tagErotic HorrorFull Moon

Full Moon


The light of the full moon shines down through the trees surrounding our campsite. You have been attentive as always. All through the evening you keep sniffing my skin, burying your face in my hair and inhaling deeply. You keep stealing kisses as we set up camp.

I notice you are never more than an arm length away from me. You touch me as often as you can gently running hands over my arms or over my jean clad knee. I feel desired and it makes me smile. Again you come close to me inhaling deeply as though you cannot get enough of me. Finally you say I smell delicious. You tell me you want to taste me again.

I blush dropping my eyes down though there is no one to see. I look up to you through my lashes and smile at you knowing you like to see me smile like this.

You tell me you have a secret you want to share with me. You tell me to go into the tent and look at what is laid out on the sleeping bags for me. You say I will know what to do. You tell me that you will come to me and share a special secret.

I nod and smile. I go into the tent leaving the flap open behind me. I find a purple scarf lying on the sleeping bags. I pick it up and glance over to the open tent flaps. You are facing the fire and looking up to the sky watching the clouds drift across the face of the moon.

I place the soft scarf over my eyes tying it tightly behind my head so that my hair is still loose. I wait to hear if you are coming in. I am met by only the night sounds of the woods around us. I kneel on the bedding listening to the wind blow through the trees. I hear the fall leaves rustle and think you are coming in but you do say anything to me.

I take off my shoes and socks and then I slowly unbutton the flannel shirt removing it and drawing off the t-shirt beneath. I strip away my jeans and I am left in my panties and bra. I turn back to where I know the opening is and whisper your name. Only silence and the sound of the fire greet me. I wait a moment listening and then slip out of my bra and panties. I lie down on top of the sleeping bags and wait for you.

I lay feeling the air moving over my warm flesh drawing imaginary lines of kisses on my stomach and thighs. I wait in darkness eyes closed behind a scarf listening for you to come to me. I know you will be coming for me, coming to touch me, coming to let you hands play over my skin.

I lay thinking of you and my skin prickles at the thought of your lips grazing across my breasts. I lay waiting for you to come to touch me to draw me up into your arms and kiss my neck. Waiting for you to run your hands over my body and whisper my name in that breathless amazed way you speak to me during intimate moments. I can still taste you on my lips from those kisses throughout the evening and the taste of you heightens my anticipation.

Then finally when I feel as though I can wait no more I feel the air change and I know that you have been here watching me waiting for you. The wind shifts and comes through the tent and I can smell you near me now. The clean smell of soaps mixed with your scent, and something wild and animal, blows across me and I become wet just knowing that you are near. My nipples harden at the thought of you so close to me. I writhe under your gaze begging silently for you to touch me again.

I hear a low growl slip from your lips as you bend your head down to run you face just above my throat. I feel your breathe warm against my lightly chilled flesh and I arch my back trying to bring your mouth to me. Again I hear you growl and drawl in air through your teeth as though you can already taste me. Still you have not touched me but I know your eyes are trailing over my bare form.

I lay beneath you knowing you are so close and finally I feel your hand brush oh so gently across my cheek. It is as though a damn has broken between us and all becomes skin touching skin hands sliding across one and other. Hands in the darkness... caressing my cheek, pulling my hair in a not so gentle way. I return the touches running my hands over your chest and you tell me to undress you and you rest on your knees beside me.

I fumble a bit with the buttons of your shirt removing it slowly as I nestle my face against your neck and bite gently. You taste of sweat and I lick along you collar bone inhaling deeply. You smell wild tonight. I think it is just the woods around us and a lingering scent of the fire but I am wrong.

Again that primal growl comes and I feel you vibrate against me with the need of it. I slide my hand down to open your pants and follow my hands with my mouth. I feel your hands roam over my back as I kiss down the length of your stomach. I kiss along your waist line as I pull your pants downward. Your penis waits warm and ready for my mouth as I kiss the tip of it and draw the length gently into my mouth. I feel your hand grip the back of my head and push down. I suck you in and lick the length of your shaft as I bob my head to the pressure of your hand tangled in my hair. You grow fully hard and you groan my name as I bite along you. You call me a goddess and stroke my face and neck.

Though you are always warm, you are nearly feverish tonight. I feel you muscles cord and bunch under my hands as I stroke along your ribs. You pull my head up gently and push me down onto my back. You slide one hand between my legs to find my wet pussy. You stroke me up and down as you bite your way down my body; your teeth are sharp but gentle. You growl against my sex as you slide your tongue between my lower lips. I moan and arch my back. As you lick my clit you slip two fingers into me and I cry out and ride the waves of pleasure. As lay shaking under you crying out over and over, I feel one of your hands gripping my thigh rougher than normal.

I go still as I realize somehow things are not normal. I feel that your face has elongated against my thigh and your tongue licks up over my clit longer than it should be. You hair is longer when I run my hand through it and your ears are gently pointed when I slide my fingers over them.

I feel you tremble as you realize I know you are different tonight. You growl my name. You ask in a deep throaty voice if I know what you are. I cannot speak at first and I think of you sitting by the fire looking up at the moon. I shake my head at first unable to believe it. Then I nod admitting the truth. You draw away from me leaving me to reach out to you. You ask me to say it. I nod again and try to find my voice. You have to ask me again to say it.

"Wolf..." I whisper.

You ask if I want you to stop; if I am ok with this. I take a deep breath and tell you I want you.

Again you dip your head to my pussy and lick the full length of me bring another shudder and a gasp from me. After a few more licks you raise up and tell me you want me on my knees. I roll over and rise up trusting you completely not to hurt me and know that you could if you choose. I hear the condom wrapper open and then I feel you slide inside me thrusting deep. You growl my name and thrust into me over and over bring me to climax again.You call out to me in your rougher deeper voice and as I am shuddering under you, you wrap your hands in my hair and climax deep inside me.

After we are spent, we curl up together on the sleeping bag and fall asleep. I wake briefly to find you gone in the middle of the night. I try to stay awake waiting for you but I doze. I hear you moving around the camp site and know I am safe.

I awake in the morning to you untying the blindfold from my eyes. I kiss you and draw you down beside me. I tell you next time I want to see you.

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