tagIncest/TabooFun for All the Family Ch. 05

Fun for All the Family Ch. 05



Dad, Mark and I stood with our hard pulsating pricks in our hands as we watched the extreme action progressing in front of us. Paul was lying flat on his back and mom was bouncing up and down on his fat rod as he plowed the depths of her greasy cunt. Mom's beautiful bum was rising and falling and as it did, she looked over her shoulder and treated us to a look that was midway between a smile and a frown before facing away again as Paul lifted his head and started to nurse on her old but still splendid tits. Anybody not in their right mind couldn't fail to be impressed by mom's stamina and her ability to still take cock in her cunt like a twenty year old.

Next to mom and Paul, my wife Julie and daughter Jenna were enjoying some hot mother and daughter lesbianism as they rolled around on the carpet in a passionate sixty-nine, digging their tongues deep into each other's pussies. Those hot tongues were stretching the elasticity of their cunts to the full as they probed the folds of pussy skin as if doing so for the first ever time and, every now and then, Jenna would lift a leg in the air, enabling her ass cheeks to part company and exposing her cunt and asshole. Her love box was red raw following the recent fucking it had had from her uncle Mark.

Mark was not through with fucking yet, however, and moved over to mom and quickly inserted his stiff pole into her delectably tight ass. Dad was beside himself with pride as he watched his wife being double penetrated by his two other "sons" and the harder and deeper Mark and Paul rammed into her, the better mom loved it. I was also glowing with pride as I watched my mother getting fucked in her well-used holes, her screams of pleasure filling the air and mingling with the grunting and groaning coming from Julie and Jenna, a cacophany of symphonic-like sound that reverberated around the lounge.

"What a fabulous sight," said dad, as he increased the pace of his wanking, "thanks, David, for inviting us back tonight, your mom and I wouldn't have wanted to have missed out on such a fantastic family gangbang."

"As if I woukldn't, dad," I replied, "its always great to have you and mom here, the sex wouldn't be the same without you."

"Thank you, son," dad said, touching me up my ass, "and I think you'd better do something about your mom's screams. Don't want to disturb your neighbors."

I smiled at dad and licked my lips as my eyes focused for a moment or two on Mark's beautiful tight ass which clenched, rose and fell with each thrust of mom's asshole. Then I moved in up close to mom, placing my legs either side of Paul's head. Mom immediately opened her mouth and took me inside so that she now had all three of her holes filled to capacity by her sons.

Well, strictly speaking, only one son, me, although she has been like a mother to Mark and Paul since our families all met at the Sandilands Nudist Club a quarter of a century ago. Mark and Paul and their sister Julie had, sadly, lost their parents at an early age and after Julie and I were married, mom and dad took her brothers under their wing as much as they did their daughter-in-law and in the ensuing years, my brothers-in-law have come to love and respect Jack and Shirley as if they were indeed their own parents.

As mom sucked hard on my stiff pole, I could sense Paul's eyes looking up between my legs and watching my balls slapping hard against Shirley's chin. I glanced over at dad and smiled, feeling full of love for him and just as proud of him as I did mom. Both Jack and Shirley have really looked after themselves and kept themselves in trim and no way would you think my dad was sixty-six years old, his body is still as slim and athletic as it was when I first started doing threesomes with him and mom from my eighteenth birthday onwards. As for mom, it would be churlish of me to give away a lady's age - and that is what she is, a true lady in every sense of the word - so I'm afraid I'm not going to tell you so you'll just have to guess whether or not she is older or youngerthan dad.

"Enjoying the show, dad?" I asked as mom continued gagging and choking on my prick while Paul lifted his head to slurp his tongue around my balls while still pounding in and out of mom's cunt and Mark did likewise in mom's ass. Mom's loud cries of a moment or two ago had now diminished into low gutteral whimpers, muffled as they were by the presence of her blood son's prick in her mouth.

"Sure fucking am, David," dad replied, his eyes on stalks as they darted back and forth nineteen to the dozen from us to Julie and Jenna.

Jenna suddenly stopped licking her mom's pussy and smiled across at her grandfather. "Don't stand there left out, gramps," she said, "come over here and I'll suck that nice big cock of yours for you."

Julie manoeuvred herself until she was sitting on the floor with her back against the sofa. She started to finger her fanny as Jenna got to her knees and dad, not wasting a second, moved in close and slid his rock hard appendage into his granddaughter's waiting mouth. Mark grunted to the sound of Jenna gagging on her grand-dad's stiff pole as mom let my cock full out of her mouth and signalled me with her eyes to turn round. I knew what she wanted, after twenty-five years of incestuous sex we knew how to read each other's minds, and as I showed her my ass I bent over and spread my cheeks, exposing my asshole, and mom immediately slid her tongue between my buns to give me another of her first class rimmings.

Mom has a real male ass fetish and to say she is obsessed with my buttocks would not be an understatement. She has been besotted with the visual delights of my bottom, naked or otherwise, ever since we set out on our taboo lifestyle and if my mom gets a kick out of seeing it then I am only too happy to show it to her - and to dad, too. They sometimes gets me to dress up in tight shorts to emphasize the shape of my cheeks and never stop complmenting them, telling me how beautiful my bum still is now in middle age, just as it had been when I was a young man two and a half decades ago - and I really don't know where all those years have gone. Tempus sure does fugit.

Mark pulled out of Shirley's cunt as mom, now in full control of my nether regions, went to town on my inner sanctum. He moved round and knelt down in front of me, taking my cock into his mouth. Paul somehow managed to find his way between the twisted mass of sweaty naked bodies and then stood behind mom and re-inserted himself in her ass, taking over from where his brother Mark had left off.

As Paul started to fuck his "mother" in her ass, mom continued to plunge her tongue deep into mine while Mark took my cock right to the back of his throat. Across the way, I noticed that my wife had shifted herself to her knees and that she and my daughter were treating my father to alternate blowjobs. This was, without a shadow of a doubt, shaping up into the best family gangbang for a long long time ...


After ten minutes of non-stop rimming, during which time mom licked so hard and deep it felt like her tongue would eventually come out my mouth, she suddenly withdrew and patted my cheeks as Mark stood and turned his back to me.

"That was very nice, sweetheart," mom said, as I kept my back to her to treat her to a close-up view of the bum she had just thoroughly explored with her hot maternal tongue.

"I need a good rimming now," Mark said, bending over in front of me and spreading his cheeks the same way I had done when I'd prepared my bum for mom. "Come and lick it, David, I want to feel that nice hot tongue of yours up my ass."

"Go ahead, sweetheart," mom said, patting my ass again, "let me see you lick Mark's ass."

Paul had withdrawn his cock from mom's ass, having stopped short of shooting his load either inside her or over her ass cheeks. There was not much time left before he and Mark would have to leave and Paul, like Mark, wanted to hang onto his orgasm for as long as possible. He moved over to my father, wife and daughter and hauled his sister to her feet and began licking and sucking her tits while my daughter continued to suck hard on her grandfather's prick. Mom, whose ass and cunt must have been extremely sore following the hardcore shagging she'd just received from her other "sons", sat back and started fondling her tits as she watched me rimming Mark.

I still had my tongue buried deep in my brother-in-law Mark's asshole when dad suddenly let out a groan and, in one fail swoop, shot another load of his rich hot sperm all over his grand-daughter's face. Jenna opened her mouth to drink as much of dad's love juice as she could while Julie, after enjoying Paul munching on her erect nipples, dropped to her knees and quickly took her brother's cock into her mouth, cupping his balls with her right hand and touching up his ass with her left. It looked really great to see my wife sucking another man's cock, especially as the man in question was one of her own brothers.

I needed to come up for air and as I withdrew my tongue from Mark's ass, he quickly made his way over to the others to stand next to Paul so that Julie now had both her brothers' rock hard pricks staring her in the face. Jenna was still savoring the taste of her grandfather's spunk, fingering her fanny and smiling that radiant smile of hers through the goo.

I started masturbating as I watched my wife going back and forth between her brothers' large cocks, treating each one to the full power of her cocksucking skills, her face cheeks caving in before she crammed both into her mouth in one go. This was too much for me and I could feel my balls start to bubble up but, like Paul earlier, I didn't want to cum yet and so slowed down the pace of my wanking. I could feel mom's eyes behind me taking in the unobstructed view she had of my tight naked ass before I turned and went over to her, placing her on her hands and knees.

"You as well," said mom, delightedly, "it's not Christmas, is it?"

"No, mom," I said, as I placed my fat rod at the entrance to her pussy, "nor is it your birthday. But I don't need occasions like that to fuck the hell out of you, do I?"

"Certainly not," said mom, "but after Mark and Paul, by the time you're finished, sweetheart, I'll be surprised if I've any of my pussy left."

Jenna had given herself a whole load of orgasms while Julie continued to suck off Mark and Paul. "Let's go and watch dad fucking gran," Jenna said, after she had recovered from cumming, and before giving anybody else a chance to reply, she scampered on all fours and sat looking wondrously up at me as I started to fuck my mother. Dad, still coming down from the dizzy heights of his own stupendous orgasm, dragged his tired body over to the armchair where he parked his ass as he, too, enjoyed the spectacle of his son fucking his wife ...


Paul still had one thing to do before he and Mark departed and, leaving Mark and Julie to themselves, he gently took hold of Jenna and placed her next to where I was in the middle of pounding in and out of mom.

"Does my beautiful niece want another good shag before I go?" asked Paul. "It could be the last one you'll get from me for quite some time."

"Oh, yes please, uncle Paul," my daughter replied, like the voracious vixen she undoubtedly is, "I never refuse a good fucking."

"Hey sis," I heard Mark say from behind me, "what about you, too?"

"That sounds good to me," replied Julie as she positioned herself on the other side of mom and I as Mark moved in and stood behind her. As Paul inserted himself in his niece's pussy and Mark in his sister's, dad, watching from hus vantage point on the sofa, was brimming with excitement and pride as he took in the real live porn show.

Dad had a good view of mine and Mark and Paul's asses clenching and unclenching as we stood behind our womenfolk and fucked them to the rafters, the ladies pushing back their beautiful silky smooth bottoms to meet every thrust of the stiff poles that were sending shock waves of excitement through not only their backsides but their whole bodies. I was feeling really proud of myself as I always do when I fuck my mother, not to mention watching my wife and daughter getting fucked by Mark and Paul, and I am sure they were feeling the same as they fucked their sister and niece respectively.

Again, as earlier, we were not in competition but I could sense dad trying to guess which one of us men would shoot our loads first. Mark, Paul and I were giving it everything we had as we fucked our ladies' brains out. I glanced over my shoulder and was pleased to notice that dad's cock was at full mast again as he played with it in his hands as he watched the row of naked bodies going at it like there was no tomorrow. Not any bodies, mind you, but those of his own loving horny family and which made it all the more exciting than it would normally have been.

Paul had beaten me earlier by cumming first when we'd jacked ourselves off over mom and Jenna so, even though no competition existed between us as I just said, I was starting to think it would be good if I could blow my wad ahead of him now, just for the sake of it. But no, Mark was first this time, giving out a loud "aaaagh!" as he withdrew from Julie's cunt and shot a large load of brotherly spunk over his sister's ass cheeks while my wife gave herself a simultaneous round of multiple orgasms. Julie's screams joined as one with Mark's and their joyous cries and the sound of dad's applause almost drowned out the grunts and groans of mom, Jenna, Paul and I.

Mark and Julie rolled over onto the carpet and folded themselves into each other's sibling arms as they got their breaths back. I was almost there now myself, not liking to think what my face looked like as it was, I could feel, covered in a thick sheen of sweat. I deliberated quickly whether or not to shoot my approaching spunk inside mom or over her, as Mark had done with Julie, and knowing how much dad liked watching me cum my load, decided to pull out as I successfully beat Paul to orgasm.

"Yeeeeess!" I screamed as the thick jets hurtled out again, one after the other, another superbly colossal orgasm of which I was immensely proud. Dad was too, of course, as he watched his son tossing himself off over his wife's ass. Jenna was still pushing back her beautiful smooth ass to meet each one of her uncle Paul's thrusts as Paul got ready to unleash his own sperm, this time choosing to plant his seed deep in his niece's pussy.

"My word," said dad, the pride in his voice only too apparent, "that was better than any porn movie I've ever seen in my life."

Mark, Paul and I milked dad's applause as we joined Mark and Julie in getting our breaths back. We all felt proud, honored and priveleged to be told we were better than any porn star. Jenna leaned over her grandmother and began to lick her father's spunk from the old lady's ass cheeks while droplets of her uncle Paul's spunk dribbled out of her cunt. What a gangbang this had been, probably the best ever in the whole history of our sex club ...


"D'you want me to run Mark and Paul home, honey?" I asked Julie when we were in the kitchen some fifteen minutes later and my wife was once again getting some coffee ready. Mark and Paul had gone to the bathroom to shower together, cleaning themselves up and no doubt fondling their pricks, balls and asses into the bargain.

"No, it's OK, darling," Julie replied, "I don't mind."

"What if their wives come out?" I asked. "You don't exactly get on with them, do you?"

"With any luck, I'll get them back before they get home from their night out," said Julie, not wanting to elaborate on the reasons for the womens' dislike of each other. Mark and Paul lived in the same town but at separate addresses; I had heard it through the grapevine that the wives didn't get on with each other, too. Women are gorgeous but can be strange creatures at the best of times. Oh dear, that sounds very sexist, it wasn't meant to, and I can assure you I feel just the same about men as well. Sometimes.

"Well, if you're sure," I said.

"Of course," said Julie. "Now, take this coffee in, will you, your parents must be gasping."

"They were gasping all right," I laughed, "especially mom. That was a fantastic fuck I gave her, I enjoyed every minute."

"I could tell," answered Julie, handing me the tray, "and I enjoyed watching, too. Play your cards right and you can give Jenna and me a good seeing to as well when I get back."

"That'll be good," I said, and went back to the lounge bearing the coffee and surprised to see Jenna sitting there now fully showered and dressed while mom and dad were still stark naked.

"Hi, honey," I said, "going somewhere?"

"Mom said I could go for the ride when she takes uncle Mark and uncle Paul home," Jenna replied.

There wasn't any real need to answer as I poured out the coffee, handing cups of the hot steaming liquid to mom and dad who sipped it gratefully. Mark and Paul suddenly re-appeared in the lounge, no longer naked and reluctantly waiting to depart.

"Don't leave it too long, guys, before you visit us again," I said.

"I hope we won't have to," said Paul, "tonight has been fucking brilliant."

"Sure has," said Mark. "Jenna is an absolute natural and you must be very proud of her."

"Indeed I am," I said, glancing at Jenna and smiling at her and getting a beautiful smile back in return, her lovely features now washed clean of all the spunk that had decorated her face earlier.

"We all are," said mom, "she's a very special granddaughter."

"Sure is," said dad, inbetween mouthfuls of coffee.

"Thanks gran, thanks gramps," Jenna replied, "and you're very special grandparents too. I love each and everyone of you so very much and what we did tonight was beautiful."

"Yes," I said, "it was an act of true love."

"More than one act, I would say," giggled my father.

Julie, having gone upstairs to dress, suddenly returned to the lounge, still looking absolutely fabulous clothed as she did naked. "Right," she said, "you boys ready?"

"I suppose so," said Paul.

There then followed a lot of hugs and kisses all round as Mark and Paul said their goodbyes. "Next time," said Mark, patting my bare bum, "I want to fuck that nice tight ass of yours."

"Me too," said Paul, "just sorry there wasn't enough time to fuck it tonight."

"That'll be really good," I said. "Now, go on, get going if you want to get back before those wives of yours find out where you've been."

The four dressed members of the family departed, leaving three naked members behind, me and my own parents. "Well," I said, slumping into an armchair, "you guys had better stay the night. You ready for the land of nod, yet?"

"No," said dad, surprisingly, "its only eleven o'clock. After this nice rest, I feel I could stay awake for a few more hours yet."

Dad looked directly at me and a knowing smile passed between us. It had been sometime since I'd last done a threesome with my parents and now looked like it was going to be an ideal opportunity to relive the days of my youth. Julie and Jenna wouldn't object and I could feel my prick start to get hard again.

"I suppose we could have some more fun," I said, as if I was making a big decision.

"There's no suppose about it, sweetheart," mom said, "get that tight ass of yours over here now."

"Talking of tight asses," said dad, "I think mine could do with some attention."

"Hear that, sweetheart?" mom said.

"I ain't deaf, mom," I replied as I stood in front of my parents with my prick now fully on the horn again. "I could do with some ass attention, too, I need a good fucking especially since Mark and Paul didn't fuck me tonight. Tell you what, dad. you fuck me first and then, as a reward, I'll make you sing for as long as you want."

Then, without waiting for either of them to reply, I bent over in front of them and spread my cheeks, exposing my asshole to my doting mother and father as I waited to receive dad's fat prick, while my mother licked her lips as she watched her sexaholic son start take it up the ass from her equally sex besotted husband ...

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