tagNonHumanFull Moon Temptation Ch. 01-04

Full Moon Temptation Ch. 01-04


Chapter 1

Carrie felt like screaming. Her heart was breaking and she didn't want to deal with all the pity from her friends. Jake was supposed to be the one to love her till death do us part. Instead he's the one that she finds fucking her sister in the ass. Then had the balls to say he never loved her, he was only using her to get to Amy. Her own fucking sister. Its been a week since she caught them. Her friends meant well but they were driving her insane.

Throwing some clothes into her bag, and grabbing her gear silently crying. She storms out of her apartment, racing to her car. Starting her car and pulling out, quickly leaving the bullshit behind. As she heads to her families cabin up in Vermont, she grabs her cell and sends off a quick text to her mom and her best friend, Rachel.

"I'm headed to the cabin, please don't worry. I just need to be alone this weekend, do not call me, I will call you. Love ya."

She pushes the send button and turns her cell off after making sure it had went through.

The long drive helps to relax her and by the time she reaches the cabin she is fairly sleepy.

She gets out and stretches looking the cabin over. It hadn't changed much in the last 5 years. The last time she had been here was the winter of '04. The whole family had came for Christmas vacation and amazingly, it had been great. This time it was the middle of October and the leaves were changing. It was quite breathtaking. She grabs her bag and the supplies and carries them up the steps and enters the cabin.

The cozy furnishings and warm colors immediately make her smile. Setting her bag down, she quickly gets a fire going.The flicker of the fire dancing around the large room relaxes her. She heads to the kitchen to put all the food away, leaving out a can of beef stew. Opening the can and pouring it into a small pan, humming to herself quietly. Glancing out the small window above the sink noticing its now pitch black out. Grabs a bowl and spoon and dishes her dinner up. Walking into her bedroom.

Putting the bowl down to cool, she starts to unpack her bag, putting her bath stuff in the huge bathroom. Mom had remodeled it last year, it now had a jacuzzi tub and a huge walk in shower with multiple shower heads. Thinking to herself, I'm definitely taking a soak after I eat. Plops down on her queen sized bed and eats silently, thinking of all the shit happening in her life. Sighing softly, she stands and takes her bowl to the sink. Glancing out the window again seeing that its a full moon.

Pulling her sweater off as she heads to the bathroom, the hall floor catching all of her clothes. She fills the tub with hot water, pouring in a bit of lavender bath oil and starts the powerful jets. The room quickly fills with the sent of lavender. She eases her curvy body into the churning water, her full tits barely covered. She closes her eyes and leans back.

Remembering that when she was a kid there had been another family with a cabin near this one. Their son, Alex and she had been best friends during the summers her family and his had spent here at the same time but after his 12th birthday, they was never around when she was. She missed him greatly even though she had just turned 22.

Chapter 2

He was running through the dense forest when he caught the scent of something or someone familiar. Almost tripping over his own feet when he slides to a stop and inhales deeply. It can't be her. He shakes his head, his long black hair flowing freely down his bare back. Taking another deep breath to test the smell again. Holy shit, its Carrie!

He changes directions quickly and sprints toward the cabin he knows is hers. Coming to a stop just inside the trees. He can smell the lavender so he knows she is taking a bath. The thought of her naked and wet stirs a warm feeling in his groin. He can't believe she is here, especially now.

He tilts his ear towards the window that's all steamed up. He can hear her soft voice as she sings to herself, the water moving as she stands and gets out. He groans as his cock jumps, picturing the water dripping off her body. His cock now fully erect, his big hand wraps around it and begins to stroke. His breath coming faster as he fists his cock hard, so close to cumming already.

He can hear her rubbing the water from her body and that drives him over the edge. His cock swells, a huge load of cum shoots out, still pumping fast. Four more large spurts of cum lands on the ground. He quickly puts his cock back into his loose running shorts. Taking a minute to calm down. Decides to see if she remembers him.

He knocks on the door and waits quietly. The door opens slowly, she peeks around the edge and a loud yell about breaks his ear drums. Suddenly he's being dragged into the cabin, her small body pressed against him tightly. He smiles brightly as she pulls back and says excitedly, "Oh my god,Alex! I've missed you!"

"Wow, you do remember me. Its been ten years, Carrie. Way to long." Alex says.

Carrie jumps into his arms, "I could never forget you, Alex." hugging him tightly.

He holds her gently and strokes her wet hair slowly. Inhaling her scent deeply, rejoicing that she knows him. Well, she knows part of him. He pulls back, realizing he needs to leave quickly, its almost midnight.

"Carrie, I need to go now but I will come back tomorrow morning," he's already backing into the night,"Sleep well, babe."

She stares at him bewildered, watching him run into the woods silently. As she closes the door a wolfs howl pierces the quiet night.

Chapter 3

Carrie slowly opens her eyes, stretching her arms and legs out wide. She always loved to sleep nude so the satin sheets felt extra wonderful. She sighs happily knowing that Alex was coming back this morning. He had grown so tall. He must be at least 6'6, 250. His long black hair was so soft. His amber eyes are just as warm and expressive as she remembers.

Last night, when he held her, a new feeling came over her. It wasn't till after he had taken off that she realized what it was.

She was completely turned on. She wasn't a virgin but had never really felt strong desire for one specific person. She had to pleasure herself when she slipped into bed last night. His manly face and deep voice running through her head as she fingered her wet pussy. Remembering his warm bare chest and arms, his woodsy scent. She had cum quickly and harder than she ever had before.

Her mouth curved into a grin, she slides out of bed and pulls on some shorts and ties a bikini top on. The deep purple hue accenting her light blue eyes and golden hair. Her skin a pale ivory with very faint freckles across her shoulders. She examines herself in the full length mirror. A soft knock on the door alerts her that he's back. She rushes to the door, opening it slowly.

"Good morning, Alex. I'm so glad you came back." Carrie smiles brightly.

Alex's eyes widen when he looks her over. He could see a lot of her creamy white skin. That bikini couldn't cover her hardened nipples and it seemed that she didn't care.

"Good morning, Carrie and nothing could've kept me away." Alex's eyes flashing desire, his voice deeper than usual.

Her body warming quickly with desire, she grabs his hand and leads him to the kitchen.

His eyes are glued to her denim covered ass. Watching it sway and shake with each step. The shorts were so short he could see the soft curve of the bottoms of her plump ass cheeks.

"Want some oj? Or coffee?" she asks softly, reaching into the refrigerator.

"Um, sure. Some oj is fine." his voice slightly trembling.

She pours two glass and hands him one. They both drink quickly. Checking each other out secretly.

His hair is tied back, shirtless again but with baggy jeans on. His tan skin looked so smooth, she is having a hard time keeping her hands off him . His body screams sex god to her. Fuck it! She thinks.

He puts his glass down and looks up and she's standing between his knees. She leans into him and kisses him gently.

A deep growl rumbles in his chest. He grabs her hips and makes her straddle his legs. His hands slide to her ass, squeezing roughly. Her moan brings his cock alive, bulging his jeans.

Her eyes widen feeling his hard cock beneath his jeans. She grinds down on him, her wet pussy soaking through her shorts.

"Jesus, I can't do this!" he cries out and pushes her off him.

She stumbles back awkwardly. Shock clearly written on her face.

"Oh god, I'm sorry Alex! I thought you liked me." her voice trembling, tears in her eyes.

His face is in his hands, tormented that he can't be with her. She doesn't know anything. He looks up at her slowly.

"Carrie, your so beautiful. Please don't think that I don't want you." his voice urged her.

"What's wrong, Alex? You can tell me anything." she settles into a chair near him.

He looks at her quietly, contemplating. Her eyes pleading him to trust her. She deserves to know so he starts to explain.

"Well, soon after my 12th birthday I began to change rapidly. My senses became very sensitive, I grew to this height by the time I turned 13 and a strong desire stirred in me when the moon was full. My family saw what was going on and explained to me the history of our family." he looks at her seriously.

"Go on, hun." Carrie whispers.

He just nods. "Carrie, I'm a lycanthrope. Have you heard of my kind before?"

Her eyes widen into shock. "Oh my god, your a werewolf?"

"Yes, I am. That's why I disappeared in 99. I know you probably want me to go now huh?" his eyes closed.

Tears are falling from her beautiful eyes. "Yes, I don't even know who you are anymore!". Running from the room to hers and slams the door.

He feels as though his heart was shattering. A single tear slides down his cheek as he quietly leaves her cabin.

Chapter 4

Her body shaking hard with each sob. Her pillow was soaked. She couldn't believe how she had treated him. The awful scene from last kept replaying in her head.

She lays on her back and realizes she needs to find him. She jumps up and pulls some cutoff jeans on and a black tank top. Hunting for her hiking boots quickly.

After finding them and putting them on she realizes she had spent all day in bed. It was already dark out. She finds the flashlight and heads out into the woods.

The moon was so bright tonight, she thinks to herself. Picking up the pace towards his cabin.

All of the lights are off when she walks into the yard of his cabin. Groans in despair. "Oh god, please still be around." she says out loud.

Suddenly, a wolfs howl catches her attention. She doesn't think, just reacts. Starts to run towards the sound. Her heart pounding in her ears as she sprints fast.

Slides to a stop inside a huge circular clearing. In the middle was a pitch black wolf with amber eyes. The wolfs eyes piercing into hers.

"Alex?" she tentative asks.

The wolf's fur seems to start smoking, a smoky cloud raising from his body. It starts to surround him, turning very thick and black.

She stands quietly, waiting for Alex.

As the smoke clears, Alex stands up and studies Carrie.

Her eyes widen as she discovers that he's nude. She focuses on his huge cock that would put any mortal man to shame. Her heart thunders in her ears, a warmth spreading over her body. She takes her clothes off hurriedly.

He knows she is studying his cock which makes it harden quickly. His eyes go dark when she is standing nude in front of him. He growls and leaps to her side.

His arms wrap around her bringing her against him. Their naked skin rubbing against each other, their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. Her moans exciting him beyond control.

He lowers her to the soft grass, his hips between her spread legs. Rubbing his cock up and down her wet pussy making her gasp and writhe in pleasure. Lowering his mouth to her tits and sucking on each as his dick teases her swollen clit. Her nails dig into his back wildly as she screams his name, hot cum squirting on his cock.

He moves back, a whimper of protest on her lips. Trails his hot tongue down her torso, moving to lick her smooth pussy lips. He inhales the scent deeply, laping up her cum greedily. His mouth making love to her pussy.

Flicking his tongue all over her wet inner walls making her yell out loudly. He smiles and shoves his tongue deep into her sheath, tongue fucking her till she cries out and she cums again into his waiting mouth.

Her voice pleads him. "Oh fuck, I need your cock now!"

He quickly crawls up till his cock is pressed against her. Kissing her deeply and roughly. Twisting his hands into her hair, her hand guiding him to the entrance of her pussy. His growl of pure animal lust fills the air as he rams his cock deep into her. His teeth lightly biting her neck as he pulls out and plunges back deep.

She cries out, she never felt this full before. His cock now pumping into her hard but slow. She wraps her legs around him, urging him to go faster.

He feels her urgent hands on his ass urging him. He starts to fuck her fast and hard, each thrust makes them both grunt.

"Oh god! I'm cumming!" she screams. Her pussy spasming around his thick cock.

His eyes darken and his skin trembles, he pulls out and flips her over on her hands and knees. His cum glazed cock sliding between her ass cheeks. She shoves her ass back at him giving him silent permission to take her asshole.

He fingers her pussy fast, collecting wetness to rub on her tight hole. Gently pushing one finger in pumping it till she begs for more. Then does two making her moan and whimper. Taking out his fingers slowly and pressing just the cock head in. Her body tenses in pain but slowly relaxes. He gently pushes deeper till his balls are on her pussy.

He doesn't move until she starts to move her ass up and down his cock. Grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them as he watches his cock disappear into her ass.

"Baby, I can't control myself much longer." Alex says, grunting between words

"Fuck me hard! Make my ass yours!" she screams at him.

He let's out a howl and grabs her hips, fucking her ass at a frenzied pace. Her body shaking and trembling. His body changing with each thrust. His skin starts to smolder and tremble, his cock becoming engorged and his balls swell up.

"FUCK! I'm cumming!" he howls loudly.

His thick cum shoots deep into her bowels. He pulls out and keeps pumping and shoots more on her asshole and pussy lips with a final grunt.

They both collapse on the ground, exhausted. Carrie crawls into his arms and kisses him softly, then pulls back.

"I love you, Alex. Wolf and all." whispering in his ear.

He tenderly holds her, "I've always loved you, Carrie, my love."

Before slipping into a deep sleep she remembers that she had wanted to be alone this weekend. She silently thanks god she didn't get what she wanted.

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