tagGroup SexFun For Three

Fun For Three


I couldn't believe the situation I found myself in.... Jeff, my buddy, had asked me to help a female friend of his move some furniture and I agreed. After the moving was finished she offered us a beer and we sat around the living room chatting. She was just a little bitty thing, no taller than 5"3 and maybe a 100 lbs soaking wet. Short brown hair framed beautiful green eyes with a nicely shaped ass and small breasts to complete the picture. She was barefoot, wearing a pair of snuggly fitting shorts and a tube top with no bra. Inwardly, I started drooling when we first walked in, especially when Jeff told me she was just a good friend, no more.

A second round of beer was followed by a third and then the cards came out. She asked if we were poker players. (I wanted to poke-her alright.) We played a few friendly rounds and then she said, "Let's make it interesting.) With two and a half beers down, I quickly agreed and so did Jeff. Strip poker was her game; loser removed a piece of clothing. I hadn't done this since high school, but I certainly knew the rules. My dick leapt at the thought of seeing more of this young lovely and I begin to believe the evening would end with me screwing this beauty. Mathematically, I counted three pieces of clothing on her and Jeff and I were both fully clothed! This wouldn't take long!

Jeff won the first round. Sally took off her short pants revealing a small thong. I took off a shoe. Sally quickly realized the inequity of the situation and demanded that I at least take off both shoes! I complied with the magnanimous gesture of removing, not only my shoes, but both socks as well. Jeff and Sally laughed.

The next round got a little more interesting. As Sally looked at her cards, she brought her feet together and spread her knees out giving Jeff and me a clear shot of her crotch. As she pondered her cards, she "absent-mindedly" dropped one hand and began running a finger up and down the small patch of fabric on her thong. Both Jeff and I were mesmerized by her actions as we tried, and failed to focus on our hands. The result was that Sally won that hand. Jeff pulled off his shoes and socks and I removed my shirt.

The next round yielded the same result as Sally continued to press her finger against her crotch while we watched and lost the hand. I swear I saw a little damp spot emerge on her thong. I didn't know about Jeff, but I was about to bust a nut with all her teasing.

As she passed out the cards for the fourth round, she suggested a plan to make things even more interesting – a master and slaves round. Each one of us would kick in $100. The winner of the hand would be the "master," and the slaves would have to do whatever was asked by the master. Here's where it got interesting... the $300 pot would be split between the two slaves. However, if a slave refused to comply with the master, his or her half would be divided between the remaining slave and master. If both slaves bailed, the master would get everything. The thought of having Sally as my "slave" made my dick leap within my pants. Nor was I too worried about being Sally's slave. At this point, Jeff wasn't figuring into my thinking, only the little vixen sitting across from me playing with her pussy beneath a small triangle of cloth.

We all agreed to the terms and the cards were dealt. With all my strength, I ignored Sally as she continued to play with her crotch. The wet spot was definitely present and growing. I could feel the pre-cum spot growing in my own underwear as we played out the final hand. My pulse quickened as I dealt a pair of jacks. I kept a king and asked for two in the draw – a second king came my way and my heart skipped a beat. Jeff laid down one pair. I smiled as I laid down my two pair; then Sally triumphantly displayed three fives and said, "Read'em and weep, boys!"

The first thing she did was remove her tube top, revealing the most perfectly shaped set of small breasts I had ever seen. She looked at us and said, "One each, gentlemen; suck my breasts. The best sucker will be rewarded." She laid back on the floor and we attacked those breasts like starving babies. I licked around the nipples and taunted the nipple with a flick of my tongue before I rested my mouth on that luscious mound. Her moans indicated that she was enjoying the experience. (I certainly was!) my hand drifted down to the wet patch of cloth between her legs and my finger continued where she had left off. Her response let me know my efforts were appreciated.

After a few minutes let go a guttural moan and her body shook beneath us and she pushed us away. Her orgasm must have been satisfying considering the look on her face. She has us stand up and take off our remaining cloths. I had never been naked with an erection in front of another man before and I paused just a moment and looked at Jeff, who was pealing off his clothing without regard to my presence. The sight of his dick, standing tall and firm, captured my attention, having never seen a live hard dick before. I must have stared a little longer than I realized because Sally said to me, "Chris!! Whoa boy! There will be time for staring later! Off with your cloths, man!" I was startled my her comments and quickly removed my pants and underwear standing next to Jeff.

Sally crawled around on her hands and knees in front of us wiggling her perfect ass for a few moments before crawling up directly in front of us. "Hmmm," she said, as she examined our erect dicks. "Look at this!" We looked down to see that both our dicks had a drop of pre-cum hanging from the tips. Sally got up on her knees and with the index finger of each hand, she caught the drips, raised her finger to touch the tips of our dicks, and then she pinched off the drip with her thumbs. She started to lick her thumb and index finger, but then stopped and lifted them up to our lips. "Lick it off, slaves!" I had tasted my own pre-cum before and had no reason not to comply with her demand, and I quickly (and completely) licked her fingers dry. Jeff did the same.

Of course, the drips reappeared almost immediately. She went to my dick and slowly milked it once, squeezing liberal amount of pre-cum into the palm of her other hand. As I anticipated lapping her palm, she offered the clear juice to Jeff. The look in his eyes revealed a moment of hesitation and she asked, "Are you quitting so soon? Chris and I will enjoy splitting your share and you can sit back and watch the game continue." Jeff glanced at me and I just smiled. He quickly turned his attention to her palm and eagerly licked it clean.

I knew what was going to happen next as she repeated the scene by milking his dick and offering me his pre-cum. Having more time to mentally prepare myself, I dove in and devoured her offering. "Very good, Chris. You shall be rewarded. With that, she slipped off her thong, which was totally wet by now and raised it to my nose. I closed my eyes and inhaled her scent hoping for a taste of her honey. She offered Jeff a sniff and then commanded me to open my mouth and she stuffed the small patch of cloth inside. She went and laid back on the couch as I sucked the moisture from her thong, savoring every drip I could extract. When I finished, I took it out of my mouth, but she scolded me and told me to put it back!

She looked at Jeff and commanded him to bow before her and take one lick between her legs. Jeff did as he was told and quickly knelt before her. Starting at the crack of her ass, he took one lick and obediently sat back. Sally looked down disappointedly and said, "That was rather quick." Jeff went back for seconds, but Sally stopped him with her hands and pushed him back. "I command Chris to kneel and render his lick!" With the thong still in my mouth, I knelt in front of her. I placed my hands on her thighs and waited for a moment. She smiled and reached down and removed the thong from my mouth and threw it at Jeff. "Put that on," she commanded him. Then, looking at me, she said, "Proceed." I couldn't help but smile at the thought of Jeff putting on a wet thong which would barely cover half of his dick. I gently spread her legs apart and lifting her legs I started my lick at her asshole and ever-so-slowly drew my tongue forward, penetrating the folds of her pussy eventually arriving at her clit. With a little flick, I finished off and she moaned, "That's more like it. Jeff, you could learn a thing or two from this young man!" I smiled in self satisfaction as I looked over at Jeff. He stood there, a pathetic sight, wearing Sally's thong, which barely covered his balls and half of his erection. The remaining part of his exposed dick was pressed against his stomach.

My smug expression immediately shifted as she continued... "Jeff, come sit next to me. Chris, give him a lick like you just gave me!" Jeff quickly complied and plopped down next to her and spread his legs. A look of horror must have crossed my face as I looked at Jeff and then Sally and then back to Jeff's crotch staring me in the face. Sally spoke, "Did you want to forfeit and watch while Jeff and I continue the game, Chris?" What I wanted was to fuck the hell out of Sally. I knew I'd never get the chance if I bailed now. I held my breath and moved in to comply, but Sally stopped me. "No, raise his legs like you did mine." I shifted my glance to Jeff who smugly smile at and then raised his eyebrows as if to say, "Well?"

Reluctantly, I lifted his legs and spread them apart. I could see is ass covered by the string of the thong. Again, I held my breath and moved in to complete my assignment. Jeff moaned as the tip of my tongue touched the string and his ass and I slowly moved up, thankful for the placement of the thong, covering the short distance of the cloth and continuing up to the tip of his dick. "Very good, Chris! You may give me one more lick too. I shifted quickly and repeated my performance trying to forget that I had just licked my friend's dick. (To be continued if there is interest...)

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