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Hot wife in a lingerie store says to the clerk.

"I want something to drive my husband crazy." The clerk asks,

"What turns your husband on?" She replies,

"He likes to see me with another guy." The store clerk looks at the hot wife, shocked.

"Oh, I see." She says, then composes herself, "Well what does your boyfriend like?" The woman replies with a glint in her eye,

"My boyfriend likes black satin, red stockings, push-up bras and tight lycra." The clerk smiles and points in the direction of the sexiest lingerie.

"I think I know just the thing for you." Twenty minutes later with a full outfit selected the hot wife leaves the store with a bulging shopping bag of new treats to drive her husband crazy.


Foreword by the Author

This is one of those annoying stories that has parts from both people's perspective. I sincerely hope you like it. I look forward to your comments either way!


The Cucumber Incident (Sean)

When I came out of the WalMart I saw a man leaning in the passenger window of our car. He stood at the passenger seat and seemed to have his hand inside the car. I panicked instantly. Where was my wife? I had left her in the car listening to music while I popped in to get a cucumber for the salad.

As I got closer I could see through the glass. My wife was in the car and this guy had his hand inside touching her on her breast.

"Hey!" I called out from ten feet away. The tall black guy turned his head, pulling his hand away. I looked in and my wife was adjusting her dress. He had been touching her breast!

"Are you ok?" I asked moving to the window and peering in angrily. She just nodded, looking at me like a naughty child.

"Are you ok?" I asked the guy. Less concerned for him but demanding an explanation why he seemed to have his hand inside the car in my wife's dress.

"We was just talkin'." He shrugged with disinterest, he clearly hadn't acknowledged how angry I was or how aggressive I was attempting to be.

"Oh yeah?" I enquired, "Talkin' 'bout what?" I mimicked his southern drawl.

"Ask her," he replied.

"My wife? Ok, I will ask my wife!" He just shrugged as if to say 'So what it's your wife. I'm 6' 4" and I just touch who I like.'

"He asked if..." She paused for thought, "He needs a ride to town. He wanted to know if we were going that way and I said we should ask you first." I looked at her inquisitively. Was she lying?

"Sorry, I don't pick up hitchers." I replied shortly, moving around the car to the driver's door.

I could feel her eyes on me as we drove away from the lot. "What's your problem Sean?"

"What the...? He was touching you! Who the hell was that?"

"You're crazy. No he wasn't!" she almost screamed, disgusted at my accusation.

I suddenly felt as if I was wrong.

"I saw it with my own eyes, his hand was in your bra in your dress!" I was trying to concentrate on the road but I was so mad.

"You're imagining things, you should see a doctor." She shook her head and turned away to look out of the window. I looked down and she was holding the cucumber in her hands.

Had my eyes played tricks in the heat of the moment?


The Dream

That night as I slept my mind brought it up and I dreamed so hot. I hadn't wet dreamed for years but that night I came in the bed and I've never been so horny. Whatever came over me was so powerful. The pitting jealousy in my stomach.

"Are you ok, honey?" my wife asked as I lay there. It must have awoken her too.

"It was just a dream. I..."

"Was it a bad dream?" she rolled closer and cuddled into me, draping her arm over my chest, her warm sleepy body next to mine.

I reached down and felt myself covered, soaking the bed sheet.

"No, I was with you but you were...it was a sex dream."

I couldn't explain to her it would only sound weird. Her eyes opened sleepily and she looked at me.

"Is that why you are out of breath?" Her eyes opened wider. Her curiosity had peeked. She reached down and felt how wet I was.

"Ew, gross." She laughed and bought her fingers up to wipe them on my chest.

"What was I doing?" She nuzzled closer, liking the idea, "Was I naked?" she asked teasingly.

I shook my head, frowning. Part of me not wanting to remember. Embarrassed by the wet dream and more embarrassed by what caused it.

I rolled away, ashamed. "You were fucking the guy from the parking lot."

She was pining and rubbing against my back. Her warm sleepy body. "I was? And you liked it?" Her pussy was rubbing against my back, she was getting off herself on the thought. I just wanted to be left alone. It only made me feel worse.

"Oh, my poor baby." She was getting herself off on my thoughts. "You were there in the dream, weren't you, while it was happening?"

"I was holding your hand." I drifted off back to sleep easily, as she cuddled me lovingly.


Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

"Hey, why don't you wear your body stocking tonight?"

"Oh, yeah! I totally forgot about that."

"It is a rock concert after all."

"Sex, drugs and rock and Roll" she joked, as she rummaged through the underwear drawers.

I had bought her this all in one sheer nylon crotchless body stocking that made her look literally untouchable. With her messed up hair, studded belt and over the top make up and perfume she looked just like a Motley Crue groupie.

Her long dark shiny legs in her black suede ankle boots looked fantastic. Her tiny wrap lycra skirt and see through white vest showed off her body stocking top. If you looked closely you could see her nipples through it. I knew it was crotchless and she probably wasn't wearing panties. I admired her long legs and perfect ass so tightly wrapped as she walked to the car. God damn. I thought she looked like a real rock chick, good enough to eat.

Her excitement was epic as she peered over the heads waiting for the band to emerge. We were surrounded by guys. I felt protective and I could see them checking her out. I moved myself behind her and held her waist. We had battled for good position but now I realized it hadn't been a good idea because we would need to fight to keep it. I looked at her, worried, and she smiled, as easy going as ever. As the lights dimmed the throng of the crowd was getting too much and I wasn't strong enough. There were surges and bodies knocking from side to side. It was hard enough to stand let alone hold my wife in front of me. The lights dimmed and the room went black as the band emerged. All hands went up the air as the first track kicked in. Everyone was crazy with anticipation and the entire room swayed like a sea of people.

The throng pulled us this way and that. She was crazy wild, jumping and whooping. Her heels nearly punctured my foot a number of times. I thought I was trying to keep us from getting killed. I couldn't take it. She turned around and gave me the biggest kiss on the lips. She was so excited. Her smile beamed from cheek to cheek but I was uncomfortable. I wanted to get out so I staggered around for one song trying to hold her close. Guys were bouncing into us. I could see they were checking her out. Then I leaned close to her.

"I'll get us some drinks."

When I came back I could she was dancing with her back to a guy. The jumping and initial jostling had subsided. People were dancing, singing and swaying. This guy had positioned himself behind my wife and his hands were clearly on her hips. I bustled my way closer, holding the drinks high above the dancing people. I was watching them together and not paying attention the band. Her head was swaying from side to side with the music, her ass pressed against his crotch as he stood close behind her, working his hips in time with hers. His focus was on her neck and her focus was on the stage. It could have been me for all she knew. She didn't look around once to see who pressed against her. As I moved closer I assumed she thought it was me. She moved up and down him like the great dancer she was. Singing the words, every word. I didn't disturb her because something stopped me, a feeling in my stomach that panged. Anger, pain and jealousy. It turned me on. Rather than become furious I watched with excitement. I became aroused with their movements. Everything moved in slow motion. The hands that slipped down the sides of her thighs and the mouth that moved to her neck. Through the crowds I watched his fingers cup the hem of her lycra skirt and raised it slowly to her hips. The way his hands moved in and out between flashes of bodies. Rubbing the soft nylon of the sides of her ass with his palms as the little skirt shimmied higher over her waist. His head moved around her neck and kissed her moist salty neck. I didn't know if he knew what I knew. That only the material of his pants stood between him penetrating my girlfriend. She arched her back so her ass pressed into him and her neck was accessible.

I had to intervene and stepped closer to say something. She immediately looked at me, as if waking from a trance. She smiled and stroked my face with her hand then kissed me on the lips. She looked at my face with her sweet puppy dog eyes and casually pulled her skirt back down over her hips as if nothing had happened. I glanced over her shoulder to see the guy adjusting his pants. I thought I saw him zipping up his fly. She half turned her head but didn't look to see who it was. She knew it wasn't me. She threw her arm around me and continued to sing. I didn't look back again. I didn't see the guy again. I couldn't get the image of her grinding against him out of my head. Every time I saw his hands under her skirt, his mouth on her neck I got hard. I tried my best to forget about it....


Confessions of a slut wife

I had been wanting him to ask me openly for ages. I'd never actually cheated on my husband.

Well, there was that one close call on my hen night. I would define cheating as "sex with another guy". I sucked a man's cock while we were dating, does that count? We didn't have sex, it was just a fun blow job. Then, I suppose if you count the guy who molested me at the concert when I was actually there with Sean. Then guy in the parking lot. That was everything. I had been a pretty good girl in the past two years. But I knew I couldn't go on much longer. The temptation was just too great.

I knew just how to control a situation. Guys would always come up when they are drunk and they're usually really stupid and drunk. I could tease a man until his cock was about to explode in his pants then let him down just like that. It was mean but it was fun and I was married.

After the night of the wet dream and he had seen the big stud rubbing my tits in the car park, I could see his fantasy developing. What he didn't realise was I was expecting him all the way.

A few weeks later he said he wanted to take me somewhere to surprise me with a gift. I knew it was more a gift for him than me when he wanted to shop for lingerie. I love dressing up so I didn't argue. If you've got it, flaunt it I always say.

When we got the Ann Summers store he asked me to pick out anything I like. I said better if he chose, this was his fantasy, I think. He said he wanted me to be happy with it. I told him I felt like a slut already and I hadn't done anything. His eyes lit up. I was falling nicely into his trap.

I watched the store clerk pretend not to look at us, at me. I was giggling at everything. If you can't have fun in a sex shop where can you? I'm sure they're used to people fooling around, letting their kinky fantasies develop.

I was teasing him, pretending to suck on a big floppy fleshy colored dildo when he pulled me over to the lingerie.

"Red fishnet hold-up stockings? Clear heels?" I laughed. "If you think so, I'll do it for you."

"Red string bikini. What am I to wear with this? It was intended for the bedroom only. They don't sell much in the way of 'clothing'. How about this?" A long white vest with bold black letters FIT across the front. I just laughed, this was outrageous. I gave the store clerk a fake evil glance because she said we couldn't try anything except the Vest top before buying. I knew perfectly well, I just wanted to see her face when I asked, holding the dildo in one hand.

I put red highlights in my hair, painted my nails and put on a lot of make up. In the taxi he draped his arm over me. I watched the taxi driver in the mirror. He watched me.

I crossed my legs to show him some bare thigh, letting my vest uncover my stocking top. It was a naughty experiment. I uncrossed my legs and leaned back to show him a glimpse my red thong. Another car beeped as we nearly crashed. I laughed at the driver, his eyes were not on the road. Sean didn't notice, his eyes were on me.

"I don't think I've ever seen you look this good." He was virtually drooling.

"Good? I scoffed "I look like an extra from Fame, the porno."

I had added Day-Glo leg warmers around my ankles so I looked more 'sporty'. It gave my legs a better shape and my feet looked better. The red toenails poking through the red fishnets and my see through strappy platform shoes. I felt like a glam slut but I knew what he meant.

Not since college had I dressed so outrageous. I guess I still had it. I kissed the taxi drivers divider screen to leave a big red lipstick mark as we got out. Sean didn't notice. I didn't think until after how disgusting that plastic screen probably was. I was just having fun and feeling a little crazy.

At the club the doormen ushered us inside. Sean went in first, holding my hand. One of the doormen asked for a kiss on the cheek. I looked at Sean, he shrugged his shoulders. The big burly bouncer leaned down so I could kiss him on the cheek. As I closed my eyes he turned his face to meet my lips with his. I was shocked, I looked at Sean. We both giggled at the stupidity and went inside. This was going to be a good night.

Later, another guy slapped my ass hard as we walked past the bar, his hand finding bare skin under the short vest above my stockings. I squealed in shock then laughed giddily, the alcohol by now was taking effect. I was swaying a little and laughing louder. Sean needed to hold me upright sometimes on my shoes as I wobbled. I just wanted to dance.

On the packed dance floor talking with Sean, a guy came up and said something to Sean. He nodded and the guy turned to me. Leaning close so I could hear him over the music he told me I had really nice legs. I had to laugh at his forward approach and I forgot to thank him. It was sweaty in the club and I was hot from dancing. I had to keep pulling up my stockings to keep them from falling down. I had probably drawn attention to them. I had seen a couple of people looking but I was drunk now and enjoying the attention. The guy asked if I wanted to dance and I said,

"Ask him," pointing to my husband. Sean said sure go ahead, obviously. I knew he wanted to watch me so I thought I'd give him a good show. He checked by asking me if I wanted to and I nodded at him. The guy looked good, smelled good and seemed nice enough.

But Sean said he'd get drinks from the the bar while we danced. The guy led me further onto the dark dance floor by the hand and I looked back at my husband walking away into the light.

There were alcoves at the back of the dance floor. Padded pillars and booths lit by single red bulbs. A deserted VIP section or chill out area. He led me through the busy dance floor, past all the jostling, gyrating people with a firm grip on my hand. I wondered how far we had to go as I tottered, dancing with my free hand, through the crowd on my platform shoes. We rounded the corner and he quickly pinned me to a wall and whispered in my ear I was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He said he could not believe I was with that guy. I corrected him, my husband. He moved to kiss me and I let him. He told me I deserved better and we kissed again. What was I doing?

His hand was between my legs he had my bikini to one side. He was fingering my wet pussy while kissing my neck and telling me how sexy I was, the music was pumping and the alcohol flowed through my blood. I could feel his hands all over me and I closed my eyes. Kissing me he told me what an amazing creature he had found. I was in heaven. I was overcome. I must have been drunk. Whoever he was, he was driving my crazy. I forgot where I was, I forgot about Sean, I just wanted this guy. I was caught up in the moment. I wanted him to fuck me, right there. When he slipped inside me, there was no resistance. I lifted my legs and his hands slipped under my ass, lifting and pinning me against the wall. The sound of the music drowned out my loud moans as I bounced up and down on his long hard cock. He hit me deep and fast, I felt weightless and wildly orgasmic. My whole body shuddered as I trembled. I felt his tongue on my nipple and I looked down to see my vest ripped open and my bikini bra to one side. I pushed his head onto me nipple, pushing it into his mouth as he thrust. I felt him throb and cum. I threw back my head and the loads of sperm fired freely inside me and I looked across to the corner of the dark room where I saw Sean standing, watching and with three drinks in his hands.

I tried to gauge the reaction on his face but the moment was upon me. We kissed and he whispered sweet nothings in my ear while I never took my eyes from my husband. The guy let me down and stuffed his cock back into his pants. He kissed me once on the cheek, then once on the lips. He turned, following my gaze to see Sean standing motionless in the shadows. As he passed my husband he collected his drink and slipped something in his hand before returning to the party satisfied. I watched them both as I adjusted my clothes, covering my breasts with bra and shirt. Sperm was already dripping down my inner thighs as I pulled my stockings back up. What had I done? How stupid of me. There went the dominating stranger and here was my meek silent husband.

Sean walked over to me, his mouth gaping wide. His eyes roved over my body. My cheeks were flustered, red as my bikini. I tried to smile at him but I was feeling guilty, I hoped my husband would be proud. I asked if he really enjoyed watching and he nodded, looking down to the floor.

My bikini was soaked. I reached a finger under my vest and scooped a glob of fresh warm sperm from my thigh inner. Sean's eyes lit up as I lifted my hand, my fingers strewn with stringy white goo. I went for his face and he sucked my fingers clean. I was completely surprised but he loved it. It felt dirty but I loved him. I wanted him to be happy. I cleaned myself with my fingers and fed the findings to my cuckold husband.

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