tagInterracial LoveFun for the Gang Ch. 02

Fun for the Gang Ch. 02


"Honey," my wife Cindy said, smiling, "did you have a good time last night?"

Stretched out on the bed in the morning sun I recalled the events of the evening before. A vision of Cindy repeatedly fucked by five black NFL bulls rose before me. I remembered lying underneath my wife, my nose not an inch away from a meaty black prick shoved up her dripping vagina.

"Yes, love. I had a wonderful time."

"I thought you did, darling. I hope you didn't mind my leaving you for last."

"You know I like to be teased. I was sure tense after all that waiting. It made for a glorious cum though."

She laughed. "I knew it would. I've never seen you so prolific. You were spurting like Old Faithful!"

She was right. It was the biggest orgasm I'd ever had. I realized I adored the way she'd built up my sexual energy. She knew just what I wanted.

"You were right, dearest. I do love being titillated watching you. Especially when you're having a good time."

"Oh, I had a wonderful time. You know how I like to cum."

They weren't too many for you?"

"Noooo. You see, it's really not a big deal how many men I'm with. It's how long I'm doing it that matters. And last night I could cum forever!"

As was often the case, I learned something new about Cindy. I was reassured that she actually did enjoy the gangbang. Now I understood it was how long she fucked, not how many men, that mattered. Cindy often liked to keep going for two or more hours; double that with breaks. In that much time I could imagine her taking ten blacks...or twenty. A thrill surged in my loins as a picture of Cindy with a large group of horny blacks filled my mind.

"I hope they aren't' too big for you, darling."

"Well, they're awfully big guys. It's hard to kiss them when they're on top of me! And I'm nearly doing the splits when I sit on top."

Are their cocks too big for you?"

"Oh no. I love them big you know." Her eyes sparkled. "Don't worry about that, darling."

Cindy was dressed only in white stockings, garters, bra and panties. As always, her petite figure was augmented by spiky high heels. She arranged the bed while I put on my clothes. I'd never seen her looking so radiant.

"The boys left very early to hunt. I saw them off." She giggled. "They're very sweet to me. I kissed them goodbye. They promised me a good time tonight."

"When will they be back?"

"In the late afternoon. I told them you'd cook a nice dinner for them if they entertain us again. I hope you don't mind cooking." She smiled at me. I smiled back.

"Of course, honey. I'd love to."

Cindy and I took in the local sights that morning, along with lunch. We planned a gourmet dinner for our friends. I was a pretty good cook and Cindy enjoyed preparing the table. I chose steak au poivre, sautéed vegetables, salad, wine and dessert. Cindy planned to dress up for the occasion. She had brought her "Little Bo Peep dress," an outfit we had found through a catalogue of adult costumes. In pink and white satin, with a short flare skirt, a low-cut front and pink ribbons, sheer white gloves and white sheer stockings, it was stunning on her. Cindy was then 26, but looked a whole lot younger in that costume.

I left about three to do the shopping, leaving her to get ready for the evening. As I drove into town, I thought about our strange union. I'd always known it was going to be different. Cindy would never be happy with just one sex partner. Her zest for pleasure required more. Her occasional nights out during the first months of our marriage seemed fine, but left me unsatisfied. I wanted to take part, and above all to watch, as she indulged her considerable sexual urge.

It wasn't until we discovered black men that we found a way to make things work for both. From the first time we took a black man to bed, we felt comfortable. Cindy loves being with them, and they always enjoy being with a white couple.

There are many reasons we prefer black men, but the most important is their attitude toward sex: fun-loving and uninhibited. They instinctively appreciate how to make Cindy feel relaxed as well as sexy. They encourage her to express her sexuality openly and naturally.

She loves dressing up in sexy lingerie, outfits, and costumes of all kinds. Her training as a fashion consultant gave her a wonderful sense of style. She has great fun trying new combinations for teasing, and role playing. I love it and so do our black friends.

They always compliment her, whether she looks like a fashion model or a hooker. Blacks naturally work up erotic tension. They dance and flirt with Cindy. They're completely unselfconscious about their sexuality. All the black men we've known tell us they find it wonderfully satisfying to fuck white women. They say they enjoy it even more when their husbands are there to watch.

More than white men, blacks "show their stuff" with my wife. They take care to fuck in positions giving a view of the action. They strut around with their cocks hanging out like it's the most natural thing in the world. And they take time to please. They don't rush, and last long. This is very important for Cindy, who often likes to continue for several hours.

As I pondered these impressions, I felt blessed to be Cindy's husband. I liked what she liked.

Still, it was one thing to swing with a black guy when we felt like it. It was another to deliberately arrange a gangbang for my bride of less than two years. Alone with my thoughts, I realized I was the one who wanted it. I had engineered this getaway with Leroy and his four friends. Was I crazy? I knew that deep down I craved sexual titillation, the raunchier the better. I liked my sex to be pornographic. So much so that I had enlisted my wife into a fuckathon. Was this going too far?

I wouldn't have done it had Cindy been the least reluctant. She hadn't hesitated to accept. Perhaps it was because she's always been a free spirit who takes her pleasure as she finds it. And because she has such an enormous libido. As long as she likes the men we see, and they take care to please her as well as themselves, she has been a willing, participant. This time, though, I hoped I hadn't gone too far.

I returned to the cabin just after four. Leroy, Bulldog and Python were lounging in the living room, dressed only in tee shirts. Their genitalia dangled openly before them. Again I was amazed at their size. Bulldog's big dick, capped by a thick black mushroom cap, hung halfway to his knees. His fat balls protruded from his thighs like a low-slung satchel. The others were similarly proportioned, some longer, some thicker.

"Hey, Bill. Welcome back. We thought we'd give that pretty wife of yours a little attention. She's a cutie in that girlie outfit. Hope you don't mind." Bulldog gave me a wide grin.

"I don't mind at all." I heard a moan from the next room. Looking in, I saw a massive black back and butt thrusting into the bed. My wife was almost completely hidden by the huge bulk, only her white-stockinged calves spread around the black thighs and arms holding on tightly could be seen. While I watched, the male body convulsed and let out a loud grunt. The ebony butt tightened, contracted and pushed. My wife cried out.

"Oh, yes! Give it to me!" For the next minute the black bull shoved his loins into my lady while she flailed about in ecstasy. She came continuously. My penis stiffened to erection. After a long time, the frenzy slowly subsided.

He lifted off her. It was Donk. His huge penis glistened and dripped creamy dew. Her legs still spread wide, Cindy appeared a little dazed. White sperm gushed from her open crack, trickling down her cunt and ass.

"Hi, Bill. You're just in time." Donk grinned at me. "It should be a doozy for ya."

I went over to my wife and bent over her crotch. The smell of semen wafted to my nose. I cupped my mouth over her vulva, lapping at the oozing, sticky liquid. It tasted good, a little salty. I licked it from her vagina as best I could and then off her thighs, buttocks and anus.

"Thank you darling," she smiled. "Now send in the next in line. I'm having so much fun."

I spent the next hour and a half preparing dinner and intermittently eating fresh cum from my wife's cunt. I got the dinner going and served wine, cheese and crackers. Bulldog was in the bedroom. With a minute free, I looked in to see my wife straddling his enormous frame, like sitting on a pony. His fat penis was fully inserted. She ground down on it with her hips.

I returned to the kitchen. A few minutes later Leroy went to the bedroom. I started the vegetables and checked the steaks. All was going well. From the bedroom came loud grunts and then a whimpering sound from my wife, followed by squeals of pleasure. A minute later Cindy cried out, and I went to see what was happening.

She was still straddling Bulldog. Leroy was up behind her. He had plunged his long penis into her ass, to the hilt. He pulled out and fucked her, hard. A minute later I could see Bulldog tense, his huge black meat shoved up to his balls. The three of them writhed into a long mutual orgasm. I watched as they pleasured each other.

"Oh my god!" Cindy gasped for breath.

"Damn, it's good!" Bulldog grunted his pleasure.

"Woohoo!" Leroy whooped and hollered. "Baby you're soooo good!"

The movement on the bed subsided. The three of them lay still for moment. Then Leroy pulled out followed by the Bulldog. Once again I was called to clean up. I did the best I could, working at both holes. I had to hurry so I could get back to the kitchen before the steaks overcooked.

We sat down to dinner at six.

"I propose a toast to Bill and Cindy, our wonderful friends!" Leroy was gracious, as ever.

"Hear, hear! To Bill and Cindy, the black man's dream come true!"

They couldn't have been nicer. The mood around the table was wonderfully light and boisterous. We had just started the first course when Cindy let out a giggle and squirmed in her chair. She looked down at her thighs and then up at us, a little embarrassed.

"I'm afraid I'm leaking. Honey, will you help me, please?"

She got up from the table and pulled her chair around so that she could raise one leg onto it. As I came around to help her, she raised her skirt and then pulled off her sheer white thong panties. They were wet in the crotch. She opened the lips of her cunt and I could see the glisten of cum in the slit. I knelt down and got my mouth to it. I licked up the oozing fluid, taking care to run my tongue from her anus to clit and back before it ran down her thighs.

Our friends all watched, fascinated.

"Bon appetit, Bill," said Leroy. They all roared.

I continued to lick her holes as well as her upper thighs and butt. I felt her trembling with pleasure. I moved to her clit. Within half a minute I felt Cindy cum as I worked my tongue around it. When her climax subsided, she moved off me.

"Now dear, lay your head back on the chair seat while I get the rest out." My wife squatted over me and proceeded to squeeze first her vagina, then her anus while I ate the gooey blobs of cum she produced. I was surprised how much there was. I stuck my tongue as deep as I could in both holes to suck out the last drops.

"Thank you, darling. I feel much better." Cindy smiled her gorgeous smile.

"Looks like Bill has just had his first course," said Donk. We all laughed again.

"Darling could you get me a fresh pair of panties? The pink ones, honey." I obliged. When I returned Cindy put them on and smoothed her little dress back down. We resumed our meal.

"Bill, you sure give the pretty lady good service. Been at it long?" Python was curious.

"Oh, Bill did it for me on our first date," said Cindy. "It was so nice of him to do that. Of course I think he enjoyed it."

Asked to explain, Cindy described our first encounter in her nonchalant way. "You see I was just finishing doing it with someone else and was running late and poor Bill was waiting ever so long at the door. I felt sorry for him and didn't have time to take care of it myself without leaving him there longer. I surprised Bill by asking him to clean me up almost right after he sat down, but it was starting to leak out and anyway, I thought he might like it. Anyway, it feels a lot better than a wash cloth!" She laughed. "I made sure he enjoyed himself."

I admired Cindy's simple way of expressing herself. I never knew anyone as straightforward when talking about sex, as if the subject was sewing, or cooking.

After dinner I started the washing up. I heard Cindy laughing as she went in to the bedroom with someone, I couldn't see who. I heard more laughing and giggling followed by the unmistakable sounds of sexual intercourse.

"Hey, Bill, that's one great wife you have." I looked up at Bulldog, who I recognized as a linebacker with a well-known NFL team.

"I think she's the greatest," I answered.

"Yeah, man. I'm really pleased to know both of you. I mean it's not every man who shares his wife. Is it a football thing with you?"

Maybe he thought we were some sort of NFL groupies.

"Not at all. We've got a rather unusual marriage. Cindy likes a lot of sex, more than I can give her, and I like to see her satisfied. So we include other men in our sex life. Leroy is an old friend and set this little party up."

"Yeah, Leroy told us about you - I mean how you like to see black men take your wife." He chuckled. "Can't say that I blame you. I've never been with a white couple before this but I sure thought about it...lots of black men have, I reckon. Man, it's a damn good time!"

"I'm glad you enjoy it," I found myself answering. "It's fun for me, too."

Donk came into the kitchen and gave his colleague the high five.

"Your next, man"

Bulldog grinned and left for the bedroom.

"We're doing a relay on your wife, man," he said. "That way we can keep her going all night if she wants. "It's like playing ball. Get in the game and play, then rest on the bench for a while, then back to the field. We like fans and spectators, so feel free to look in any time."

I went to the bedroom to see. Cindy was on her hands and knees and Bulldog was up behind her, doggy style. He fucked her with long hard strokes. His fat balls slapped against her thighs. Cindy pushed back to meet his thrusts. She looked around and I saw a look of sheer pleasure in her face. A moment later she groaned with orgasm.

The men kept up the relay for another two hours. I didn't have anything to do because they held off cumming to keep it going. Finally I was called to the bedroom to lick the first of four loads of sperm from her creamy orifice. When the last of the players in line, Donk, lay back on the bed Cindy sat astride his massive penis.

"Why don't we make the finale a DP?" Leroy handed me a bottle of lube. I rubbed it onto my tool and got behind my wife. I spread her cheeks and inserted my cock slowly into her anus, alongside Donk in the other hole.

The three of us began a slow fuck. I managed to hold back while my wife had two intense orgasms. I pushed my penis in to the hilt. I felt Donk do the same. The feeling was exquisite. I knew I was about to cum.

"Go for it, Bill!" Donk shouted as he worked his cock in an out. I pounded my meat into the back door until I felt an explosion of pleasure. I could feel the pulsing of Donk's dick close to me. At the same time my wife shivered to another climax. As the last spurts of my ejaculation subsided, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I'd never felt more satisfied.

"One last time, Bill." Leroy nodded toward Cindy's dripping crotch. I bent down and ate it for a long time. When I finished I looked up at Cindy. She looked divine.

"Let's do this again sometime, darling. Isn't it fun?"

"It sure is." I replied.

"Hear, hear!" added our wonderful friends.

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