tagIncest/TabooFulfilling My Daughter's Fantasy

Fulfilling My Daughter's Fantasy


As Amy sat down at her computer, she went over what happened during the day at school. She was a brunette, with long curly hair, 18 years old, 5 and a half feet tall, with shapely legs and smallish breasts. She was a cheerleader at school. Today, after practice, she and the girls were showering in the locker room. It was a typical wind down session, her and the other girls chatting about schoolwork and teachers and boyfriends. Then Amy was called into the coach's office for a "chat", which was pretty common with her cheerleading squad. They competed pretty well in local cheerleading contests, and the coach commonly had pep talks with girls after sessions, especially when they were learning new routines, as was the case today. Amy was the last girl to get a pep talk today, as a result by the time she got back to the locker room only a couple other girls were hanging around. They chatted for a while, one was waiting for her boyfriend, the other's father had to work a little later than usual and would be a few minutes before he picked her up.

When Amy was ready she took her clothes off and stepped into the shower. The hot water running down her was soothing to her tired muscles. She held her body under the stream and let it pound away some of the stress from the coach's talk. She gradually washed herself, rubbing soap on herself, as the hot water ran down her back. First she closed her eyes and soaped her face well to wash off the sweat and grime and makeup. Then she started working her way down her body, washing her arms, then her stomach. She got more soap and soaped her breasts, cupping them with her hands as she worked the soap in. Then she bent down and, starting at her ankles, rubbed out some of the tension in her legs as she washed them. She rinsed off her face and body and turned around in time to barely catch someone wearing jeans leaving the locker room.

She quickly toweled off and ran out and peeked out the door to see who was leaving. The girl that was waiting for her boyfriend was just getting into her car. Amy was relieved for a second till she released that the girl was still wearing her uniform; her boyfriend had jeans on. She wondered for a second if he had been watching her shower? The thought made her angry, but at the same time intrigued her. As she thought of him watching her as she washed off, as she cupped her breasts then bent over at the waist to wash her legs. He could have been only a few feet away and with the soap in her eyes was safe from being seen. She imagined him rubbing himself through his pants as she ran her hands up her legs.

She shook herself out of her vision, wondering what had gotten into her. She went home and sat down at her computer desk, thinking of being watched like that. She was so horny, she got up and locked her door, then went on the internet. She was relatively good at the computer, so she had a lot of porn that she hid from her father. Today, for some reason, she didn't want to watch porn though... Thinking about what had happened in the shower, she decided she wanted to be watched. She had never done anything like this, though she had a digital camera her father gave her for her birthday, and she had heard about people using webcams to do things like that. So she searched online and found a chat site that supported it. The software took a minute to load so she minimized the window then went and got something to drink from the fridge. She didn't see her father; he was probably in the game room in the basement watching television. She got back to her desk and opened the software.

She went into the board with the name horny_wet_cheerleader. Was she overdoing it? Probably, but at least no worries about anyone thinking she was just a man trying to be preverted; they'd be able to see for themselves if she liked them. After chatting with the roughly 5 or 6 guys that were hanging out in the room when she logged on, she picked one and gave him a private message asking if he'd like to see her webcam. When he agreed she created a private room and plugged in her camera. She adjusted the picture to not include her face then invited him into the room.

She typed "Do you mind if I relax and just stop typing?" When he said "sure", she wasted no time in peeling off her top and playing with her tits. She cupped them like she had in the shower, and started rubbing them together and caressing their underside. She was originally just going to do that, but it turned her on so much to think of some guy somewhere just staring at his tits on his computer, as if she was a porn star. She licked her finger and rubbed it on her nipple. She had never done that before, but had seen women doing it in pornos before. To her surprise it felt really good and she kept doing it, with both hands now. Then she started pulling and tugging on her nipples, kind of like she usually did when masterbating and was about to cum.

Thinking about the person watching her on the computer, she spread her legs apart and started rubbing between them through her bloomers. After a moment's hesitation she took them off and started playing with her pussy right in front of him. She was so embarassed but turned on. Being turned on at this only made her more embarassed, she knew good girls didn't do this kind of thing. It was a spiral that grabbed her mind, making her more and more turned on the more she thought about how she wasn't supposed to be doing this. She took her other hand and started plunging two fingers herself as the first hand stopped rubbing her pussy lips and started on her clit. She was so wet, she rubbed her own juices on her clit to make it nice and slippery. She held out for a minute before she was ready to come; right before she did, she plunged a third finger into herself and felt her pussy spasm as her orgasm began. Her whole body tensed as she rubbed her clit frantically while she came, wave after wave of it crashing over her, forgetting everything else. As the orgasm started to subside, she thought of the strange man on the other end of the camera, surely stroking his cock as he watched her cum. The thought drove her into a frenzy as she started to come again thinking about it.

As she finished up and closed the chat program, her door opened. It was her father, staring at her in her nakedness. She hurriedly put her clothes on as her father walked into the room and said "You're in trouble miss!"

Speechless, breathless she said "You have no right to come into my room like this!"

"I do when I catch my daughter breaking the rules of this house! My computer in the den watches what you do online, and while I don't have anything against a healthy expression of young sexuality, you know you're not supposed to go on your webcam. Not only are you breaking the law, it's unsafe for you! You're going to lose your computer until you show me I can trust you with it."

Caught in the act she started to break down and cry. Her father never failed to spank her when she broke the rules this seriously. Though it hadn't happened in several months, she knew what was coming.

"Now come over here and lay on my lap," he said sitting on her bed.

When she didn't move immediately he said, "Now Amy! The longer you wait the worse it'll be."

When she still didn't move he got up and gripped her arm firmly, dragging her onto his lap, stomach down ass to the air. He roughly flipped up her skirt and laid his hand firmly on her ass. He wound back and hit, hard.

At the sharp sound of his hand on her, knowing that this was just beginning, she screamed out. By the fifth hit she was crying between hits. On the tenth hit he said for her to pull her bloomers down. She didn't want to, didn't want to expose her ass to the naked strength of his hand.

"You will pull them down," he said as he beat her again. And again. On the third stroke she yelled out "Ok ok" and pulled them down quickly. She was so embarassed that her father was now looking at her naked ass, laying his hand on it before he started to hit her again. For some reason thoughk, it was starting to turn her on; her nakedness as she lay on her father's own lap! Fighting the feelings she tried to focus on the pain. But it didn't work; it never did. Ever since she was about 11, when she got spanked by her father, once he took her clothes off and started beating her bare bottom, she started to get turned on.

This time it was more intense than ever before; either because of her recent orgasm, or maybe because of the fantasy of being watched that had just been rolling through her mind. On the fifth slap she stopped crying. On the seventh slap she pushed her ass out a little to meet his hand as it came down. She was surprised at herself; she didn't know what was happening, but it had stopped to hurt so much and feel good. As he beat her again and again, the pain was still there but was pushed to the back of her mind. Nearly unaware of what was happening, she just gave herself into the sensation. As she gave up fighting it and let it wash over her, the sensation of her own father smacking her bare bottom started to wash over her.

Rob, her father, noticed when she relaxed. He noticed that she wasn't crying, that her bare ass was rising now to meet his every hit. What his daughter didn't know is that he was watching her webcam in the den the whole time. When the alert that his daughter was on a chat site came in, he connected to her computer so he could see what was on her screen. What he saw shocked him and he was originally going to put a stop to it immediately but for some reason couldn't tear himself away. He watched with a growing erection as she fingered herself to two climaxes in a row, then ran upstairs to make sure to catch her in the act.

Now as he spanked her and recognized the signs that he was turning on his own daughter, his cock started growing again. She felt it under her, but in her state of mind was completely unable to sort out what was happening. As she thrust her ass in the air and felt his hard cock pressing into her chest, she started to rub against it. When the next slap hit her pussy lips she moaned and spread her legs, pushing her cunt against his hand before he took it away to hit her pussy again. And again. Now she was moaning and writhing on every slap. After a few more hits, her dad gave up all pretense and started rubbing her pussy with his hand. At the same time he pressed into her back, forcing her chest hard against his erection and pushing her around on his cock with his hand.

"You're a bad girl Amy. You went online and showed a complete stranger your pussy as you finger fucked yourself. Is that something a good girl does, or something a bad girl does?"

"It's something a bad girl does" she said, moaning louder when she was done as he was now stroking her entrance.

"And now you're getting turned on by your own father spanking you, aren't you?" She whimpered and refused to answer. When he saw that she didn't want to answer he spanked her again just as he pushed a finger into her.

"Yes, sir"

"What kind of girl gets turned on by her own father?"

"A bad girl"

"A very bad girl." As he said this, reached under her and pulled her shirt off, rubbing his pants-clad cock against her bare chest.

She knew something was wrong with this, so she whimpered "no" in between moans

"What did you say young lady?"


"I don't think you're really sorry yet" he said. He dumped her on the bed and in one smooth motion unbuckled his belt as he stood up. She was starting to get up as he grabbed her hair with his hand, forced her to flip over and flipped her bloomers back up. He put his hand on the small of her back holding her down as he started to beat her with the belt. She was squirming and crying under him as he beat her again and again. It took much longer this time, the pain was so intense, but she finally gave up fighting and started to accept it. At that moment something clicked in her mind. Beaten again and again, sexually violated by her own father already. Bare ass in the air, bare breasts chilled by the breeze through the room. Held down on the bed forced to submit to her own father, her mind cracked and completely gave into him.

"I'm sorry Dad! I won't do it again!" she screamed to him.

"And will you fight me when I'm punishing you for being bad?"

"No sir" she said

"Good now spread your legs"

When her legs were spread, Rob could see her pussy lips clearly for the first time. He bent down and looked at them. Not able to resist, he leaned forward and put her clit in his mouth and sucked on it good before lapping with his tongue "Oh yes!" she cried out, urging her father on. She didn't care that it was wrong, didn't care what was happening, as long as she was pleasing her father.

He stood up and took the end of the belt between his hands, only leaving about 6 inches free. With that 6 inches he started smacking her slit as hard as he could. She screamed from the pain and pleasure as it landed. By the third smack her whole pussy tingled. After the fifth smack Rob stopped. Looking at her rosy red cunt lips, he dropped his pants and stepped forward. Feeling his cock at her lips, she rose to meet him and guide him into her. She had never had anyone inside her before and now she was raising her hips to meet her own fathers cock. It stroked inside of her feeling so big. Every thrust hurt so good. Once he was all the in he started fucking her with long strokes, gradually picking up the pace. As he brutally used his own daughter, she slipped a hand under herself and started rubbing her clit. After a few more strokes like this, she screamed out as she came. Her pussy clamped down on her own father's cock as it stroked inside of her, forcing the come to spurt out of his cock into her tight pussy. As his come hit the back wall of her pussy, she frigged her clit harder and had another orgasm and another.

As her orgasm subsided she came fully back to her senses. She wasn't Amy and this wasn't her room! It was her boyfriend's office, she was on the couch, and her boyfriend Rob was right behind her. As he pulled his spent cock out of her she remembered everything, being hypnotized by him at his computer to believe she was Amy, and ten years younger than she actually was. Her boyfriend setting up the webcam then telling her when she came out she would believe she was in a chatroom with a random guy, remembering the things he wanted her to remember about the day. She remembered him commanding her to not only strip and finger herself immediately, but to have two orgasms when done; remembering the orgasms and the fact that they came about exactly how he said they would.

She shuddered, fingering her clit, as she remembered him commanding her to not be able to resist anything he did. She started coming again as she thought of the absolute power he had over her; the power he had to make her believe she was someone else, and also the absolute power he had over her during the scene; how he brutally took not only her body, but her mind and heart, while at the same time fulfilling one of her deepest fantasies. As yet another orgasm overcame her, she looked into his eyes and saw the love there for her. Seeing his cock at halfmast again she sat up and put it between her tits, tit fucking him as she fingered herself. Surprisingly, or perhaps not considering how turned on he was at watching his girlfriend make the change back, he came in very short time, all over her chest and throat. They collapsed in a pile on the couch and fell asleep. They hadn't said a word since she came out of her trance; their love had transcended speech.

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