Will: good morning
Carol: good morning
Will: long time no chat
Carol: yeah I know
Will: you all alone this morning
Carol: yeah for a little while
Will: you want some fun this morning
Carol: yeah give me time to wake up, I just got up and I haven't had my coffee yet
Will: LOL I could wake you up
Carol: im sure you could lol
Will: would start by licking parts of your body to get the blood flowing
Carol: sounds good
Will: where would you like me to start
Carol: my breast
Will: pushing your shirt up and lowering my head to your breast and taking a nipple into
my mouth to lick and suck it
Carol: mmmm feels good
Will: can feel that nipple growing under my tongue as I gently lick it. My hand rubs the
other one for you. (Take your top off)
Carol: my nipples are getting hard
Will: rub them for me
Carol: I have my hand under my nightie rubbing them
Will: anything else under the nighty
Carol: nope, nothing and pinching my nipples
Will: I start to move my hand downward as my tongue goes from nipple to nipple
Carol: im moving my and down to my pussy
Will: my fingers start to rub your clit and the lips of your pussy as I take more nipple
into my mouth
Carol: mmm my pussy is getting very wet
Will: I move my fingers downward to your pussy and spread the lips
Carol: mmmm
Will: I stand up and unzip my jeans for you
Carol: I wanna suck your hard cock
Will: take it out of my pants
Carol: mmmm
Will: can feel your fingers on it stroking it
Carol: I put it in my mouth and start sucking it very slowly
Will: I shove your cock to the back of my throat and start sucking it faster
Carol: im rubbing your balls as im sucking your cock
Will: Can feel my cock deep in your mouth
Carol: mmm sucking fater
Will: geting harder in your mouth as my fingers stroke your pussy and clit
Carol: I want to taste your cum
Will: suck it baby as I start to fuck your mouth
Carol: mmmm fuck it faster baby
Will: I am your pussy is really wet under my fingers
Carol: mmmmmm it feels so good
Will: Is it wet there?
Carol: yes...very wet
Will: you playing with it? Fingers or toy
Carol: I am playing with it with myfingers
Will: teasing it or fucking it? What should I do with this hard cock here?
Carol: rubbing my clit
Will: put a finger in it
Carol: stroke your cock for me
Will: ok
Carol: im finger fucking myself. it feels so good
Will: how many fingers
Carol: 2
Will: I lower myself to the floor and have you straddle me so I can lick your pussy as
you suck my cock
Carol: mmmmm baby
Will: your pussy is so hot and wet on my face as my tongue enters it and fucks it
Carol: your pre cum taste so good. sucking your cock very slowly
Will: you juices taste fantastic as I lick them up. I take a finger and tease your ass
with it as I eat your pussy
Carol: then I start moving my mouth up and down your hard cock very fast
Will: I stick the finger in your pussy to get it wet and then tease your asshole with it
and wonder if I should push it in
Carol: push it in baby. mmm baby
Will: I push it slowly to let you feel it and my tongue works toward your clit.
(tease your ass with a finger as you finger fuck your pussy
Carol: mmmmmm. stroke your cock faster baby
Will: I ask if you want the first load in your mouth or in your pussy
Carol: in my mouth baby. I want to taste your cum
Will: go for it baby suck me out
Carol: im fixing to cum
Will: let it go. Drown my face with your juices
Carol: shoot a big load in my mouth baby. ohhhhhhh im cumming
Will: I let it go and feel your mouth sucking every drop that it can get
Carol: mmmmmm
Will: how many fingers in your pussy now
Carol: 2
Will: you want more?
Carol: yeah in a minute, let me quit trembleing
Will: ok
Carol: did you cum yet
Will: nope still stroking it
Carol: stroke it faster baby
Will: ok
Carol: shoot me a big load
Will: taking my hard cock and putting it at the head of your pussy
Carol: mmmmmm
Will: rubbing it against your clit and pussy lips
Carol: mmm
Will: do you want it
Carol: slide it into my wet pussy
Will I lift your legs and spread them giving me complete access to your pussy and
push forward
Carol: mmmmm. fuck me baby
Will: Can feel you closing around me as I push inwards. My fingers continue to tease
your ass as I fuck your pussy
Carol: mmmmm fuck me hard baby
Will: My cock fills you up and my finger pushes inward
Carol: mmmmm
Will: I lean down and suck a nipple into my mouth as I fuck your pussy and asshole
Carol: my nipples are so hard. fuck my pussy hard baby
Will: I can see that Can feel them in my mouth as I fuck you. I wonder if you can take
a second finger
Carol: yeah try it baby
Will: I lube up the other finger and push it back into your ass and let you get used to it
filling you up
Carol: mmmm baby, it feels so good
Will: I can feel my cock and fingers rubbing against each other through your wall and
it feels good.
Carol: mmmmm baby
Will: What are you doing there?
Carol: im rubbing my clit and putting a finger in my pussy
Will: I pull my cock back from your pussy and tease your ass with it
Carol: ohhh baby
Will: I ask if you want it there
Carol: yes. slide your big hard cock into my ass
Will: I put some extra lube on it and place it at the entrance of your ass and push forward
Carol: mmmmmmm
Will: The head goes into you and I stop for you to get used to it. Your fingers come
down to your clit and pussy as I start to enter you
Carol: mmmmm rubbing my clit
Will: I ask if you want more inside you
Carol: yes baby
Will: I push forward a little more letting your asshole get used to me
Carol: push all of your cock into my ass
Will: push back as I push forward
Carol: mmmmmm. start fucking it a little faster
Will: Carol your ass is so tight. I can feel my cock growing inside you
Carol: mmmmmcum in my ass baby
Will: we start up a rhythm and it feels so good
Carol: ohhhh yes.faster baby
Will: are you sure you want it there
Carol: rubbing my clit faster
Will: can dfeel myself getting closer to cumming
Carol: ohhh baby.fill my ass up with your fixing to cum again
Will: cumming dep inside you
Carol: ohhhh im cumming.mmmmmmmm
Will: me too
Carol: mmmm baby
Will: oh yeah feels so good
Carol: brb, im going to clean up
Will: yeah me too

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