tagSci-Fi & FantasyFun at Sorcery School

Fun at Sorcery School


Part 1 -- Virgin No More

Ergon wondered what on earth Sarissa wanted to meet him in the storage room for. Given that it was his birthday, he'd been hoping to manage to sneak out of Kanata and get into town and have a drink at the pub rather than spend it in school. After all, it wasn't every day that you turned 18. He checked that no one was following him (always a concern at a magical college where people, especially the older variety, would prank first years at every available opportunity) and then pushed the door open. He was certainly surprised by what he saw when he opened it.

He cast his eyes about the room, taking in what appeared to be a large bedroom. There was a large four posted bed against the far wall with little side cupboards and a door into what appeared to be a bathroom off to the left. Upon the bed lay Sarissa, sprawled across it in her school uniform. He realized that this was one of the rare rooms in the college that though it was named one thing, could be adapted to suit the needs of the user. Great when an extra class-room was needed, or a room for more ... pleasurable pursuits.

"Hey Ergon," she smiled at him, taking in the confused look that dominated his features. "Don't just stand there gaping, close the door and come in." Almost robotically, Ergon did as he was instructed, moving inside and pushing the door closed behind him.

"Um, what's this about Sarissa?" he asked.

"Happy Birthday Ergon, you're finally 18," she grinned at him, moving from the bed to stand before him."

"UM yeah, that's why I was really hoping to be heading to the pub about now."

"Well I thought that I should at least give you a present on your birthday and I decided that it would have to be something that you were likely to remember for a long time given that it's your 18th, so I've decided that I should give you me!" And in saying this, she dropped her robes to the floor. Ergon looked on, stunned as his eyes took in Sarissa's almost naked body.

She was wearing a black satin bra and matching thong and that was it. Ergon wasn't up to coherent thought, let alone speaking, but his eyes roamed hungrily over his friend's body. It wasn't like he'd never dreamed of a time when he might get to see her like this, it was just that as a good friend, he'd thought that it wouldn't ever be something that he'd pursue. Things always seemed too good as friends to head in that direction. They'd both graduated from the same high school and come to the exclusive magical College that was Kanata. There were kids there from all over the country and given that they were the only person each knew when they started, the bond of friendship that had helped them through the trials of high school was re-forged anew at the start of their year.

Rather than waiting for him to recover, Sarissa stepped in close to Ergon and standing on her toes, tipping her head back slightly, pressed her lips against his, her hands resting on his hips.

Ergon might have been slow to respond, but instinct served him well and soon his lips parted and he felt Sarissa's tongue gently work its way between them until it danced softly against his own. His cock reacted instantly and he was surprised when he felt Sarissa pull herself close to him, trapping his erection between them and moving slightly so that it pressed in against her.

Sarissa dragged Ergon back to the bed and lay him down beside her, continuing to kiss him, taking his hand and placing it against the bare flesh of her stomach, her own hand guiding him in sliding it smoothly across her skin.

"That's it, touch me Ergon," Sarissa said. She knew that he'd not had much in the way of experience with girls, ,given how bookish and intent on getting into Kanata that he'd been during high school and it excited her that she would be the one to teach him and give him that experience. She moved his hand so that it covered her small, bra-clad breast. She felt him squeeze it tentatively and moaned her response, encouraging him to continue.

Ergon marveled at the firm feel of Sarissa's breast. He'd never quite managed to get this far with the one girl that he'd been brave enough to date during high school and hadn't given much thought to when he might next be with a girl. Well, other than the occasional late night fantasy as he drifted off to sleep. There'd been plenty of those!

"Can you take your bra off?" he asked and Sarissa giggled slightly at the utter nervous hope that pervaded his voice.

"Of course," She said, sitting up. She enjoyed the grin that split his face from ear to ear at her response. Sarissa reached behind her back and released the clasp that held it together before sliding the shoulder straps down and slipping the cups from her breasts. Ergon's eyes didn't move as he took in the smooth, pert orbs that decorated Sarissa's chest. Her nipples were compact and tight, standing out firmly from her breasts. Ergon adjusted his erection trying to find a comfortable position for it as he took in Sarissa's chest, his eyes flicking up to meet Sarissa's brown ones as if to ensure that he did indeed still have her permission.

"If you take your pants off, then you'll be a lot more comfortable," Sarissa said to him, feeling her own body reacting to the thought of him getting his cock out.

"Really?" Ergon asked, amazed. He hadn't really thought as far as that. He was amazed that things had come this far this quickly and hadn't considered that Sarissa might actually be interested in seeing him as well. She closed her hand over his cock, grabbing it through the material of his pants. She smiled into the kiss as she felt Ergon jump in a surprised reaction to having someone else grab hold of him.

"Really," She said. "Trust me. I think you'll like it a lot better when I do this without your clothes on."

Ergon scurried around awkwardly on the bed, discarding his clothes, Sarissa watching; amused at the flustered way in which he attempted to quickly shed his clothing. It was typical of Ergon in a hurry. When he finally settled back down on the bed, breathing rapidly from his exertions, Sarissa took a moment to survey his cock, pleased by the size. It was average from what her knowledge told her, not monstrous and not tiny. That was fine by her.

Sarissa leaned in to kiss Ergon again, taking his hand and putting it on her naked breast. She sighed as his cool hand closed over it, feeling her nipple spearing into the palm of his hand. As they continued to kiss, she grabbed his cock again, feeling the warmth of his erection and the smooth soft skin as it slid within her grasp. Ergon moaned, breaking their kiss as he looked down to where her hand was moving slowly but firmly up and down his shaft, dragging the skin over the hard inner core.

Sarissa pushed Ergon back on the bed so that he lay staring up at her as she moved her head down towards his cock.

Ergon found himself holding his breath. He was stunned. Sarissa opened her mouth and her tongue slipped out and gently ran around the head of his cock. He groaned at the intensity of the pleasure, something he'd dreamed about but hadn't known when it would happen ... a girl sucking his cock. Sarissa smiled up at him from where she continued to lick her tongue around the head of his cock before sliding it down along the length of his shaft. She licked back up again, lifting his cock away from his stomach as her tongue approached the tip. Then she slipped her mouth over the top and down as far as she could go, engulfing him entirely within her mouth.

"Oh fuck," Ergon said as he felt his dick devoured. As he watched, he felt her tongue swirl around his cock whilst it was held deep within her mouth and then she sucked her way back up its length, her lips and tongue sliding over his soft flesh before plunging back down again. Sarissa continued to work her mouth up and down Ergon's rock hard cock, tasting his pre-cum as it oozed from the tip, teasing him by stopping with her mouth and then slowly and deliberately licking a bead of it from the little slit in the top of his dick.

She pumped her hand up and down the shaft while sucking on the head and then worked her mouth up and down, over and over again until she felt Ergon shaking with the intensity of the pleasure that she was exacting upon him, his hips thrusting at her as he bucked on the bed. Ergon's balls tensed and he cried out as he felt his cum surge from his balls and up his cock, spurting into Sarissa's mouth as she clamped it down on his cock, sucking and swallowing at the same time. Ergon's head collapsed back upon the bed as his orgasm subsided, Sarissa crawling up to lie along side him. "My God, that was amazing," Ergon said, grinning. "I thought that you might like that, but don't worry, we're not finished yet." Sarissa stood up on the bed, one foot either side of him, leaving him staring up past her thong encased crotch to the beautiful view of the underside of her breasts. She moved her hips seductively, gyrating and thrusting, her fingers teasing at her nipples, pulling them out from her pert breasts before she rubbed her crotch. Glancing down, she saw Ergon's cock stiffening in reaction to her movements and grinned at him. She pulled the crotch of her thong aside and gave Ergon a first, brief glimpse of her pussy. Ergon stared, his eyes transfixed by the small piece of fabric that separated his sight from Sarissa's pussy. As she pulled it to the side, he all but drooled down his face as he took in, in the briefest of glimpses the fact that there wasn't a single hair decorating her pussy. "Like that Ergon?" she asked him. "Hell yes," he said, his hands venturing to caress her calves, sliding up the smooth skin, feeling the taught muscles beneath it.

"Well then, there's no point hanging onto these then, she said, stepping to one side of him so that she could slide the thong down her legs. As she did so she turned, so that he wouldn't be able to see her, teasing him. She dropped her wet-crotched thong onto his face and then straddled him again, squatting as he removed the garment so that he could see. He blinked and licked his lips as he was presented with an up close and very personal view of Sarissa's hairless pussy.

He just stared, taking in the colour of her labia, the moisture that was beaded between the inner lips, everything, trying desperately to ensure that he committed every single detail to memory, to engrave it there for ever.

"Touch me Ergon, touch my pussy," she whispered to him. Ergon tentatively reached out and ran his finger lightly over Sarissa's bald mound and then down the side of her pussy, enjoying the way that she moved, writhing and sighing as his finger ran across her skin. Then he gently ran it right down the centre of her pussy, parting her inner lips and feeling the moisture that he'd seen only moments before. Sarissa encouraged him and he gradually became more adventurous, slipping his finger into her pussy, feeling its warm, wet, velvety folds as he slid it as deep as he could, moving it around to feel as much as he could all the while wondering how incredible it would be to have his cock in there.

"I want your cock in me Ergon," Sarissa said as if she was reading his mind. She moved backward, falling to her knees and sliding her wet pussy over his chest and stomach, smearing her juices on him until she felt his hard cock pushing against her. "Are you ready Ergon? Are you ready to do this for the first time?" she asked him.

"God yes, I so want my cock in you Sarissa," he panted as he realized that he had been holding his breath. He felt Sarissa's hand on his cock as she reached between his legs and guided it towards her pussy. He felt the touch of her lips on the tip and then suddenly he was being engulfed as she slid down his hard pole.

"Oh fuck!" Ergon cried out, grinning as Sarissa rested on him, his cock entirely buried within her pussy. Then she ground her hips in a circle, round and around, before lifting herself up and sliding back down, repeating the motion over and over, pleased when she felt Ergon thrusting himself up to meet her descent. After a few more thrusts, Sarissa rolled to the side, pulling Ergon with her, rolling him so that he worked out that she wanted him on top.

Ergon moved over Sarissa and guided his cock back within her pussy, sliding himself home and then thrusting in and out over and over again. It didn't take long and he again felt himself about to explode. He wanted it to last longer, wanted to live up to the expectation that he'd built in his mind for this moment, but the sensation was too much and as he tried to think of something else, realized that he wasn't going to be able to hold on.

Sarissa, realizing what was about to happen, told Ergon to pull out, to shoot his load all over her belly. Ergon grunted his acknowledgement and quickly pulled back, grabbing his slippery erect cock and aiming it at her belly, gasping as he ejected his load, shooting a warm creamy arc of cum to lay in a line across her belly. He rolled to the side, collapsing alongside Sarissa, amazed at his first experience.

It wasn't until much later that he was even thinking coherently enough to realise that he'd committed what in his mind something of a sin ... he'd neglected to do something to ensure that Sarissa had cum. He then realized that he didn't even know if perhaps she had or not.

------------------- Part 2 -- Engorgio

"There's something I want to show you Ergon, you have to meet me in the storage room later," Sarissa said to Ergon as they passed each other in the hall between classes.

Ergon grinned at her, remembering avidly their first and so far, last encounter in the storage room.

Later that day, at the agreed hour, Ergon found himself once again glancing down the corridor to ensure that he wasn't being followed before slipping into the room.

He opened the door and smiled when he found the room laid out as it had been previously, Sarissa sprawled on the bed in a light summer frock.

"Hey Ergon," She smiled, coming to meet him as he entered the room, kissing him as they embraced.

"Hi there," he replied when their lips parted moments later. "I have to say that I am curious as to what you can show me that can top what I got to see last time."

"Oh don't worry, I think that you're going to enjoy this," Sarissa said. She slipped the spaghetti straps from her shoulders and allowed the dress to fall to the floor. Ergon sat on the edge of the bed to enjoy the show, but there was nothing seductive about the way that Sarissa undressed this time, no particular attempt to turn Ergon on. The dress was quickly discarded, leaving Sarissa standing before him in a pair of pink cotton panties and nothing else.

"Are you ready?" Sarissa asked as she turned and picked up her wand.

"Sure," Ergon said, tearing his gaze away from her pert naked breasts and meeting her gaze, curious now that he'd noticed that she'd picked up her wand. She moved it through an extremely complicated and intricate series of movements and ended with a flick of her wrist, saying aloud, "Engorgio," as she tapped her wand against her right breast.

There was a moment when nothing happened and he wondered what it was about and then his jaw dropped open in surprise as before his very eyes, Sarissa's breast began to grow. It continued to swell from its usual size, a small b cup, to a well shaped and rounded c cup and beyond until it was bigger than Ergon truly thought was attractive.

"Cease!" she said, tapping her breast again. She repeated the process with her left breast until she had an enormous pair of melons.

"Fuck," was all that Ergon said as he stared at Sarissa's suddenly massive melons. Sarissa grinned at him.

"Impressive bit of magic?" she asked.

"Oh yeah. Where did you find it?"

"I didn't, I researched and made it up myself," she told him smugly.

"God Sarissa, you know how dangerous that is?"

"Of course I do, I was extraordinarily careful. I practiced on the nail of my pinky finger first and let me tell you, I lost that a few times before I ever thought I was ready to do something as brave as try it on my tits. Feel them!"

Ergon moved in and took Sarissa's breasts in his hands, unable to contain the mountains of flesh that he was presented with. They felt significantly heavier than usual as he explored them with his hands, squeezing and rolling them.

"So what else can you do with it?" Ergon asked.

"Well so far, I've managed to get to a point where I can enlarge any body part and I've also managed to work out how to reduce them as well, because well, I can't exactly go around like this during the day, can I? And I can't do it to anyone else and it doesn't last forever, only for about 4 hours."

"Wow, you really have tested this out, haven't you? And um, why would you want to do it to someone else anyway?" Ergon asked.

"Oh use your imagination Ergon! Think like a teenage boy instead of a nerd for a moment. Can you imagine the simplest application ... say working it on a zit on Sharia's face?."

"Riiight. Or on Pheronee's butt?" Ergon laughed as he caught on.

"Exactly! But there's a much better use than that. I want you to learn the spell," Sarissa said, rubbing her massive tits against him.

"Why?" Ergon asked.

"Oh come on Ergon, think about the possibilities," she said, grabbing his cock through her pants.

"OH!" he replied and then, a moment later, added a rather indignant, "What, it's not big enough for you?"

"Geez Ergon, you're such a boy," Sarissa laughed. "Relax, your cock is lovely, just the way it is, but won't it be fun to get to experiment with different things without having to hunt around all the other losers in the world to find out?"

"Well when you put it that way, I can see some possibilities," he grinned.

"I knew there was a smart boy in there somewhere," Sarissa quipped as she dragged his top over his head. Dragging his pants down as well, she knelt down before him and started sucking on his cock, encouraging it to its full erection. Then she moved to sit on the edge of the bed and beckoned him closer so that she could pull him on top of her, getting him to nestle his cock between her massive breasts. Ergon groaned as she squeezed her breasts around his cock and it slipped between them. She allowed him to fuck her tits for awhile before pulling him up until she could take his cock in her mouth.

She sucked him until he exploded in her mouth and having swallowed his cum, said to him, "Time to start your lessons." Ergon groaned, but knew that when Sarissa wanted something like this, the best thing to do was go along for the ride.

And so Ergon set about learning Sarissa's Engorgio charm.


A week or so later, Ergon was still mastering the charm, not yet having been successful in managing to do anything that hadn't resulted in the loss of the fingernail that he was experimenting on.

"I think we need a break Sarissa," Ergon said as he stared at the strangely green fingernail that he knew he'd lose before the day was out.

"Well in that case, I think that it's time that you learnt to do something. I want my pussy licked." She removed her clothes and lay back on the bed, reclining with her legs spread as she invited Ergon to learn to pleasure her in a whole new way.

Ergon moved cautiously toward the bed. He was a little anxious about this. He knew that it was only fair that if Sarissa was prepared to suck his cum from his dick that he be prepared to pleasure her orally as well, but there was something about sticking his tongue in there that he just wasn't sure about. What if it tasted disgusting?

"Come on, there's no teeth, it won't bite you," Sarissa laughed as she read the apprehension on his face. With a sigh, Ergon moved close enough that he could smell the aroma of Sarissa's shaved pussy. He reached out with his fingers and stroked her lips, pushing a finger between them for a few moments as he built his courage. Sarissa sat up a bit and used her fingers to spread her pussy lips.

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