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This is purely fantasy, created by me and written by me. Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. Please leave feedback! I would prefer feedback on story content. I do my best to edit my story several times, but small mistakes escape me from time to time, so I am sorry in advance if there are any errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation. Thank you for reading!!


"You are really going to pay me that much to test out a game, Dr. Phillips?" I asked.

"It's not just a game, as I have explained, Ms. Monicos."

"It's just Amelia, please." I said to her for at least the tenth time. "I know it's not a 'game' per se, it's just easier for me to think of it that way. From everything I've read and what you've told me, it's more like an interactive virtual reality type... program... but, it runs inside my mind? And I'm the controller?"

Dr. Phillips sighed and pushed her glasses up her nose. "Well, that's an... uh... interesting way to describe it. You will be hooked into a virtual world. You will feel as though you are actually moving, talking, touching... it will feel like a very real experience to you. You will have all your senses, just as though it was real life. If you see food in the program, you will be able to smell it, feel it, bite it, taste it and even feel full afterwards. There will be times when you won't even realize you are not in a real world. We are developing a way for paraplegics and other people disabled by an accident, birth defect or disorder to be able to interact in way they never could before. The system is being tested extensively, and the reason you are being paid so much is because you are testing the sexual aspects of the program."

"But, it's not as though I will really be having sex... right?" I asked, nervously. I knew that Dr. Phillips, the genius, beautiful doctor of computer engineering, was probably getting very annoyed at me. Despite that I had to score very high on an IQ test to even be considered for this, I am sure that she thought I was an idiot for repeating the same questions. I couldn't help it- I was nervous - extremely nervous. I just could not pass up this type of money.

$100,000... to test a game... er... program! That would cover all my student loans and my future schooling. No more working 3 jobs and taking a full load of classes while living with three roommates in a tiny apartment! I could actually breath and enjoy school. I had always loved to learn, but lately I'd been too tired to really soak it in.

I did have some concerns... Why on earth were they paying that much? Dr. Phillips sat me down in what looked like a hospital bed and began to hook different electrodes to me. She could see on the monitor that my heart was beating much faster than it should be, but she didn't say anything about it.

"You won't physically be having sex, but you will feel like you are. As I explained about eating food... you will feel, hear, smell, taste and see everything. You will feel the other person touching you; you will be able to touch them. When you orgasm in the program, you will have a real orgasm in your body."

I blushed and looked down, too embarrassed to look her in the eyes.

"Look, if you don't want to do this, there are many others who-"

"No, no that's not it, Dr. Phillips. I am sorry to ask you these questions so much, I am just really, really nervous. I am not very experienced, and it seems odd that I will be experiencing things in this game- er, program- that I have not even experienced in real life. I am not trying to belittle your life's work by calling it a game, it's just that I feel a little less anxious if I think of it that way." I didn't tell her that I had never even had an orgasm with another person before. I had only ever come through masturbation. I hadn't had sex with many partners, and all of those experiences had ranged from horrible to boring.

The doctor's face softened, and her tone was without annoyance for the first time all morning.

"Call me Darla," she said, "I'm sorry, I really am being insensitive. I have been working on this project for years, and this is a pivotal test. You will be the first person to test this newest version, and I believe we finally have the program almost perfect. This is my life's work, you're right about that."

"I completely understand, Darla." I said, This money is going to get me through school. I have been working my ass of to pay for college... working up to 60 hours a week while taking a full load of classes. I understand stress... and because of my busy life, I just haven't had much time for dating..."

"It's okay, believe me. Too be honest, I have tested this program before, one of the first versions, and it was really an amazing experience." she blushed as she told me this, and I was surprised. She had been so curt and professional this whole time, it shocked me that she was confiding in me this way.

"The other people in the program with you will basically be side characters in a story, and you are the ...leading lady, or as we call it- the pilot. The program will adapt to your desires. It was learn from your responses. If your breathing and heart rate increases with arousal, it focuses on the positive response and adapts the subsequent scenarios and experiences accordingly... that's why we had you hooked up to all those monitors the other day and ran those test, to give it a head start in knowing what you like, but it is also adaptive and will learn the most while you are immersed in the program. When we showed you those pictures, movie clips and music, the system was getting familiar with your responses to different stimuli. For example, when you become aroused, your heart rate increases, but it also increases when you are angry or scared... so the program takes several different things into consideration in order to know the difference between those reactions.

"So, it knows if your heart is speeding up because of fear, anger or arousal, and it takes that into consideration...

"Human emotions are so complex, though. For instance, you can be scared and aroused by something at the same time. You might be a little scared to try something, but that doesn't mean you don't want to, and it certainly doesn't mean you aren't aroused by it. So programming the system to understand these nuances and complexities has been years and years of development, and this is the final beta!

"We learned early on that having computer generated avatars for the pilot to interact with isn't very realistic for them. The computer generated avatars can mimic emotions, but not feel them. So we have people running the avatars now. Unlike you, though, they are not completely submerged into the program. They control speech and limited movement. Mostly, they are there to give you a human response. The computer tells them how you are responding, and gives them responses that you will most likely enjoy, and they give those responses a human touch to make them more realistic. They aren't pilots, more like passengers along for your ride.

"These technicians are also protected. They will not look like themselves, so if you were to run into them, you'd never know. In fact you will basically conjure up what they look like in your own mind, and it will translate into your perception of their physical appearance. Only their voices are recognizable."

"Right... wow," I said, "I did read that in the contract, but it's really sinking in now. I am guaranteed anonymity though, right? The contract said that the avatar technicians wouldn't actually know who I am, or even what I look like, just like I won't see what they look like."

"That's correct. You will not look like yourself to them."

"What I don't understand is if all this is going on in my mind... than how on earth will the technicians be able function... inside my head?"

The Doctor smiled. "Well, the brain itself is essentially a computer. And you won't technically be inside your head... it's hard to explain, but I'll try. The program is in the computer, and you will have a neural connection with the computer. It will pull information like locations, people you find attractive, things that turn you on, emotions, etc., from you -your mind- then it sends all of that information to the computer; from there, the program will run, creating your simulated environment and scenarios, and it transmits those back into your mind so that you are experiencing these things as though they are real. From my perspective, it will look as though you are sleeping while you are hooked up to the computer and your vitals are monitored as you lay on this bed.

"I will stand by to monitor your vitals while you are in the program, but I will not access the program, so I won't know what you see. I didn't want to make you uncomfortable by thinking I was watching you experience your sexual fantasies.

"It's also important to note that while you can stop the program at any time by stating your stop code, I suggest you not be too hasty with that. Some fantasies you have are familiar to you, you know the things that you fantasize about... but the program is really good and finding desires that you didn't realize you had, or that you tried to push away for some reason or another. Embarrassment, religious morals... people subconsciously and sometimes consciously push these fantasies down, and the program will find them. Trust it... don't use your back out code unless you are absolutely positive you need to.

"Nothing is taboo, so let yourself give those scenarios a chance before you run away from a chance to experience something amazing. Remember, none of this is really happening, and you shouldn't feel ashamed about your sexual desires and likes, so long as they don't include anything like pedophilia, death, or violence. By violence, I don't mean pain... some mild pain can be very pleasurable, but there is a stark contrast between pushing your boundaries sexually and straight out being violent.

"You have no reason to be embarrassed about you fantasies, desires and needs. Every person has them, and I guarantee whatever fetish or sexual propensity you have is not abnormal. There will be millions of other people turned on by whatever it is as well. And remember that no one actually knows what you are doing in your program. Only the technicians, but they won't have a clue who you are and they all signed Non-disclosure agreements, and myself; however, I won't be viewing it until after you have left the lab, and it will be for the purpose of research and making sure that the program is ready for an actual large scale trial. I promise that you won't need to feel embarrassed about me knowing."

I am sure the look on my face portrayed my doubt and worry, but I made an attempt at looking confident. I didn't want her to cancel the test, because I needed the money so badly. "Yes, I am totally okay with that, I read the clause in the contract."

"Look, I can see you are embarrassed about me knowing your fantasies-"

"On, no no no it's fine-"

"No, listen. If it will make you feel better, I will let you watch my fantasy after we are done. I will tell you now that mine included peeing on someone... so, knowing that, do you feel a little better?" her face turned bright red as she spoke, which led me to believe that she was being honest, and not just trying to make me feel like my fantasies were tame in comparison to hers.

"Oh..." I said, "Okay.. well, that's... uh..." I was unsure of what to say.

She laughed. "It's okay, I just thought you should know that you have no reason whatsoever to feel embarrassed. So are you ready?"

"Not remotely. Let's do it."

Her smile widened. "Don't be so nervous... you'll love it."

In the Program

I looked around in shock. I was inside a huge house... and I remembered it.. It was my neighbor's home when I was a teenager. I had been good friends with their daughter, although she had been almost two years older than me. I had spent a lot of time over there. I had always been fascinated by her family. Her parents looked way too young to have a teenage daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Smithson and Gabrielle, their daughter and my best friend, came into the room.

Her parents looked stern, and Gabrielle's eyes were downcast. Something about this seemed familiar.

"I'm sorry, Ammie." Gabrielle looked at me with tears in her eyes, "I had to tell them the truth... they asked and I just couldn't lie. You understand, right?"

Suddenly, the reason the scene seemed familiar came to mind. The summer before Gabrielle left for college, she wanted to go to a Senior party. Her parents were very strict, though, and wouldn't let her go. She had sneaked out one night and told her parents she was staying with me. She asked me to cover for her, but she knew I was uncomfortable about it.

Later than night, her mom stopped by to bring us some snacks and sodas because she felt bad that Gabrielle hadn't been able to go to the Senior party. I tried to cover for her, but my nerves made me look suspicious, and she ended up asking me straight out if Gabrielle was there or not... and I just couldn't lie.

The next evening I got a call from Gabrielle, who had ignored me all day. I assumed she was pissed at me for telling. She asked me to come over, so I did. I didn't realize that she had called me over because her parents made her.

When I got there, I was stunned to find that they were going to spank her- an 18 year old- and to make it worse, they were doing it in front of me. Her dad had pulled her over his lap and spanked her hard, 25 times, over her thin yoga pants. She had screamed and thrashed and cried... and to my extreme mortification, I had become aroused.

My heart began to pound as a perfect image of sexy Gabrielle and her very attractive parents stood before me. My breaths were almost pants, and I felt myself getting wet between my legs. I had always felt so ashamed for getting aroused that day... but I had still lay awake masturbating many nights to the memory.

My imagination took it further... I imagined Gabrielle naked over her dad's lap while he spanked her...I imagined her mom putting me over her knee and spanking me while Gabrielle's dad spanked her, and then them switching us... I imagined him slipping a finger into me when he realized how wet I had gotten from the spanking...

Gabrielle spoke: "I am so sorry, Ammie. They asked where you were, and I couldn't lie... I told them you were at the party."

My heart pounded. Wait a minute... I was at the party? Oh, shit... that would mean... I would be the one who was punished!

I had to stop myself from screaming out my stop code to end the program. It was too real... This was Gabrielle and her parents, in the flesh... at least it felt they were in the flesh. Then another realization hit me. It was Gabrielle, but it wasn't her voice. So whoever this technician was, and the two that ran the parent avatars, knew all my dirty little fantasies... but, I reminded myself, they did not know who I was or what I looked like.

I couldn't deny how turned on I was, though. This was a fantasy I would never get to live out, except for right now, in this program. My clit was throbbing so hard it almost hurt... I needed it. I needed my ass spanked... had needed it for a long time. I had so much stress and work going on in my life, and for some reason, I just knew this was going to give me the relief I desperately needed.

Mrs. Smithson spoke up. "Ammie, you have always been a good girl, but going out to parties can be dangerous. I know you are legally an adult," she said, "but you live under our roof, and you abide by our rules."

I lived under their roof? Huh, ok.

So, apparently Gabrielle and I were either the same age or I was older in my fantasy. Made sense, I wouldn't fantasize about a teenager. Not my thing. Even Gabrielle looked as though she was in her twenties right now, though her parents both looked as young as they were when their daughter was 18.

"Yes, ma'am," I said meekly.

"We have to punish you for your behavior, Amelia. You understand that, right?" Mr. Smithson said in a deep, vibrating tone. His words made my pussy clench hard, and then I felt a release of fluid into my panties. I looked down and realized I was wearing a short, pleated plaid skirt, a white button down blouse, white knee highs and a sexy version of Mary Janes in patent leather.

I tried to look him in the eyes, but Mr. Smithson's stare was so intense that I had to look back down at the ground. "Yes, sir," I said, "I understand."

"Good girl. Gabrielle will be first, because she should have told us what you were planning to do way before she did, because she told us she knew for a week what you were planning."

He sat on a padded leather topped bench, and beckoned Gabrielle to come over. I gasped when he told her to take off her panties.

"You may keep your skirt on, to keep yourself covered, but I want you to take your panties off," he told her, and her face was beet red. I felt so guilty... I was getting so into the scenario, that the fact that it wasn't real was slipping further and further away. To me, it was real... and I felt bad for getting my friend in trouble.

"Please, don't punish her. It was my fault, she was trying to be a good friend and respect my wishes. It really was my fault, sir." I begged.

He tilted his head to the side. "I'll make a deal with you. The point of having her take her panties off was to embarrass her in front of you... that's the biggest part of this type of punishment. I am willing to let her punishment go, if you agree to take on her embarrassment. That means that you will be completely naked when I spank you. So... what do you say?"

My eyes were wide with shock... and my face bright red with embarrassment.

"You don't have to do this, Ammie," Gabrielle said.

"No... I want to. I'll do it." I barely managed to get the words out.

"Okay," said Mr. Smithson. He looked at his wife and daughter, "Honey, Gabrielle, you two stand on either side of the bench, and Ammie," he looked at me, "Strip."

"Can I... can I undress in the bathroom?" I asked, nervously. I knew Gabrielle kept a housecoat in there. I would have something to cover up in before and after the spanking. No such luck though, because her father gave a stern shake of his head.

"No, now strip."

I began to disrobe, fumbling with the button on my skirt, I finally got it and it fell to the floor. My white cotton panties were soaked, and I kept my knees pressed together in an attempt to hide the evidence of my arousal. I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall as well.

Before I could think it through, I took off my bra and then my panties, keeping my legs together as well as I could. I knocked my clothes into a pile with my foot, making sure to cover up my panties with my other clothes.

"Come lay over my knees, and keep that ass up high so I have access."

I looked at the floor in shame. He was goading me, I knew, but it was still embarrassing. He guided me diagonally across his lap, so that my ass was over his right knee, his left thigh, and my torso was on the couch, while my legs dangled over the floor on the other side. He actually put me over his knee... fuck! I wanted to close my eyes and disappear... and yet, my pussy was pulsing and throbbing, clenching over and over... I was so fucking turned on. It didn't help that the way I was laying over him, his knee was pressed into my clit.

"What is that I feel on my knee? Are you wet? Is that your clit throbbing on my wet knee? You are even more naughty than I thought!"

I could hear Gabrielle and Mrs. Smithson laugh, and I hid my face in the couch to hide from them. My heart was pounding... my initial reaction had been to cry... then after a few seconds when I processed the feelings coursing through me, I realized that I was so turned on I could probably come just from rubbing against his knee... I had never been so extremely aroused before.

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