tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFun In Las Vegas

Fun In Las Vegas


T.J. saw him come in just as she hit the stage late in her shift at the club, a man probably in his 50s, probably here for a convention, and probably with a wad of money in his pocket. She knew the type and hoped that one of the other girls didn't grab him before she had the chance to get off-stage and grab him for herself.

Moving seductively from pole to pole, T.J. kept her gaze on the man as the waitress took his drink order. Dancing was just a job to her, albeit a very lucrative job. Dancing? She always had to laugh when she referred to herself as a dancer. T.J. was a stripper and dancing seemed to have very little to do with it. Oh, sure, she sometimes got a kick out of the attention she received, but it was the money she was after. It was really her husband that got off on it. He would sometimes come to the club and watch her interacting with the patrons. Terry liked that other men found his wife sexy, that they wanted her. Sometimes she would see him at the bar watching her and she would perform a particularly hot lap dance on a man, just to please Terry. T.J. got off on pleasing her husband, and she knew he liked to see her with strange men. On those occasions, they would rush home and fuck like two teenagers, Terry telling her how much the man wanted her, how sexy she was grinding on his lap, how lucky he was to have her.

T.J.'s body was slim with smallish tits. A nice body. A body that did exude a certain sultriness, even if she wasn't particularly trying. Now down to her g-string, her set almost over, she watched the man turn down an offer for a lap dance from one of the other dancers. She had the feeling that he was going to be hers!

Joe was in Las Vegas for a convention. He was bored with gambling and was walking around until he found himself outside the strip club. What could be more relaxing than a drink or two while watching sexy naked women? After being seated and ordering his first excessively expensive drink, he settled in to watch the woman on stage, a brown-haired beauty who was slightly older than the typical girl in the club. Her lithe body undulated as she moved about the stage, and although it was probably his imagination, she seemed to be looking directly at him. A cute dancer, all of 20, came over and asked Joe if he wanted a lap dance. The girl was blonde and very pretty, but Joe had just settled in his seat, and was watching the captivating woman on stage, so he politely declined, asking for a rain check for later.

Finally, her set was over and T.J. quickly went back stage to gather her things before going out into the club again. The man was still sitting by himself when she approached his table and sat down next to him. "Buy a girl a drink?" she asked. Joe didn't even have to wave for the waitress because she appeared out of nowhere at their table, as if by magic.

"Sure, what would you like?"

T.J. put in her order and the two exchanged names and chit-chatted for a bit, before she deftly made her move. "How about a lap dance?" she asked, and when he eagerly accepted she led him back to the couches. Joe was a big man, somewhat over 6 feet tall and probably over 200 pounds, quite a contrast to her 5-4 and 100 pounds. Plopping Joe down on the couch, she sat beside him, placing her hand on his thigh, waiting for the current song to end so she could start earning her money. He seemed a nice enough guy and it was always more pleasurable for her if the guy was nice, but as long as he had cash it really didn't matter. Being nice was just a bonus.

When the next song started, T.J. began stripping of her top, gyrating before him. "Please take your shoes off, T.J.. I like my women barefoot!" he said with a smile and T.J. quickly complied. Actually, she preferred to be barefoot, a remnant of growing up in Tennessee, and to be honest, near the end of her shift her feet were usually hurting and could use a breather.

Pushing Joe's thighs apart, T.J. turned and sat on his lap, grinding her butt into him, and leaning back to give him a better view of her tits.

Terry sat at the bar, waiting for T.J.'s shift to be over. Drink in hand, he watched her as she let her body melt over the man on the couch. Terry loved seeing his wife tease and torture another man. He could tell by looking at him that this guy wanted her, and that made Terry feel good. He liked having what other men wanted.

Joe was having a good time. He liked feeling the weight of T.J.'s body on him, the smell of her perfume, the way her erect nipples stood out from her breasts.

T.J. knew how to work a man. She knew if she teased him just right he would give her all of his money. She flirted with Joe with wanton abandon as she covered his body with her own. Feeling the hardness in his pants, she knew he would be good for more than one dance.

It was after the fifth dance that Joe began telling T.J. how much he wanted her, how much she was turning him on. He had a room at the MGM grand and would she like to come back for a drink when she was done at the club?

All during the lap dances with Joe, T.J. had been glancing over to her husband at the bar. She knew that the sight of her grinding on Joe was doing as much for Terry as it was for Joe. When the last song ended, she excused herself, promising to be back in a moment.

Joe watched as T.J. walked over to the bar and began chatting with a man seated there. Immediately he thought that he had gone too far by hitting on T.J. and began bracing himself for the bouncer to escort him from the premises. This, indeed, looked to be the case when the man accompanied T.J. back to the couch where Joe was sitting.

"My wife tells me you propositioned her?" Terry said, T.J. standing just behind him.

Joe looked up at Terry from his seat. Terry was shorter than himself, but muscular, and younger, and the guy could probably beat the crap out of Joe if he wanted. "Gee, I didn't mean any harm. T.J. is a very sexy woman. You can't really blame me," said Joe, a little sheepishly, hoping to avoid a scene.

"No, I can't blame you. T.J. thinks you're nice. So, do you want to fuck her?"

"Are you serious? What's the catch?", Joe asked, almost choking on his words.

"Ah, see T.J., he's smart too!" Terry laughed. "Yes, there is a catch. You have to let me watch."

Joe sat there slightly stunned. He looked up at the man lurking over him and then to the sexy woman standing just beyond him. On the one hand he certainly did want to fuck T.J. On the other hand, however, he had never had anyone watch him with a woman before, and certainly not a guy that could beat the crap out him.

Terry looked back at T.J. "Come on, honey, help him decide."

Sauntering up to Joe, and leaning down to whisper in Joe's ear, T.J. said, "Sweetie, it will okay, and a lot of fun". She said it with such a sexy voice that Joe couldn't resist. He gave the two of them his room number and hurriedly left, not really knowing what to expect.

A little while later, back in his room, Joe heard a knock at his door. Looking through the peephole, he saw it was T.J. and Terry. Opening the door, he ushered them inside. T.J. looked radiant, wearing a very sexy dress. Joe had ordered some champagne and soon all three were toasting their new friendship.

T.J. put down her glass and threw her arms around Joe's neck, kissing him deeply. His hands drawn magically to her ass, Joe began caressing it.

Pulling a chair from the corner of the room, Terry sat down sipping his drink and watching the scene unfolding before him.

Stepping back from Joe, T.J. reached behind her back, fiddling with the zipper of her dress, and then let the dress fall to the floor. She was standing there naked. Joe looked her over, from beautiful green eyes to succulent lips, to pert breasts down to her neatly trimmed pussy. At the sight of her pussy, which had been hidden beneath her g-string at the club, Joe felt his cock begin to harden. Seeing what must have been a stupid look on Joe's face, T.J. stepped forward and began unbuckling he pants, giggling. Joe began unbuttoning his shirt, frantic with desire.

Finally seeing Joe naked, T.J. said, "Mmmmmm, nice!" and hopped on the bed.

T.J. looked so good, legs spread on the bed, but Joe looked nervously over to Terry sitting in the chair. "Well, get to it man," said Terry, toasting his drink to them.

Joe moved to the bed and took T.J.'s bare feet in his hands, kissing them gently before placing them on his shoulders. Leaning forward so that her knees bent a little outward exposing her pussy fully, Joe placed his tongue into her pussy. Holding on to T.J.'s thighs he began licking her, running his tongue from the base of her pussy, then through it, deep and long, until finally taking her swollen clit in his mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Does that feel good, T.J." asked Terry from his ringside seat.

"Oh, gawd, yes!" she whimpered.

Surprising himself, Joe found himself getting really turned on making love to another man's wife right in front of the husband. The banter between Terry and T.J. made him want to fuck her more than ever.

Licking T.J.'s pussy and inserting a finger inside as well, Joe soon had T.J. cumming with gasping screams.

When her waves of orgasm dissipated, T.J. made Joe stand up and she took his hard cock in her hands. Looking over at Terry she asked, "Honey, want to watch me suck his cock?"

To which Terry replied, "Mmmm, yes, baby, suck him good."

T.J. began sucking Joe's cock, all the time looking over at her husband.

Terry was in heaven. He was so excited in watching T.J. sucking a man's cock in front of him, a man they had just me an hour before. He knew by the way that T.J. was looking at him, that she was doing it out of love for him, and he never felt closer to her.

Joe was moaning, looking down at the beautiful woman sucking him and then glancing over at her husband watching them. He had to cry out, "Mmmm, baby, stop, you're gonna make me cum! Let me fuck you now!"

Jumping back up onto the bed, T.J. spread her legs for Joe, rubbing her pussy while she waited for him. She was turned on now, too, excited about the idea of pleasing her husband, but also excited with anticipation of the strange new cock about to enter her.

Joe moved up between her legs and held his hard cock near the entrance of T.J.'s soaking pussy, hesitating just a moment.

"Fuck her, Joe," yelled Terry, "Fuck my wife!"

Plunging his cock into T.J., Joe cried out in ecstacy. T.J. also cried out as Joe began pumping her. Looking over at Terry, T.J. could see what the sight of her fucking Joe was doing to Terry. He had a lusty smile on his face as he watched Joe's cock disappearing in and out of his wife's hot pussy.

"Oh god, oh god," screamed T.J. as she began to cum. It was all Joe could do to not explode himself as he felt T.J.'s pussy get so wet. Giving T.J. a few more hard strokes as she continued to moan, Joe's cock stiffened and he exploded into her.

As they lay together, Joe still inside T.J., Terry exclaimed, "Oh, babe, that was awesome. I'm so turned on right now."

T.J. giggled, and wiggled out from under Joe. As Joe lay on the bed, he watched T.J. saunter over to Terry and unzip his pants. Soon she was sucking on his hard cock. Kneeling before Terry, Joe watched his own cum oozing out of T.J.'s pussy and on down her leg to the floor.

Terry moaned loudly as he pumped his load into T.J.'s mouth, she swallowing frantically to keep up, but unable to keep all of Terry's cum in, it oozed out of the side of her mouth, dripping down her chin.

Watching T.J. and Terry together, Joe could only remark, "Wow! Is Las Vegas great, or what?"

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