tagErotic HorrorFullmoon Wedding Ch. 02

Fullmoon Wedding Ch. 02


Donovan was nearly walking on air by the time he and Katrina pulled into the drive of her mother's house. Katrina was pregnant, he could smell it in the air every time she moved, his clan now had an heir when he became king himself. Unfortunately she had been grumbling things to herself since she realized they would be late to her sister's little party. Donovan had never understood the ways of human "marriages," or engagements, but he did understand that it was important to his mate.

After Katrina got out of the van Donovan was right on her heels while they walked up to the house, enjoying the smell of her skin and the mixed juices still in her pussy. Before she could reach for the doorbell he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her roughly against his chest, his mouth instantly seeking hers in an all consuming kiss. When Katrina responded Donovan released a pleased growl, pushing her up against a wall and snaking his hand under her black silk top.

When a few minutes passed by, or a few seconds, the front door opened and Katrina's mother shrieked at the sight of Donovan feeding at Katrina's mouth while drawing moans from her and massaging her breast. Katrina froze in his arms, shifting her eyes to look at her mother while he drew back, taking his hand away from under her shirt.

"Katrina Anne Remington! What do you think you're doing?"

"Uh, making out in front of your house?"

Before Katrina's mother could say anything more Donovan stepped between them, turning on the charm.

"Now Mrs. Remington, we were just celebrating, but I must apologize for going too far in front of your home."

"Celebrating what?" Suspicion dripped from the woman's voice.

"Katrina has agreed to marry me. Is this not worth celebrating?"

The shock on her mother's face was priceless and neither Donovan nor Katrina would trade it for the world. It took Mrs. Remington a few minutes to compose herself after such a shock but Donovan had to give her some credit since most women who hated their daughter as much as this woman obviously did would have done much more then look a little shocked. Grumbling under her breath Katrina's mother stepped aside, letting them both into the house where her family was gathered.

Eyes roamed over Donovan, a few of them flat out looking at him as though they would jump his bones first chance they got, others were stares of pure venom even though they did not know anything about Donovan himself. His arm around Katrina's waist got many stares as well while they moved to an unoccupied corner of the room. Donovan was not comfortable in a cramped space filled with so many people, humans to boot. Katrina took a seat on the couch in the corner, releasing a heavy sigh as she did so before looking to him again, he just smiled and sat next to her wrapping his arms around her again.

Katrina could not understand what it was about Donovan that called to something so deep and beast-like within herself but it called none the less and she seemed to be answering it. A few of her cousins dressed in less then formal, a.k.a. slutty attire, stared at him as though he were the only man left on the planet yet Donovan only looked at her. Feeling a tad crowded Katrina stood from the couch, motioning Donovan to stay where he was and headed into the kitchen seeking something to cool her fire.

Once inside the disturbing pinks, baby blues and other disconcerting colors of her mother's kitchen, Katrina moved around trying to find the cooler her mother always had full of drinks at any kind of get together. As soon as she found the cooler she bent over shifting her hand through the ice to find a Coke when Katrina felt a hand on her shoulder, a big one. Looking over she came face to face with the last person she ever wanted to see her ex, very rich and very abusive boyfriend Derek.

She knew what was coming before Derek pulled her backwards then smacked her hard across the face, the inside of her cheek being cut by her teeth from the force of it. Derek's blue eyes were lit up with rage as they usually were whenever he executed his, "right," to beat on her. Katrina stayed leaning heavily on the counter, shock from the blow still paralyzing her as Derek began his rant that would end with more fists flying for her face.

"Who the fuck is he huh? You're supposed to be my girl you stupid whore, mine not whatever cock that comes along!"

"We haven't been dating for months Derek..."

"Shut up you cheating whore, did I tell your slut mouth that it could wag and words could come out? Fuck no. Now, you are going to get on your knees and suck my cock while begging me to forgive you. Do it, or I'll make you bleed."

Even though Katrina was already technically bleeding, she just glared at Derek giving him a firm shake of the head as an answer to him. And this of course earned her another smack across the face, or would have if Donovan had not caught Derek's hand first. Donovan's eyes had sifted to an eerie green almost the color of neon, as a low growl trickled from his throat.

"What is this I see? A human with a small dick and a huge ego trying to beat my mate? I think not little boy."

"Let go you stupid fuck. This has nothing to do with you!"

"Katrina Anne Remington is mine, and will give herself freely in ceremony upon the next full moon no matter what enemies might get in our way or say to stop us, correct my dear Katrina?"

Even though she was horribly confused yet thrilled that Donovan had saved her Katrina nodded her head to him. Donovan smiled wickedly as that was the only answer he had required before disposing of the foolish human with a quick blow to the chin. Though Donovan wanted to beat Derek until he had made up for every beating Katrina had suffered he held himself back and only kicked him in the gut once, and with great pleasure. Turning back to her he took her into his arms, breathing her scent deeply into his lungs.

"You broke it off with him months ago, why did he do such a thing to you?"

"Because my mother is constantly telling him that I want him back even though he is abusive. She just cares about the money and seeing me in a shit ton of pain."

"Never again."

Leaning into her Donovan captured Katrina's lips with his own, tasting blood deep within her mouth only driving the kiss deeper as he fed off of the blood and remaining fear from the attack. By the time the kiss ended they were both panting and Donovan's hands on Katrina's ass slid to her thighs lifting her up to sit spread eagled on the counter. When he pulled back Katrina released a whine her nails digging into his shoulders and trying to pull him back to her but he just grinned and knelt before her burrowing under her shirt with his head.

A surprised cry, though soft and quiet came from Katrina as Donovan nipped at the pale flesh of her inner thighs. Burying his nose in her lace covered pussy he took a deep breath, smelling how ready she was and the smell of their developing baby. Hooking a finger inside her panties he slid them to the side to find her pussy shiny and slightly dripping. He released a pleased growl before spreading her lips apart and licking slow circles around her clit with his tongue. Once he heard the muffled moan from Katrina's lips he smiled again and moved down stroking his tongue up and down her pussy slowly, bringing a hand up to dip a finger into her clenching hole.

After a few minutes of this Donovan was yanked to his feet by her, Katrina showing amazing strength as she slid from the counter and pushed him gently to the floor of the kitchen. Kissing his lips briefly Katrina moved down his body to the zipper of his pants, sliding it down then pushing her hand inside to release his cock all the while Donovan laying almost in shock on the floor. Eyeing his cock for a moment she slid the back of her tongue over the head of his long hard shaft gaining her a moan from the oh so tough werewolf.

Unfortunately she did not get far after that as Donovan had tortured himself with her pussy he did not have the patience to let her have her way with his cock, he would give in to her next time when they had been together a little longer. Sitting up he gripped her arms, pulling her up and off his aching cock then forward so her chest was pressed flat against his. Moving his hands to her waist Donovan guided her entrance to his cock, thrusting his hips up to sink in all the way to the base in a single stroke as he had wanted to do the first time they were together. Laying back down he slid her blouse up, and unhooked the front clasp of her bra so that her breasts swung free as she began to ride his cock.

Thrusting up into her heat he growled, cupping one breast in his right hand as his left stayed on her hip, gripping her flesh as they slammed against each other. Her juices coated his cock so quickly it almost made him pass out from the pleasure as her velvety inner muscles gripped at his cock as he slammed up into her writhing body. Katrina's pussy twitched around Donovan's cock letting him know that even though they had not been going long his mate was close to her climax which suited him just fine because his cock was craving release as well.

"Cum for me my beautiful mate! Cum for me and no other."

"Oh Donovan... I'm gonna... Oh God!"

Katrina's back arched beautifully as the orgasm crawled up her spine and into the back of her skull, which made her pussy clamp down hard on his still thrusting cock, making it hard to pump into her body. After a few pumps into her shivering body Donovan came as well, releasing his seed deep into Katrina's womb while a scream echoed through the kitchen. Looking over Derek's unconscious body Donovan saw Mrs. Remington in the doorway, watching him pump his still hard cock into the dripping pussy of her daughter. Oh this was going to be fun...

To be continued!!!

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