tagNonHumanFulfillment 10

Fulfillment 10


Dear Readers,

Probably three or four chapters to follow before I come to my desired ending. Sorry the submissions have been rather chaotic. Sometimes life interferes and some parts are harder to write than others.





Lyssa and Emmett learned of these new occurrences the next morning at breakfast. And the pack breathed a collective sigh of relief at the Beta female's change in mood. While still in some pain, her shoulders still sore, she was smiling, talking. Emmett was pleased to be back with his pack, with his mate.

Calvin did not arrive this morning, and there was a lot of talk as to what was happening with the Alpha, Michael Ross.

At the Ross compound, Erica is woken by her mate. Michael nips at her neck and rolls her over onto her hands and knees. He kneels behind her and presses his morning erection against her opening. She's not ready for him yet and yelps. [Not yet, Michael.]

He presses forward anyway, grunting and pulling at her hips.

She tries to get away as the burning pain hits her. [No. Stop.] His claws dig into her hips and he shoves forward, working his way into her tight, dry channel.

Tears fill her as the pain overtakes her. "Stop!" He ignores her, pulling out slightly and surging forward again.

While he's never been particularly gentle or considerate when he coupled with her, he'd never hurt her like this. [Michael, you're hurting me.] Her only response is a grunt and another push. He's finally seated fully inside her and stops for a second while she tries to collect herself. Could she call for help? Would anyone help her?

And then, the pull back, and his thrusts begin in earnest. She whimpers, having never felt pain like this. The only thing she wants now is for it to be over. [Calvin. Sampson. Someone, help me, please.]

The burning eases as he continues to plunge into her, but only because of the blood. Her blood, lubricating his stiff dick. She sobs into the bed as he continues pumping into her.

A noise reaches her ears. The door. Someone opened the door. "Please. He's hurting me." She hears the sniff as someone scents the air. Sampson has arrived, Calvin just behind him.

"Michael, stop. Michael?"

"Michael, get off her!". He growls and continues his thrusts. Erica continues to sob.

"Sampson, let's pull him off."

"Certainly, Calvin." The two males walk over and drag Michael away from his mate.

Michael screams in rage and frustration and shifts to intermediate form as they hold his arms. Erica drops to the bed, tears leaking, blood on her thighs, and curls into a ball.

Sampson asks, "What happened?"

Michael doesn't answer, he simply struggles against their hold. "Erica?"

She sniffles a little, "He put me on my hands and knees and just shoved in. I wasn't ready. I told him to stop. He ignored me. He hurt me."

"Michael? Alpha?"

Michael continues his struggle, trying to reach Erica, screaming his frustration, his dick standing stiffly out in front of him and trembling, coated in her blood.

Calvin looks at his son. "Lyssa."

"Kill the bitch! Kill the bitch!"

Sampson and Calvin look at each other. "He's not getting better. We need to secure him downstairs so he doesn't hurt anyone else." [Sharilyn, would you come to the Alpha suite and see to our Madam Alpha?]

[Of course. I'll be there shortly.]

[Albert, Mathias, come to the Alpha suite, we need your help.]

Calvin and Sampson drag Michael to the door and are met by two other males. They look surprised, but grab their Alpha and start hauling him downstairs. Sampson sends out a command [Everyone, in your rooms. Now.]

Michael is chained in a basement room. Calvin and Sampson stay behind as the other two males leave. "I would ask that you not speak of this to the others." The two males nod their response. [I don't think he's going to get better, Sampson.]

[I think you may be right.] Sampson sighs. [So, my Alpha, what will you have us do?]

Startled, Calvin says, "Alpha?"

The door has closed, they are alone in the room, except for an enraged Michael. Michael is straining at his bonds, growling, snarling. "I have no wish to be Alpha, Cal. It's your job. You have no other heir. The pack will be in chaos otherwise."

"You're right, Sampson. You're right. I guess I need to take over again. I never expected this. I thought I could turn it over to Michael, watch the pack grow. Learn to live after Sabine." He looks back at his son. "What will I do with him, Sampson? I've lost him too."

"You have time to decide that, Cal. Alpha. But, now, you need to tell your pack you're back in charge."

Calvin looks at his son, looks back at Sampson, and sighs. "You're right, my friend. Would you call the pack together?"

"Of course, my Alpha."

There are howls of relief and happiness as Calvin announces that he is taking over as Alpha again, that Michael was incapacitated. Erica looks small and frightened at the announcement.

"Erica, please, come with me. Sampson."

Sampson and Erica proceed to the office area and enter the room where the Alpha maintains the pack records and operation. "Erica, are you alright?"

"Calvin, uh, Alpha, I." She takes a deep breath and releases it. "I'll heal." She looks at him. "Will Michael?"

"I've asked our healer to give us her best opinion and, since there doesn't seem to have been any improvement overnight, she isn't hopeful for a full recovery. Unless something changes soon, he probably won't get any better."

"What will you do with him? With me?"

"At this point, Erica, I can't say for sure. We'll have to see if he improves at all, if he is docile enough, or if he can be controlled. If he's a danger to the pack.. well, time will tell."

"As for you, you are mated to my son. You will retain your status as such. We'll have another room prepared for you. I don't expect you to move out immediately, as Michael may still show some recovery."

"If you need help, please see Sampson."

"Yes, Alpha." Erica takes leave of the Ross Alpha and Beta.

Calvin sits heavily in the chair behind the desk. "How bad are things?"

"They will be better now, Cal, but Michael has made an awful mess of the finances and the business."

"Alright, call Peter and Paul in here. Let's see what we can do to straighten things out."


Calvin has started sifting through the papers on his desk. "Hmm?"

"We should tell the other packs."

Calvin puts his head in his hands. "Let's give it til this afternoon." Calvin looks up to Sampson. "I never thought I'd say this but, I'm glad Sabine isn't here to see this." A pause. "Am I going to have to kill my son, Sampson?"

"I hope not, Cal. I hope not." Another pause. "I'll get Peter and Paul."

"Thank you."


Lyssa and Emmett are again sent to the healers for an evaluation. Natalie suggests Lyssa get some heat on her sore shoulders. Wade checks Emmett's ribs, pleased with their rate of healing. Both are reminded to get sufficient protein and calcium and more rest. "You'll be good as new within a day or two."

"Thank you, healer."

Emmett nuzzles Lyssa's hair. "Come, mate, let's get you something warm on your shoulders."

Lyssa smiles, allowing herself to be led up to their room. They are waylaid by Joanna. "Hey, Lys, I want to talk to you."

Emmett smiles at her. "Can you give us an hour or so, Jo?"

She looks between the two of them, and sighs. "Yeah. OK."

Upstairs, Emmett pulls Lyssa into their room, pulls her close, and kisses her.

When the kiss breaks, she sighs, and rests her head against his shoulder. "I kinda wish we were still at the cabin."

"Me, too." He takes her hand and leads her to their bathroom. He turns on the water and waits for it to warm. Turning, he looks at her. "How much do you like the dress?"

She breaks into a huge grin.

"Um, it's OK."

He seizes the neckline and rips it down the front, tearing the fabric from her body.

"Em, I don't think you're up to anything strenuous. I'm not sure I am, either."

He chuckles, then laughs. When he finally has enough breath to speak, he says, "The way things have been for us lately, I'm not sure when that will be."

She closes her eyes and shakes her head. "I hope this is the end of it. I'm really not in the mood for being beat up again."

"We'll see, Lys. How about that shower?"

"Sure, Em. Sounds good."

Dropping his clothing, he takes her hand and pulls her into the shower. He turns her under the spray, so that it cascades over her shoulders. She groans at the feeling and closes her eyes. Lyssa rolls her head a bit, trying to unkink the tight, sore muscles, then opens her eyes again. She looks at her mate, noting the dark bruising on his left side. Injuries left from the accident. No, it wasn't an accident. Michael Ross intentionally rammed them. There was nothing accidental about it. She growls, low, involuntarily. "Lys?"

She looks up at his face, notes the concern there. "Sorry, Em. Just looking at your bruises and thinking about Michael Ross."

"I'd like to give you something else to think about, mate. I'm going to make you think about nothing but me."

He's in the shower with her, facing her. She picks up one of his hands, brings it to her lips, and kisses it. She then places it on her breast.

His mate was standing in front of him, with water cascading over her wonderful, curvy body. He hoped she had caught this time but it was unlikely with all the craziness that had gone on before her heat. Craziness that Michael Ross had started to begin with. He had attempted to take his mate away from him, twice. The growl that rises in his throat now is quickly cut off as he realizes his hands are sliding over the wet, slick body of his mate.

She tips her head back against the wall as his thumbs circle on her nipples. "Oh, Em." She moans as he continues to touch her.

His hands briefly leave her body and she opens her eyes to look at him, ready to protest. But, he gives her an appreciative grin, and soaps up his hands. "I think I'd better make sure you're clean, while we're at it."

He runs his hands over her curves, down from her shoulders, under the bottoms of her breasts, over her hips, and he watches the soap bubbles slide down her skin. He reaches up to her breasts as he drops down to his knees in their shower. Kneading, rolling her nipples. She again inhales, closes her eyes, and moans. He then reaches around her body and grabs her ass, pulling her towards him. Emmett pulls one of Lyssa's legs over his shoulder and is treated to a glimpse of a different kind of wetness, the wetness that came from her. The warm water raining down on them also dampened her scent, but, if he got closer he'd be able to smell her. So, he did. He sticks his nose in between her legs and inhales deeply. Next comes the first lick.

His tongue extends and he flicks it over her clitoris. "Oh, yes."

"OK, I'll clean things up down here while I'm at it."

Lyssa smiles, and looks down at the grey head of hair that her hands are braced on. She pulls his head more tightly to her.

Now, to taste her juices, to take what her body made for him. So, he took the first taste, savoring it, groaning. [You taste so good, mate.]

[More, Em. More.]

[If you wish it.] And he begins, sweeping over her folds, delving into the warm wet tunnel that fit around him so well.

As he works at her with his tongue, his forefinger pushes between her buttocks, flirting with the pink rosebud between and she squirms.

Not the place for that. So, he keeps after her, loving the sounds of her moans, feeling her hands clutching at him. Her clit has extended, reddened, engorged, peaking out from its hood. He continues to stroke it with his tongue while also sweeping up her juices. Her legs begin to shake and her cries get louder. He holds her steady with his hands as he works her to the edge. Emmett twists his head slightly and sets his teeth around her clit, biting down lightly. And she shrieks, "Ooooh, god, EMMMmmmmm."

Fingernails dig into his scalp as he feels the spasming around his tongue.

He holds her steady while she pants and recovers. One last lick and she jerks, sensitive. "Ooh."

[Are you clean, mate?]


He pulls her leg off his shoulder, rises, and reaches around her to turn off the shower. "I think it's time for another nap." He reaches for her and she backs away.

"You're still too hurt, Em. I can walk." They grab towels, dry off, and head for the bed.

Curling up together, they work on healing.

As he nods off, he hears, "Thank you, Em."


Calvin informs the other packs of his return as Alpha of the Ross pack. The news is taken in stride by every pack but Wyeth.

Randall is the last Alpha he speaks to and has the longest conversation with. "How is Michael, Cal?"

Randall hears the pain in his friend's voice. "Not well, Randall, not well at all. He's still not in his right mind and our healer isn't hopeful."

"I'm sorry, Cal."

"So am I. Unfortunately, he brought this on himself. Just as bad, he took others with him."

"What do you mean? Is Sampson alright? Emmett and Lyssa are healing."

"Ah, Randall. Sampson was not injured. Michael's mate is now afraid of her status in the pack. And, of course, we lost Jason, Gerry, and Alan. The business is in worse shape. And some of the other pack members have not fared so well during my son's tenure as Alpha."

"I hope that you'll be able to turn some of that around, fairly quickly."

"The pack seems pleased that I have assumed the role of Alpha again."

"I should let you get back to work, then. If there's a way I can help, Cal.."

"One thing you can do for me, Randall," Randall waits, expectantly, "could I speak to Stephanie?"

"Let me see if she's around." Randall's attention shifts, while he calls for Stephanie. He says, "She's on her way. Is there anything else we need to discuss?"

"Well, there is the matter of your demolished car. And the injuries to your pack members."

"The car is one thing, Cal. And, we can wait until you get things under control there. As for Emmett and Lyssa, well, I believe Lyssa may have made her own justice for them."

"And Joanna?"

"She wasn't harmed, just scared, and it appears she's found her mate as a result."

"The Severn pup?"

"Yes, they've been spending a lot of time together. Ah, Stephanie, the Ross Alpha would like to speak with you."

"Alpha Wyeth? The Ross Alpha?"

"It's Calvin, Stephanie. He wants to talk to you." Randall says, "I'll talk to you again, Cal." and hands the receiver to Stephanie.

Stephanie sits in the chair indicated by her Alpha, who nods at her and leaves the room, closing the door behind him.


"Stephanie. I'm sorry, but I may not be able to visit for a few days. I have much to do for my pack, at present."

"Of course, Cal, Alpha Ross, I understand."

"I'll call you in a day or two."

"Of course."

"Goodbye, Stephanie."

"Goodbye, Alpha Ross." She puts the phone down, cutting off his response.

He hears the sound of the disconnect as he says, "It's Calvin, to you."


Joanna can't stand it any longer and knocks on Lyssa and Emmett's door.

A sleepy send comes to her. [Who's there?]

"It's Jo. Did I wake you?"

Lyssa comes to the door in a robe and comes into the hallway, closing the door behind her. She looks at Joanna and back at the door. "He could use more sleep. He's really banged up."

Joanna throws her arms around Lyssa, taking the older woman by surprise. "I'm so glad you're back. I thought we might lose both of you."

"Bastard needs an attitude adjustment."

"Um, that's not what I meant but I think he's got that."

"What do you mean?"

"Um. Maybe I should let Mom and Dad tell you."


They walk to a little sitting area on the floor and take a couple of chairs. "Well, Calvin Ross has taken over as Alpha."

"He has?" Joanna nods. Lyssa's eyes go wide. "I thought I didn't kill him."

"You didn't, but it sounds like you really scrambled his brains."

"What do you mean?"

"Dad says Michael isn't dead but that he's not acting right."

Lyssa looks rather upset by the news. Joanna grabs her hands. "Lyssa, It's not your fault. He tried to kill you and Emmett. You were protecting yourself."

Lyssa now looks down. "I know, it's just, well, .." She stops speaking, and shakes her head.

Joanna pats her hand. "Madeline is doing well. And, do you know about Stephanie?"

Lyssa smiles. "I heard. It's hard to believe."

"Everyone was surprised. You've never seen gossip spread so quickly."

"Did she kiss him on her own or did he kiss her?"

"Nobody knows how it started but them. But Paul came across them in the garage. He says it looked like she wasn't fighting it."

"Well, good. She should be happy. Wait, what happens now that Calvin is Alpha?"

"There's no reason they can't get mated. Hey, did you know Michael got mated?"

"What? Mated?" She rubs her forehead and mumbles to herself. "That's right, he said something about it."

Joanna looks at her, concern showing on her face. "Yeah, the morning you left. We found out the next day."

"Um, wow. Things won't go too well for her, will it?"

"I don't think Alpha Ross will make it hard for her."

Lyssa mumbles, "No. No, She's probably got it hard enough already."

She exhales strongly. "I thought I was going to die, Jo. I thought he'd killed Em and thought he was going to kill me. That's twice in a month."

Joanna moves over to Lyssa's side. "Trouble just comes to find you, doesn't it?"

"Gee, thanks. This time you started it."

"Did not."

"Did too."

"No, it wasn't me."

"How's Nathan?"

Joanna blushes slightly, dipping her head. "We're...good."

"So, he's making you happy. Everywhere?"

The blush deepens. "So, want to talk to me about something? Or have you talked to Ariel?"

Joanna squeaks, "Mom? Um, I can't."

"Just make sure you talk to someone, if you need to."

"I never thought it could feel so..good."

Lyssa smiles. "So, now you know why we all appreciate sex. It's a wonderful thing, to be able to please your mate and have them please you."

"We aren't mated."



"Oh, Jo, we know it's gonna happen, you know it's gonna happen, you just have to decide when."

They can feel the vibrations of a large body approaching, and Lyssa looks up to see her mate. "And why have you pulled my mate away from me, Jo?"

Joanna looks up, startled. Emmett grins down at the two of them.

Jo gets up and hugs Emmett. "I'm so glad you're back." She pulls away as he groans. "Oh, sorry."

Lyssa looks up at her mate. "How are you feeling? Not 100% yet if a little girl can hurt you."

"Hurt me? I can throw you over my shoulder and beat you in the circle, if you wish."

"Alright, Mr. Big Bad Werewolf. But your ribs are still healing and you really shouldn't. How do you feel?"

"You're right. Not completely healed yet. My ribs ache. Soon, though, I shall be able to show you how well I am." He smiles, giving her a rather lecherous grin. "And, how are you feeling, sweetheart?"

"Better. Still sore in the shoulders. Jo's been catching me up on the gossip. Apparently, Michael Ross was mated the day we left. And Calvin has taken back Alpha."

"What? Why?"

Lyssa looks a bit upset. He puts his arms around her. He turns to Joanna. "What happened?"

"You really should talk to Dad."


"Michael Ross has, well, he's not Alpha anymore." [Dad? Could you come to the sitting area on the third floor?]

[Joanna? What is it?]

[Lyssa and Emmett want to know about the Ross pack.]

[On my way.] "OK, Dad's coming to talk to you."

Emmett changes the subject. "So, how's Erich been?"

"Not real sure. I've been gone a lot. But it sounds like he's doing OK."

"Is his mate fitting in alright?"

"I should go talk to her sometime soon."

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