tagErotic HorrorFullmoon Wedding Ch. 04

Fullmoon Wedding Ch. 04


Before the break of dawn the next day Donovan was roused from his slumber far to early by hard pounding on his door. More then likely Kay had gone to tell the Elders he had brought a human into their midst. But Donovan was not sure anymore if his mate was indeed human as he had thought when first tracking her fertile scent through the snow storm. Yawning wide he kissed Katrina's temple being sure not to wake her as he slid from the bed and into a pair of black jeans. Moving to the door he took a good sniff before opening it to see Kay's smiling face as she looked up at him practically glowing. This did not bode well.

"The Elders want to see you Donovan, something about your mate hood being invalid. Might want to hurry."

"If this is because of you Kay, I will bring vengeance upon you so horrible you will beg for death. You will no hurt Katrina while I deal with the Elders, that is an order."

As Donovan ran for the Elder's Hall Kay felt a very wicked smile cross over her face before she entered Donovan's room, her golden eyes instantly falling on the slumbering human. Inching silently towards the bed Kay pulled a set of leather cuffs from her jacket and jean pockets. She wouldn't hurt the human oh no, but she had other things in mind like tying and gagging the whore until Kay made Don come to his senses. Slowly Kay wrapped the cuffs around the human's ankles and wrists, the chains from the cuffs connecting to the bed and stretching the little mortal out so she could not get free somehow. Just as Katrina's eyes began to open from all the movement Kay had been doing, Kay forced a ball gag into the mortal's mouth and tied it into place.

"Now there's a good girl. You're gonna sit here real quiet while I use my charms on Don aren't you? Yes you are. And I'm so nice that I'll let you watch."

"Watch what Kay?"

Kay turned to find Donovan standing in the doorway of his room still wearing only a pair of black jeans. Hearing Katrina sob behind the gag in her mouth gave Kay a sick sense of pleasure that she could not keep from her eyes. Rage filled Donovan's eyes as he stepped into the room, light glinting off the clan ring he wore on his finger meaning he had been successful with the Elders, though Kay had not thought she'd spent that much time binding the mortal.

"Be gone from my sight Kay, I will have you branded as rogue and hunted for this!"

"You can not do that to someone who has challenged the Alpha. And that is what I have done here. You best train your female lest you want her dead instead of injured by my claws."

With that lovely comment Kay moved from the bed and left the room, heading down to the Elders Hall to put her plans into action. Once Kay had left Donovan stared down at Katrina, strangely finding the bindings rather exciting but he knew it was not the best time to test them out. Moving slowly to the bed he unchained his mate, pulling her into his embrace once she was freed he could feel her body shaking while she cried silently. Running fingers through her crimson hair Donovan was not sure what to do, for once in his life he felt as helpless as the countless deer he had hunted and consumed with his pack members.

"I'm sorry Katrina... What a useless mate I am if I can not protect my own woman from one such as Kay."

"How could you have known Donovan?"

Donovan held her tightly against his body, his every instinct screaming at him to take Katrina far from his clan home, far from anything that would harm her but of course he did not really have those options did he? Katrina was mother to his first child since his seed had not set in any woman but her, she was his destined mate given to him by whatever divine forces might be out there. Once again running fingers through her long hair Donovan was very aware that Katrina was nude under the covers that separated them, though this excited him all he could do was sigh.

"Something's wrong Donovan, what is it?"

"Kay is going to issue a Challenge."

"The hell for?"

"Because even with all my wandering to other women Kay always thought I would return to clan home one day and be her official mate. I had never planned on doing so, and made that clear to Kay but it never sunk in, obviously."

"Obsessed little thing is she?"

"Oh yes, always trying to stop my relationships with other women, attempting to turn my attention and affections towards her instead. But all it took was my destined mate disguised as a small mortal woman to make my wandering stop along with having soul focus on a single woman, you Katrina."

"You are a charmer I have to give you that Donovan, also you're great in the sack which only aids you in the quest for my heart."

"Yes well, over the next week Katrina, you are going to despise me."

A week later Katrina was about as prepared as she was going to be for the Challenge. Along with learning all the rules Donovan had taught her how to defend herself from a certain nasty werewolf bitch. He did not think that she would be able to keep up with Kay in regards to speed and strength but he'd taught her to use her head first and everything else second. Strangely enough Katrina had been able to keep up with him during the training, meeting him blow for blow and catching him off guard a few times while working out. On the way to the gathering circle Donovan took Katrina's hand in his, not wanting to let go for all the world but not having much choice once they arrived in a place that looked oddly like Stonehenge. Before Katrina could move away as was custom Donovan pulled her close bringing his lips to her ear so he could whisper to her.

"No matter what happens today Katrina, I love you, and you are my only mate."

After that Donovan let her go and walked to his throne beside that of his father the pack leader. Katrina felt almost paralyzed, he loved her and there was an answering feeling deep in her chest. Shaking herself Katrina moved to the center of the stone circle, facing off with Kay who wore just a tank top and shorts as Katrina was. There would be no weapons even though Katrina was not a werewolf like Kay was, though the bite Donovan had given her when they met was bringing out something strange in her that had lain dormant until now. Donovan's father, Patrick, stood up from his throne shifting his eyes to look at Kay.

"Challenger of my son's mate, do you pick first blood or to the death?"

"Death oh great pack leader. The only way Donovan will be released from her spell is through death alone!"

"So be it, claws are allowed but no changing into a wolf or wolf man form, understood?"

Both Kay and Katrina nodded to the pack leader in answer along with being a sign of respect. Turning their full attention back to each other Katrina smirked when she saw that Kay had already brought out her razor sharp claws. Moving with her inhuman speed Kay ducked down intending to slice Katrina's legs so that the human could not run away or do much in the way of real fighting, unfortunately Katrina saw the move coming and leapt over Kay's head just missing those claws. Landing in a soft crouch Katrina felt Kay behind her in an instant, claws aiming for her back which was a low blow but Katrina spun around sliding Kay's blow to the side, claws grazing her arm. Taking advantage of their position Katrina jabbed her fist hard into Kay's chest making the werewolf cough loudly and stumble back in surprise. Something dark was rising inside Katrina, almost to the point where she could not control it anymore.

Falling to her knees Katrina grabbed her head, pain shooting through her entire body as though she would explode if she did not get release soon from whatever was building within her. Donovan rose from his seat only to be held back by his father when Kay leapt into the air, claws aimed for Katrina's head. Right before Kay's claws could connect a blast of darkness flowed out of Katrina, throwing the werewolf into one of the stone pillars while Katrina stood up slowly. Black eyes shifted over the unconscious werewolf while Katrina moved forward slowly, darkness thickening around her, turning day into night while she made her way to Kay. Donovan could not believe what he was seeing, something had been odd about Katrina but he had never thought she would turn out to be a Shadow Walker, a controller of darkness. Stepping in front of Kay, Katrina reached out to wrap both her hands around Kay's neck shaking the wolf until golden eyes blinked up at her.

"Do you give up? I'd rather not kill you."

"No! Donovan will be mine."

"Not in a million years lady, so just give up, at this point you'll never win."

By that point it seemed Kay had noticed the darkness around Katrina because she began to shiver in Katrina's hold a soft whimper coming from her.

"All right! I give in!"

"Good, and you will never Challenge again, nor will any other female who wishes to survive."

Releasing Kay, Katrina stood up straight turning to look at Donovan who had wrestled out of his father's grip and come to her side. Moving up to her Donovan wrapped his strong arms around Katrina, feeling almost relieved when the darkness dissipated from around her body and his. Sliding her hands over Donovan's back Katrina held him close while she sensed the need in all those around them to remove him from her arms and perhaps kill her though she was his destined mate. Before anyone could blink Katrina and Donovan were gone from the circle, from clan home itself. Instead they were standing in Katrina's small rented house almost half the state away. Holding Donovan tightly Katrina shifted so that she could press her lips to his, his instant reaction to deepen the kiss so he could swallow her sweet taste.

"I'm not suited to be your mate anymore am I?"

"Shadow Walkers are rare and powerful, I am glad you are one Katrina. Now I do not have to worry about you half as much as I had been."

"Oh so you were troubled when you thought I was a normal human?"

"Let us not fight, you won the challenge so now you must claim your prize, me. But before that... Do you love me Katrina?"

Katrina's hands went to his shoulders pushing him down hard on the bed that had been to his back. Within seconds Donovan's clothes were stripped away along with Katrina's while she climbed up his body to straddle his waist feeling his cock poke at her though she knew he was shocked at her behavior. Smiling softly to him Katrina pressed her lips to his, licking his bottom lip softly feeling him resist her lustful pull on him so he could hear her answer.

"Yes Donovan, I love you."

She could barely get anything out after the yes because Donovan's arms came around her body fast and tight, his kiss falling upon her lips roughly. Katrina felt relived that he did not see her differently even after her little display of power in the circle, also she now felt complete in his arms that she could love him and stand by his side without being a burden. When Donovan's cock sank deep within her body Katrina could almost feel the baby within her womb celebrate their joining of bodies. Their mouths did not split apart the entire time they made love, Donovan's thrusts hard and almost impatient while he heard Katrina's soft moans muffled and captured by his mouth. Digging her nails into his shoulders Katrina rocked her hips against his thrusts, taking his full length each time her body came down on him.

It felt like an eternity before Donovan sped up his pumping into her sensitive body, her moans becoming more urgent as she opened her eyes to look into his, hers having turned black with all the pleasure she was drowning in. Just as Katrina's pussy began to tighten down on his cock with her orgasm Donovan came hard inside her, filling her to overflowing as her pussy contracted around his cock almost like a snake. Pulling back to look into his eyes once again Katrina could not help but smile as she saw the smug smile on Donovan's lips right before he pushed her onto her back starting all over again like the lustful wolf he was.

To Be Continued

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