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Fun At The Zoo


Before I start my story, let me introduce myself. My name is Wendy. I’m an 18-year-old freshman in College. I have a fetish for nipples—my own, and those of other women. Some people might call me a pervert, but hey, what I do does not hurt anyone, and it makes my very happy—not to mention titillating me (excuse the pun) and bringing tremendous excitement into my life. I enjoy meeting other women with similar interests. The following is one of the more exciting adventures in my life.

Oh, my tits look so nice, I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror. I really love looking at myself. I’m a 5’8” leggy blond with a pixie child’s face. I like wearing my hair in pigtails to make me look younger than my 18 years. For some reason that seems to turn on the adults I like to play with—and their reactions turn me on. I guess it all started when I was about 10, and Sally, the older neighbor girl who used to baby-sit me taught me to suck her nipples while she diddled my little slit. I’ve had a nipple and tit fetish ever since.

I looked at myself as I pulled a tight, bright red latex mini up my thighs and some how squeezed my butt into it. I practiced bending over a couple of times to see how far it’d take before my panties showed. Not far, I thought with a giggle. I stood up again and began playing with my nipples, watching them grow—and enjoying the feel of the tight rubber of my skirt cupping by butt and pressing tight on my panty-covered shaved crotch.

Magazines showing girls with huge, erect nipples playing with and sucking each other lay scattered all over my bed. I sat on the edge of my bed, glancing at myself in the mirror to see how sexy my legs looked in the rubber mini as I crossed them, flashing myself some white panty. Then, with a giggle, I stood back up to roll my panties down my legs. Why not? I asked myself loving the feel of the rubber of my skimpy skirt against my skin—and against my always horny twat.

Back down on the bed, I began thumbing through some of my magazines while playing with my nipples until I got them really red and angry. Then I put my bra on. It was a white one with holes in the cones for my hard-on nipples to stick through. I snapped the bra clasp then worked it around and fed my throbbing nipples through the holes.

I stood up to admire myself again, stroking and flicking my exposed nipples, trying to get them even bigger. Then I slipped on a tight, black T-shirt. I really loved the way the white of my bra showed through the stretched-too tight black T. The shirt came down only to just above my belly button. As for my skimpy rubber skirt, though the hem barely covered by butt, the waistline barely covered the tops of my pubic hairs. So I was showing lots of midriff, as well as lots of bare leg.

I played with my nipples a little more to make sure they really showed through the T-shirt, then I put on a pair of high pumps and took off to the zoo to be seen and do some serious people watching. I sat on a bench just off one of the main walkways where I could body-watch all the passers-by. I crossed and recrossed my legs now and then, enjoying the looks I got—especially from some of the girls.

Finally, though, I saw one that really took my breath away.

She was a stunningly beautiful blonde, like me—if I don’t say so myself. She was maybe a tad bit taller than me and she had great tits. She was wearing a T-shirt mini skirt that clung to every curve in her body and barely went down far enough to cover her crotch and butt. But what I really liked, is that she was not wearing any bra at all. With each step she took her tits jiggled and rippled under that tightly clinging T-shirt dress. But it was her nipples that really took my breath away. They were poking right through that T-shirt of hers and were as outrageously big as some of the pictures in my magazines.

Her tits and nipples were so outrageously sexy I could hardly look at anything else—not that there wasn’t a whole lot else to look at. With each step she took, her T-shirt mini rode up her thighs a bit giving me a short quick glimpse of pink panties.

I made no attempt to hide the way I was looking at her. My lewd desires must have been plastered all over my horny face. I felt like I was drooling all over my own tight T-shirt. I let my tongue slip out to the side between my full, red lips in a really lewd gesture.

The woman noticed me scoping her out and she smiled. My God, she smiled at me!

She stopped right in front of me and pretended to be looking for something in her purse. Looking up from her purse, her eyes traveled up my legs, very slowly, taking everything in.

I watched her face, and as her eyes took in my crossed upper thighs and latex mini-skirt I seized the opportunity to uncross and re-cross my legs. Her cheeks turned a nice shade of red when she caught a glimpse of my shaved twat.

She involuntarily licked her lips, then I watched her eyes move up to my tits, and my aching nipples poking through the bra hole. I slowly, and lewdly, licked my lips as her eyes took in my face and locked onto my own blue orbs.

She smiled knowingly at me, took another look at my tits, then pretending to readjust her purse strap hanging from her shoulder, she “accidentally” touched her own very erect, even larger than before, nipple. As she slid her hand up her purse strap to her shoulder, her pinky finger pushed her nipple up till it was pointing at the sky, a hot rocket ready for takeoff. When her hand moved further up to her shoulder her nipple sprung free of her pinky and with a “sprong” so strong I could almost hear it, the nipple spronged back into place. The sudden movement made her whole breast jiggle like someone had just dropped a bowl of Jell-O.

She smiled at me again, turned, and moved on.

I got up to follow her, too entranced to do anything else. Also my pussy was too wet for me to not follow her to see if I could find an opportunity to hit up on her. I stayed about 20 yards or so behind her so as to not look too terribly obvious, but still close enough to watch her ass sway back and forth as she walked. With each step I took I felt my own ass swishing back and forth, my rubber skirt flexing and feeling like someone groping me. My slobbering wet pussy made little squish sounds (that only I could hear) from the friction of my lips as I walked.

The woman paused at the entrance to the ape house and looked back to see if I was following her. She had to step up to enter the ape house, so she set one foot on the step, and turned again to look at me. The position of her legs and body caused her skirt to ride up letting me see her panties again. Seeing that I was gawking at her and heading her way, she smiled, nodded her head, then turned to enter the ape house.

I licked my lips and followed her inside. The woman stood staring into a cage where a couple of monkeys were fucking. She leaned against the rail in front of the cage with one knee slightly bent making her ass stick out. I stopped for a moment at the entrance to enjoy the view. I really loved the way that position made her ass stick out and her T-shirt mini pull up and stretch so tight around her butt it looked like it was ready to rip. For that matter, it didn’t really cover all her butt. A generous portion of pink panty peeked out from underneath.

She looked back at me, grinned lewdly, and shifted her weight from one foot to the other, causing her ass to jiggle provocatively as she turned back to watch the monkeys fucking.

I came up behind her and stood just to the side, leaning forward just enough so my very erect nipple brushed her arm. “Oh, look! They’re fucking,” I said. “How cute.”

She turned back to look me in the eyes, grinning lewdly. The movement caused her arm to brush hard against my erect nipple. “Yeah. They don’t worry about who might be watching them; they just go right to it.

I shifted my weight on my feet making my nipple rub back and forth on her arm. “It makes me horny just watching them.”

She laughed, tossing her long blonde hair back. The movement made her arm rub my nipple all the harder. “Me too. But, then, I guess I’m always horny.” She shifted her position so she was directly facing me, but leaning slightly sideways so her left arm leaning against the railing supported part of her weight. The position thrust her hips out to the opposite side hiking her skirt up even more. The way she was looking me up and down, focusing especially on my nipples jutting out, really made me hot.

I watched her eyes as they traveled down to my thighs again, then zeroed in on my rubber micro mini. I shifted my weight again thrusting a hip to the side making my rubber skirt inch up on that side. I wondered if I had shifted too much and exposed my panty-less shaved crotch.

A wicked smile snaked across her face, making me blush—but also making my cunt dribble ‘cause I knew then that she was looking at the lower part of my slit peeking out from under my skirt. Her eyes traveled up and down my body again finally coming to rest as she looked directly into mine. Then she focused on my aching, protruding nipples.

In the mean time I couldn’t take my eyes off her huge hard-cock nipples. I could swear I could almost see them growing right before my eyes as she looked me over. I wanted to play with them so bad. She stuck her tongue in her cheek, tenting it, as she made an obvious show of admiring my tits.

“I-I-I-I really love your tits.” I somehow got the courage to say.

“Then I guess we have something in common, because I love your tits too.” She smiled affectionately at me.

“My name is Wendy,” I held my hand out to her.

“And, I’m Gretchen.” She took my hand, but instead of shaking it she held it, then ran her middle finger up and down my palm while looking me in the eye.

The blood rushed to my face in a hot blush and thrills shot through my body. I smiled weakly. I gave her hand a little squeeze just to let her know I really enjoyed what she was doing.

She released my hand and started running her fingers along the all too-obvious outline of my bra strap. “I think that is so sexy the way your white bra shows through your black T-shirt.”

She traced her fingers along my bra moving her hands towards the front. She gently cupped my breast sending shivers all through me. Then she placed both her index fingers right on my nipples. “I think that is so sexy the way your nipples are poking out your shirt like this.” Her tongue parted her lips so enticingly.

Electric shocks went all through me so hard I started trembling. My pussy throbbed and started getting real wet. Haltingly I raised my trembling hands to her huge mounds and touched my index fingers to her outrageous nips. “And yours too. So very, very sexy.”

“Thank you, Wendy, that’s so sweet of you.” She started moving her fingers around on my nipples making them bend this way and that. And all the time she looked me straight in the eye like she really wanted me.

I looked her right back and did the same to her. Pushing those huge erect nipples felt so fucking sexy on my fingers I thought I’d die. But what I really wanted to do was to suck her for all I was worth.

I drooled at the way the flesh of her breasts jiggled as I played with her nipples. I couldn’t help but cup them in my hands. “I think that’s so sexy of you to not wear a bra so everybody can see how beautiful your nipples are.”

“Well, thank you Wendy. I hardly every were a bra because I love the way my clothes feel on my breasts—and I especially love the way T-shirts pull and rub on my nipples when I walk. It feels so nice and sexy. Like this.” She took my nipples between her thumb and forefingers and began moving her hands back and forth so my T-shirt slid back and forth along my nipples—like jerking off a cock.

“Ummmmmmmm.” I whimpered. “T-t-t-that does really feel sexy.”

“I think your nipples like it too, I can feel them growing larger right in my fingers.”

I started jerking off her nipples the same way while mumbling. “Sexy, sexy, sexy.”

“Ngggggggggod that’s good!” She breathed at me.

Her nipples started growing even larger in my fingers.

“Some people think I’m freakish because my nipples grow so big.” She said, a worried frown crossing her face.

“Well fuck them! I think your nipples are the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I just can’t get enough of them.”

“Why thank you, Wendy,” she stopped playing with me and leaned in to give me a kiss on the check. For just a second I felt the wonderful weight of her tits resting on mine, as I kissed her back.

“What say you and I take a break for lunch so we can talk about it?

“S-s-s-sure,” I said. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the monkeys had stopped fucking and had been watching us. In fact all the apes in the ape house had their faces pressed against the glass of their cages and were staring intently at us.

Gretchen clasped both her hands around mine as she said with a wink. “Let’s go catch the trolley to the snack bar, then.”

She led me out to where we could catch the streetcar that ferried the zoo patrons from one part to another. On the trolley, there was standing room only. To keep my balance I had to reach up and hold on to the bar running overhead. Gretchen squeezed herself in right behind me standing so close her huge cock-like nipples stabbed me in the back. With every movement the trolley made, her nipples rubbed up and down on me.

I arched my butt so it pressed against Gretchen’s crotch, and was rewarded by a gust of hot breath in my ear. I was partly afraid people would notice us turning on to each other, but that fear only made me that much more excited.

Gretchen released one hand from the overhead bar, and hanging on with just one, she placed the other on my hip. At the next trolley stop where more people got on, she squeezed herself even tighter up against me. She slid her hand around to my lower tummy to pull me into her more. When the trolley started up again with a start, my butt crunched into her cunt real hard, and another gust of hot breath popped from her mouth to cascade down the side of my face and my neck. I felt so tingly all over. I almost hoped this ride would never end. I’m sure she saw the goose bumps she was making all over my skin because she slowly moved her hand down the front of my rubber skirt. She knew exactly where my clit was and pressed in hard there with the palm of her hand. Then she started slowly moving it around in tiny circles making the rubber of my skirt sex up my clit. And, I thought I’d really go crazy. This was so fucking mind-blowing, so forbidden, and so fucking hot—and to be doing it on a crowded, public trolley!

I couldn’t help but move my butt back and forth against her pressing twat in response to the movements of her hand on my crotch. I was almost on the verge of coming. Hot, wet girl sex goo dribbled down the insides of my thighs. That’s what I get for not wearing my panties, I thought with a silent giggle to myself. I bet I was making a mess of a puddle at my feet, but who the fuck cared? I was girl heaven.

All too soon the trolley stopped at the snack bar and we got off—off the trolley, I mean, hee, hee.

After picking up our burgers and sodas at the snack bar, we retired to a bench to talk and people watch while we ate. By the time we finished lunch there was no question in either of our minds what was happening between us. Since I had taken the metro in, we left in her car. When she opened the door for me, I took the opportunity to flash her a wide-open shot of some wet pussy as I sat down on the seat and pulled my legs in.

On the way to her house I couldn’t take my eyes off her bouncing tits and bobbing nipples—or her creeping hemline.

It seemed like it took a million years to reach her home, but once inside, we fell upon each other like a couple of animals. We grabbed each other by the butt and locked ourselves into a torrid embrace and mouth-fucked each other until we were both gasping for breath.

“I just about creamed my crotch when you told me you have a nipple fetish like I do,” I told her when we broke for air.

“And, I about creamed my panties when you came up behind me and rubbed your nipple on my arm when I was watching those monkeys fucking.”

We both giggled at that, and still holding each other by the butt, began rubbing our nipples together.

Unable to resist any longer my hands left her butt to fondle her tits and start playing with her hard-on nipples. She did the same to me, taking my nipples between her thumb and forefinger she began pulling them out through the holes in my bra until I felt like they were getting as big as hers.

While playing with each other’s nipples we tongued each other’s faces. Then I planted my mouth over one of her cock-like nipples and started sucking on it right through her T-shirt dress. She continued stroking my nipples while I sucked her, first one tit, then the other—leaving lipstick marks all over her shirt.

Then she returned the favor, sucking on me through my T-shirt while I played with her nipples. Suddenly I felt one of her hands groping around between my pussy-soaked thighs. When she found my cunt, I let out a gasp of hot hair, ruffling her hair. She continued to suck me through my T-shirt while playing with my pussy. Her rubbing back and forth on my sopping wet cunt made those “squish” “squish” “squish” sounds I love so much.

I got so fucking hot, and my knees got so week, I went down in front of her. I went down on my knees with my hands running up and down her legs. I stared up her skirt at her sopping wet panties.

While kissing her thighs, I ran my hands up under the back of her skirt to play with her butt. My kissing, licking face worked its way up the inside of her thighs until I had my head part way up her skirt with my mouth plastered on her soaked-panty crotch.

“Ummmmmm!” She moaned as I sucked her cunt through her panties—leaving my lipstick marks where it counts.

I began kissing and licking my way up her body, lifting her skirt as I worked my way up her tummy.

As soon as I had her dress over her head, I dived into her naked nipples. I licked and sucked and fondled like the maniac I am.

Sucking on those huge protrusions made me feel like my insides were coming out. My pussy ached so much I couldn’t stand it. I straddled one of her thighs and began trying to hump myself on her while I sucked her nipples. She helped me out by bending her knee, lifting her thigh up into my cunt. She toyed with my nipples while I sucked on hers.

She groaned and shivered all over as I sucked her. By now her nipples were as big as my thumbs, and angry red with arousal. I think she actually orgamsmed just from me sucking and playing with her nipples.

Suddenly she grabbed my face and pulled up so she could cram her hot tongue down my throat. I greedly sucked her tongue like I’d sucked her tits. The change of texture was freaky, and nice.

“We’ve got to get you out of these clothes,” she hissed into my ear when we broke for air.

Still kissing me, she stuck her hands up under my T-shirt until she found my bra cups. She fondled me real good while her thumbs searched for my nipples.

I continued diddling her nipples with one hand while my other sought out her crotch.

“Ummmmm,” I moaned as her thumbs pushed my nipples this way and that. My whole body ached with pleasure as I squirmed against her.

She broke off the kiss to lift my shirt up over my head exposing my bra with the naked nipples. Gretchen started sucking and licking my nipples while fondling my tits through my bra. Then she undid my bra and tossed it aside.

I grabbed her by the butt with both hands and pulled her crotch in against mine. Even through my rubber skirt I felt her hot wetness steaming my own hot cunt. Looking each other in the eye and smiling, we rubbed our tits together almost violently. Our throbbing hard-on nipples flicked each other side-to-side and up and down with each movement of our bodies.

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