tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFull House: The Reunion Ch. 1

Full House: The Reunion Ch. 1

byKip Carson©

In the future...

The Tanner household is very quiet now. DJ and Stefanie have both married and moved away. Michelle still lives at home as she finishes her freshman year in college. Uncle Jessie, Rebecca and the twins live in the house next door. Joey still lives with Danny, and neither are married. It's the week before Christmas, and Danny and Joey are excitedly preparing the house for the visit of DJ and Stefanie...both girls married military men, and neither one's husband can come home for the holidays, so they are both coming home to visit for a couple of weeks.

Michelle has blossomed into quite a lovely young woman, and she is upstairs in her room listening to music lying on the bed in her night shirt. She glances towards the full length mirror on her wall at the foot of her bed, and sees her white cotton panties peeking from beneath her nightshirt. Michelle slowly spreads her legs apart and stares at the small tufts of blonde hair peeking from the sides of her small panties. Her hand wanders downwards, sliding across her soft tender thighs. She softly gasps as her hand brushes across her soft mound. Michelle slips her panties off, and begins looking at her blonde pussy hair in the mirror.

Michelle begins to rub on the soft wet slit between her legs. Her virgin pussy has begun to moisten a lot, and she finds herself quite curious about sex. She begins watching in the mirror as she softly rubs her swollen clit. Michelle softly moans, and her pussy becomes even hotter and wetter. Michelle's finger is now slipping into her wet tight pussy, and she begins to gyrate her hips as her finger fully penetrates her virginal slit. Michelle doesn't even hear the soft knock on her door as she gets lost in her self pleasure. She is startled as she hears a female voice saying "What are you doing kiddo?".

"Oh God, hi Kimmie," Michelle says to the pesky neighbor Kimmie Gibbler. Michelle begins pulling her shirt downward, trying to cover her wet naked pussy. Her juices are glistening on her wet finger as she nervously attempts to hide her sexual excitement.

Kimmie smells the hot sweet smell of Michelle's juicy pussy as she approaches the young hottie. "Mmmm, you look like you could use a friend," Kimmie says, flopping down on the bed beside the youngest Tanner daughter.

"Wh wh what do you mean?" Michelle says nervously.

"Mmmm, let me show you" Kimmie replies, pushing Michelle onto her back.

Michelle doesn't resist as Kimmie forces her legs apart and begins kissing her soft tender thighs. "Mmmm, you smell so nice..." Kimmie says, pressing her nose against Michelle's virginal wet pussy. Michelle grunts as Kimmie's tongue slides across her hot pink pussy slit.

"Oh God, Kimmie...that feels so good!" Michelle moans.

"Mmmm, you taste just like DJ," Kimmie says, hungrily licking up and down Michelle's beautiful pussy slit.

"Wow, you have tasted DJ?" Michelle asks in a whimpering voice.

"Oh yeah honey, and Stefanie, too" Kimmie replies.

Kimmie is obviously no stranger at the art of eating pussy ,and she quickly resumes munching on Michelle's moist muff. Michelle grabs Kimmie by her brown hair, and holds her face tightly against her spasming pussy. "Oh My God, this is incredible" Michelle moans. Kimmie's tongue rapidly flicks at Michelle's swollen clit, and Michelle thrusts her hips wildly as she begins to experience her first orgasm. "Oh God, yeah" Michelle moans as her pussy explodes. Her juices gush from her excited pussy, filling Kimmie's talented mouth. Kimmie loudly slurps as the hot pussy juices pour from Michelle's beautiful pussy.

Kimmie slides her hand up Michelle's night shirt, and finds her small, firm, braless breasts. She firmly pinches Michelle's tiny erect nipples with her fingers. "Oh yeah, harder...God!" Michelle moans. Michelle's climax subsides, and she pushes Kimmie's face from her tender pussy. "Oh God, that was so good, but I am so sensitive," Michelle softly purrs.

"Oh, I understand, babe," Kimmie replies. Kimmie quickly slides next to Michelle on the bed, and pulls her close. She presses her mouth over Michelle's and begins passionately kissing her.

Michelle is overwhelmed by the softness of Kimmie's lips as they softly kiss. Kimmie quickly slips her tongue inside of Michelle's mouth and Michelle responds by thrusting her wet tongue against Kimmie's. Michelle softly moans as they passionately French kiss. Kimmie quickly slides Michelle's night shirt up over her shoulders, baring Michelle's firm, small breasts.

"Oh God, they are so beautiful!" Kimmie purrs as her mouth finds Michelle's pink erect nipples. Kimmie quickly begins sucking and nibbling on Michelle's nipples, moving from one to the other. Kimmie's hand slides between Michelle's legs, and she begins to rub her wet pussy slit again. She hungrily sucks and bites on Michelle's tiny breasts as her hand furiously rubs up and down Michelle's wet pussy slit.

Michelle responds by slipping her hand inside of Kimmie's shorts. Kimmie's pussy is dripping wet with excitement. Michelle's fingers fumble around inside of Kimmie's shorts, finally making contact with her excited swollen clit. Kimmie excitedly thrusts against Michelle's probing fingers, which quickly slide inside of Kimmie's hot pussy. Kimmie begins kissing Michelle again, as the 2 girls furiously finger each other. Kimmie is surprised at how quickly Michelle's innocent young fingers are learning. Kimmie moans loudly as her climax approaches. Michelle thrusts her finger deeply into Kimmie, making her grunt loudly. "Oh God, kiddo!"

"I'm Cummming!!!!" Kimmie loudly yells. Kimmie's pussy tightens around Michelle's pussy as she climaxes. Her juices freely flow from her hot cumming pussy all over Michelle's hand.

Michelle grinds her finger against Kimmie's pussy furiously fucking her to another climax. Michelle's own pussy spasms wildly beneath Kimmie's hot fingers, and they cum together, both bucking wildly against each other's probing fingers. Kimmie's tongue slips into Michelle's mouth and they once again passionately kiss. "Mmmm, that was so good" Kimmie moans.

"Wow, so incredible!" Michelle says. They hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and they quickly straighten themselves up. They hear the knock at the door, and see Joey standing there.

"Hi girls, what's up?" Joey asks. He can smell the scent of young sweet pussy as it fills the air in the room. His cock begins pressing against his khaki pants as he inhales the sweet sensuous aroma.

To Be Continued...

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