tagErotic HorrorFullmoon Wedding Ch. 03

Fullmoon Wedding Ch. 03


Donovan looked over at Katrina's mother as the woman continued to scream for a few moments as he thrust up a few more times his eyes staring into hers. Before Katrina could collect herself Mrs. Remington moved forward to grab her daughter by her long crimson hair dragging her out of the kitchen. He was stunned for a few moments before he came to his feet taking all of a second to adjust himself, buttoning then zipping up his pants before he was out the kitchen door. Finding Katrina on her knees with her family surrounding and picking at her with their hands, her own mother screaming the word whore at Katrina not allowing her to pull her clothing back on drove Donovan to the edge.

Appearing between them on his mate Donovan snapped his teeth at all of them, growls rolling up from his chest giving Katrina time to pull her clothes back on. No werewolf, mainly a mated male will tolerate his mate's body being seen by anyone other then him. Staring each one of them down Donovan dared them to come forth and try to do anything else to Katrina, his eyes had already turned to a green so pale they were almost white. The little humans backed up a few steps as he seemed to grow larger in front of their eyes, and perhaps he did but Donovan was too angry to notice.

"How can you treat one of your own blood like this? I understand it was not the best place or time to be doing something like that but you need not have done this Mrs. Remington."

"Whores are not part of this family!" Came a shout from the back of the room.

The family parted for the bride to be, Amelia Remington as she aproached the werewolf who was on the edge of turning. The young woman seemed to be a few years younger then Katrina, and infact seemed to be his mate's opposite in every way. From Amelia's dark brown hair and blue eyes to her tanned skin and twig of a body. Staring at this woman Donovan apperciated Katrina's curves all the more. Amelia was near shaking with rage as she stood in front of him, blue eyes darken to the color of storm clouds.

"You may have found Katrina to be the one for you due to her looks, but everyone in this family knows she is a failure. We do not support those that have not earned the right to be part of this family."

"And what have you done to earn this right?"

"I got the best grades in school, listened to whatever my mother said, and I'm marrying a man that will take care of us all."

"So you were a slave and you found a rich master, how lovely." The growl in Donovan's voice was growing.

"Even if that were true at least I'm not a whore like Katrina!"

And that was the last bit that Donovan could take even with Katrina at his back trying to keep him calm. He felt the beast crawl up his spine as he began to transform in front of her entire family, meaning a very large group of humans. His body grew two or three times larger then it had been, black fur starting to cover up his tanned skin as his ears melted into both sides of his head wolf ears popping up under his hair a moment later. As his clothing or what was left of it fell to the floor a tail could be seen growing from the base of his spine, the sounds of bones and muscles shifting under his skin filling the room as his mouth grew out into a muzzle with razor sharp fangs.

Katrina stood back a little, watching the beast who had raped her the night before reappear before her eyes from the body of her handsome Donovan. Before anyone could say or do anything a shot rang out through the room, a hole forming in Donovan's shoulder a moment later. When he went for Katrina picking her up he saw Mrs. remington on the floor the rifle she had just used to shoot him having knocked the woman on her ass. Though he was bleeding heavily he was out the door and opening Katrina's van before anyone could blink.

Placing his mate in the passenger's seat he went to the driver's side shifting back ot his human form before climbing in and taking off as everyone piled out of the house trying to see what was going on. When they drove away Katrina dug around in her van, looking for something before she reached up with a rag wiping away the blood from Donovan's shoulder gasping when she saw it was almost completely healed. After stopping off at a store to get him some new clothes, letting him change in the back of the van Katrina crossed her arms as they drove along the highway heading north.

"Where are we going Donovan?"

"To my clan's estate."

"What for? What about my school, work, everything else?"

"I will have you enrolled in the clan's college, since I have more money then God there is no need for work, and I can provide everything else you would need."

"And if I don't want to be stuck in werewolf central?"

"You will do this for me and for our child."

After hours of driving Katrina was tired and starting to get cranky as the sun had set an hour before Donovan turned onto a gravel road leading to large iron gates. Once he punched a code into the keypad the gates parted letting him drive deeper into the forest that surrounded them. When Katrina spied lights up ahead she wanted to jump from the car and run away but knew she would never get far if Donovan had anything to say about it. Pulling up in front of two huge double doors Donovan turned off the van leaving the keys where they were, hopping out he went to her side opening the door to hold a hand out for her. Unbuckling her seat belt Katrina slid from the van, avoiding his hand as though it were rotting off his arm. Donovan growled softly taking her arm in his hand before leading her up the stairs towards the doors, however before he could knock on the doors they flew open a young woman jumping out to wrap her arms and legs around Donovan, knocking Katrina to the ground.

"Don you're finally home!"

"Let go of me Kay."

Shaking her head a bit Katrina looked up, eyeing the woman who did not seem to want to let Donovan go. Katrina's eyes went wide as memories came flooding into her mind, this Kay was the woman he had mated with more then any other, a fellow werewolf. Pushing to her feet she turned around heading back to the car having every intention of leaving before they could start making out or something right in front of her, unfortunately once again Donovan had other ideas as he grabbed her arm again after throwing Kay off of him. Growling under her breath Katrina turned on him faster then Donovan could react, jerking her arm from his hand then raking nails across his face a look of betrayal on her own. Surprisingly instead of being anger he smiled wickedly at Katrina, taking her in his arms before kissing her deeply as Kay moved up behind him with a growl, her claws starting togrow out from under her nails.

"Who the fuck is this Don?"

"This is my alpha, my mate Katrina Remington. Beautiful and vicious is she not? Perfect form."

"I'm supposed to be your alpha Don! You chose a human over me, one of your own kind? Your father will not approve of this."

"The Beast chose her for me, and she is perfect for me. She was so fertile she is already pregnant with my young."

"Humans can't breed with us, it's not possible."

"But you smell it do you not? She is pregnant, and it is my child."

Katrina was very confused but it seemed that she was special in some way to these people. He swept Katrina up in his arms walking past Kay and into the home of his clan, heading straight for his room which was much larger then what Katrina had been used to. However with the room bathed only in moonlight she was not able to see anything, only feel when Donovan lay her on top of his silk covered bed pressing his body into hers. Even in the dark she saw his eyes glow an eerie green as he shifted them over her body his hands following soon after to remove her clothing. Reaching out Katrina found only flesh under her hands, not the clothing she hand bought him on the way to this place, looking up she saw his eyes narrow in the dark as he smiled at her.

Donovan was close to changing again, he could feel the Beast trying to climb up his spine both of them wanting to be with their mate. Growling softly he rolled Katrina over so that she was on her hands and knees, his hand going down to her pussy stroking the outter lips as he leaned over her back. Katrina shivered as she felt fur flow, the wet sounds of his transformation filling her ears as she started to shake under the great beast that pressed his clawed fingers into her pussy stroking inside her carefully to prepare her for his canine cock. Once she was plenty wet around his fingers he removed them as he shifted behind her to position his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

Hearing her throaty cry as he sank deep into her pussy brought a pleased growl from Donovan as he pumped his cock into her tight hole feeling her juices coat his shaft. Leaning over her he placed his hands on the bed next to hers still able to tower over her and pump into her hot body as he did so. He felt every orgasm she had as her pussy squeezed his cock but he was not in the mood to end things as quickly as he had before, considering that he could fuck her tight hole the entire night before he would cum himself. Opening his jaws he sank his fangs into her shoulder renewing the mark he had made the first night he had taken her since the immortality he had given her included a healing factor that matched his own.

When Katrina fell forward unable to support her own weight and the force of his thrusts he drew back pulling out of her body which drew a whimper of need from her. Gripping her hip Donovan rolled her onto her back, a wolfish grin appearing as her legs fell open to him Katrina's hips squirming under him in need. He knew that she would continue to crave his cock until he finally emptied his seed into her body, it was the only cost of being his mate, if he was horny she would be as well and would remain thus until he spilled his seed. Taking her hips in his clawed hands he thrust into her body again, drawing a low moan from her throat which ended in a growl as he pumped into her small body.

Thrusting into Katrina's pussy with the wild abandon of the wolf he was Donovan finally allowed them both to cum at the same time, his head falling back as a howl erupted from his muzzle. Panting heavily he shifted back to his human form, Katrina shuddering under him as she felt his thick cock grow a little smaller inside her pussy. Pulling out of her pussy Donovan smiled at the string of mixed juices that hung from the tip of his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Picking her up gently he pulled back the covers on his bed, laying her down head resting on one of the pillows as he slid into the bed next to her. Shifting the covers over them he tugged Katrina against his body, her limp form and deep breathing telling him that she was deep in sleep.

"I... I love you... Katrina."

Unknown to the lovers within the room Kay stood outside the door having heard every bit of their love making and the words that had come from Donovan before he fell into as deep a sleep as his mate. Growling softly Kay's body was shaking uncontrolably. After a few minutes of being lost in her own thoughts Kay smiled to herself as one thought sprang to the front of her mind. They had not yet taken the mating oath so their matehood was not recognized by the clan, therefor Donovan was still fair game technically. And tomorrow was a brand new day.

To be continued!

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