tagLoving WivesFun Down Under Ch. 04

Fun Down Under Ch. 04


Ch. 04: Conclusion

I was surprised when Jayne called to say how much she had enjoyed the afternoon tryst with my work crew. She had never had an actual gang bang before and was still a little sore but she also was very interested in me. We talked for over an hour about our personal lives before she came right out and asked me to dinner. I wasn't accustomed to women asking me out, but this bold young woman was definitely different.

I accepted and we went to a really great restaurant a few nights later and then back to her place. She made me a whiskey on the rocks and when she brought it back over to the couch she scooted closer to me. As I sipped on the cool drink her hand slid into my lap and began to lightly massage my cock growing in my pants.

Seeing my arousal, she wasted no time in unsnapping my trousers, unzipping the fly and freeing my hard cock. Jayne had the softest lips and took my warm member in her mouth, using her tongue to bathe my cock head. Ever so often she would look up at me as she gave me the best head I had ever received.

"Here, let's get these off," she said as she pulled the pants down my legs and off along with my briefs. I lifted my ass off the couch and it gave her free access now to my cock and balls which she took between her expert fingers. This girl, while only in her early twenties was no novice at cock sucking as she slurped on my dick allowing the saliva to coat my head which she sucked off all the while giving me the most sultry, sexy look possible.

She took great care in sucking my balls, gently stroking the shaft, as she licked and sucked my goods. Feeling my orgasm was imminent I told her I was going to cum.

"Go ahead, cum for me baby. Let me have that load," she cooed staring up at me as she briefly stopped her sucking and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I reached down and jacked my own cock. It didn't take much as I launched a stream into her anxious mouth, onto her pink tongue. She closed her mouth over my prick and began sucking the juices from my erupting rod as she swallowed the hot load of jism.

Even when I was completely spent, she still ran her tongue up and down my shaft. I shivered a little when she licked the head as it was now extremely sensitive. Seeing that, she moved down and lightly kissed and licked my balls.

Jayne slid back up to the couch and kissed me. I could taste a little bit of the salty, slick load still in her mouth but didn't care as we kissed on the couch. We retreated back to her bedroom where I went down on her and then we fucked for most of the night.

She explained that she and John just got together for sex and she really wasn't his girlfriend as much as a good sex buddy. John's wife Maryanne was a sexy young woman but wasn't very daring when it came to sex. On the occasions John had brought up spicing up their sex life with a threesome or perhaps with another couple, Maryanne immediately dismissed the idea.

Over the next few weeks Jayne and I saw a good bit of each other. I had never intended to get into a steady relationship with her but we found we really liked each other on more than a sexual level. She was fun, daring, intelligent, sexy, gorgeous and a bit on the aggressive side.

Having been through a tough recent divorce, Jayne really brought out a part of me that I had tucked away and I really found myself captivated by her. She felt the same about me and really enjoyed me willing to try new things, experience cuisines and outings I had in the past shunned or thought little of taking part in.

Then one afternoon lying in bed, she inquired if I had completed the job at John and Maryanne's house. I told her that while the deck was finished, I had ordered marble tops for her counters that had yet to be installed. They had recently been received but I hadn't actually installed them yet.

That's when she floored me by her next suggestion. "You've met Maryanne, right?" she asked.

"Yea, a few weeks ago when I treated and stained the deck. She was there. Nice woman, Islander," I pointed out.

Maryanne was perhaps 30-years old, Japanese, with a very petite frame. While only 5'6" Maryanne had long black hair and what appeared to be a great ass. She had spent considerable time outdoors the afternoon I was there working on the deck.

"Well, I have something I want you to think about," Jayne started. "John and I were talking and it's always been his fantasy to see her with another man. But she's not into that and has shot it down every time he's brought it up."

"You're not asking me to be that other man are you," I shot back somewhat startled she would ask. I had never had a woman I was seeing ask for me to have sex with another woman.

"Listen," Jayne cut in, "It's not like you're a saint or anything. I believe the way we first got together was you blackmailing John and threatening to tell his wife about what he had done with you if he didn't introduce us," she reminded me.

"Look, I would have never done that," I was starting to say before she interrupted.

"I know, but the thing is I want you to. I want you to seduce her. Open her up a little. John's a great guy and his wife is being a bit of a prude. He doesn't want to cheat on her and if she catches him again, their marriage might be over. On the other hand, if she's okay with it... if she's having sex with others too, it all works out," she added.

"So you want me to have sex with his wife... and John wants that too?" I asked with a bit of bewilderment.

"Yes, that's exactly what we want. Anyway, I don't think it would be too hard. That afternoon you were finishing their deck," she began. "Yea," I acknowledged.

"Well, she was really eyeing you wasn't she," Jayne asked.

"Yea, but how do you know that?' I retorted.

"John had come home and saw her out in the yard. He said you had your shirt off and every time you moved her eyes followed. Later that night they had sex and he told her how he thought you turned her on. That he had seen the way she looked at you and then after you came in to settle the paperwork, the way her eyes followed you," Jayne explained.

"That night when they made love John said she was probably fantasizing it was you who was fucking her. Your big cock moving in and out of her little pussy. Stretching her out as her husband watched," Jayne said painting a picture of their discussion.

In the meantime Jayne's hand had moved to my cock as we lay outstretched in her bed. She cupped my balls and gently stroked my cock which was beginning to harden listening to her tale.

"John said he described how you were fucking her, Maryanne's legs over your shoulders as John fed her his dick. He said she was really groaning at the sex talk and while she had always rebuffed his earlier discussions of a threesome, she was now pumping back hard at his suggestions as she closed her eyes and imagined you taking her," Jayne stated as her hand now pumped my cock.

"Maryanne came as hard as she ever had until her body grew limp under John's. John said he talked with her a few more minutes about you fucking her but as her head cleared she began going back to her previous dismissal. A great fantasy but something she would never do. But baby, I think she would," Jayne stared at me.

"I think she'd melt right before you. Just like I did. I'd like you to fuck her for me. I want you to seduce John's wife. He'll help set it up. How many offers do you get like that?" Jayne teased.

"I can't believe you are asking me to do it," I shot back. All the while Jayne was pumping my cock. Then she bent down and took my stiff prick between her soft lips. Jayne gave the best blow job I had ever received and this one she took special care, using her tongue to tease the head of my cock.

"Do it for me baby. I want you to fuck her. I want you to stretch her little Asian pussy with that big cock of yours. Wouldn't you like to see me eating her pussy? Her eating mine. I know how you guys are at watching a little lezzy action. If you seduce her for me, I promise I'll do that for you. You'd like that wouldn't you? Watching her sit on my face, me licking her hot box out of the cum you just deposited there," Jayne went on.

The thoughts were running through my head as she went back to sucking my cock, jacking the shaft with her little fingers.

"Yea, I'd like that," I admitted. I want to see you two together... and I wouldn't mind fucking that bitch if you're okay with it," I acknowledged.

"I'm more than okay with it baby," Jayne cooed. "I want you to. I want you to fuck her hard and long. Fuck her in front of her husband. Maybe make him clean it all up afterwards. That should get her going," Jayne said as she moved up and kissed me passionately on the lips, her own tongue probing my mouth.

I came in buckets as I shot my load as it splattered on her sheets, my stomach, and her leg. Jayne slowed only a little as her hand rubbed over my cockhead as she continued to kiss me passionately. I couldn't believe this girl I was seeing actually wanted me to fuck someone else. She was really a kinky lady and I knew I loved her more and more each day.

I called John the next day and he and I spoke about what Jayne had asked. He was very excited about the idea and said he wanted that more than anything. It had been his fantasy to see his wife with another man and even perhaps go down on me in front of her. She had no idea he was bisexual. One night she had caught him looking at internet porn. He was watching a gay video streaming online. But he convinced her he was only curious.

But he always felt guilty about cheating on his wife and wanted her to be more open to other partners. John said sex with her was great but he liked a little variety. Maryanne had about a dozen partners before they married and actually loved anal sex but she drew the line on sex outside of their marriage. However, he did acknowledge to me the afternoon she watched me outside, sealing their deck shirtless, the sweat trickling down my chest, really worked her up.

John indicated Maryanne was a nurse and had random days off, usually a couple in the middle of the week and then sometimes weekends. Her schedule for the coming week had her off Tuesday and Wednesday so we both put our plan into action.

I called and informed Maryanne at work that her tops would be installed that Tuesday, coincidently a day she had off. I would need to set them, cement them in and sand them lightly. I would likely cut them there and it would need a day before I could put a coat of sealer on them and asked if the equipment in the backyard would be in the way.

When she indicated it was no problem, the wheels were set in motion. John told Maryanne that night that he would be away the next day on business making sure she would not be disturbed if something did happen between the two of us.

I arrived just after midday on Tuesday and began to set up my equipment. Maryanne was there but stayed pretty much to herself. I spent some time outdoors and began cutting the tops in the heat, removing my shirt as Jayne had suggested. I noticed Maryanne at the kitchen window a couple of times and I hoped she'd come out.

I left my shirt off when I went back in and acted surprised to find her in the kitchen and scrambled for my shirt, acting as though I was concerned me being topless was unprofessional.

"Its okay, it is quite warm," she countered. "If you're going back out, there's no sense in slipping it back on for me, it does not bother me," she stated.

I couldn't help but notice her eyes were drinking me in and I was excited where this might be headed.

"I saw you had a couple of lounge chairs set up on the deck. I take it you're getting good use out of it," I asked.

"Yes, it's quite wonderful. More than I had hoped for," she went on. "Can I get you something to drink?" she asked.

"Water would be great," I confirmed as she made me an ice water that I happily drank down. It was indeed a hot one outside. "So you sunbathe outdoors," I asked noting the towel still draped over one of the chairs outside.

"When I have the time. I love to be in the sun, unfortunately my hours are hectic at the hospital," she added.

"I'm not keeping you from doing that today am I?" I inquired with a little chuckle.

"No, no I'm just doing things in the house," she shot back almost embarrassed I asked.

"Well, if you want to take advantage of the sun, I want look... at least not much," I added knowing how forward and flirtatious that sounded.

Maryanne just looked at me. I wasn't sure if she was going to be offended at my statement or intrigued. Instead, she seemed to dismiss it but I thought I saw a slight glimmer in her eyes.

Not quite sure if I made a connection or not, I went back outside after I took a few measurements and was surprised when she came out of the house in a sarong which covered her tiny body. She adjusted the lounge chair on the deck, spread out the towel and slipped off the sarong revealing a skimpy black bikini.

Maryanne was a rather petite woman with small breasts, perhaps only an A cup but the little tits seemed pert and looked great on her frame. I tried not to stare as she took up a position and then noticing my interest added, "I decided it was too nice of a day to be indoors."

I knew then that she was at least interested as I hurried my cuts and made my way up the deck stopping only briefly at the top of the steps to eye her gorgeous little body and tell her I was happy I had not caused her to alter her activities.

"I'm glad you took advantage of the sun and I didn't hold you back," I added.

I set the first section in and did likewise with two other sections that I cemented in and then lightly sanded. I applied a first coat of sealer and then popped my head out to ask if I might get another water. When she indicated that would be fine I asked if I could get her one as well. She acknowledged that would be great so I washed up and fixed us both a couple of iced waters and walked them out to the deck.

I told Maryanne I needed to let the counters set and dry and it might be an hour or two. I could leave and come back but I might get bogged down or just chill there for a little while. When she indicated I wouldn't be in the way, I stated I'd just wait for everything to set.

We chatted for a few minutes and some how the conversation turned to my private life, divorce, etc. We seemed to get along well and Maryanne seemed to open up and become much more relaxed with me.

I decided to get a little bolder and told her how nice she looked in her suit. She blushed and talked about how out of shape she was but I countered and told her she was a very attractive woman and how much Asian women in particular were so stunning, and exotic, to me.

The discussion was clearly exciting her as I could see little bumps forming under her bikini top. I told her too bad I was working, this was perfect weather for a rum drink. She then told me she wouldn't have a problem if we shared a cold beverage.

I liked where this was headed and mixed up a batch of a little Suntanned Malibu Surfer drink as she seemed to be limited in our options of mixers. Maryanne loved the drink and seemed to really begin getting quite inhibited around me.

I found out later that she wasn't a big drinker and the couple that she had really had an impact. Mind you she didn't get drunk but I could tell she was feeling pretty good and certainly was more flirtatious herself as she moved around the kitchen and the deck.

It was when we were both in the kitchen with her between me and the table where I had the pitcher of drinks that it happened. I wasn't really intending to press an advantage as much as I was just reaching past her to get the pitcher when she moved back slightly and her gorgeous ass came into contact with my crotch. Reacting, Maryanne turned and in moments she was facing me, our faces just inches apart.

I'm not sure whether I moved closer to her or her to me but I felt my chest touch hers. The skin of her stomach on mine although I stood four inches taller. I looked into her big brown eyes and I knew she would not rebuff me as I slowly moved toward her lips.

Her eyes closed and I kissed her warm succulent lips, that seemed to wrap around mine. She parted her mouth as I slipped my tongue in as I explored hers, the sweetness of the rum drink on our lips. I wrapped my arms around her as I felt her hands wander around me as well.

We stood in her kitchen kissing for what seemed several minutes as we parted and stopped only to start back. I finally picked her up, still locked in an embrace and carried her over to a couch where I lay her down. I unsnapped her top and slipped it off as I took into view her tiny pert tits. I sucked on each one drawing a groan as I nibbled on the tiny nipples, sucking them in my mouth.

She threw back her head and allowed me to suck her breasts, her neck, and then back up to her lips as my hand trailed down her stomach and slid under the bikini bottom. Her arm grabbed my wrist, as if to halt it, not sure if she wanted me to proceed. But I froze there and continued my assault to her salty neck and breasts eventually feeling her strong grip on my wrist relax until it went totally limp.

I proceeded down and allowed my fingers to explore her sensitive region, delighting in the fact she shaved her pussy smooth. Her lips were already wet, as I expected they would be, as I plunged them between her folds. My finger slipped into her vagina and she groaned loudly as I worked it in, in and out as she bucked against my hand.

I stood up and slipped off my shoes, unbuckled my trousers and slid them and my briefs off in one motion. I lifted my foot to take off my sock and then the other before I knelt on my knees and pulled off the black bikini bottoms.

She merely turned her head to one side and conceded the inevitable as I dove between her olive thighs and tasted her nectar. Her pussy tasted sweet and was already seeping juice as I lapped it up. I ran my tongue around her clit, sucking on it, before plunging back into her canal.

Her legs shook as I kept up my assault and then she came hard closing her thighs around my head and pulling on my hair. She bucked against my face as I felt more and more of her juices covering my face. When she slowed I positioned my cock between her pussy lips and began easing it in.

I could tell she wasn't accustomed to its girth. Not that my cock is huge but it was bigger that John's and caused her to wince just a bit. I went very slowly as I allowed her to become accustomed to its size.

"Oh my God, it's so big. Your cock is so huge," she cried.

I realized it's not but I loved hearing it as I eased more and more into her tight little hole. Soon I had my cock completely buried in her horny little snatch and began to move more forcefully as Maryanne encouraged me, "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. That feels so fucking good," she belted out as she grabbed onto my ass cheeks and tried to pull me in further.

Soon she was meeting my thrust and kissing me wildly, her tongue moving all over my face, my lips, my mouth, my neck. We fucked for several minutes until she came again, this time much louder as she completely let loose.

Realizing I had not come, she pushed us down on the floor and sat astride my cock as she rode me. Her little body bouncing up and down on my shaft as she pulled on my nipples and every once and a while bent down sucking on one and then the other. Finally I too launched my load deep into her womb.

When she felt me stiffen and perhaps felt that first load she became even more aggressive, "That's it Ted, cum for me, shoot your load, give me your cum," she encouraged.

When I was spent, Maryanne collapsed on top of me, her head resting on my chest.

We lay in each other's arms for several minutes until she sat up and stated she would be right back. She headed for the bathroom and I sat back up on the couch. When she came back she handed me my drink and I saw the look on her face. Sort of heavy in thought about what she had just done.

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