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Full Moon Visitor


As she was in New Orleans for a convention Erin had taken to walking the back streets and alleyways of this great city. Alone as always for Erin found she had trouble making friends of either sex. She either had no fear of the dangers of being out at night alone or didn't care what happened. Erin had all but given up on her life and yes, maybe she even had fantasizes of being kidnapped and used for someone's pleasure.

She walked down a dark alley, one she hadn't seen the night before, to see a tiny shop with a light in the window. The sign in the window read, 'Madam Bovary's Spells and Magik.' There was an old woman standing in the doorway smoking a black cigar.

"I've been waiting for you, come right on in; I have what you are looking for."

"Pardon me? I'm not looking for anything; you must have the wrong person."

"No Miss Erin you are the one, now come, you must hurry we have little time."

Confused, Erin followed the old woman into her store,

"I'm sorry Madam Bovary is it, I do not believe in spells or magic. There is nothing here I want."

"That is all right you need not believe you need only to follow directions. But we must hurry, you need to be finished before the full moon rises tonight."

The hag gave Erin a brown paper bag of what looked like rose petals and a large candle. She instructed her to place the petals around her bed after lighting the candle. Once that was done, she was to go to the window and pray to the full moon for her wishes to be answered.

"Now go you must hurry the moon will be up in less than an hour. Remember do as I tell you and your wish will be answered."

Erin collected her things and then remembered she hadn't paid the woman anything yet.

"Don't worry my dear you must hurry, come back tomorrow night, and pay me."

She hurried to her room and followed the instructions given her and just as she finished her prayer, she saw the moon peaking over the building across the street. She sat there waiting for what, she didn't know. Then with a chuckle for being so foolish, she arose from the windowsill and turned to clean up her mess.

With a start, she saw him lying on her bed. He was tall and handsome with coal black hair and dark eyes that flashed in the candle light. He was wearing the standard issue New Orleans suit, black and tailored slim against his body.

"Mon ami, you sent for me?'

"Who me, no, well not on purpose anyway, just where did you come from?"

"I am, what you say, the man in the moon. You call for me and I give your pleasure."

He reached over and took her hand, drawing her to the bed beside him. When she sat, he kissed her lightly and she found herself wanting more. He began kissing her neck and she lifted her head to give him access to her throat. She was becoming so aroused she felt as if she was on fire. He unbuttoned her blouse slowly; then took it off along with her bra. His touch on her skin sent shock-waves of passion soaring through her body. Her skirt and slip were next followed by her panties. She lay there naked before him as he stroked and kissed her. She knew not what was happening but only that she needed him inside her now. She begged him to take her and then watched as he undressed himself in front of her. She couldn't help but notice his pale body, lean yet muscular reminded her of a Greek statute she had seen somewhere.

When he lowered his trousers, his penis stuck out hard and strait. She automatically spread her legs for him and when he climbed on top of her, it slid in to her easily. They kissed passionately as he pistoned himself in and out of her wet slit. She found her orgasms repeating over and over again and yet her lover continued his assault until she begged him to come inside her. She felt his seed splash against the walls of her cervix giving her yet another orgasm.

He withdrew from inside her and lay down next to her panting body. He held her close as she drifted off to a sleep filled with passionate dreams. In the morning, she awoke to an empty bed. Had it been a dream, no it couldn't have been for her vagina had dried semen all over the edges of her labia. She showered and went to her morning meeting but heard nothing, as she could not get the past evening off her mind. It was to be the last night and a big dinner party was scheduled but now Erin had no interest in attending.

As soon as night fell she hurried to Madam Bovary's full of questions and hopes. She ran down the small alley and rushed inside only to find her with a customer.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Jason but the lady in the window is only available on the first night of the full moon. You will have to come back next month to see her again."

"But I'm leaving tomorrow and I must see her again. She was my perfect dream girl and I don't think I can wait a whole month."

"Excuse me, Hi Miss Erin, I'll be right with you, allow me introduce you to Jason Luna, Mr. Luna this is Miss Erin Ventana."

When he turned they both stared opened mouth at each other for Mr. Luna was none other than the man in the moon and Jason recognized Miss Ventana as the lady in the window. Just as Erin had prayed to the man in the moon, who then came to her room Jason had prayed to the lady in the window who he then found in his bed awaiting his pleasures.

"Miss Ventana, I know this is last second but I need to go to a closing dinner tonight and I wonder if you would accompany me?"

"Please Mr. Luna, call me Erin. I would be delighted; in fact, I am supposed to be there as well."

That night at the company dinner, they learned that not only had they both been at the same convention all week but that they worked in the same office building back home. These two people had worked together for a long time and yet each so awkward toward the opposite sex that they never noticed each other. They both wondered about that night of the full moon. How could have he visited her and she visited him in different rooms at the same time. As neither was of Spanish origin, they had no idea that his name meant moon in Spanish and hers window.

They married in the spring and of course, honeymooned in New Orleans. They spent all their time in the honeymoon suite or combing the back streets looking for that tiny alley with the small shop in the end. Both the alley and the shop were nowhere to be found and Erin began to wonder if that shop ever existed at all. The weird thing was that both Erin and Jason never paid the old lady for the spells that had brought them together.

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