tagGay MaleFun at a Rest Area

Fun at a Rest Area


My experience with sex at a rest area all started one weekend when I was meeting a friend in Southern California. The Interstate is littered with rest areas little did I know that I would become infatuated with them. I have heard of what some folks call gay "cruising" at rest areas but I never thought I would be one getting "cruised."

So, I had been in the car about 3 hours when I pulled off at a rest area to use the rest room. I drive late at night so as not to deal with the heat during the day. When I pulled in the rest area was deserted with the exception of a single pick-up truck. I went in and used the rest room. I heard the door open and a guy walked in. He chose the urinal right next to mine and let it flow. I couldn't help but notice how large his cock was.

He noticed me looking at his package and asked me if I liked what I saw. I didn't say anything and tried to ignore him. I was rather impressed with his cock size and he could tell as my limp cock started to harden. He told me that if I wanted to see more of it to meet him out back. I was terrified but completely aroused at the same time.

I finished quickly and walked out the door. I walked fast to my car and got inside. I was just about to start the car when I noticed him walk out the door and behind the building. I sat in the car with things going through my mind. My cock was betraying me and basically spoke for me. I opened the door reluctantly and headed for the building.

Now, I am completely a bottom and love to be used and abused by a dominant man but this was neither my typical set up nor typical man. Anyway, I was on my way. My dick was straining against my jeans and begging to be let out.

I walked behind the building and tried to focus my eyes to the dark. I looked around and didn't see him. I was about to give up when he cleared his throat. I walked over to him and noticed he had his cock out stroking it. It was much bigger than I had originally thought. My cock got even harder. I lost any semblance of common sense. Relieving that cock of all it's cum was now my only focus.

I got down on my knees and took that cock in my mouth. He groaned and grabbed my head. His cock was so big I couldn't get it all in my mouth. It didn't take me long to fit it firmly in my throat though. He started to fuck my mouth. I was a little bitch in heat and servicing that cock like there was no tomorrow was all I could think about.

I stopped for a minute and undid my jeans to free my rock hard cock. I started stroking my own cock as it needed relief as well. I was so hot I wanted to feel that cock in my ass. I immediately went back to sucking that fat cock and diligently working for that hot load of cum.

I was licking up and down his shaft and the talking began. He told me how bad he wanted to fuck me and how much he wanted to cum inside of me. He told me how I was going to be his little fag and his personal cum dumpster. At that time I dove back down on his cock and felt that dick in my throat. This sent him over the edge and soon I felt his cock expand. Thick jets of cum emptied in my belly. There were noises coming from him that was a sign I had did my job. This sent me over the edge as I shot a generous amount of cum into the grass.

I wanted nothing more than to feel that cock into my ass. He was not having that though. As I was cleaning his cock with my tongue he said he had to get home to the wife. I was disappointed but I mentioned I would be back through here in a couple days. His eyes lit up and he said he would be waiting for me if I was still game. He told me how much he was going to fuck my tight ass. The scene made me so hot my dick hardened again. He pulled his pants up and left without saying another word.

I made it back to my car and stroked my dick once again. I was looking forward to being used and abused.


My weekend was uneventful as I put up with my girlfriend's bullshit. I headed back down the Interstate back home. The thoughts of that cock emptying in my throat erased any negative thoughts of my weekend. Little did I know that there would be a gigantic exclamation point to the end of my weekend. One that I would be thinking about for awhile.

I finally made it back to the original rest area and there was his pick-up truck. My cock stirred as I thought about that fat cock in my ass. I walked into the bathroom and noticed a note on the mirror. It said, "Bitch, walkout back, strip, and position yourself on all fours with your head in the ground." I was so excited I almost stripped right then and there.

I walked out back and started to take off my clothes. It was eerily calm and deserted out there. I positioned myself as I had been commanded to do. It didn't take long before I felt a large rough hand on my butt. My dick was so hard I wanted to stroke it. That hand started kneading my ass cheeks. I felt my cheeks spread and a finger was slowly inserted inside.

I was in heaven as a second finger was inserted in my anus. I started to push back against my intruder's hand. I wanted his cock. I told him this and he quickly swatted my ass. He told me to shut my f'ing mouth or he would punch me. That voice was not the voice of the pick-up guy. I tried to get up but my invader punched me in the balls. I keeled over in pain. I no longer wanted any part of this.

My invader held onto my waist and would not let me go. He told me to stay completely still or he would punch me again. I complied and he called me a good boy. Tears streamed down my face and I was terrified. All the thoughts of getting fucked left me quickly. I wanted nothing more than to leave this area immediately.

Soon my invader was working on my ass again. It was clear he had no regard for my well being. He jammed two fingers into me and continued lubing me up. He was smacking my ass as he fingered me and I was starting to warm up to his onslaught. His fingers were rubbing me so hard that he was rubbing my G spot. My cock was getting harder by the second and that warmth in my ass started again. I started to push back against his hand.

He yanked his hand out of my butt and the emptiness was unbearable. I didn't have to wait long as I felt his cock at my entrance. He told me to push back against his dick. He didn't have to tell me twice. I pushed back against a moderate sized dick which felt unbelievable. I came immediately all over the ground. He laughed hard at the notion of a grown man coming from having his ass fucked.

His assault on my ass was just beginning. He grabbed my hips and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. It felt so good being a cock whore for him. He was grunting and groaning like a madman.

I concentrated on making his cock cum. I squeezed and beared down on his cock making him moan even more. His pace quickened and his moans grew. He started yelling how I was his best fuck ever and how he was going to mark his territory. At that moment the head of his cock grew and he dumped what seemed like a gallon of cum inside of me. He pumped every last drop inside of me and his softening cock dropped out of me with a flop.

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Don't move your night isn't over yet." I was excited and petrified at the same time. My cock was hard again. That was an awesome fuck and his cock felt so good inside of me.

It seemed as soon as he got up a set of new hands were grabbing my ass. A familiar voice whispered in my ear. He told me he hoped I wasn't scared by the rough play and that I was getting exactly what I asked for and then some.

With that, he slammed a fat cock inside of me. I almost fainted. It was by far the largest cock I have ever taken. I felt like I was being ripped apart. The pain was unbearable. I was getting owned by this man. Neither of these men cared how I felt. Luckily the pain had started to subside and my prostate was making my legs weak.

I was starting to moan like a bitch and was begging him to fuck me harder. He held tight to my waist and rubbed his cock across my g spot in such a way that wave after wave of pleasure electrified my body. My cock erupted with a stream of the white milky stuff all over.

This must have touched off the pick-up man because he emptied a healthy amount of cum in my rear end that felt amazing. He collapsed on top of me and his limp prick plopped out of my well used ass. I was spent and he sensed this. He told me to get up and get dressed as the cops would be making there rounds soon. I slowly and deliberately dressed. I looked around and was all alone. I made my way back to my car and noticed a note.

On the note was his name and his phone number. I smiled as he said that my ass was the best he ever had. He told me to call him when I was back in town and he would love to have another go with my queer ass. My ass was empty and my underwear was full of cum. I was in heaven.

I had few more episodes with the pick-up man.

Let me know if you want to hear more.

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by Anonymous01/04/18

Rest stop

I visited one on my way home from work one afternoon .. It was hot and I was dressed in shorts , tshirt and open sandals and needed the toilet , too far away from home to wait , as I pulled in , a carmore...

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by sabar07/05/17

Rest area park

There is a small park/rest area here on Rt 123 at the Georgia, South Carolina border. Was bored this morning so took a ride by, as I drove in I saw a couple of cars parked about half way in. As I passedmore...

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by Anonymous02/26/17


I was used 4 times in or local park by older men when I was sweet 16.... I was so terrified that I always turned up when they told me to...it was usually the same 3 men and I had to suck them all offmore...

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