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Full Transparency


Author's Note

This is an entry in the Literotica Summer Lovin' contest. Anyone easily offended by wet bikinis or steamy showers may want to look elsewhere. It is in the "Toys & Masturbation" category as the plot is centered around a particular Toy, but readers will find plenty of one-on-one sex - all between characters who are at least 18 years old at all times. Enjoy.

- Kethandra


"I knew we didn't have long, so I grabbed one hand and dragged her to the break room. She looked excited, breathless when I shut and locked the door. She squealed when I bent her over the table. I could see those firm little titties push out on both sides when I pinned her down with one hand on her back."

Tony stopped his imagined tale to groan, distracted from his story by Debra, the lean athletic girl he was pumping into, who was squeezing around him with increasing pressure. Water sprayed on them both from two large shower heads while steam swirled, clouding the air. The spray masked any wet noises she made as she sucked on the thick, soft-hard phallus in front of her, with Tony continuing to thrust into her from behind.

"Damn, this girl is tight! I think she likes hearing about other horny hotties getting fucked." He pumped deeper, slim hips secure in his hands, then returned to the story. "So she reaches back and starts helping me when I yank her skirt up. She wants it bad. I can't believe she thought no one would recognize her."

Tony shook his head. "I got some spit on two fingers and slipped them under her panties and right in. I shoved them deep and she was wet enough to take it with no more than single yelp."

He concentrated on the girl under him, filled at both ends. Her pussy was beginning a rapid pulsing quake around him; he saw toned, feminine muscles clenched down her back. "When I pulled them out, she was open and they were soaked. I used them to swirl her lube over my head, and pushed her panties further to the side."

Tony backed out until only the tip of his cock was still inside his shower-mate. "Her head was turned to the side, cheek flat down on the table. I saw her eye roll up and she hissed one word: 'Yes.' I slammed my cock into her."

He slammed into another, different, more factually-based wet pussy as he described it. Debra's head bobbed, hungry and eager, sucking; hard, toned arms flexing as they braced to either side of the shaft filling her mouth, reaching deep enough to send gagging spasms down the muscles of her shoulders and back. A familiar electricity wound up Tony's neck to the base of his skull as he both filled her and watched her felate the thick cock opposite him.

Story and reality ran together. "I fucked her hard. No holding back. No concern with what she might want at that moment. I focused on emptying my cum as deep inside that sexy, squirming little body as I could, nothing else."

Tony heard the rising moan, over the spray and around the thick phallus. Her shuddering was clear between his hands. She clenched hard around him. It took all his concentration to go on. "I shoved deep again and again, then pinned that round ass against me and let my balls empty inside her, spray after spray, until I was drained, panting."

The leanly muscled back beneath him arched, filled with tension. Then Debra screamed, muffled by her impressive determination to not let the stiff shaft escape her lips.

Tony felt a heat bathe him as her climax crested, contracting around him. It set him off, as usual. His fingers dug into the slim waist as his balls emptied into her, at least as hard as he had in his own description. Finally, a spine's length away, her lips released the shaft, lingering on the fat head before allowing it too to escape. She panted for air. Tony eased back out of her at his own pace, resisting being squeezed out by her inner pressures. He held on, making sure her legs were stable on the wet tile floor.

She stood, leaning back against his chest, allowing his arms to encircle her. A tilted head allowed lips to find each other. The kiss was soft, familiar. She only broke it off to turn, pressing small breasts to him, to kiss again as the thick steam swirled.

"Thanks, Baby. I like when you tell FT stories." They both looked at FT. Short for 'Full Transparency.'

It was a large lifelike dildo of clear silicone rubber, mounted on a suction cup base. The base was now attached to the shower wall, leaving the transparent cock jutting out at waist-height, still shiny with Debra's saliva.

Full Transparency had profoundly impacted the couple's sex life, along with the oversized custom steamroom/shower that came with the Manager's apartment at the small rental complex that Debra's parents had recently purchased.

Something about water turned Debra on; Tony had figured that out early in their relationship. Spas, pools, showers and baths. But she had always been reluctant to try new things, scared to let go. When a friend had talked her into hosting a sex toy home party, the hostess's free gift had been Full Transparency, a pair of padded handcuffs and a black rubber gag. The joke about every relationship needing full transparency was repeated too many times before the guest-customers finally left.

Tony had noticed a strange glint in Debra's eye as she told him about it. "I think they're right. We could use some transparency, more full disclosure in our life."

They had been in the bathroom, getting ready for bed, after the party. Debra didn't seem to want to even discuss the cuffs and gag, so it surprised him when she'd bent forward, licking the clear fat head of the new gift dildo. Lips stretched wide to let the head pass. "Mmmm."

Tony had felt himself stiffening at her moan, imagining feeling the vibration around his own cock, even if her lips didn't have to stretch quite so far to reach around his. She released FT with a pop.

He had watched her reach past him to flip on the built in steamer. Soon, moist warm tendrils would begin to enter through the narrow grates, filling the tiled room. She shimmied panties down off her slim hips, kicked them to the corner.

Debra had turned her back to him and caught his eyes in the mirror. "Tell me a story, Baby. Tell me what you did to some cheap slut. we need some" - she grinned, drawing out the line - "Full Transparency."

Besides water, Tony had learned that the easiest and best way to bring Debra to a climax was a story. She or he or both touching her, teasing her, while he spun a tale of his supposed past, usually involving his rapid, uncontrolled and unprotected orgasm inside a girl. No extended foreplay, no long, drawn-out session centered on bringing the girl to multiple climaxes. Quick, animal, powerful, ending with Tony's own release.

FT added a new element. Before long, 'he' became a silent third partner, filling Debra from the front while Tony took the rearward path and supplied the narration.

The stories became aimed at Full Transparency, one guy bragging about his sexual exploits to another, with Debra an eavesdropping sex toy between them. The anonymity allowed her freedom to let herself go, like the water and steam brought out hidden desires.

Tony's goal in the story telling was getting Debra off. If that required him to ignore her while talking dirty to the imaginary third in their threesomes, he was game. And he hadn't tired of the sight of the clear fat shaft opening her mouth wide, her tongue swirling, groans escaping amongst slurps and suckles. Still, he found himself wondering if he should try again, to see if she would finally switch ends, and fuck herself with the fat dildo while she sucked on Tony.

Tony wanted two things, and he wanted them to happen together. Debra would suck his cock, and seemed to like it, or at least it was a sure way of getting her wet enough for him to slip inside. She came - usually hard - sucking on FT, while Tony spun his web of imagined exploits. Tony wanted her to cum - hard - while sucking on him. Just the thought could make him hard.

The other thing Tony wanted, now that they had created their sexual triangle, involved another switch. He wanted to see Debra take Full Transparency inside. Her hands guiding him in, Tony's own hands aiming the thick cock into her, or any other way. He wanted to see Debra fuck FT. Hard, out of control.

Most of all, he wanted both, together. He wanted to see and feel her lips around him, sucking him deep under the pounding spray of water, while her suction-cupped lover filled her from behind. To see and feel her erupt in orgasm, penetrated at both ends, skewered between them, cries of hopeless pleasure spilling around his shaft.

And he would cum. Cum in wave after thick, earnest wave. Cum as hard as any in his imagined confessions, past her lips, over her tongue, deep into mouth and throat. And his explosion would set her off into wracking pleasure.

"I'm so sorry about Candy. I thought I'd be off today." Debra pouted out her lower lip as she looked up at him. Her parents, her controlling, manipulative parents, were dropping off her younger sister Candice later today. They were to 'watch' her and keep her out of trouble for the weekend. Debra had agreed, since it was notoriously hard to say no to her parents, and because she had nothing scheduled and thought the two sisters could catch up.

Then her work had called: with two co-workers out, Debra was needed. At least the Park Service would be paying her overtime during the extra shifts lifeguarding during this blistering heat wave. Tony would be responsible for watching Candy today. Solo.

"You owe me." He was only half teasing. He had planned on getting caught up himself, on a report he was trying to finish. Now he would have to entertain, or at least contain, a precocious teen girl.

"I do." She turned off the shower, and the steamer, tossing him a towel before she dried off. Once again, he thanked the former owners of the building who had knocked out a bedroom to make this deluxe, luxurious bathroom suite.

"By the way." Debra was grinning. "Miley? Seriously?"

Tony shrugged. The story he had just finished had centered on a certain young female celebrity, pretending to be a regular office temp. It was her skirt he had shoved up before fucking her bent over a table. "She's gotta be fun in bed. Kinky. And you know how much I like little titties on in-shape bodies."

His words had described the outspoken young singer-celebrity to Full Transparency in the shower, but he had clearly pictured a certain larger-breasted girl in his own head near the end, pushing himself over the limit.

"Okay. I tell you what. Since I owe you one for the current Candy Debacle, I will grant you one free pass."

Tony raised an eyebrow. "What kind of pass?"

"A free pass to fuck, suck or otherwise sexually explore another person of your choice, one time, without repercussion..."

"Are you kidding?"

"No. And I'm not finished...so shush."

"Okay, alright, finish then. Sorry. I'm shushing now."

"...with another person of your choice, one time only, without repercussion..." She paused, eyes bright. "As long as said person is Miley Cyrus."

"Hey! No fair!"

"What? You don't want a free pass to fuck Miley?"

"Well, I just...sure I do, but what are the chances I'll ever need it?"

"Take what you can get, buster. I gotta scoot. My folks should be here with the delivery mid-morning. 'Mid-morning' - that is the exact phrase my father used."

It was only 5:30 in the morning. Pulling on shorts and a light T-shirt to leave, Debra would have an hour at the city pool to check the chemicals and wipe down all the lounges before it opened at 7. With the power company predicting more 'brown-outs' due to the extreme heat, the pool hours were extended from 7AM until 10PM, to encourage the citizenry to cool off without running overtaxed air conditioning units. With at least one co-worker suffering from heat exhaustion yesterday, Debra would fill in until mid-afternoon.

"Then I'd better take advantage of the highly indefinite time between now and mid morning. Candy can't be that tough to supervise." He added the last as an afterthought, half trying to convince himself.

"Have you ever told her she can't do something?" Debra picked up her small backpack by the door.

"Not that I can think of."

"Good luck with that. Who knows? Maybe you'll have beginners luck. We are supposed to keep her out of trouble, though. So: no boys, no booze, no..."

"I can handle her. And you'll be home before dinner."

"You can handle her. That's the spirit. Use a firm hand if you need to." Debra smacked his bare ass cheek with an open palm. Not hard, but he was still wet enough from the steam that it made a loud smack. He yelped.

"I'll try reason first, but it's good to know I have a stick to go with the carrot."

"I like your carrot. Thanks again." Debra pulled the door closed behind her, reopened it enough to call through the gap. "It'll be fun. Who knows? Maybe Miley will stop by looking to rent a place. Mwuh!"

The last was an exaggerated air-kiss delivered with a vague euro-accent, followed by the second closing of the door. Tony's thoughts went back to his fantasy in the shower, reminded by her final comment.

His story, told as a guy-to-guy, or guy-to-dildo, recap for Debra's listening enjoyment, had featured casual, rather simple sex, intense but without nuance. Quick and dirty.

The images in his head had been more complex, more varied. The girl kept changing. So did their positions. At times, long legs wrapped around his waist while he kissed her deeply. At others, the legs were shorter, the girl more petite, or curvier. Sometimes she struggled against him, sometimes she was the more aggressive, but - so unlike his spoken adventures - the uncontrollable ecstasy, the pleasures of his inner fantasy girls were always front and center.

When Debra, skewered between Full Transparency and himself, had cum so hard, fueled by the description of his own described orgasm inside the small-breasted celebrity, Tony had not been seeing what he described.

In the instant he had felt Debra contract around him, the instant before he released inside her, he saw a young full-breasted girl bent under him, young hips newly grown to soft womanhood tight in his grip. His mind pictured load after load pumping into her. Into Candy. Into Debra's younger sister.

Tony had only made coffee and pulled his desk chair out when the door buzzed. Six o'clock on the nose. Most Saturdays he would still be in bed. It had to be a tenant locked out at this hour.

It was way too early to need to brace himself for Debra's parents. Aside from being his future in-laws, they were the new owners of this apartment complex and therefore his employers. His new, micromanaging, frustrating employers. And landlords.

He pulled a shirt on and the door open. Two future parents-in-law; one beaming buxom blond. "Uh...hi. Good morning. Come in. I wasn't expecting you quite yet."

Debra's father brushed past. "Why not? I said mid-morning, I'm sure. It's Six, midway between midnight and noon. Mid-morning. Where's my daughter?"

No greeting at all. Without direct words, it had been made clear that he was not nearly good enough for their daughter. Again. And how dare Debra's work interfere with their plans, and force them to deal with Tony instead of their beloved daughter?

"Her work called in, she's pulling an extra shift today because of the heat wave."

Debra's mother's face showed that she did not approve of the change in plans.

With words, many of them, both spoken rapidfire and neatly printed in a crisp two page document in a Manila envelope, the couple made clear their expectations for Candy's behavior and their complete lack of confidence in the 18-year old to live up to them. Then they insisted on going over the previous month's financial and maintenance records, which Tony had already sent them.

A more traditional Mid-morning had arrived before he ushered them back out the door.



Heat already radiated from the concrete pool deck. No breeze moved the thick, hot air.

"That's it. Out of the water and upstairs. Now." Tony glared down at Candy, cornered in the shallow end of the pool by a college kid he recognized as a renter in one of the big first floor apartments with sliding doors opening to the central pool court; Unit 12. Tony shrugged at him. "Sorry. This one is seriously off limits. I shouldn't have let her down here unsupervised."

The kid made a face, tense, before nodding, his finger-long, bleached dreads bouncing. "I understand, bro. Respect to your limits. Serious bummer though."

The last was wistful, and spoken as they both watched the girl climb the submerged pool stairs, one hand trailing up the smooth stainless steel pipe of the handrail. A thin, skimpy, green and white striped bikini clung to her, nipples obvious accents to twin centers of the soaked, unpadded top.

Tony managed to keep most of the surprise off his face, hid the rest with an eye-roll. "And I certainly didn't know she was only wearing that. Do your parents know you wear that in public?"

Passing close to him, she gave Tony a half-playful sneer. When she had asked - surprisingly politely - if she could lounge by the pool, he had thought he might actually get some work done.

"There's a lot my parents don't know." She gave college-boy a quick, silent finger wave as she headed toward the stairs.

"Exactly. And that's why Debra and I have the unexpected pleasure of your company this weekend, Candy." He trailed behind the girl, bikini covered hips swaying with each step directly in front of his eyes. Tony had known Candy for a couple of years, almost as long as he had been dating Debra. The soft, smooth curves that almost over-filled Candy's soaked swimwear were newer. And the cause of his present stress.

Debra's slim, athletic build took after their father. Candy had not had her older sister's toned muscles, but had followed in her lean-hipped, small-breasted path until her last year in high school. The girls' mother was curvaceous - tending toward roundness now - and apparently had been a something of a wild thing in her youth. Those genes seemed to kick in all at once for the younger daughter.

He had noticed it seven months ago, visiting Debra's family at Christmas. Candy's hug of greeting had been accompanied by a new, twin presence between them as she pressed her unfamiliar breasts up and into his chest. She'd held herself to him perched on her toes, her eyes locked to his, only a fraction longer than he was used to. Still, he'd felt an emptiness, a loss, when his girlfriend's younger sister pulled back, her fingertips trailing down his forearms.

Candy had always been cute, pretty. Suddenly, she'd become sexy. And, at 18, a legal adult. Not just her figure rounding out, but an attitude, a projection that was as new as those breasts rounding out her bright red sweater.

Late that night, Christmas Eve, Debra had sucked him in silence in her old bedroom while Tony resisted the urge to pump his hips up into her mouth. The creaky antique bed would have announced any more vigorous activity to the entire house.

Staring up into the the dark, his mind returned to the transforming young girl who had pushed up against him, and the look in her dark, wide eyes. The way she challenged him with a glance. First, after the too-warm hug of greeting. Later, at dinner, when her hand just happened to fall on his thigh as if she was catching her balance taking the seat beside him.

Both times the same expression. Lips opened, a tongue tip hovering between them, just asking to be kissed. Only for an instant. He saw those full lips part again, wider, as he stared up into the dark, as Debra slurped as much of his length in as she could. These lips stayed open, begging.

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