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Fun in Pennsylvania


A couple of weeks ago I was driving north from a small vacation in Florida. While in Pennsylvania a little north of Harrisburg I saw an adult entertainment business with 6 cars parked in front. I'm a pretty old guy now so finding anyplace with some fun for me is unusual but I decided to take a break from the drive and check the place out.

When I got inside I found it was like most of these places, racks of magazines and movies catering to just about every option. Sex toys of all kinds and some booths showing videos. Unlike a lot of the stores though, this one had a movie room. I paid the fee and went into the room.

When I got there I found an unusual layout. There were 2 sections separated by a low wall. The first room had a gay video playing and at the time I got there there were 2 guys, one fucking the other who was bent over a bench in a gym. There was one man in the room watching the movie and he quickly covered his crotch with his hands as I walked in. The other side of the wall had 2 couches placed at right angles to each other forming an L shape. On one wall in front of one of the couches there was a TV showing a couple where the girl was sucking on the guy. On the wall in front of the other couch was a TV showing a couple of She-males with one fucking the other. There was 2 guys in this room one facing each TV. I sat on the couch facing the male female couple and settled down to watch.

As my eyes became more accustomed to the dim light in the room it was obvious that both of my neighbours were playing discreetly with themselves. I started rubbing myself through my track pants as well and although watching the screen in front of me most of the time I could just turn my head a bit and see the other screen as well. All of us in the room were obviously enjoying themselves and I noticed the man on the couch beside me had unzipped his pants and taken his cock out to stroke it directly. The guy facing the females had also freed his cock and so I pulled the top of my track pants down and took out my own cock.

The 3 of us were all stroking when the door to the room opened and another man entered. We all covered up a bit and waited to see what was going to happen. The new guy went to the other side with the gay video playing and we all relaxed and resumed playing with ourselves. This went on for a few minutes and then on one of the times I turned to look at the she-males I realized the last guy to come in was standing beside the couch I was on and watching the couple video in front of us. He was, like the rest of us playing with his own cock at the same time.

The man sitting on the couch with me leaned over a bit and rubbed the outside of my left thigh. I didn't make any move when he did this and apparently he took that as an ok because he reached over and touched my cock. I let go of it and he started stroking me. To give him more access I pulled my pants down a bit farther. He then pulled on them some more and I lifted my ass off the couch as he pulled my pants right down to my ankles.

Once he had my pants down he leaned over and started to suck my cock. He then slid off the couch and knelt between my knees while going down on me sucking and licking my cock. The guy who had been standing against the wall on my right side stepped up to the end of the couch where he had a perfect view of the blowjob I was receiving. I just relaxed back and let things go on as they were enjoying the sensations on my cock.

It didn't take too long before I felt my balls tightening up and knew I was going to come soon. I told the sucker this and he just kept sucking and stroking me. I started to groan and then grunted as I started to cum in his mouth.

As my orgasm subsided I looked to my right and the man there was stroking his very hard cock about a foot from me. I opened my mouth and reached out to touch his cock. Taking the hint he leaned against the end of the couch and I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him off. He started stroking in and out of my mouth as the man who had sucked me continued rubbing my naked thighs and caressing my balls. I turned closer to the guy I was sucking and felt the other man now feeling my hip and the left side of my ass as it tilted a bit on the couch.

I rolled over farther and got on my knees on the couch while continuing to suck and felt my ass being stroked and then kissed by the guy who had sucked me. I then felt him working down the crack of my ass and then felt his tongue rimming me. I was trying to concentrate on the cock in my mouth but it was getting difficult to do that. The man standing there didn't complain though and holding my head in both hands he continued to push gently in and out of my mouth while I sucked and licked his cock.

I then felt what I had been expecting as a finger entered my now wet ass and then was soon replaced by his cock. He pushed harder and as I relaxed he entered me and sank his entire cock into me. He wasn't more than average size and soon I was getting into a nice rhythm with a cock in my mouth and other in my ass both using me for their pleasure. I rocked back and forth taking one after the other into me. The guy in my ass took hold of both hips and started fucking me harder and harder. He leaned over and told me he was close to climax and asking if I wanted him to pull out. Turning from the cock in my mouth I told him to blow wherever he wanted and then gobbled the cock in front of me again.

I felt the cock in my ass stiffen and then start to throb as he spurted a load of cum into me. A few seconds later the guy in my mouth also started to spurt and I started swallowing his cum as he blew his load into me. We all relaxed and started getting our clothes back into order.

I pulled up my pants while the other 2 got their cocks away and zipped up. On my way out of the store I stopped in the bathroom and squeezed some of the cum out of my ass then wiped myself dry. Even with that as I drove on over the next couple of hours I could feel my ass leaking some cum into my pants. All together it was a great way to finish off my vacation. If I'm ever back in the same area I'll certainly drop in again and see what happens.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/01/18


Would love to be used by anyone. Text me at 717-250-6139

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by Anonymous09/21/18

Been there

I know the place you are talking about. Stopped there while passing through this past spring. The place was full and i was really horny having been by before and decided this time i was stoping to checkmore...

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by Anonymous01/14/18

My kind of story

My goodness, how one longs for this kind of real fun, no complications, no odd psychological u-turns, just plain ordinary wonderful fucking and cock-sucking. Count me in when out happens.

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by Anonymous01/12/18

love to be in your place I need to visit it sometime I'm not far from harrisburg

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by Anonymous01/12/18


Love to be you, and have the same fun time as you had there. Would love to get spit-roasted, two BBC would be nice. YUM YUM YUM

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