tagNonHumanFull Moon Ch. 02

Full Moon Ch. 02

byLady Lilith©

That evening when she awoke she had this strange feeling of warmth coming from between her legs. Then the feeling grew hotter and pulsing. She let out a small moan and rolled over more onto her back. With fuzzy vision she looked down her body toward her legs and found that he was there, bringing her to orgasm with his tongue. She threw her head back and moaned louder with a grin on her face. She had forgotten that she slept with him last night and that he had stayed there with her because she had asked him to. Once the waves settled and she could breathe again she pulled him up her body and kissed him tasting her juices on his lips and also feeling that he was totally aroused and wanted her.

With out a word he slid in to her and she gasped forgetting that he was so big. Again just as the night before his eyes changed and he began to change to his wolf like form. The first thing that popped in to her head was the scene in Dracula where Dracula and Lucy are in the garden during a thunder storm having sex. Dracula was in his wolf form at the time and Lucy loved it, just as she loved it right now. His nails grew longer and he began to tear at the head board and the mattress; almost as if he was trying to get better traction to push harder. He was kissing and biting at her neck and she did not resist him at all. She turned her head and gave him full access to her neck. He grinned at her and nipped her neck till she began to bleed. He licked at the blood the slowly dripped from the small wound that he had created. He instantly felt the power that she had running threw his veins.

Pushing harder and faster he was looking in to her eyes and could see the passion that she was also feeling. Before he knew what was happening she had shifted her weight and he was on his back. She held onto the head board as she moved her hips in tight circles. She took him in as far as she could; she loved the feel of him deep inside of her. The look on his face told her that he was enjoying the feeling also. She had her eyes closed while she was kissing him and could tell that he was getting close. This time he changed the position and rolled her onto her back and lifted her left leg up to rest on his powerful shoulder. She could feel his strength as he pushed hard and the look on his face told her that he loved the feeling of being there with her. Once again just as the night before he began to let out a low growl that grew loader as he came.

A smile crossed her face knowing that she brought him such pleasure. After lying in bed for a few hours making sure that the sun had gone down they began to get up. She was hungry and needed to feed. They got out of bed and took a shower together, just to be sure that they got every spot on their bodies clean. At least that is what they told each other before they began to make love again. Once they were out of the shower and dressed they left the hotel and took a walk in the park. It was warm out and people were doing their nightly routine, walking the dog, running things of that nature. One person stood out from the rest. A young woman that was stretching, she was getting ready to go jogging. She turned her head looking him in the eye and he knew what she wanted to do.

He walked up to the female and asked if he could talk to her for a moment. He said that he was doing an article for the paper about joggers that run at night. The woman followed him to a bench over by a large tree that was off of the main trail. She waited there behind the tree for them. Once they sat down and started talking she walked up behind the woman. He looked up at her as he moved closer to the woman whispering something to her making her eyes close. The whole time he was looking in to his lovers eyes. He kept eye contact with her as he began to bite the woman’s neck. She moved closer to them and as he was bighting one side of the woman’s neck she was biting the other. The feel of hot fresh blood ran over her lips and down her throat.

As she pulled away her eyes had changed and lust filled her senses again as she looked at him. He was turned on also, and as they got up leaving the girl’s body there on the bench they walked further into the woods. They walked to the darkest spot in the woods where they were sure no one was around. Stopping they began kissing. She walked backwards away from him, and as he watched her she lifted her skirt showing him that she was wearing nothing underneath. She leaned up against a tree and began rubbing her clit as he watched her. His eyes changed to a darker color and began glowing. She knew then that he wanted her and wasn’t going to watch for much longer. She took off her coat and turned around. Looking over her shoulder at him she begged for him to come to her. With out a second thought he was there on his knees licking and sucking on her pussy.

It didn’t take much for her to get wet and ready for him and he knew it as he put two long fingers in her and began to finger her. Once she came he stood and replaced his fingers with his hard cock. He reached up grabbed her hair pulling her head back as he fucked her with full force. He was asking her if she liked it and if she wanted more. She had never been asked these things before so it was hard for her to get the words out but she was able to find her voice and answered him with a Yes. He moved his hand from her hair and placed them on her hips so he could guide her. He was moving his hips with full force against her, making sure that she took all of him in. He moved one hand around in front of her to play with her clit. In doing so he brought her to another mind blowing orgasm. At the same time she came so did he, holding on to her tightly as if he would explode if he didn’t.

He bent over her holding her close not wanting to let go or move from where they were. Once they could stand on there own they fixed there clothes and walked around the park enjoying the night and the people that lived in the night. They began to head back to the hotel, this time they were heading back holding hands and acting like two lovers instead of two people that had just met the night before. She had a feeling that they were going to be lovers for a while, and with that knowledge she smiled to her self and allowed her mind to wonder. To think about what the future could be like with this man, this beast in her life.

To be continued….

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