tagNovels and NovellasFulfilled Ch. 03

Fulfilled Ch. 03


As the day approached, he found it hard to distract her, but fortunately they had shown him how to 'mask' his thoughts. He was nervous and because even though he loved them dearly and they him, he still occasionally found himself thinking that it was all a dream and one day he was going to wake up and all would be gone. But when they met for lunch that would all go away and the girls would show him what he really had.

During this time, Jackie started withdrawing from him, her morning greetings grew more and more subdued and once in a while she would show up spotting a black eye. He wasn't sure how to handle this because she got angry when he tried to talk to her. So he asked Emily to help because they seemed to get along as she was a frequent visitor to his office. He suspected there was something more to her abuse but she never let him close.

She and Emily would hang out during the morning coffee break and on occasion at lunch, and after a while she was able to figure out what was up with her. Jackie was a submissive but her boyfriend didn't quite get this. Emily was excited because she had found someone who shared something similar to them. The problem now was convincing her that she had to get out before he did some serious damage.

As expected he did take it personal when she finally decided to leave and for the next few days Jackie's life was hell. He even had the nerve to call the office and threaten her. This promptly ended after Frank made a few calls to the cops and a certain questionable individual who owed him a favor. She was still understandably afraid, and to put her at ease, he offered to give her a ride home a few times and that's when he realized that she no longer had a crush on him but was in love with him.

This complicated things because he didn't want to let on that he knew and at the same time didn't want to upset her fragile state and of course there was the little family secret. So another sit down with the girls was done and it was decided that she should be introduced to Lori and slowly shown what kind of lifestyle they led. This meant that she would be invited to dinner and the girls would dress in their 'uniforms'.

Everyone was nervous because no one knew how she would react especially now that she was single again. The drive to his place was quiet and when they arrived she couldn't believe what she saw. The place was huge and when they entered, she was met by a woman whom she thought was Emily dressed like a Persian maiden. Her reaction brought back memories of the first time Frank came here and he couldn't help but smile at this. She wasn't told that that woman was Lori until she saw Emily, then she did a double take.

'What is going on here?' she asked confused.

'First off, this is Lori, Emily's mother and I'm sure you know Emily and secondly they are my slaves,' he replied then held his breath. She was quiet for a long time at which time she went through a rollercoaster of emotions. After what seemed like ages she looked up and started crying.

'I'm so sorry, I didn't know otherwise I wouldn't have hit on you,' she said between sobs. He led her to the sofa and sat her down.

'It's okay; I should be the one apologizing because I should have put an end to it before it got to this point. Do you know why I invited you for dinner?' she shook her head, 'well as you can see you are not the only one who has an alternative lifestyle and you have no reason to feel lonely. I and the girls have talked it over and you will always be welcome here okay.'

'I don't want to impose on you.'

'Nonsense Emily here likes you as do I and Lori would like to know you too, so think of us as your knew family.'

'I don't know what to say.'

'Don't worry about that lets have dinner first then we'll talk some more.' After diner she opened up and actually had a pleasant chat. They found out about her urge to be controlled and she finally came out and professed her love to him. He wasn't expecting her to do it then but was somewhat relieved that she got it out of the way. They talked late into the night and when they realized how late it was they asked her to spend the night which she gladly accepted.

After this she became a frequent visitor to their place and the girls even made up one of the rooms and it became her 'second bedroom' of sorts. They were careful on how they treated her and when she realized this, she knew she was loved. She didn't exactly have a childhood because she was sent to a boarding school in Europe at an early age and the only people she got to hang out with on holidays were the servants.

She didn't know how to talk to her parents and even as an adult they rarely spoke and after college even stopped visiting. This was part of the reason why she sought love in the all wrong places. Frank and the girls found this out during one of their evening chats and decided to invite her to Emily's birthday. She didn't really have friends just people who used her and enjoyed her money that's why she moved to this town to get away from all that.

The day arrived and he was really nervous and happy at the same time because the girls still didn't know what he had planned. This was partly due to Jackie because they were preoccupied with her; he was going to thank her later. The plan was to surprise them before he took them out for a romantic diner. On a few occasions he thought they had figured his plan out but if they did they never let on.

When he got home they had not arrived yet, so he knew he had a few minutes to prepare. After taking a quick shower and dressing up, he went to the den and poured himself for the first time a shot of whisky to steady his nerves. When the girls arrived they immediately sought him out and when they located him, they immediately realized something was up.

'What's wrong master, you've never drunk that stuff before?' Lori asked worried.

'First off go get ready we'll be leaving as soon as Jackie gets here which is about an hour from now,' he replied and without question they went to spruce themselves up although they were a bit worried. Surprisingly they didn't take long as he had thought and when they came back in, he almost dropped his glass. They looked, for lack of a better word, smoking. The birthday girl wore a red mini dress that hugged every curve with matching spiked heeled shoes.

Lori on the other hand wore a full length form fitting dark blue spaghetti strapped dress that had a slit that came all the way up to her upper thigh on both sides and wore high heeled sandals. They had done their hair into a pony tail something they hadn't done in a long time and this brought back memories of when he first got here. It never ceased to amaze him how little make up they wore, not that they needed it. He didn't know how long he stood there, but Emily broke his trance by approaching him and kissing him lightly on the lips. All of a sudden he felt his body go warm and a rush of happiness wash over him.

'Wow, I mean you look … wow.'

'As long as you like it, that's all that matters,' added Lori. Then getting a bit serious she approached and caressed his face, 'something is bothering you are you okay?'

'Sure it's just that I love you both so much and every time I look at you I'm reminded why. I'm sure by now you know something is up so here goes.' He motioned for them to sit down, took a deep breath went down on one knee, reached into his pocked and took out a small box. The girls held their breath and he opened it, inside was a diamond ring.

'Will you marry me Emily …?' even before he finished asking she screamed, jumped and hugged him to the ground. Then she started crying and he found himself consoling her and she had yet to give him an answer.

'I'll gladly marry you master,' replied Emily, then she started crying again. He turned to Lori who had also been crying, he stood up and hugged her too. They had not heard Jackie come in, so they didn't know they had company until they heard a sob come from the door.

The girls naturally ran to her and like typical women screamed and hugged and showed off Emily's ring. That night they had a lot of fun and she didn't mind showing off her ring to any guy who hit on her. After they dropped Jackie off and got home, they didn't even wait to get into the house. They stripped naked on the driveway and chased each other into the house. As soon as Lori opened the door, they jumped him and before he knew it he was cumming into Emily.

They didn't wait for him to recover, and after sucking him off Lori mounted him and rode him like crazy. This time he came hard and again was transported to the clouds and the familiar euphoric feeling came over him. He doesn't know how they got to the bedroom, but they slept late into the afternoon of the following day.

One thing that he realized was that Emily and Lori's birthdays were three weeks apart and his birthday was five weeks after that. This time he decided to let her pick her gift but he still had a surprise for her. They had brought up the issue of branding and even though he didn't feel comfortable with it, he conceded that it had to happen sometime because they wanted it. They had a few options to choose from so they made him promise to go with whatever they wanted.

This was going to be one interesting birthday. Unfortunately for them, he had to go to Hawaii for a company seminar a week before the birthday. That's when it hit him, they had never spent a day apart since he moved in and they made love virtually every night. This was going to be tough. At the airport, they couldn't bring themselves to part and he had to assure them that he would be back in a week. He left behind two very sad women.

It wasn't until he was airborne that he realized why they didn't want him to go. His parents had said the same thing to Lori and her mom and they never made it back. So he made it a point to call them twice a day to ease their fears. The week seemed to drag by and when it was finally up, he was almost bursting with frustration and horniness. Yes he masturbated several times a day but that only did so much, so when he got back, the girls couldn't wait to get him home and had rented a room nearby where they proceeded to fuck him raw.

Jackie was invited to Lori's birthday, but this time she was a bit reluctant to accept because she felt she was the odd one out. The girls would have none of it and after a nice long heart to heart, she accepted. Right away he knew something was up but didn't pursue it because he had promised to go along.

The big day arrived but this time he wasn't nervous because the burden was on them all he had to do was give her his present and sit back. Jackie arrived early and headed straight to their room which they had kicked him out of. He could hear giggling and the occasional squeal, so he decided to watch some TV while the girls prepared themselves.

He didn't hear her approach until Emily playfully covered his eyes from behind. She helped him stand up and led him to their bedroom then she slowly undid his blindfold. He couldn't believe it, in front of him stood the girls and Jackie dressed in the 'outfits'.

'What's going on?'

'Jackie is my present and even though I made you promise to go along, I would understand if you turned this down,' Lori answered.

'But I thought this was about me putting my mark on you?'

'Don't worry you will, so do you approve of my present?' she asked. He turned to Jackie and looked into her beautiful green eyes. She looked beautiful with her blond hair done held up in a bun. She looked happy and relaxed and he could feel the excitement within her.

'Are you sure you want this?' he asked her.

'I've seen the way you treat Emily and Lori despite them being your slaves, you don't treat them as such. You also accepted me into your lives, so yes I want this and I hope you accept me into your family,' she replied with conviction.

He still had one reservation so he turned to Lori, 'okay what about our little secret?' he asked after pulling her aside.

'That was another thing, we trust her but I won't tell her if you don't want me to it's up to you.' He thought about this for a moment then nodded his head.

'Okay whenever you feel the time is right, I just hope she doesn't take it the wrong way.'

'You will be surprised as to how open minded she is besides she accepted our lifestyle without judgment.' When Lori gave Jackie the thumbs up, she approached Frank and gave him a very passionate kiss. This was the first time they had expressed their emotions physically. Emily and Lori followed suit and each squeezed his butt as they kissed.

He decided now was the time, so he dropped to one knee and took Lori's hand, he reached into his pocked and produced a little black box. She knew what it was even before he opened it. 'Lori will you marry me?' She was shacking so much that she couldn't answer then she started crying.

'Of course I'll marry you master,' she replied then started crying again. He hugged and held her for a long time as she composed herself. The other girls joined them in a group hug.

'Okay so now what? I mean I don't think we'll be allowed to enter any establishment dresses like this.'

'I know a place,' Lori replied. And with that the girls put on overcoats and they left. Lori drove and when they arrived, at first he didn't understand because they were parked in the warehouse district and as far as he knew there were no restaurants or such places there. They got out and he followed them to a side entrance. When they entered, he couldn't believe it. At first he thought it was some sort of rave, but the women had costumes or something like that on.

A beautiful blond haired bombshell naked from the waist up took their coats and bowed. The place was huge and when he started mingling, he was able to recognize some of the patrons and this really surprised him. Lori had told him about others who shared their kind of lifestyle but he didn't expect there to be these many participants.

They girls found him and for some reason they were very excited and when he asked what was up they refused to tell him but instead lead him to a back room.

'We want you to see how a branding happens,' Lori said excitedly. When she noticed his hesitation she continued, 'don't worry its not as painful as it sounds.' The room was dark with the exception of a light in the middle and under it were a man and a naked woman who was spread out on her back on what looked like a surgical table.

After everyone had settled in, the man started speaking and this caught his attention because his voice was calm yet commanding and seemed to carry round the room. He thanked everyone and introduced his female companion as his slave. He explained that he was going to put his mark on her, and this was followed by cheers from the rest of the room. He produced what looked like a tattoo template and proceeded to trace it out above her belly button.

Then another man stepped out and holding a tattoo gun finished what the master had started. From where he sat he couldn't make out what it was but, since it didn't take too long to do the design he figured it wasn't too elaborate. After the procedure she was assisted to her feet and introduced as her master's slave to every ones cheers.

'How did you like that?' Lori asked after they returned to the party.

'It wasn't as painful as I had expected,' he replied.

'Good because that's what we want plus a collar but that will come later.'

'But you know how I feel about tattoos,' he tried to reason.

'You promised,' she pleaded back. She had him there and when he looked into her eyes he couldn't turn her down.

'Okay.' She squealed and hugged him and was joined by Emily. 'So how do we do this?'

'Let us worry about that.' And with that they enjoyed the rest of the night. Jackie, after a bit of convincing, moved in with them a few days later, but he tried not to get too involved with her because as her boss he didn't want to complicate things. Besides as far as he was concerned she belonged to Lori and Emily and when the girls picked up on this, they told him they anything that was theirs also was his so he shouldn't feel like he had to ask if he wanted to sleep with her.

Up to this point she slept in her room but on night she was invited by the girls to join them and he didn't know how to act because he feared it might raise jealousy issues. She was nervous too because she feared he might reject her. After overcoming his reservations he decided to go with the flow and made love to her. She came so many times she stopped counting, and the following morning she couldn't believe how much love she felt and couldn't stop crying.

From then on they slept in the same bed and Jackie proved to be quite the little minx in bed. One thing that still worried him was how she would react when she found out about their family secret, but he figured Lori would find a creative way to reveal this. And she did, although it wasn't the way he thought she would. For some time now Jackie has been curious as to how they seemed to finish each others sentences and assisted each other even though they never seemed to ask.

At first she attributed it to the fact that they knew each other well but something didn't add up because they also seemed to figure out what she wanted too even though they tried to be as subtle as possible. For lack of a better way, she decided to ask and Lori having anticipated this for a while figured it was a good a time as any. She sat her down and explained everything to her. Despite her worries, Jackie took it all in stride and actually was excited at the idea of being friends with a mind reader.

That night their love making was more intense than usual, partly due to the fact that Jackie knew what they had and that they shared emotions with touch. For a moment Lori worried that she had unleashed a monster. Frank's birthday was approaching and this time the girls told him they would take care of everything something which made him a bit apprehensive. He trusted them, but he preferred to have an idea of what they were hatching up.

Jackie was the distraction and since they didn't tell her everything, he couldn't figure out what they were planning. This worked because when he got home everything was set. The dinning room was dimly lit and the girls stood on one end of the table waiting. Emily approached him, took his coat and led him to his chair.

'Happy birthday master,' they each said to him with a kiss. 'Now sit back and enjoy the show.' With that music was turned on and they reappeared wearing their outfits and dancing to the Persian beats. They had been taking belly dancing lessons and he was impressed at how good they were. They danced around him and every now and then would drop a scarf on his lap.

They treated him like a king, and he didn't want the night to end. That night they decided to spice things up a bit, they blind folded him and proceeded to make love to him and for the first time he couldn't figure out who was who. The following weeks were hectic because they had the party to prepare and the girls had started talking about marriage.

They all knew that it would not be legal but they didn't care as long as they were together. This brought them back to Jackie. The original plan was to help her find a master but as time went by they found themselves more and more attracted to her. Again he had a sit down with the girls, and they came up with an unusual solution. But first they had to make sure Jackie was okay with it.

They had decided to use one of Lori's European cousins as a sperm donor because she had hinted of her desire to bear the next generation of slaves. This was something Frank and the girls took very seriously and they wanted to make sure that she knew what she was getting into. So they sat her down and explained to her their plan and asked her if she really wanted to be their slave. They gave her until the night of the party, which was a month and a half away, to opt out.

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