tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFulfilling the Fantasy Ch. 02

Fulfilling the Fantasy Ch. 02


This is the follow up to a story I wrote under the nickname Walkwolf. It has taken so long to write due to the sudden death of my computer and various other things happening, like moving house. I apologise to anyone waiting for the sequel but hope it is worth the wait.


Philip stood outside Lauren's door and took a deep breath. As he stood he ran through his mind what he was about to do. He remembered the fantasy his younger sister had written down in her diary. The fantasy he was about to carry out. As an added bonus for him it allowed him the option to take his sisters sexy ass at the same time. He carefully opened the door, not wanting to wake Lauren up. Looking in he saw her lying on her bed fast asleep. Watching her he felt his lust for her building up. Her brown hair fell over her pretty face partially covering it. As quietly as he could Philip tiptoed towards her. Reaching her bedside he carefully reached down and lifted her quilt up off her body carefully placing it at the end of her bed.

He stopped looking down at her sleeping form. Technically she was not his full sister, only his step sister. But the two of them had been brother and sister so long she felt like his sister. Which made his lust for her seem worse, or it would if she did not want him just as much. He had wanted her for years and had watched as she grew into the hot nineteen year old woman lain before him. He would have never done anything about his urge to fuck her if it had not been for a fortunate series of events.

First Lauren's friend Claire had found out he wanted Lauren. Then, following Claire's advice, he had read Lauren's diary. What he had found surprised him totally. His younger sister had been fantasising about him for ages. But not simple romantic fantasies. No, she fantasised that he was raping her and forcing her to have sex with him. So, at the start of the previous week Philip had decided to take a chance. He had grabbed her in the kitchen, while their parents away, and he had effectively raped her. She had loved it, telling him after how he had made her cum. Plus she had told Claire how good it had been. Philip's only regret had been that he had not taken the chance to fuck Lauren's ass. But now he was going to change that.

He had planned this morning as soon as he knew their parents would be away for the weekend. They left Lauren and him alone often due to their dad's work. The previous evening he had text Claire to say Lauren was going to be late meeting her. Claire had figured out what he was going to do instantly. After all she had advised him to rape Lauren in the first place, and that if he wanted he should take her ass. Now he stood looking down at his sister.

She was wearing a thin pink set of pyjamas. He could see her chest rising and falling as she slept. Her breasts were small but well formed and she had a full sexy figure, not a stick insect figure but a real hour glass figure. Glancing down he could see her sexy ass and licked his lips in anticipation. Lauren shifted softly and gave a sleepy murmur. She reached out trying to find out where her quilt had gone. Philip waited until she half opened her eyes and lifted her head to try and find it. He reached down and grabbed her clamping his hand over her mouth. Startled to sudden wakefulness she gave a squeal muffled by his hand. He pushed her back onto the bed and lent down until his face was inches from hers.

"I'm going to fuck you Lauren." He hissed harshly, just like he did in the fantasy he had read. "I'm going to use you as my sex toy. Do whatever I want too you." He added seeing her eyes widen in shock and fear.

Lauren stared up at him so shocked by his actions she could not think clearly. What was he doing? It took her a few seconds to click what his words meant. When she did she grew angry. He was playing out one of the fantasies she had put in her diary, which meant he had read it. How dare he read her diary! Then she worked out why he had read it, someone had told him. Lauren knew who that had to be, Claire. She tried to sit up and push him away from her. He held her down easily; he was way too strong for her.

"No girl," he snarled. "You're not getting away until I've used you totally." Lauren glared at him. She was about to scream at him to get off her, and have a go at him for reading her diary. Then she remembered how the fantasy went. What she had written down. She had put that he used her any way he wanted. Fucking her totally, and forcing her to do anything he wanted. Claire had warned her he wanted to fuck her ass at some point. Lauren knew with certainty that he was going to at some point fuck her ass. The idea scared her, yet at the same time it thrilled her. He kept his one hand clamped over her mouth holding her down as he used his other hand to roughly grab at her one breast.

"Nice, just the right feel." He hissed then ran his hand down inside her pyjama bottoms and pushed two fingers into her. "Nice tight pussy as well, going to like fucking that." He added ramming his fingers deep into her. Lauren gasped sharply at the feel of his fingers. He pushed them deep inside her for a few seconds more then yanked them sharply out of her. He reached up and grabbed her by the hair pulling her up off the bed. Lauren staggered with the force he used to pull her off the bed. Philip added to her lack of balance by pushing her head down forcing her to her knees. He held her head by her hair with one hand and undid his jeans with his other. Lauren's eyes widened when she saw how hard his cock was already. This was actually turning him seriously on. To herself Lauren had to admit it was turning her on as well. She had no idea what he was going to do to her. Only that whatever he did she had no control over it. As before the idea both thrilled and aroused her.

Philip grabbed her head in both hands and pulled her face towards his cock. She felt his cock rubbing against her lips then he forced it into her mouth. Pulling her head forwards he pushed her down onto him. Making her take the whole of his cock in her mouth. Lauren gagged on him, and fought not to throw up at the feel of his cock against the back of her throat.

"Suck on my cock sis." He ordered his voice harsh. He held her with his cock deep in her throat until she managed to start sucking on him. Only then did he slide her head back, but not enough that she allowed his cock to slip out.

"That's right sis, I want you to swallow my cock. Suck it hard until I cum in your mouth." He told her and pulled her head back down onto him. Lauren gagged slightly as she again felt the head of his cock pressing against her throat. She remembered during the week when he had taken her in the kitchen, how his cock had felt then when she had sucked on him. She had willingly taken all of him in her mouth. This felt different, he was making her take his cock in her mouth forcing her to swallow all of him. Last time she had been in control, but this time it was Philip who was in control. As he began to slide her mouth up and down on his cock Lauren felt a shiver of fear. He was pushing her faster than she would have gone. Plus he was not giving her gaps to rest before forcing her mouth back down on him. If he was doing this to her mouth what was he going to do to her ass if or when he decided to rape that as well.

Philip tightened his fingers in Lauren's hair forcing her mouth up and down his cock. He moaned softly feeling her sucking hard on him. Glancing down he could see how wide her eyes were and watched as she kept fighting against the urge to gag. The look in her eyes was actually turning him on. He could see the mix of her arousal at him forcing her with the nervous fear of what else he might do to her. Philip had no illusions that Claire would not have told Lauren about their conversation. He knew that she would be wondering if he wanted to rape her ass like he was raping her mouth. Her uncertainty added to his own arousal in a way he never thought possible. The idea that she did not, and could not, know what he was going to do to her was so powerful it shocked him.

He found that he could not make her move fast enough up and down his cock by pulling her face onto him. He decided to try a different technique. Holding her head still with his hands wrapped around the back of her skull he began to thrust in and out of her mouth. He pushed his cock hard and deep into her feeling her lips slapping against the base of his cock.

"Muummff," Lauren gasped. He saw her gagging on him. For a second he almost stopped but saw the wild look of lust and surprise in her eyes. They glistened in the light in a seductive manner. He gritted his teeth and continued to thrust his cock into her mouth as hard as before. For the first couple of thrusts she did nothing to suck on him. But then she began to try. He felt her lips tighten around his cock. She sucked on him as hard as she could each time he slid in and out of her mouth. All the time Philip watched her as he made her swallow his cock. Her eyes stayed wide, and he could hear the muffles gasps and squeals as he fucked her mouth. Just watching his cock thrusting in and out of her small mouth turned him on so much he was soon close to cumming. He considered warning her, but decided that if this was real he would not warn her so his did not.

Lauren's shock squeal was muffled by his cock as he pumped his cum into her mouth. He held her still, his cock pushed almost all the way into her mouth as he ejaculated his hot cum into her. She fought hard not to gag, and he watched as she struggled to swallow his cum. He held his cock in her mouth making her swallow all of his cum before he pulled out. She gasped for breath trying to suck in air. Philip had no intention of giving her time to rest.

He dragged her to her feet and reaching up to her pink pyjama top he viciously ripped it into shreds. She gasped her voice indicating how surprised she was by his forcefulness. He reached down to her bottoms, and with one yank ripped them off her throwing the tattered remains across the room. He then pushed her backwards as hard as he could. She staggered back and fell onto the bed. Before she could recover he climbed onto her pinning her down. Roughly he grabbed one small breast squeezing it tightly with his hand. She gasped sharply at the sensation. Again he moved his hand down to her pussy pushing three fingers into her as hard as he could. Lauren gave a sharp hiss as his fingers entered her. He could feel how wet she was and hid his smile at knowing she was turned on by what he was doing.

"Your pussy's nice and wet sis, think I'll fuck it for you." He told her as he shifted to lie on top of her. He quickly positioned his cock against her pussy and with a hard thrust slammed into her. She gasped as he entered her. Philip gritted his teeth to keep in his moan of pleasure as he felt her tight pussy around his cock. He held her down ramming into her as hard as he could. Forcing his cock deep into her pussy and fucking her roughly .

"Ugg god Philip," she grunted as he slammed into her. He did not respond instead he continued to fuck her hard. He tried to take her like he was raping her. He did not kiss her or look at her. Instead used his weight to pin her down, and slammed his cock in and out of her. When she tried to move her arms from under him he grabbed then and pinned her down, resting his weight on her upper arms. Below him he could hear her grunting and gasping as he took her. Her pussy opening around his cock each time he thrust harshly into her. He could feel the impacts of his thrusts in the way her body shook under him.

"Uhh oh fuck," Lauren gasped as Philip fucked her, raped her. He was ramming in hard pinning her down onto the bed. She could feel him entering her, his hard cock rammed deep into her. He was rough as he fucked her. Lauren grunted at the sheer force of his thrusts. Suddenly he pushed himself up, grabbed one leg and yanked it up until it was resting on his shoulder. Then he pushed up to kneel upright ramming into her. Forcing her to arch her back. The force of his thrusts seemed harder, rougher now. Lauren gasped and grunted at each thrust. Her thigh soon began to hurt bent back towards her by his weight. She was glad that she was so agile from her gymnastics when she had been at school. But it had been a few years since she had last done any real practice. Her leg was telling her how much she needed that practice now.

The position made his cock slid along the top of her pussy. She could feel him slamming deep into her. His thighs were slapping against hers, rocking her body. His cock rammed up into her so hard she gasped at the force. She tried to shift her position lifting her body up with her arms. He pushed her back down, his hands pressing into her breasts. His fingers clawing at them as he forced her down onto the bed. He lent forwards lifting her further into the air. She grunted at the sharp strain on her thighs. Desperately she tried to twist round to release the pressure, but each time she did his thrusts pushed her back to her previous position. She was totally at his mercy now. He rammed his cock in and out of her pussy repeatedly. His fingers clawed at her breasts hard. Lauren hissed and grunted each time he slammed into her. His cock was stretching her pussy open with each thrust.

She could feel his intensity in his thrusts. He was harder than the last time, more forceful. She felt as if he was actually forcing her more this time. She gasped at the hard power of his cock ramming into her. Breathing hard she could feel her body reacting to him. The feel of his cock forcing into her and the idea that he was truly trying to rape her combined to increase her pleasure.

"Unn, god. Oh Philip," she gasped feeling her body building to an explosion of wild passion. He held her still, and continued to ram into her hard. Forcing his cock deep inside her. Lauren fought to hold off her orgasm enjoying the feel of him taking her so hard. She was also a little scared that if she came he would twist her round to take her ass. That frightened her at the same time as it thrilled her. Soon however, she could not fight her body any longer. With a sharp squeal of passion Lauren fell into a wild orgasm.

Philip had known she was close to cumming for a while. He had been able to feel it in the way her muscles tensed and relaxed. He had heard it in the change in pitch of her moans and gasps. Still the wild power of her orgasm surprised him. He could feel her whole body tensing as she came. Her pussy squeezed around his cock as her thighs tightened. He watched her head thrash from side to side as she squealed loudly at the orgasm. Her whole body seemed to shake as she gasped for breath.

He continued his relentless pounding into her pussy. He kept on thrusting his cock hard inside her. He was gasping for air, driving himself to keep going. But the sudden power of her orgasm had caught him unawares. It seemed to be drawing his orgasm out of him. He bit his lip, fought to hold his control but it was no use. With a harsh grunt, and a deep thrust into her Philip came. He pumped his cum inside her filling her pussy. He heard her gasp sharply as he came, and gripped her tightly holding her still until he had finished cumming inside her. Only then did he pull out and let her collapse onto the bed. She flopped down, gasping deeply to draw in as much air as she could. Philip took in a couple of deep breaths himself, but again had no intention of letting her rest.

He reached down and grabbed her. One hand in her hair the other clamped around her upper arm. He dragged her off the bed. Lauren gave a startled squeal as he flung her to the floor. Grabbing her hair he pulled her up to her knees and forced his semi hard cock between her lips.

"Suck my cock sis, get me hard again. You ain't finished yet," he snarled. As he pushed his cock into her mouth. Lauren looked up at him her eyes shocked and wide with fear. She sucked on him, Philip gave a soft moan feeling her lips sliding along him. It did not take her long to get him hard again. He let her suck on him for a short while simply because she was so good. Then he pulled out of her mouth. Again he dragged her up by her hair, but this time he bent her forwards over the bed driving her to her knees. She grunted as he pushed her into the bed. He squatted down behind her and positioned his cock against her ass. Looking down he could see the soft round shape of her buttocks with his cock pushing between them.

"Oh god no please Philip." Lauren gasped and tried to push up off the bed. Philip pushed her back down forcing her face into the quilt. She reached back to him trying to push him away. He batted her hands away.

"I told you you're my fuck toy Lauren. I want to fuck your ass and that's what I'm going to do." He hissed, pinning her down again. She struggled wildly beneath him. Philip pulled her up onto the bed grabbing the remains of her top as he did. Reaching up he pinned her hands against her headboard and tied her wrists to it with the top. Lauren struggled and fought, he ignored her and made sure she was tied securely before moving back behind her.

"No please no," she gasped as he grabbed her hip pushing his cock between her buttocks.

"Yes oh yes," he snarled back and pushed into her. She gasped as he entered her. Then gave a sharp grunt as he thrust his cock deep into her ass. He could feel how tense she was, and realised there was no way he could take her ass as hard as he wanted like this. If he tried to force her he was going to either injure her or himself. As he thrust in and out slowly he racked his brain for a way to keep going without hurting either of them. Then it came to him.

He ran his one hand under her body, and began to rub two fingers over her clitoris. He immediately felt her gasp, and felt her relax just a little. Continuing to fuck her ass he ran his fingers around her clitoris. She moaned softly as he rubbed at her. He could feel her body reacting to his touch. Carefully he increased the power of his thrusts as he felt her relaxing. His fingers giving her increasing levels of pleasure.

Lauren hissed softly feeling his cock thrusting harder into her. But she could also feel his fingers rubbing against her clitoris. She knew what he was doing but had no way to fight him. Her body was still sensitive after the fuck he had just given her. Plus she had to admit the forceful way he had tied her up had aroused her more. It was only her nerves at having him forcing his cock into her ass that caused her to be tense and fearful. She had only ever had anal sex once before, and had not liked it. Part of her wanted to tell him no, to tell him how scared she was. But she also was enjoying her fantasy. It was her wish to have him use her like this, her wild fantasy. Lauren had often lain in bed fingering her pussy imagining him forcing himself on her like this. If he wanted to rape her ass to complete the fantasy he was going to. Only by disrupting the game could she stop him, and deep down she wanted him to continue.

Lauren felt so hot knelt on the bed with her hands tied up. His fingers rubbing over her clitoris were sending waves of sexual heat up her body. Each thrust into her ass sent sharp jolts along her spine. She gasped and grunted caught between the two sharp sensations. She knew why he was fingering her. She had felt how hard he had needed to be to push into her. He was trying to make her relax. The pleasure from his fingers was doing that. He seemed to know exactly how to rub at her clitoris to give her the most pleasure. She could feel herself reacting to his touch. Against that was the harsh sensation of his cock thrusting into her ass, and her fear about how it would be once he started to really rape her ass. The two feelings fought inside her body swinging one way then the other. Deep down Lauren knew that at some point his fingers would make her cum. She also knew that she was trying to hold that moment off for as long as possible.

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