tagIncest/TabooFun in Her Room with My Sister-in-Law

Fun in Her Room with My Sister-in-Law


Knock. Knock. Knock.

My heart has pounding as if it was ready to burst out of my chest. Not too long ago I just tasted my sister-in-law's virgin pussy. I snuck a finger into her tight cunt and carefully maneuvered to keep her hymen in place. All while admiring her smooth skin and supple breasts. Never would I imagine to have a fantasy of mine satisfied while clean her car.

"Frank, is that you?" she asked.

I could not even utter a word. I was excited and scared at the same time. A million thoughts have been running through my head as I touched the door handle. For the longest time, ever since I started dating my wife I've had the hots for Jinny. How can I not be? She's got the tightest body in a 125 lbs frame. Her tush is so tight that it's perfectly framed in those seductive Victoria's Secret boy shorts in just about any color imaginable. And to top it all she's a virgin! A hymen-intact and never before penis-penetrated virgin!

I slowly open the door and the first thing I glance at is her back and tush. Still in that jersey knit shirt and short combo while riffling through her panty drawer. She looks back at me and bats a smile. She take out a bunch of what I imagined to be sexy underwear for whatever it is in my head i'm imagining to happen. She pushes the drawer closed.

"I thought you'd never come!"

She motions for me to step in.

"Shut the door."

I do as I'm told and I walk closer to her. It's as if I'm in a trance. I could not move. My cock is hard as a rock and is already straining my shorts but I cannot seem to make myself walk faster towards her.

It's at that point that she turns around and steps in closer to me. She leans in, puts her arms around my neck and lunges into me with a kiss. Our lips meet and the sparks fly. Not soon after I slip my tongue in her mouth and she reciprocates by massaging it with hers. This went on for a good five minutes before she broke off the kiss and looked me straight in the eye.

"Whatever happened in the car was totally spur of the moment. I never intended it to go that far. I just wanted to give you a little thrill by showing off my body as a thank you for being always so helpful to me."

I thought that was the end of it but she continues.

"But I have to admit that what you did back there was amazing. I've never been touched, felted, licked like that ever before and I want you to do that again."

This got me all excited!

"But i did not like your fingers in there. Yes! I may have gotten carried away but I want to keep my virginity intact. IF you want to keep this "relationship" of ours going I would suggest de-flowering me be out of your list."

Wow! That was strange. I just heard my sister-in-law want to continue this illicit relationship with all strings attached as long as I do not take on her virginity. Who am I to argue with this setup? I get to savor a virgin pussy anytime I want. See the tight bod of my sister-in-law. Fondle those supple breasts. As long as I stay away from her virginity.

"Ok!" was all I could muster.

"Now, let me take care of this baby."

And with that she leads me towards her bed while grabbing hold of my cock through my shorts. She pushes me towards the edge of the bed and fumbles to get my shorts and briefs off. After she successfully does so she kneels in front of me, in between my legs and looks me in the eye with that sly seductive smirk.

"Is this what you've always imagined this to be?"

"I've seen how you looked at me. I've seen how you glance at my legs, my ass, my breasts. I remember how everytime I step out of the shower and race into my room you always are there in the hallway to catch a glimpse."

With that, Jinny starts to kiss the insides of my thighs as she kneads my balls in her hand. All I was thinking is to fucking shove my cock in her mouth already. She takes her left hand and starts to stroke my super hard cock. Her tongue finds my balls and she starts to lick it. At that point a million more thoughts kept popping into my head.

Where's my wife? Is my daughter keeping busy? Man, that tongue feels good! I thought she was a virign. Where did she learn all of this?

And while my eyes were shut in all this ecstacy she engulfs my cock head in her mouth. She swirls her tongue underneath where the lose skin is ever so sensitive. It was then that my hand naturally found the back of her head and I pulled her in while I eased my cock forward. The result? She got caught off-guard when my whole cock ended up deep inside her mouth and eventually her throat.

She gagged. She pushed herself away from my cock.

"What the fuck! Let me make this clear to you, Frank! I wanted to do this because I wanted to return the favor. Just like the "No-Finger-In-My-Pussy Rule" I would like you to know that we're doing this at my own pace."

Wow! Where did that bitch of a reaction come from?! I was taken aback but I was aroused as hell.

But while my cock was still high up in the air, my shorts at my ankles, she stands up. She turns around, her back now facing me and walks away towards her dresser. Man! I thought the fun was over. But I was wrong.

"Since you've been a very bad boy trying to choke me with your cock I'll prolong your agony even further!"

Not sure where the agony part is. Maybe it's the case of blue balls that she's giving me but with an encounter like today's this is heaven.

As she reached her dresser she turns on her iPod player to a soft mellow dance-y tune and starts to sway her bottom back and forth.

"I've always wanted to do this but no boy was patient enough to wait."

She gradually lifted her shirt off her body and flung it towards me. She then unclasped her bra, twirled it around her fingers and threw it on the floor.

All I could do was to let my jaw drop and had my hand stroking my cock.

Jinny was on fire. I guess her opportunity to unleash her inner stripper in a controlled environment has come true. She continued on, turning around, back facing me and started to wiggle down her shorts from her bum. It was such a lovely sight to see.

She bent forwards to pick up her bra and at the cusp tilted her ass higher in the air. She held it there a bit longer than expected, all the while looking behind at me and winked. It was then I stood up and walked closer to her.


I did not respond. I just made my way slowly to her until my hands reached her sides, held her firmly by the love handles and slid my cock onto her ass cheeks currently covered by her tidy white panties.

"What are you doing, Frank?"

I ignored her questions as I rocked my cock back and forth on her panty-clad ass. At one point it got myself chafed a bit so I hooked my fingers on the sides of her panties and gently lowered them down to her knees.

"No, Frank! Don't get any ideas!"

"Relax, Jinny!"

And with that I slid my cock in between her butt cheeks. At one time I warned her to keep her pussy closed as something might accidentally slip in. She wasn't too happy about that but she kept buckling back and forth as I thrust my cock forward. After some time I felt she would have already been tired in this position but what I wasn't seeing was what she was keeping herself busy with.

I found her hand buried in her snatch, frigging away at her clit in pure ecstacy.

I brought her up, turned her around and started to kiss her passionately.


"Let's get onto the bed and try something new."

I scooted up the headboard and as she lay beside me, cuddling, I asked her if he ever heard of 69.

"I know what it is. I've heard girls talk about it at school. But I never really knew how to execute it."

And with that, I lay flat on her bed and instructed her to straddle my face in between her thighs. Man! This was even better than earlier today when I muff-dived into her. I guess once she assumed the position and realized how my cock was at mouths-reach and her pussy closely nestled by my face she went to work.

Her mouth engulfed my cock with the warm and velvety gentleness of her mouth. Her tongue was swirling around my dick, every now and then hardening to knead and massage my cock to the hardest it's ever been.

I, on the other hand, had my sights clearly set out on her now naked pussy. I used my whole tongue's length to lick from her clit all the way to her anus. I would alternate between licking her clit while using my nose to poke into her outer pussy walls and teasing her pussy hole with my stiffened tongue and darting my nose into her sphincter.

"Fuck, Frank! Uh! Uh! Uh! That feels sooo gooood!"

It was then I took both my hands, held onto her bum and pressed her pussy onto my face. I went crazy and she did to. I noticed she stopped blowing me as she savored the pleasuring I was giving her cunt.

"I'm coming! Fuck! Fuck! Lick it...haaa-rrr-derrrr!"

And with that she unleased. She came more than when we were at the backseat of her car.

"FUCK! That was goooooood!"

She was spent. And I was still rock hard. So she stood up and looked at me funny and smiled.

"Looks like whenever I wanted to take care of you you end up taking care of me more, Frank!"

"Well, I know how you can make me cum faster than a teenager's first blowjob, Jinny."

"How's that?"

"Well, you know how we men enjoy a virgin pussy..."

"Oh, no, you're not taking my virginity, Frank!"

"But let me finish. If you would allow me to have my cock slide by your pussy like I did with your ass cheeks earlier, we'd be calling it quits shortly."

Jinny had a quizzical look on her face but decided to go with the flow. I lay her down on the bed, spread her legs eagle-wide and mounted her. At first she was skeptical, scooting away as my cock nearly touch her pussy but once the cock has landed she get comfortable.

I began to slide my cock up and down her still wet and dripping cunt. Oh the feeling of cum slipping and sliding between a cock and a cunt. She was enjoying it too as she realized with every thrust is a tickling sensation on her clit.

Not long were we in good rhythm. It was an awesome sight as she lay there, her head bucking left to right while I grabbed both her tits and gave them a hefty squeeze. I felt the tension building up and she knew because she opened her eyes with some hesitation.

"I'm cumming!"

"No! Not on my pussy! I'm not on the pill!"

She pushed me off and I got off balanced and fell to my back. She quickly stood up, grabbed my cock and aimed it at her mouth. She jerked around three times and then swallowed my cock whole. That sent me over the edge. Wave upon wave of cum ejaculated out. The warmness of her mouth mixed with the sticky jizz that just came out of me was amazing. After 6 grunts and a couple of cock-in-the-throat moments she lifted off me and wiped a bit of cum from her lips.

"Mmmm. Looks like someone's been eating pineapples!"

I was dumbfounded.

"Let's do this again, brother, dear! But fucking make sure to not waste your baby juice ON my pussy."

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