tagIncest/TabooFun for All the Family Ch. 04

Fun for All the Family Ch. 04



My wife Julie lay back naked on the sofa and placed her legs over Paul's shoulders and her hands on his head, drawing my brother-in-law closer to her. A low moaning sound emitted itself from Paul's voice box as he stuck out his hot wet tongue and began to eat his sister's pussy.

Across the room, my other brother-in-law Mark was giving my daughter Jenna a thoroughly good seeing to as he took control of his niece's cunt. Directly in front of Jenna, my father Jack was enjoying another of his granddaughter's blowjobs as he and Mark treated the youngest member of the family to a long and very thorough spit-roasting. Dad's face was a picture of pleasure as it always is when he is in the midst of another session of our hot family action.

As for me, I was on the receiving end of another of my mother Shirley's sparkling blowjobs. I've lost count of the numbers of times over the past quarter of a century or so that mom has treated me to a good long suck of my stiff pole but I'm sure if I had a pound for every one, I'd be at the top of the world's 100 Richest Men.

Tonight was the first time every member of our sex club had been present for some time since Mark and Paul are married and can't often get away from their wives and kids. My parents Jack and Shirley had gone home that morning after spending their usual weekend with us, having stayed over a bit longer than they usually do. Normally, they leave on Sunday evening but yesterday night mom, dad, Julie, Jenna and I all got carried away so much that by the time I'd fucked all three of my female relatives and then treated my father to a nice hard gay penetration of his tight old asshole, it was nearly midnight. So mom and dad had slept in the guest room again and then left just after breakfast.

I had, however, not expected them to be back so soon; indeed, if mom, dad and I had known that Mark and Paul were going to put in an appearance this evening, my parents would never have bothered leaving in the morning. I had got home from work earlier to find Jenna naked at the computer, downloading porn images from a new incest site she had discovered, and no sign of my wife Julie. Jenna was being very mysterious about Julie's whereabouts but, nevertheless, Jenna and I had a good father and daughter session once I had had my shower.

That was when, shortly afterwards, Julie had arrived home with a little smile of mystery on her face. A few seconds later, her brothers Mark and Paul surprised me by walking through the door behind their sister and Julie giggled a thank you at our daughter for keeping the surprise so well. Turned out that my brothers-in-law's wives had gone out somewhere for the evening and so, finding themselves at a loose end, were determined to tighten it up by paying us a visit. It was indeed a great surprise as, having no brothers - nor sisters, I might add - of my own, Paul and Mark have been like my own kin ever since we met them and Julie at the nudist club mom, dad and I attended back in the 1980s.

Mark and Paul had been out of their clothes in a flash, only too keen to get involved in the action. I had, moments earlier, shot my load in Jenna but mine and my daughter's enthusiasm for sex meant that we were soon ready to go again. It was when her uncle Mark was giving Jenna his undivided attention and Paul and Julie were getting it together also that I had crept upstairs to phone mom and dad. Even though they had gone all the way home that morning, I felt they wouldn't want to miss out on a full family gangbang, after all they only live an hour or so away, its not like they're on the other side of the world.

Mom had been reluctant to return at first, having got herself nice and cosy and settled in front of the t.v. for the evening - in the nude, of course - and I didn't want to let my parents in on the fact that Mark and Paul were with us as I wanted it to be as big a surprise for them as it had been for me. It had taken a bit of persuasion but, with memories of the previous evening's orgy still fresh in their minds, my parents' love of sex had soon got the better of them and they were in the car driving all the way back before you could blink.

You can imagine the scene when mom and dad arrived, walking in and expecting to find only Jenna, Julie and I there. Since Julie, Mark and Paul's parents died before we even had the chance to meet them, mom and dad have been like parents to my wife's family as well and the squeals of delight as they walked through the door to see their two naked other "sons" in full sexual flight was as if their birthdays and Christmas had arrived all at once.

The greetings had been of the most profuse kind since, like the rest of us, my parents hadn't seen Mark and Paul for sometime. Mom and dad had quickly removed their clothes as Mark pulled out of Jenna's cunt and Paul moved across from Julie and got into position next to his brother, ready to have their cocks sucked by their "mother". My father had moved over to Jenna where he'd begun sucking and licking his grand-daughter's tits while Julie and I had sat back on the sofa to watch as the evening's gangbang started to unfold ...


Back now where we came in, Julie squealed as Paul's tongue worked its magic on her cunt. Jenna was still taking one pounding after another from Mark's prick while simultaneously gagging on her grandfather's prick. As for me, I was in seventh heaven as mom's right hand snaked round my back to grope my naked ass while twirling my balls in her left as I continued to slide my fat rod in and out of the hot maternal mouth.

"Gee, mom," I said placing my hands on her head and running them through her soft hair, streaked with only a small amount of grey despite her advancing years, "you suck just as great now as you first did on my eighteenth birthday all those years ago."

"Yeah, David," dad said, turning his head to watch his wife sucking his son's cock while his own stiff rod carried on enjoying his granddaughter's blowjob, "your mom's an ace cocksucker, just like your daughter."

I didn't need dad to tell me that, I would have had to have been an idiot not to be fully aware of those facts. Nevertheless, I smiled at him in agreement as mom smiled up at me, a wide smile of genuine pleasure on her still beautiful unlined face. I transferred my smile from dad down to mom to let her know how much she was pleasuring me since not only was she treating me to a first class blowjob, as she always did, my balls and ass felt so good in her soft gentle hands, too.

"It's lovely to see that big prick of yours again, David," said Mark to me managing to concentrate on Jenna while speaking at the same time, "I shall have to give it a suck later."

"Me, too," said Paul.

"Yeah," laughed dad, "his mom thinks it could have dug the Channel Tunnel," he went on and we all laughed again at the memory of mom's joke which had so amused us at the time.

I heard a scuffle from the sofa and looked to see Julie and Paul changing position. Julie was now on her knees in front of her brother, his big cock standing out strong and hard in front of my wife's face. In the same way that mom was touching up my ass and playing with my big balls, Julie did the same with Paul's bottom and sweaty nut sacs as she took stock of the long shaft before putting it in her mouth.

"Suck it, sweetheart," I said, "you know you want to."

Lots of men enjoy watching their wives in action with other men but I am luckier than most since I get to see mine incestuously sucking and fucking not only with my father but her brothers, too. For now, however, Julie is quite happy to give her undivided attention to just one of her siblings and Paul gasps as Julie takes him into her mouth, having been many months since the last time he'd been on the end of a nice hot sisterly blowjob.

It was at times like this that I wished I had more than one set of eyes as a cry from Mark signalled his approaching cumshot and I had to divert my attention from Paul and Julie, blotting them from view. My head spun round so fast, it felt like it was about to revolve all the way round like Linda Blair's did in "The Exorcist" but, mercifully, it came to a halt just in time to see Mark pull out of his niece and unleash a torrent of his thick creamy syrup all over my daughter's ass cheeks.

"Oh, shit!" cried Mark, as the long spurts of his spunky jism plopped down one after the other on Jenna's gloriously well-rounded bum, "this is fucking fabulous."

Mark rocked back and forth on his long sturdy legs as he drained his balls of every last drop of spunk until Jenna's ass was smothered, the thick wads running together over her succulent curves and into her ass crack. As Mark fell back on the carpet to get his breath back, dad pulled out of Jenna's mouth and began to wank his old cock which, we were all happy to see, was still in full working order. Seconds later, he let out a cry to rival the one Mark had just given as he shot his load of grandfatherly spunk over Jenna's face.

Jenna was giving herself a string of orgasms, having been well and truly stuffed by her uncle Mark and gagged by her grandfather Jack. Julie was still sucking Paul's cock like a thing possessed as mom was continuing to suck me. Paul and I were not in competition with each other but dad, Mark and Jenna, after moving closer in to watch and still not quite with their breaths back, could, if they had wanted to, have drawn lots for which one of us was going to shoot their load first ...


I pulled out of mom's mouth and felt my legs buckle and my balls start to contract, signifying the approach of another mind-blowing orgasm. I had already cum inside Jenna earlier that evening which had been fabuluous and I knew from experience that shooting over mom was going to be just as spectacular.

Mom rested back on her haunches and lifted her head up to me to receive my sperm as dad, Mark and Jenna, now recovered from their own orgasms, clustered round us to get a better view of my cumshot. Paul, likewise, had pulled out of Julie's mouth and Julie was similarly kneeling in front of him with her face upturned as well to catch her brother's cum.

The two women leaned in close to each other as Paul beat me to it by seconds, sending his own copious reams of cum hurtling up from his balls and out through his prick to give his sister a very full load on the face. Mom was leaning in so close to her daughter-in-law that a few blasts of Paul's sperm landed on her face, too, as moments later I reached another of my always powerful orgasms and came over mom's face, giving her the lion's share but also managing to treat Julie to some too where it mingled with the rapidly congealing wads from Paul.

Dad, Mark and Jenna applauded loudly as Paul and I reached the zenith of our sexual achievements - for now, that was. As we stood back with our sated pricks in our hands, mom and Julie leaned in close together and began to kiss, savoring the combined taste of mine and Paul's deposits as they fingered their fannies to orgasm.

"Fucking hell, David," my father said, beginning to coax his prick back into some semblance of a hard-on as Mark did the same, "I sure am glad you persuaded your mom and I to get our butts back over here this evening."

"Yeah," said mom, lying back on the carpet alongside Julie, "this has been such a wonderful surprise with my other two "sons" here as well."

"Its great to be here too," said Mark and Paul readily agreed.

"The party's not over yet, mom," I said, as Paul and I came down from the intensity of our orgasms and our foreskins started to enclose over the knobheads of our now half-mast and, for the time being, spent pricks. "The night is young and I'm sure Paul and Mark would like to fuck you before they go home. Me and all."

"Sure fucking would," said Mark whose love of sex matched his horny relatives every step of the way and who would suck and fuck non-stop all night long if he and Paul hadn't had to leave in another hour or so.

"Yeah," said Paul, "but we'd better get on with it as Mark and I haven't got that much time. The wives'll start wondering where we are."

"Yeah," said Mark, "and we don't want to have to go into any details."

"I should hope not," said Julie, succinctly.

"Any chance of a drink, sis?" asked Paul. "I need a breather."

"I'll go," I said, "I think we all do."

I turned and walked naked into the kitchen, my ass cheeks rubbing together in front of the watching eyes of my family, to collect the drinks. Mom, Julie and Jenna went upstairs to the bathroom and climbed into the shower together and began fondling each other's tits and pussies as they cleaned themselves under the cascading water while dad, Mark, Paul and I sat and chatted over our beer cans until the ladies returned. Then us men went up to shower too and there was just enough room for the four of us to cram ourselves in together as we soaped each other down, touching up each other's pricks and asses as we did.

By the time all the members of the family sex club were assembled in the lounge again, we were raring to carry on from where we'd left off - as, indeed, we did ...


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