tagErotic HorrorFullmoon Wedding Ch. 05

Fullmoon Wedding Ch. 05


By the time that Katrina woke up enough to realize where she was and what was going on it was weeks later, full moon light streaming into the window within her room, washing over there nude forms. Groaning from the soreness in her body she rolled over to come face to face with Donovan's sleeping form, the situation almost ironic to her as she smiled softly. Reaching her hand out Katrina stroked her thumb over Donovan's cheek, happy that he did not see her as the monster that his family did. Snuggling closer to his warmth she brushed her lips against his, getting an automatic reaction from him though he was still sleeping peacefully. Releasing a soft squeak of joy when he ruled her body under his Katrina knew the instant he woke up, able to feel the triumphant smirk on his face though her eyes were closed with pleasure.

"Ah, a sight to wake up to indeed."

"Come on Donovan! I need to get out of bed eventually."

"Not right now you don't, I hungered for you in my dreams though you were right next to me. We make love, then dinner, I will take you somewhere nice."

"But I'm a mess, I need a shower first."

"Wonderful idea my love."

Scooping her into his arms Donovan slid from the bed and walked into Katrina's bathroom finding the shower stall small but just big enough for what he wanted to do to her. Turning on the water he moved back to her, kissing her lips with all the passion and love that burned in him for her, and her alone. Katrina responded in kind before gripping his shoulders and dragging him under the hot spray of water. Grabbing her ass in his hands, Donovan pulled Katrina up his body so he could capture the hard peaks of her nipples between his lips and teeth, sucking hard and torturing her with his tongue. Katrina's hands dug into his shoulders while she squirmed against the wall to her back, moaning deep in her throat as Donovan pressed his hand against her hungry pussy.

Growling deep in his throat he pulled back from her breasts, eyes staring into hers while he slid one finger then a second into her gripping pussy, the feeling making Donovan's cock twitch with need. Stroking his fingers into her slick heat for a few moments he just watched her eyes, love, pleasure, and relief, all warring with each other across Katrina's beautiful face. Unable to stand watching her face for too long he looked away in favor of suckling one of her nipples into his mouth again, almost like he was trying to feed from her. Pulling back from her breast Donovan grinned into her dazed face while he slowly fed his cock into her twitching pussy, almost going mad while the inner muscles of her pussy rippled around his cock. Once fully sheathed within her small body he took her lips in another possessive kiss while he began pumping his hips, forcing his cock in and out of her clenching resistance. So content Donovan was just to stay in that shower, in that apartment and take Katrina over and over again, but alas he knew something needed to be done about his family, and hers, before the night was out as he wanted, no, needed her for his bride that very night.

When her legs tightened around his waist, pussy giving the same reaction he sunk back into what he was doing, pleasing his mate. Speeding up his thrusts he clung to Katrina as she clung to him, both of them working the other until they reached that final peak, both of them falling over into orgasm with a groan. As they caught their breath Donovan washed Katrina's body, then shampooed her hair, when finished she did the same for him. Moving from the shower they toweled each other off with soft chuckles while they reflected on their actions in the shower a moment before. Getting dressed he slipped into another long thinking process, slipping into jeans and a button up black shirt. Looking over to Katrina he smiled when he saw that she wore a white cotton dress that flowed to her knees. Taking her around the waist Donovan took her from the apartment, going to a restaurant they both thoroughly enjoyed.

During dinner Katrina had gathered more and more a sense of dread, almost as though some great evil was closing in on them. However when the hairs on the back of her neck stood up she was sure something was way off, pretty green eyes searching all the patrons that had chosen to eat outside as she and Donovan had she spotted the thing that was out of place. Katrina's father was across the street, looking as though he were just in his early twenties, and he was staring at her with cold black eyes. Following her gaze Donovan stilled, not sure what to do, but his own family made up his mind for him when three werewolves from his clan showed up in man wolf form. Standing up from the table he dragged Katrina to him, backing slowly away from the innocent humans that were just trying to have dinner in the small restaurant. Once they got clear he picked her up in his arms and began running with all the inhuman speed that he had in his body while Katrina still stared at her father in shock.

Their escape was foiled of course, almost like a horror movie in it's irony while Donovan glared at the wolves of his clan, Katrina at his back with her father maybe a foot from touching her.

"You died, they buried you while I watched!" Katrina cried.

"Just a shell I created child. You would know that if your powers had appeared from birth and I been able to train you." Her father responded coolly.

"Katrina my love, now is not the best time to be distracted."

With that Katrina got back into the game, summoning several wolves made of darkness, their blood red eyes glowing and seeking out the enemies that threatened their mistress. Her father seemed slightly impressed but still he summoned his own beast to come and play, a black dragon that was as big as a two story home in the suburbs. Unable to keep the shock from her face Katrina almost lost focus but quickly recovered, sending two of the wolves she'd created after two of the weres that had come for Donovan while facing off with her father, hearing the sounds of fighting start up while Donovan charged in with the remaining were.

"I am impressed you can actually control them like that at this early in your development my child."

"You're not the father I knew and loved."

"Why should I continue to feign emotions anymore when you are as I am now? Shadow Walkers are emotionless creatures, which is why we rank high above all other mythical beings."

"Ha! I have emotions, Shadow Walker or not I intend to keep them."

"Then your powers will consume you. Think of it child, if you have a nightmare and are not conscious so you can keep your powers from creating that thing which was the cause of your fear to manifest, how will you keep it from consuming you?"

"I don't dream, never have."

"Everyone dreams Katrina, even I still dream of the time I spent with your mother when she seemed human. It seemed my lack of any real emotion eventually wore off on her. Mayhap that is why she hated you so, because it was the only real emotion she had left?"

"Don't care, that bullshit is over and done with, which I'm glad for."

"Nothing is ever truly over and done with my dear, proof stands before you now. I am alive and speaking to you, and your wolf has disposed of his clan mates. But it will only continue until you either break things off with him or give his clan a reason to accept you, which you do not have."

"I carry Donovan's heir, I love him and he loves me, that should be enough for them!"

"Mere beasts do not understand nor care about these things."

"He's not a mere beast! And what do you even care?"

"I care my dear daughter because once I felt your power rise into being I came from the home of our people to fetch you. You will be taught how far you powers go, and you will be mated with one of your own kind. We are such a rare race that I might be you are paired with a relative, even I as your father am a potential mate."

"Oh my God, no way."

"Indeed, we hold no care for how closely a female is related to her mate, long as the pair produces children it is of no concern."

Donovan's arms came around Katrina from behind as her knees had gone weak. Though a look of pure hatred was directed to Donovan from her father, Katrina could not shake the words he had just spoken to her. Mated, with a Shadow Walker, maybe even her own father that she had thought was dead for the past two years. Disgusting was the only thing that went through her mind before cold fingers slipped around her throat, black eyes filling her vision while Donovan roared with fury and pain in her ear. Slipping back into awareness after a few moments Katrina found herself, and Donovan in a world of darkness, and minus clothing. Moving over to Donovan she found him curled in a ball on the ground, not moving with no signs that he was breathing either. Going to her knees Katrina wrapped him in her protective arms while she closed her eyes, forcing her power into him, seeking what was wrong before her father's voice whispered around her.

"You see, the wolf can not live in our world. We are of the dark, his kind merely plays in it and can not handle the true darkness."

"Let us out of here you bastard!"

"If you want to save your wolf and return to the human world then you must reach for those powers which dwell within. Escape, and I will grant you leave to marry the wolf."

Keeping her eyes closed Katrina just clutched onto Donovan, she could feel his spark of life starting to fade. Tears burned down her face in the cold world they'd been trapped in, panic starting to set in while she scrambled to figure out some way of escape. Her father had been right about one thing, he and Katrina were of the dark, Donovan having light in himself, and she realized that she need that light to survive so that she could live on. Digging her nails into his shoulders she opened her eyes, staring into the darkness that surrounded them. Pure stubbornness spread through her while she stared at the dark, yes she was of the dark but she ruled it not the other way around.


Suddenly Katrina fell hard on a soft surface, looking around she saw she was back in her apartment, Donovan curled around her. Sitting up with a jolt she turned to him, running her hands over his cheeks relief flowing through her when she saw that he was just sleeping. Growling softly she shoved her way out of the bed to stand next to it, hard green eyes staring into the amused black gaze of her father.

"Well done child."

"You almost killed him!"

"It was necessary, either get the test now for both of you or have something worse come later down the line. I may be an emotionless being but you are still my child."

"I thought Shadow Walkers cared nothing for how closely related we are to each other."

"That is when it comes to mating dear, and I have no desire to take you to mate, nor let one of the other Shadow Walker males have you. I am sorry Katrina but you are too human, mating with one of us would destroy your mind."

"Oh please, don't be sorry, I'm glad for it."

"I am sure you are. Moving along, you have my blessing as leader to the Shadow Walkers to marry your wolf. I also have convinced the wolf's clan to allow it considering what you've just done." Smiling wickedly at her, Katrina's father continued. "I will even teleport you to the ceremony as you do not have much time."

"You've done something to amuse yourself haven't you?"

"Well since your mother knows about the supernatural thanks to your wolf I thought it would be interesting to invite her to the wedding."

"By invite you mean force her to go, tie her to a chair and gag her right?"

"But of course. Now we must away, time runs short."

An hour later Katrina was wearing a light flowing white dress, the skirt starting just below her bust, and lose sleeves hanging almost to her knuckles. A giddy feeling was starting to flow over her while she was walked down the isle by her father, a dream she thought she'd never have realized when he'd "died." The ancient Shadow Walker had actually even been able to rustle up a proud and loving smile when he looked down at her. Everyone in the large outside wedding seemed very tense, werewolves fighting the urge to change and snarl, while the Shadow Walkers put on bored expressions even while most unmated males were enraged by the fact that her father had given a fine female up to a werewolf. In the end none of it mattered the second she spotted Donovan around the tall guests, his fine werewolf body clad in a traditional tux.

When they reached Donovan her father kissed her on the cheek before handing her hand over to her mate. Watching her father walk away to sit with her mother, who was as promised tied to the chair and gagged, Katrina tried not to laugh. Squeezing her hand Donovan led her over to the clan's elder that would be conducting the ceremony. There was a bunch of random things the old werewolf talked about that Katrina had no understanding of while she just stared into Donovan's smiling, happy face. Distantly she heard him say something then felt a question directed towards her, causing her to look at the Elder in confusion. Also it was obvious the wolf was not used to repeating himself.

"Do you take Donovan Alexander Blacroad as your mate and husband for eternity?"

"I do."

"Then I now pronounce you an eternal and fated mated pair before the eyes of our clan and the race of Shadow Walkers! You may kiss the bride."

Chuckling with nervousness and relief Donovan scooped Katrina in his arms, taking her lips in a deep kiss, all the fear and trouble flowing away from both of them in that moment. Clutching at him while the group broke out in cheers Katrina smiled against his lips, eyes lighting with mischief when she pulled back for a breath.

"Together forever huh? Can you handle the old ball and chain that long?"

"Long as it is you, I really don't mind being collared."

"Ohh we should try that for the honey moon."

"Long as you wear leather and spiked heels."

"Of course, anything for the man I love."

"I love you too Katrina."

* * * * *

Ok that's the end for Katrina and Donovan. But I will write another story telling everyone what happens to the baby Katrina is carrying. Years down the line when the child is grown up. This should be fun!

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