right, I mean the only thing I guess would be that we'd have to find a slave, as you put it to serve us.' Again she was stumped. When he turned to Emily, he saw that she had tears running down her face. 'What's wrong?'

'I'm sorry it's just that I had suggested to Lori that you might end up choosing us but that's your decision.'

'So what happened when one of my ancestors married one of yours?'

'It created quite a bit of uproar but he stuck to his decision and married her. As for a new slave, we have relatives, some distant cousins, in Europe and I guess we would have to invite them over and choose one or two.'

'Enough about family for now, I'm kind of curious about the house, why is it so big? I mean it's just the three of us and even if there are kids, I don't believe they will occupy all the rooms.'

'Every now and then we host parties for people who share our lifestyle and some of them are from out of town so they spend a few nights here and get to use the play room down stairs.'

'You mean there are more of us?'

'You'll be amazed at how many people are into this including some of our neighbors. We'll be hosting a party in a few months, don't worry you'll love it nothing crazy just masters showing off their slaves. Speaking of which, you'll have to put your mark on us.'

'What do you mean?'

'It's kind of like branding except we get a tattoo or a collar. But you may choose something different.'

'That I'll definitely have to think about because you have beautiful flawless skin, I'd hate to see something spoil that. But I have a feeling that you already know that, you both seem to know a lot about me even though we've only known each other for a short time.'

'Actually it goes both ways, you know a lot about us too it's just that you still don't know how to use that part of your gift. Here's a test, look into my eyes and tell me what you see.' He did and at first he didn't know what to do but admire those beautiful brown eyes. Then he just felt it, it was like looking into someone's soul, he could see her hopes and fears, her likes and dislikes, it was like reading a book and this time it scared him. He quickly looked away, then looked back at her and saw the concern in her eyes.

'I'm sorry if I scared you.'

'No it's just that I didn't expect to see so much. Is it always like this?'

'Not really, when you learn how to control it you'll know what to look for.'

'I can't wait.' With that they all laughed and the mood lightened quite a bit. The weekend ended too quickly for him but he got to know them better. He still had yet to fuck them, but for some reason he wanted it to be special because as far as he was concerned, he didn't regard them as mere pleasure toys but companions and they knew it. One thing they enjoyed was the nightly blowjobs which for the moment satisfied him.

The following days he did some research about their lifestyle and some of what he read scared the shit out of him. So he continued researching and then he came across a site that offered uniforms or outfits, kind of like French maid stuff, for slaves and submissives so he browsed a bit and found an outfit that he believed would be perfect for his girls. In the mean time they had been helping him focus his gift and slowly he found himself being able to separate thoughts and feelings without too much trouble.

Frank also found himself falling more and more in love with his girls and the feeling was reciprocated by the constant kissing and playful teasing. When the outfits arrived they were ecstatic because they were expecting something different, like a French maid uniform. He decided to get a Persian style belly dancer outfit with a head piece. It pretty much consisted of a short loin cloth and a thin strip that barely covered their boobs and the head piece was a beautifully decorated scarf like cloth that covered the lower half of the face.

They immediately changed into the outfits and when they immerged they took his breath away. To show their appreciation they did a belly dance around him which gave him a stiff hard on. They had beautiful bodies but those outfits really brought out their attributes, since the material was almost see through one could barely make out their nipples and pussy.

That night they had a lot of fun and he decided it was time he made love to them. After dinner the girls seemed a bit excited and he figured they knew what was coming and true to his hunch when he entered the bedroom, they had lit scented candles and spread flower petals around the room. Lori took his hand and led him to the bathroom for their nightly bath, this time it felt special and at this point it didn't bother him that not a word was spoken.

All one had to do was look at the other and know what they wanted. After the bath they dried each other and applied scented oils on each other. The mood was relaxed and contrary to what he'd expected none of the girls was nervous which helped him relax. From the way things progressed, he figured they had planned this and Emily would go first. They started by giving him their trademark blowjob which no matter how much he tried, he couldn't last more than five minutes.

Then Emily lay down on the bed with Lori next to her, he didn't have to be prompted so he decided to eat her out which he did expertly and before he knew it she was cumming like crazy and with such force that his face was covered with her juices. Then he kissed his way up to her mouth where she tasted herself and smiled. He reached down and guided his dick to her soft entrance and slowly pushed in. The feeling was intense more than he had expected and when he came to her hymen he stopped and looked into her eyes.

What he saw was love and trust so in one quick movement he shoved forward breaking through which caused her to let of a scream and Lori was slowly caressing her hair and whispering soothingly to her. After a while he started pumping slowly and proceeded to pick up speed. The feeling he first felt after entering her intensified as he continued fucking her, and after a while he felt himself transported by it to some pleasure zone.

They both closed their eyes and let the pleasure take over. He saw the both of them floating in the clouds then he felt himself getting close and before he could say anything he had the most powerful orgasm he'd ever had to date. He didn't know how long he was in this state because when he opened his eyes Lori was looking down on him smiling.

'That was amazing, I've never felt like this,' he said after regaining his composure.

'Now it's my turn,' Lori said while mounting his already hardening dick. This surprised him because he didn't think he could recover after the previous episode. She gently lowered herself and he could feel her pussy muscles massage his dick as it snaked its way through her canal. She was as tight as Emily and he felt the sensation starting to come back.

He reached up and started caressing with her left nipple while pinching and pulling the right one. This caused her pussy muscles to spasm and clump down on his dick. Slowly they picked up the pace and their pounding grew intense. Slowly he started to loose himself and this time instead of fighting the pleasure sensation, he let it take him.

When her first orgasm hit, it was like her pussy muscles were chocking his dick because for a few moments he couldn't move and her body shook like crazy then he felt something wet on his crotch. He picked up the pace as he felt his orgasm approach, he closed his eyes and again he saw them floating through the clouds then his orgasm hit and he saw stars.

When he regained his senses, both women were smiling down on him, 'I don't think I can take too much of that,' he said.

'Don't worry you'll get used to it,' replied Emily.

'What was that anyway, I felt you, I mean literally felt you I can't explain it, it was like I was inside you feeling your soul?'

'You see when we make love we both share feelings and what I feel is what you feel and vice versa. Now we are one, here touch my face.' He caressed Lori's face and all of a sudden he was overcome with a wave of euphoria which caused him to withdraw his hand.

'What was that?'

'Now you don't only have to scan our thoughts, you can share them by touch when we made love our souls or spirits merged so to speak and that's what makes what we have special.'

'I hope I get used to this because you two are going to kill me pretty soon,' he added with a laugh. They made love till the wee hours of the morning and when they finally went to sleep, he didn't believe that he had any cum left in his balls. He and Emily called in sick and since Lori was the boss she just rescheduled her appointments and distributed them to her associates. The rest of the day was spent fucking, eating and sleeping and not necessarily in that order.

As time went by, he got used to the sensations and he also rented an apartment a block from work so they would meet at lunch for a quickie. He still had to make a decision about their future, and even though they knew this, they never pushed or asked so he decided to make an announcement on Emily's nineteenth birthday. This was going to be hard because keeping a secret from them at this point was virtually impossible, so he came up with a plan and hoped it was going to work.

To be continued...

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