tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 02

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 02


Mokie's cell phone rang at 5am the following morning, jarring her from what had been a restless sleep. She did not recognize the number but had a good idea of who it was.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Good morning, slut," demeaned Jason.

Mokie knew he would expect a "Good Morning, Master," but she did not give it. She waited silently for him to go on.

"Not very talkative this morning, are we?" he said. "I expect a better display of reverence moving forward. But I will excuse that for now. I will be at your place in thirty minutes. We are going for a ride. Be outside your building at 5:30." He hung up without waiting for a response.

Mokie wracked her mind, trying to come up with some way to turn this against him. She felt like last night was about as bad as she could take, but knew that it was tame compared to what he had planned for her. But she did not have enough time to think right now.

She jumped out of bed and ran to the rest room. No time for a shower, she splashed water on her face and washed it with soap. As degraded as she felt, she was shocked at the beautiful girl in the mirror as she toweled herself off. It made her feel a little better knowing that she still had her looks, even if she had relinquished control.

Back in the bedroom, she picked a tight-fitting, pink polo shirt that hugged her form. As with yesterday, no bra was needed. She then pulled on a pink thong and a short white skirt. It only went half way down to her knees and did not cling to her thighs. Any simple little spin or turn and the hem would rise and fall, teasing any guy staring at her. Her toned legs looked stunning in this outfit.

She looked at the clock: 5:20. She headed towards the door, but stopped herself. 'Fuck,' she thought to herself. 'The butt plug.'

She turned back towards the bedroom and found the plug lying on the floor where she had left it. She sat it upright on the floor and squatted over it, as she had before. As she forced it inside her ass, she thought that there must be a better way to do this, but for now it was the only way she knew. She hoped that it would be more comfortable over time, but was not very optimistic.

Jason turned around the corner and saw her from down the block. There was no one else around this early in the morning, so she stood out easily. He pulled up to her and lowered the window.

"Is your plug inserted?" he asked casually, taking the place of the usual pleasantries.

"Yes, Master," she said, now incredibly glad that she remembered it.

"Let me see," he commanded.

"Here, right now?"

"Don't question me, bitch. Turn around and lift up that skirt."

Mokie turned her ass to the window and looked both ways. She saw no one. Quickly, she lifted her skirt and pulled her thong aside.

"Very good, slave. Now get in here."

Mokie put herself back together and entered the car. "Where are we going?" she asked, not sure how he would react to her questioning him.

"Downtown. Don't talk the rest of the way. I am not keeping you around for your conversation."

That was fine by Mokie. The less she had to talk to him the less she considered her horrible situation.

Jason wound his way through a barren downtown LA on this early Tuesday hour. Mokie had no idea where he could be taking her, and decided it was best not to guess. Her meandering imagination could only be worse than the reality...she hoped.

Jason turned down a side street and put the car in park. Mokie surveyed the length of the street, seeing nothing except for a solitary neon sign that was flickering on and off. She could not read it from her angle.

"Get out," Jason said. Mokie did as she was told, and Jason walked around the back of the car and took her hand. He pulled her down the alley towards door beneath the flickering sign. Mokie craned her neck to read it: 'Tattoo and Piercing Parlor.' She panicked.

"Jason, I am not going in here." She yanked her hand out of his grasp.

"I beg to differ, slut," he said, grabbing her upper arm and squeezing it hard. "When you give me head later, I want your tongue to be pierced. Now if you want, we can end this charade right now, but bear in mind that your parents will not only learn of your failure to graduate, but they will see this." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his digital camera, turning the viewing screen towards Mokie.

She gasped and covered her mouth with her free hand as she saw her naked body, folded in half against the wall, her pussy and ass spread towards the camera.

"You wouldn't," said Mokie, testing the waters.

"I'm not fucking around here, Mokie. Now get your ass inside."

"But my parents will certainly see my tongue again. How do I explain it?"

"First of all, slut, you can always take out the stud at any time, unless I demand otherwise. Secondly, stop thinking that I am concerned with any problems you might experience from my treatment of you. I don't care about your mental anguish or any side affects. You only matter to me as an object of sex."

Mokie gave up her fight, and let him lead her inside. If she had considered it any further, she still would have relented. Given the way she was dressed and the neighborhood they were in, if she were to make a run for it she probably would have ended up gang-raped and left on the curb. She followed a couple of steps behind, her shoulders slumped in resignation.

The inside of the parlor smelled of cigarettes and cheap beer. Mokie cringed as she felt her sandals stick against the tacky floor.

"Jason, my man!" said a big, burly man in black jeans and a wife beater. Tattoos covered both of his arms, his chest and neck.

"Alonzo, my friend. Good to see you," Jason answered, stepping forward and shaking his hand. "This is the girl I was telling you about. Say hello, slut."

"Hello," Mokie mumbled weakly, trying to avoid eye contact.

The slap came quickly, snapping her head from left to right. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the blur of Jason's hand rising to her face, but there was no time to react.

For a moment she just froze, her head tilted to the right. No one had ever hit her like that before. The pain was mixed with surprise and shock.

Mokie reached for her left cheek with her right hand, her eyes wide with surprise, tears forming in her eyes.

"Excuse me, Zo. A teachable moment is upon us." He turned back to Monique. "You are a slut. My slut. Three holes. When you address one of my friends, male or female, you will show the appropriate respect, because when you don't it reflects badly on me."

He paused, letting his words sink in. "Lock your hands behind your neck." Mokie just stared back. Jason raised his right hand again. Quickly, she obeyed. "Stand straight as an arrow. Thrust out your pitiful breasts. Spread your legs two feet wide. This is the position you will take when I order you to 'Attention.'" Mokie stared, the words flying so quickly, still smarting from the original slap.

"Now try again to greet my friend appropriately, slut."

Mokie, her eyes darting between Jason's stern face and Alonzo's smiling countenance, replied, "Hello, Sir." Her voice did not waver, revealing a strength that she really did not feel.

"That's more like it, slut." Jason turned to Alonzo, "She needs to have her tongue pierced, and who else am I going to take her to, especially at this time of the morning?"

"A wise move, friend. We will have this done in no time."

A few moments later, Mokie was sitting in a padded chair. The moment she sat down, Jason had used Velcro straps to lash her wrists to the arms of the chair. Still in a state of shock, she had done nothing to resist.

"Stick out your tongue, honey," Alonzo said.

Mokie did not obey. She just stared, dumbfounded that this was happening, her body being modified without her permission. Suddenly she became alert. "No," she nearly screamed. "You can't do this to me! This is against my will and I will sue you if you lay a hand on me." There, she said it. Her breathing was ragged, the adrenalin rush causing her to quiver.

Alonzo looked at Jason, whose face was a deep red with anger. He looked at Alonzo, who nodded. Monique did not miss their non-verbal communication.

Jason walked away and opened a drawer behind Mokie. She turned her head, trying to see what was happening, but before she could say one word, a shadow passed over her head and Jason pinched her nostrils closed. When she tried to protest, a hard rubber ring was forced into her open mouth and Jason was strapping it behind her head.

"at are oo oing?" she gasped.

"We could have done this the easy way, slut, but no, you just don't get it. So we will do it the hard way," Jason responded.

Alonzo had gone to one of his drawers and returned with some sort of metal grip. Mokie was unable to resist, as he pushed the tool into her opened mouth, grasped her tongue, and pulled it from her mouth. The tool seemed to have a locking device, so he simply let it hang from her tongue, now pulled from her mouth.

"ooooooooooooooooo," she tried to scream. It was a futile attempt to stop the inevitable.

Alonzo was rubbing some kind of antiseptic on it with a swab. She fought the urge to gag. She felt herself go light headed, and tried to calm her ragged breathing.

"Stay still," Alonzo ordered, as he brought his piercing gun to her tongue. Mokie closed her eyes, unable to watch. She felt a little bit of pressure, and then a sharp stinging sensation.

She moaned in great distress.

"One more second, girl" said Alonzo as he grabbed a barbell and slid it through the hole.

"Wait. I've changed my mind," Jason interjected. "If you had obeyed like a good slut, I was going to make it removable." Looking at his friend, Zo, he said, "Make it permanent."

Alonzo raised his eyebrows and nodded in agreement. Monique squealed, trying to beg him, to say she was sorry.

She watched as Alonzo took a dab of super glue, screwing the pink top of the barbell on tightly. He shoved the metal through her tongue, and added a drop of glue to the underside, again tightening the ball.

"OK, all done. That wasn't so bad, was it?" Monique merely groaned as he released her tongue from the clamp. She pulled her pierced tongue into her mouth. She felt Jason remove the strap behind her neck, pulling the ring gag from her mouth, as Alonzo released her wrists from the chair.

He held a mirror up to her face, and ordered Monique to check out her new jewelry. When she opened her mouth and peeked, she emitted a deep and solemn moan, tears forming in her eyes.

"How could you..." she began, then noticed how the stud caused a slight, but definite speech impediment. It reminded her of when she had to wear a retainer after her braces were removed in middle school.

Looking directly at Monique, Alonzo said, "That will be fifty bucks."

She stared at Jason. Jason stared right back.

"Don't just sit there, pay the man!" Jason ordered.

"I didn't bring any money! I didn't know I would be needing any!"

"Well, Alonzo. Is there something she can do?"

"There is only one alternate form of payment, and it would involve putting that new stud to use," he said.

"Well, if that is the only option, get to it, slave," Jason said, grabbing her hair behind her ear and pulling her off the chair.

"Please, Sir. I can pay, I promise. I will send a check for twice the amount due. I'm good for it."

"We don't take checks, bitch. It's cash or head. No credit offered."

Alonzo was now sitting in the padded chair, and Jason was holding Mokie against him but facing Alonzo. Alonzo whipped out his cock, already erect, and held it straight up for her. Jason held her at the waist and pushed her back forward, bending her over at the waist.

Alonzo grabbed both sides of her head around the ears and pulled her mouth towards his dick.

Monique's first reaction was to resist. This is not how she operated. She was always in control. She had used oral sex as a tool to get what she wanted. It was for her pleasure. Now her every move was controlled and orchestrated by Jason.

Until she found a way out, she also knew there was no choice but to obey, and so she opened her mouth to take him inside.

Jason grabbed each of her arms and pulled them behind her back, disabling her from holding onto the chair for support. His erection was trying to fight through his shorts, grinding against her thong-covered pussy, forcing her forward onto Alonzo's cock.

With her numb tongue, it was hard for her to tell the difference, but Alonzo was loving the feel of the cold, metal stud running up the bottom of his dick. He bounced her head up and down with his hands, recognizing that she could not do it herself with her hands secured behind her back.

Jason raised her wrists towards her shoulder, forcing her to bend more deeply at the waist and moan in discomfort.

As her head was forced up and down the cock, Mokie took inventory of her situation. She was bent over at the waist, her arms twisted high behind her back, a rubber plug was stuffed in her ass as she sucked off a stranger as payment for a tongue piercing she didn't even want. Jason had taken her a long way in under 24 hours.

"Stay in this position, slut," Jason warned as he released her and backed away. Of course, her wrists and arms dropped slightly from their forced position. She spread her legs a little to keep her balance now that Jason wasn't holding her in place. From the corner of her eye, she saw Jason with his camera.

Flash. Flash. Flash. He rattled off photos of her stuffed with dick, which she was sure he would use to control her further. Alonzo shoved her deeper down his dick with one hand, and with the other made some kind of gang sign gestures to the camera, demonstrating his dominance over her.

"MMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHH!!!!" Mokie sputtered, a sign that she was having trouble breathing.

"Oh, fuck yeah, bitch, take my cum," Alonzo warned. He held her head in place as he shot his load straight down her throat.

"kack, kack, kack," Mokie continued, swallowing his seed. Stream after stream shot straight down her throat. None of it spilled out of her mouth.

"Very good girl," said Alonzo. "Very skilled. You must do that all the time." He mocked her as he kept his softening dick between her lips. As he held her there, Jason came over and pulled her thong down to the floor.

"For you, friend," he said, tossing them to Alonzo. "For your wall."

"I am going to have to keep this one in a special location. This bitch is special," he responded. "And hey, check it out. Sopping wet. This cunt loves it!"

Alonzo let go of Mokie's head and let her up. She stood, erect but woozy, disoriented by the whole experience. She was mortified that her body had been turned on by their assault.

"Alright, we have to go before the streets get too busy," said Jason. They exchanged their goodbyes as Jason grabbed Mokie's hand and led her outside. He could tell by her demeanor that she was embarrassed, shocked and humiliated, which only turned him on further.

"Listen, you should be happy about this. Now you can serve me better, which means I will be happier with you, and less likely to turn you in."

That was little consolation for Mokie, who was trying to devise schemes on how to prevent any of her friends from identifying her new adornment.

Jason opened the door for her and ushered her inside his car.

"Lift your skirt so that your bare ass and pussy are in direct contact with the seat." Mokie complied, shifting her skirt back until she could feel her dampness on the fabric. "Very good, now spread your legs." Again, Mokie obeyed. Only a few inches of her skirt hid her sex from him.

"Stay like that for the duration of the ride home, pet." This was the final time he spoke to her for the rest of the drive. "Pet" echoed in her mind as the car moved along.

The entire ride home, every bump in the road and rumble of pavement purred against her pussy. Just enough to tease but not get her off. She spent the trip gripping tightly to the door handle and the arm rest, praying her body would not yield to the stimulation, that Jason would not realize what was happening within her.

She was relieved to see her apartment appear up ahead. Escape from the torments and shock of the morning was near.

Jason pulled up and unlocked the doors. "You are free for the rest of the morning and afternoon. I will call you later with further instructions. Make sure your cell is charged and with you at all times."

"Oh, and I assume you are going to shower, so I want you to shave off every hair below your neck. If I find one hair, you will be punished for it. Two hairs and you don't want to know what the punishment will be." She had turned to just stare, mouth not open, just staring as though in a trance.

"And one more thing. Take those pearl studs out of your ears. Earrings send a message and I want your message to be 'fuck me,' so hoops only from now on."

That was his goodbye.

Mokie opened the door and stepped onto the sidewalk, quickly making her way inside, her new tongue stud clicking at the insides of her teeth, reminding her of her captivity. She did not look back, did not say a word, but Jason's chuckling haunted her as she opened the door to her apartment.


Upstairs in Mokie's apartment, her roommate, Jennnifer, sat at the kitchen table, sipping a cup of coffee. The room was tranquil, silent, and Jenn did her best to enjoy her solitude. But her peaceful demeanor at this early weekend hour belied the tempest that was brewing inside her.

She had only known Mokie a few months before they rented this place together, and they both had done it out of necessity instead of friendship. They were both looking for a partner to share the ridiculously high rent in this neighborhood, and they both happened to be ending their previous lease at the same time. It was strictly a matter of convenience.

But lately, the arrangement had not been so cordial. Jenn had grown to resent the way Mokie walked around the apartment dressed like a slut, always going out of the way to exaggerate her features in order to attract men.

She also hated Mokie's horrible roommate habits. Jenn did all of the food shopping, most of the cleaning, and, on the rare occasion that they ate together, she did all the cooking. It was obvious that Monique was an only child, expecting to have things done for her instead of making do herself.

Things really started to take a turn for the worse last week when Jenn's boyfriend left her. While there was no solid proof of this, Jenn felt that he left her because he thought he had a chance with Mokie. She had caught him on numerous occasions eyeing her as she pranced around the apartment in her skimpy PJs. But Jenn never called him out for it because, in reality, she just couldn't blame him.

While she was constantly denying it to herself, deep down Jenn was bi-curious. On certain nights, lying alone in her bed, she would dig deep into her fantasies and envision Mokie as she stroked herself to orgasm. As much as she hated her as a roommate, she would love to get between the sheets with her, given the opportunity. She was just too shy to ever attempt it.

But as she sat at the table, she was focusing her thoughts on why she hated Mokie, and this morning she could add slamming the door at 5:30am to the list. The jolt had rocked her from her sleep, and now she was groggy on what should have been a relaxing Tuesday morning. She was trying to build up the nerve to say something.

Just then the door swung violently open, and Mokie ran through the dining area with a complete disregard for her roommate. Jenn's eyes followed her across the room until Mokie disappeared into her bedroom.

In her haste, Mokie forgot to close her door, which Jenn misinterpreted as an invitation to enter and find out what was going on. She brought her mug to the door frame and looked into Mokie's room. She would forever be glad that she did.

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