tagNonHumanFulfillment 06

Fulfillment 06


Dear Readers,

The next installment. I know these middle two have taken a while. I'm sorry for making you wait.
I'm looking at 3 maybe 4 more chapters.




Another night of disturbed sleep. Another night of his mate pulling away from him. Another night of a wolf in the bed with him and her nightmares.

Lyssa's wolf had enjoyed having her mate cover her the night before but Lyssa herself was all prickly silence. She had thrown some things into a bag and crawled into bed. Emmett had tossed some things together himself, discussed with Simon and Paul the gathering of some supplies and loading of a car, then climbed back upstairs. He looked at his mate's back before he shed his clothing and crawled in beside her, hoping he was doing the right thing.

Emmett rises early, before dawn, and dresses. He looks over at the bed wishing he could just crawl back in with his mate and show her how much he loved her. "C'mon, mate, time to go."

Lyssa pulls the covers back over her head. "Don't wanna."

"Now. Or I will haul you downstairs as you are." Emmett stands tall, exuding confidence and authority over his mate.

He watches the bedcovers move, fur bristles and a wolf leaps at him from the bed. He dodges the attack. "We're leaving. Get dressed, since you're up. You need to be away from here."

She snarls at him. [Lyssa! I said now.]

He watches the dark brown eyes of his mate flick up at him. Grumbling, she changes form and throws on a sweatshirt and jeans. Then she turns, putting her hands on her hips. "Shoes." Snorting, she slides on shoes. "Get your bag. Let's go."

As he closes the door to their suite Emmett sends [Randall, Ariel. We're leaving.]

[Emmett, be careful. I think she may be going feral.]

[I will, Ariel. We'll be back as soon as we can.]

Emmett pulls his silent mate into the garage and gets her into the car. [Stay!]

As he turns and opens the driver's side door, he notices Joanna, standing at the door that leads into the den. Her eyes were glistening and, as he watches, a tear rolls down her cheek as she raises her hand in farewell. [Promise you'll make her better and bring her back.]

[Believe me, Jo. I'll do my best.]

[No. Promise.]

Emmett looks at the young woman, their friend and the Alpha daughter. Joanna looks younger than her 18 years. He gets into the car and starts it. He sends [I promise.] then puts the car in drive and pulls away.

Lyssa stares out the window. [Goddamn you, Michael Ross.]

Michael Ross has been lightly pumping his dick as he watches Erica.

"That's it. Squeeze your tits." Erica's kneeling on the bed, facing him, as he directs her. Her hands are on her breasts and she's kneading them while watching him stroke himself.

"Now, grab your nipples and pull." She pinches her erect nipples between thumb and forefinger and pulls forward. "Again, harder." This isn't something she particularly enjoys, but she repeats the action, tugging a little more forcefully.

He smirks and inhales. "How wet are you?"

She slides her hand down her body and delves between her legs. She inhales and closes her eyes briefly as she strokes across her clit. "Show me." Erica raises her fingers to him, showing the shiny slickness on them. He smiles.

"Good. Hands and knees."

As she drops forward to do as he says, Michael gets up, a hand still wrapped around his length. He gets on the bed behind her, then strokes up and down once before placing the head of his dick at her seeping opening. He pauses briefly, then shoves forward, into her wet pussy. "Aaaah."

He sets up a punishing rhythm, practically pummeling her with his dick, pounding into and out of her sopping pussy. And he leans forward, over her, his teeth on her neck.

Erica closes her eyes. He was teasing her again, tormenting her. She'd basically resigned herself to the fact that she was his toy, nothing more. He would never mate her.

She was coming up, the stimulation of his heavy balls hitting her clitoris, the angle of his penetration pushing her toward climax. She feels the slight increase in his size, then the formation of his knot. Now lodged inside her, his thrusts become short and hard. Oh, she was close. He scrapes his teeth against her neck. Surprisingly, she feels fur sprout between them and, at the moment of climax, his teeth puncture her skin. Oh, Selene, he'd actually done it. They were mated!

He was too far gone now, racing towards his release. Michael felt the pressure on his shaft as she got a bit tighter around him. He was above her and playing a favorite game, letting her think he might actually do it this time. Might actually make her his mate. As if.

Close now, so close. Almost there.

The voice in his head has him bristling, the wolf in him coming out at the first sounds. And, angry, his jaws snap tighter. [Goddamn you, Michael Ross.]

He empties himself into her, tastes blood on his lips, feels the difference of a body covered with fur. Son of a bitch!

He had bitten Erica. By all the laws of werewolves, the laws of the pack, they were now mated. He had never intended to mate her, she was simply there for his relief. Luna, what would he do now?

He pulls them onto their sides, changing back to human form as he did so.

"Oh, Michael, I never thought it would happen."

A mistake. It was a mistake. He needs to tell her that but not while they were connected.

The pack would be pleased; his father probably would be too, but this was not what Michael wanted.

And the Wyeth bitch, this was her fault. He was going to have to shut her up once and for all.

He does not respond to Erica but, before he falls into a sated sleep, thinks 'I can always get rid of her if I need to.'

Nathan is sitting in a squad car, waiting for someone to run the light in front of him. There had been four fatal accidents at the intersection in the last year and a half, three of the four around dawn.

He hears the vibration of his phone and glances over to see a text has come through from jowolf989. "She's gone."

Nathan grabs the phone and fingers the keypad. "Who?"



"No. M took her to get better."

"RU OK?"


Nathan punches buttons and puts the phone to his ear. "Jo, love, what's wrong?"

Joanna hesitates a second, stopped by the term of endearment he's just used. "Jo?"

"Um. Lyssa's been acting really weird lately. Mad, nasty, picking fights. She challenged Mom." Nathan sucks in a breath. A challenge of the Alpha? "She fought Stephanie yesterday. Been scaring people. Emmett says she's having nightmares. She growled at me."

Nathan hears the emotion in her voice. "When did it start?"

"I don't know, three, four days ago I guess."

"Really different than the way she normally acts?"

"Yeah. Do you know something?"

"There's a thing that happens to some humans who've been through something awful. It can be them almost dying or seeing someone else die. Sometimes other things. It's called PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. They see it a lot with soldiers. It can take years to come out."

"And you think this is that?"

"Some people get scared of everyone, everything. Some get mad, get violent. Some go into a state where they think they're back in a bad place and someone's out to get them, paranoid."

"How long does it last?"

"We had a couple guys actually leave the force. They never came back." A small silver two-seater flashes by. "Gotta go!"

He throws the phone, flicks on the lights, and tears out after the offender.

Joanna is startled by the abrupt end to the call but knew Nathan was working. She figures he'll call back later to apologize. But, she needed to look up this PTSD thing.

So, she runs up to her room, to her computer, because it was going to be easier than trying to look it up on her phone. She starts with Wikipedia and begins to read.

Post traumatic stress disorder aka shell shock aka battle fatigue.

First noted during wartime although also seen in victims of abuse, violent crime, etc.

Symptoms include everything from catatonia to nightmares, violence, and risky activities.

Seen anywhere from immediately following the triggering incident to years later.

Treatment varied but was generally some combination of drugs and therapy.

And there was no real means of predicting who would be susceptible to it or how long it might last.

Joanna keeps reading, looking for signs of hope, that, if Lyssa did have this thing, she would get better.

She got more and more scared with what she read. No one knew who would be affected or how badly, there was no consensus on treatment, nor did they have any idea how long it would last.

It was her human side that was responsible, she had never heard of a werewolf having a problem like that. And then she thought, Lyssa had said something to them about how she acted after her family died. Maybe she was susceptible to it.

Would it be worse this time?

If Emmett, for whatever reason, felt the need to kill Lyssa, she doubted he'd come back to the pack.

It was entirely possible she'd never see her friends again.

[Mom. I'm scared.]

[Jo? Sweetie, what's wrong?]

[Where are you?]

[Coming, Jo. I'll be right there.] Ariel hurries to her daughter's room. She knocks once, opens the door, and walks in headed straight for Joanna. "Jo. Is Nathan alright?"

Ariel wraps her arms around her daughter as she voices the question.

Joanna blinks, so focused on Lyssa that the question took her off guard. "Ummm. Uh, yeah. He's OK." Her mother's first thought was that she was worried about Nathan. Joanna thought about that a bit and realized how much had changed in a couple of weeks.

Ariel recognizes she had asked a question off subject. There was only one other thing it could be. "I'm worried, too, Jo."

"Nathan said it sounds something like something called post traumatic stress. They don't know what to do about it or if the person can get over it. Mom," Joanna chokes back a sob, "what if they don't come back?"

Ariel holds her daughter tightly, her chin atop Joanna's head, and says quietly, "We mourn and go on, Jo." She feels Joanna start shaking. "But, you and I both know how hard Emmett will fight to keep her. He won't give up trying to help her get better. Being werewolf right now might help."

"But, maybe it's worse."

Ariel had no answer for that. "It's up to them now, Jo. We have to trust them." She holds her daughter as her fear takes over and she cries. As the crying eases, Ariel strokes her hair.

"I didn't get a chance to tell them goodbye."

Joanna's phone rings and both she and her mother glance at it. Nathan. She releases her daughter and says, "Talk to him, sweetie." The tone sounds as the call goes to voicemail.

Ariel kisses Joanna on the top of her head. "Call him back, Joanna. Talk to him." She strokes Joanna's hair once and gets up to leave.

As she reaches the door Joanna says one more thing. "You didn't tell me they were coming home. For sure."

"I wish I could, Jo."

Outside the closed door, Ariel leans against the door. Letting go of their youngest was hard, but she had to do it. Joanna was an adult now, and thoroughly smitten with a young male from another pack. She could be mated soon and might be going to live with them.

So, she had to start transferring the reins. To allow Nathan to comfort her, listen to her, share with her.

It made Ariel sad, that her baby was growing away. [Randall?]

[What's up, El? Do you need something?]


[I'll be there in 15 minutes.]

Randall finishes what he's doing and strides off to their room, to comfort his mate.

She's got her arms wrapped around herself, staring out the window of their bedroom. He knew she heard as he walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her. He feels her lean back against him. He briefly considers asking her why she was in need of comfort then decided simply to offer her whatever comfort she desired and talk to her after.

Ariel twists in his arms and puts her face against his chest, wrapping her arms around his waist. One of his hands holds her to him by the waist and the other comes up, rubbing her back. He feels wetness through his shirt as she quietly cries against his chest. His hand moves up, cradling her head against his chest.

He stands, holding her, until she sniffles, pulls an arm away and wipes her tears. "Thank you."

He leans down and hauls her upward, so he can look her in the eye. "Care to tell me about it?"

She smiles sadly at him. "Our little girl's grown up."

He sighs. "Ah, so it happened last night."

He backs towards the bed, hauling her with him so that he can sit with her more at eye level. "No. Well. Maybe."

He sits down on the bed and puts her in his lap, his nose in her red hair. "If she hasn't had sex with him, then what's got you going, El?" He strokes the side of her face.

"I was just talking to Jo and she's worried about Lyssa."

"As we all are. And?"

"Well, when I was talking to her, Nathan called. She looked at the phone and looked at me. She let it go to voicemail but I knew she wanted to talk to him." Ariel inhales and exhales. "So, I told her to call him, talk to him, and left. She's not my little girl anymore, Ran."

Randall responds quietly. "No, El, she isn't. She's an adult and we've got to let go a bit. She could well be mated by the end of the year."

Ariel sniffles and punches him in the shoulder. "Told you we'd have a Severn in the family."

"Yes, you did."

Ariel looks up at the strong, handsome face of her mate, the green eyes, his dark brown hair. She runs her fingers through that hair. "I want another pup, mate."

"You do remember everything that's involved? The weight gain, the cravings, the discomfort?"

She smiles, her eyes far away. "Yes."

"Your last heat was interrupted, we don't know what the next will be like."

"I don't care."

He leans down and kisses her. [Far be it for me to deny you giving me another pup.]

[Wanna practice?]

[Always, El. Always with you.]

And, so, Randall's hand drops to her breast and he swallows the moan that rises from her throat. Her hands wrap around his shoulders, fingernails digging into them.

After a few moments, he pulls her away from him and sets her on her feet. "Back up a couple of steps."

Ariel looks at her mate and complies. "Take off the pants." She smiles and her hands go to the waistband of her pants. Her thumbs slide back and forth a couple of times, then she undoes the button. Slowly the zipper is pulled down. The pants are barely held on her slim hips. She shimmies slightly and the pants slither down to the floor.

"Step out." Ariel sees the hungry look in his eyes and the bulge that has grown in his pants.

Randall looks at his mate in appreciation. The lovely tanned legs that allow her to run with him in the woods. He gets a peek of the reddish hair at the juncture of her thighs, just barely visible under the bottom of her blouse. He licks his lips. "Turn around." Slowly, she turns her back to him and he looks at the firm curves of her buttocks. "Spread your legs and bend over." He watches her slide a foot over and bend forward. And now, now he begins to see the soft, lightly furred folds that lay between her legs.

"Are you wet, mate?"

He listens to the breathless word that leaves her lips. "Yes."

Of course she is, he can smell her.

"Now, go to my desk and lean over it. Open yourself to me. Show me what you offer."

She walks to his desk, briefly glancing over her shoulder and, bracing herself on it, leans over further. Her fingers show between her legs as she spreads her outer labia and he is given a view of the moist, darkened folds she reveals. He groans. "Ah. Lovely."

Ariel hears the almost imperceptible squeak as he rises from the bed. Next comes the sound of his zipper and his groan as his engorged shaft is released. She hears the fabric drop to the floor and his quiet footfalls. [Don't look around.]

She closes her eyes and listens to him breathe and tries to guess where he will touch her. He's right behind her; she can feel the heat of his body.

She's almost quivering in anticipation as she feels her own moisture increase and smells the fluid dripping from his cock.

His first touch is the tip of his penis against her opening and both groan as he thrusts strongly into her. [Is this what you want, my mate?]

[Yes, Ran. This and your pup.] He pulls out, slowly, and pushes all the way back in, savoring the feeling of the hot wet channel his manhood is ensconced in, savoring the feeling of his mate around him.

In, and out. And again.

He leans down, over her, and puts his hands over hers on the desk as he slowly pumps her from behind. He feels the warmth of her body and nuzzles the collar of her blouse out of the way so that he can lick her neck.

Her mate was covering her and licking her neck as he continued his slow slide into and out of her wet pussy. She could feel every inch of him, feel his strength. And she felt his knot start to swell as he pushed into her.

She feels his hand come off of hers as he becomes firmly lodged within her. As he begins his short, hard thrusts, he reaches to the sensitive place at the top of her slit and starts to rub. As her muscles begin to quiver around him, she feels him set his teeth at the joint of her shoulder and neck. As he bites down, she crashes over the edge, crying out his name. A few seconds later, as her claws gouge into the wood of his desk, she feels his molten seed spill into her and hears his howl of possession.

Calvin has called to ask if he could visit and has been granted permission.

He had thought that Michael would have announced a new Beta the previous night but that hadn't happened. Michael seemed content to have Sampson as his Beta.

What he had done was announce a drop in pack revenue and a need to rein in spending.

They had lost a pack member as the result of a mating and, while there wasn't a new pup to announce this month, Rachel was due at any time. Everyone had perked up for the hunt as there are few things a wolf pack enjoys more.

They stayed out, eating and drinking, for longer than was the norm.

Calvin arrives at the Wyeth den after lunch because of the tumult at Ross. It was completely unexpected, but Michael had apparently mated Erica that morning. And he didn't seem at all pleased by that.

Erica was reservedly happy. The Ross pack now had an Alpha pair and Calvin considered the possibility of grandpups, while wishing Sabine had lived to see it.

Stephanie, as he expected, was in the training room and was sparring with Alex.

Calvin sits at the butterfly machine and starts reps, watching her as he did so.

Alex was good and outweighed her, but she had learned much and was able to counter his moves. He found that Stephanie was a good fighter in her own right.

Then, he watches as Alex performs a complicated movement and Stephanie ends up on her back. Alex puts his hand out and helps her up, saying "You always fall for that one."

"That's because no one else can pull it off without telegraphing. Again."

Alex drops her five more times with the same maneuver. On the sixth she only stumbles.

Calvin watches, openly fascinated.

Alex checks the time, he's obviously got something else to do. "Good, Stephanie."

"Thanks. Another time, Alex?"


Alex leaves, for whatever task awaits him.

Stephanie turns, fully aware that Calvin has been watching, and greets him. "Calvin."

"Stephanie. Good day to you." He looks her over. "I could use a work out, if you have time and would be so inclined."

"Close drills or a real match?" He was startled, while he had asked the question he really hadn't expected an answer. He stumbles over the next few words.

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